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    Question for those who follow the NCAA: is there any potential standout MB coming from the university league? I'm asking because I've been feeling that Holt is already kinda past his prime for a while now and Smith doesn't really have that star quality to be a starter in the NT. Not to mention both are already past 30 yo.

    I know there Jendryk, but he's far from being there yet (which is perfectly understandable as the guy hasn't even played a pro season yet). McDonnell is over 30 too and Averill is... eh...

    The best middle last season is kofi IMO, and he's Canadian...

    I think you'll see Stadick on the NT next quad, he's been in the USA pipeline for a few years.

    Another middle who I really like is Stahl, graduated last year and played his first season at Paris. He should have more opportunities next quad.

    Unfortunately, that's the very same reason why I subscribed to the FIVB TV. With the exception of the opening day (09.09. and 12.09.) when they uploaded all matches on demand, there are missing matches overall and only a limited selection is available. Such was the case with the VNL during the summer. I am afraid you can't really access those and we just have to live with it :( What I didn't try was writing them and letting them know, maybe this can result in fixing their uploads and search algorithms.

    Can you download the replays on FIVB TV? (Not that it's available here but I guess I could use a VPN)

    I was also thinking to send them an email or something but I am afraid that they are going to ignore it. (because well they are supposed to be available for German users only)

    So...... I have a question about

    Some of the replays there are still missing (matches from round 2), does anyone know if they are going to upload all the matches eventually or some of them just won't be there?

    It could be, he's a very good OH but not the best teammate. I don't like his body language on the court.

    Congrats ITA! What a game. USA has not played their usual selves. ITA took advantage of their situation and stood their ground. Guaranteed of silver who would have thought :-)

    Yes. Disastrous WL (finished dead last in Group 1) and ECH (eliminated by Belgium in the quarterfinal). Congrats to Italy. Their middles play very well

    Shame said the level of German League is stronger than Poland and Serie A2. I don`t agree, and I joked saying of course Shame will think German League is stronger because there`s over 20 Americans playing over there, while there`s 2 or 3 Americans playing in Poland and Serie A2.

    Does anyone knows where Shame is from? If I knew I would understand a little better, I know he loves the Americans and hate the Italians, but one time he told me he was american, another time he said he`s Italian.

    You live in the States too and you still hate the american players and the team :whistle:

    I didn't know you were a fan of the USA NT? :rolll:

    I am cracking tf up right now :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: