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    I read that Holt and Anderson (plus obviously Russell) are still part of the NT despite they'll miss the WL.
    I obviously didn't expect to see Priddy on the list, but I'm surprise as well about Troy, even if I'm not in love with him so no complain.

    Yes, I think they are just skipping the WL, I read somewhere that Anderson said he will still train with the national team this season, just skipping the WL and get some more rest.

    So where is he playing these days? Or is he just training somewhere in the USA?
    I'm curious to watch this Patch guy though and to see if he makes the same impact as Sander and Russell did.

    I meant he didn't play pro volleyball for the last 2 seasons. I don't really know about him, but most of the players train in Anaheim (the national gym) if they are not playing overseas.

    It's going to be very corious season to watch USA national team. For me the most corious player on the list is defnitely TJ DeFalco, I hope he will get a chance from Speraw.

    Don't know if he's going to make the 14-man roster, if he doesn't, he's probably gonna play in the U-21 worlds this season (+ maybe Pan-am cup)...

    Really surprising that Troy has already retired, but to be honest, it's not that much of a loss to the NT, is it? Has he ever even done anything significant with the team besides being Anderson's backup here and there and not having much of an impact?

    By the way, is Carson Clark gonna be the starter OPP this year? Where is he even playing? I thought he had vanished.

    It's always good to have more options/choices.

    I think Ben Patch is starting at opposite this year. Clark didn't play overseas for two seasons and he played in the Pan-american cup last year I think. Patch is still a junior in college, he still has one year eligibility but he decided to go pro after this season. I would like to see him end up playing in a good league and hopefully a good club.

    official 18-man world league roster…gs-New-World-League-Squad

    1. Tommy Carmody (MB, 6-9, Orland Park, Ill., Pacific/Pepperdine)
    3. Taylor Sander (OH, 6-4, Huntington Beach, Calif., BYU)
    4. Jeff Jendryk (MB, 6-10, Wheaton, Ill., Loyola of Chicago)
    5. James Shaw (S, 6-8, Woodside, Calif., Stanford)
    7C. Kawika Shoji (S, 6-3, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)
    9. Jake Langlois (OH, 6-10, San Jose, Calif., BYU)
    10. Thomas Jaeschke (OH, 6-6, Wheaton, Ill., Loyola of Chicago)
    11. Micah Christenson (S, 6-6, Honolulu, Southern California)
    13. Dan McDonnell (MB, 6-6, Glendale, Ariz., UC Irvine)
    14. Ben Patch (Opp, 6-8, Provo, Utah, BYU)
    15. Carson Clark (Opp, 6-6, Santa Barbara, Calif., UC Irvine)
    16. Jayson Jablonsky (OH, 6-5, Yorba Linda, Calif., UC Irvine)
    17. TJ DeFalco (OH, 6-5, Huntington Beach, Calif., Long Beach State)
    18. Garrett Muagututia (OH, 6-5, Oceanside, Calif., UCLA)
    19. Taylor Averill (MB, 6-7, San Jose, Calif., Hawaii)
    20. David Smith (MB, 6-7, Saugus, Calif., UC Irvine)
    21. Dustin Watten (L, 6-0, Long Beach, Calif., Long Beach State)
    22. Erik Shoji (L, 6-0, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)


    "Among the 2016 Olympians not on the list: Outside hitter Aaron Russell suffered an injury while training with his club team and will not be available. Opposite Murphy Troy has retired. Outside hitter Reid Priddy is playing beach volleyball."

