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    Drews may be higher in attack percentage than Goncha but Drews was not a true starter and Goncha leaves her in the dust if we talk about overall points and impact to the whole team #facts

    I dont think Drew is at Gonchas level.

    Atk efficiency Drews is at 45.95 and Goncha 45.1 with very low reception from team mate.


    Drews 100 points Goncha 162:


    Drews 0.24 Goncha 0.35

    Do you think Brazil is still a podium material in Japan Olympics?

    Whats tour analysis on Brazil Team?

    I think Lorenne lacks the star power of Former Sheila. I dont see a sheila on her. No

    Gabi- very strong but short player. Makes her less competitive.

    Mara- shes very strong attacker.

    Fabiana- great slider. She can be a starter in my opinion.

    Drussyla- i dont see a potential in her. I think her height limits her greatness

    as I wrote before, the Korean team is not the team to be underestimated because a team that won 4-th place in the 2012 OGs.

    they have a good head coach (+ KYK) now and I think they won't be easy team to defeat in the Olympics. This result was expected if you ask me.

    Agree KYK single handedly brought korea to the volleyball world at that Time.

    shes far from her peak already. But we can saw glimpses of her queenly power

    Russia is becoming really dangerous as we go closer to Olympics.

    Goncharova- i believe she is within top 3 best hitters at this point. Shes getting low percentage due to all shank balls being given to her. To see her managed huge points and decent efficiency despite russias lack of talent in receiving makes her a Queen.

    Lazareva- strong potential here. I think shes even better than khaletskia at being Sub Opp position. Being given this sub OH role makes me remind of younger Goncharova who played lethal OH attacker during London Olympics, except the reception. She can go on this path as both OH of russia is not at Koshelevas level.

    Kosheleva- can come back as a sub OP. Not sure if she will accept butt i dont think national team is her priority. She hasnt been playing since 2016 olympics.

    Lazarenko- dangerous. Strong in atk and serve. Must be starting 6 than efimova in my opinion.

    Koroleva- shes becoming the greatest of her generation as of the moment. Great in atk and defense.

    Fetisova- better defender than Korolova but lacks digging when at the back of the rotation.

    Some observations

    Busato: i think he is a passionate coach. You can certainly see that he connects with the players.

    Goncharova: shes hitting 95kph a while ago.

    Had some good digs as well.

    koroleva: first time seeing a slide spike from her and she did it kore than once in this match.

    kosheleva if healthy can be a better double sub vs. Khaletskia

    Love Brazil middles

    Zhu ting played below par. Needs to step up tomorrow unless thry will be destroyed by USA.

    LI yingying- her debut was bad. There is a potential though.

    Drussyla- i can see more negatives than positives on her game.

    gabi- strong spiker. Commits a lot of unnecessary errors on set 5