    ...I didn't expect that Troy already retired

    NCAA Tournament

    Play-in matches, May 2nd (@Ohio State)
    #3 BYU 3:0 #6 Barton
    #4 Hawaii 3:2 #5 Penn State

    Semifinals, May 4th
    #1 Ohio State vs. #4 Hawaii (8pm ET)
    #2 Long Beach State vs. #3 BYU (6pm ET)

    both matches will be live on

    Conference Carolinas
    #1 Barton 3:2 #8 Erskine
    #4 Limestone 3:0 #5 Belmont Abbey
    #3 Mount Olive 3:0 #6 Lees-McRae
    #2 King 3:0 #7 North Greenville

    #1 Barton 3:0 #4 Limestone
    #2 King 1:3 #3 Mount Olive

    #1 Barton 3:0 #3 Mount Olive

    EIVA final
    #1 Penn State 3:0 #2 Saint Francis

    MIVA final
    #1 Ohio State 3:0 #3 Grand Canyon

    MPSF final
    #1 Long Beach State 3:0 #3 Hawaii

    NCAA Tournament (# seed)
    #1 Ohio State - MIVA Champion
    #2 Long Beach State - MPSF Champion
    #3 BYU - at large
    #4 Hawaii - at large
    #5 Penn State - EIVA Champion
    #6 Barton - Conference Carolinas Champion

    Play-in matches, May 2nd (@Ohio State)
    #3 BYU vs. #6 Barton
    #4 Hawaii vs. #5 Penn State

    #1 Ohio State vs. winner of #4 Hawaii vs. #5 Penn State
    #2 Long Beach State vs. winner of #3 BYU vs. #6 Barton

    Kim Hill back in ( not sure but I think it was in 2012 or 2013) was part of the try out. If remember right she was the only 1 player out of the 250 participants that was chosen to join the National Team. The whole story is on her profile on the US NT page.

    I could be wrong but I think Kasrta Lowe was picked from the try out as well. And there`s a few other players that came out from the try out as well...

    MOSTLY college or high school players, obviously there could be some players who already graduated but I would say not many...

    Kim Hill was probably the only one who participated in this tryout in the recent years and then went on to the senior team, and a lot of other national teams players participated in this tryout as well but they were still in college at that time.

    I would say A LOT of the 240 players are not looking for a spot in the senior A team, they really are competing for spots in the collegiate teams

    But the US training camp is not like mostly places where they choose around 20-30 players only and that is it... Hundreds of players are invited and spend the summer at the camp practicing. At the end after evaluating everyone they choose who will compete in each competition, and which players will be on the main roster. The twins and Liz have never been chosen to compete in any senior tournament yet because their level is not good enough. this won`t be their first time in the process, they have been considered senior players for a long time. I think Liz is over 25 and the Twins over 22 or 23.

    Just to have a idea the recent tryout had over 240 players. Players still in college are evaluated and invited to practice with the US NT every year.

    That "tryout" is a totally different thing. They are mostly college or high school players competing for a spot in the collegiate summer tour / junior national team. They are not competing for a spot in the senior national team.

    Honey....if u really read my posts..Ive said before... I dont have anything against Russell...the problem is that Shame comes here all the time to bash I go off on Russelll on purpose only because Shame does the same thing with ATA.... if he can do the same thing? WHy I cant??

    And I can post whatever I want right??? Dont like my posts? Just add me to your Ignored Users....I have a bunch of people on my list...and u r going on that list right now

    If you really don't have a problem with him, then maybe... stop mentioning him? :gone: If other people are bashing Atanasijević, then maybe.... you can defend him without trashing Russell?? :gone:

    Russel played the first game and Perugia lost remember?? If Russel made that difference, Perugia would have won that game and they would have been in the final....
    Because Perugia won the 2nd and 4th game...which means if Perugia had won the game when Russell played ...Perugia would have won the series in 3-1

    btw.. I find Rains of Castamare and Shame`s post very similar... I have smelled something very fish for a while....I think rains of castamere and Shame are the same person.

    either way I dont care...I already have Shame added to my "blocked" users list....and I`m adding rains of castamere just in case is Shame.... :rose:

    It's just both teams could only win when they are playing at home and Trentino had the advantage of playing 3 home games because they finished higher than Perugia in the regular season... it's not that deep...

    And all of your posts are anti-american players.. what else do you even post here smh...