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    Anyone watched Korea's matches? While KYK has been really struggling, Lee Jae Yeong has been very promising - her style is like a Japanese player (great jump and great use of waist).

    KOR could have been a major force had they prepared for this World Cup adequately (they proved it in the 2012 Olympics what they are capable of - winning against Brazil, Italy and Serbia and eventually making it to the Semis). BUT their volleyball association is really stupid and decided to quit the WGP and only gave the national team 3 weeks to prepare for this World Cup ...

    Hope they can find their form and play well against China, Serbia, Russia and Japan afterwards :rose:

    Some japanese user said that Iwasaka had refused Manabe's invitation, I don't know about Araki's absent though, they could have been very helpful at least in blocking I think.

    Totally agree about Koto, she's not at all young anymore, but somehow I hope she makes it to the olympics next year. I really liked another japanese setter, don't remember her name, she played in Montreux cup. Japan is sort of gifted when it comes to setters, but their lack of height hurts them...

    Natsumi Fujita from Toyota Auto Body Queenseis. She played MVM 2014 and MVM 2015. She is short, a bit too skinny, but very fast.

    Fujita is exceptionally good and very fast, and is IMO much better than Miyashita in terms of setting.

    Manabe called her for Montreux for 3 consecutive years, but each previous year she was placed after Nakamichi and Miyashita. This year i thought she'd have a chance as Nakamichi is gone and she did amazing in Montreux (before Ebata's injury in the 3rd set the commentator said Fujita will be the MVP if Japan wins).

    BUT Manabe gave her up once again ... If I were Fujita if Manabe calls me again next year I would turn him down just like Iwasaka did. :wall:

    Right. It's what it seems. Fawcett had a great season. It's a shame passing was falling apart so bad throughout the finals on her side.

    I don't think passing was the main problem; in the last 2 of the 3 matches Hipass had even better reception than IBK. It's just that IBK is a wrong match-up for Fawcett really. She's never played well great against Kim Hee Jin's blocking and Nam Jie-youn's defence throughout the season.

    In the regular season she's surely the MVP of the league, but in the playoffs she missed far too many easy balls.

    - No. 10 Kim Yeon-koung (192 cm / 27) - Probably the best Wing-Spiker in the world now
    - No. 7 Lee Jae-young (179 cm / 18 ) - The elder sister of the twins. Powerful and fast spiker with great potential. Scored 18 points against Germany and 14 points against Serbia in the 2014 Grand Prix.
    - No. 13 Park Jeong-ah (187 cm / 22) - Not a very powerful spiker, but has good skills of hitting off the block. Scored 21 points against Japan in the 2014 Grand Prix.
    - No. 12 Baek Mok-hwa (177 cm/ 25) - Very poor in attack and blocking, probably will play as serving/backrow specialist just like last year.
    - *NEW* No. 17 Chae Seon-ah (175 cm / 22) - Receiving specialist (played 2-ppl reception in KOVO to guarantee the attacks of Destinee Hooker and Park Jeong-ah)

    Middle Blockers:
    - No. 14 Yang Hyo-jin (190 cm / 25) - Best blocker of Korea; shined against Brazil and Italy in the London Olympics
    - No. 11 Kim Su-ji (186 cm/ 27) - Skillful blocker
    - *NEW* No. 23 Kim Yu-ri (182 cm/ 23) - Powerful attacker but with poor blocking height (why not Bae Yoo-na?!)

    - No. 4 Kim Hee-jin (186 cm / 23) - Has been the 2nd scorer of Korea after Kim for some years. Can play both MB and Opposite.
    - *NEW* No. 15 Moon Jung-won (177 cm / 23) - Receiving left-handed opposite with a great jump-serve and fast attacking plays; No. 12 of Hi-pass who played alongside Nicole Fawcett in the KOVO

    - No. 3 Lee Hyo-hee (173 cm / 34) - Korea's setter last year. Good speed but always blindly sets the ball to the key player
    - No. 6 Han Soo-ji (182 cm / 26) - Setter who seems to be good in every aspect (blocking, defence, serve) other than setting itself

    - No. 8 Nam Jie-youn (31) - Old Libero who got the Best Libero Awards in 2010 World Championship and 2011 World Cup, but not as good now
    - No. 5 Na Hyun-jung (25) - Got the KOVO Best Libero Award this year

    The Korea Volleyball Association just announced a 14-member roster for this year!

    Lee Jung-chul, who led IBK to become the Playoffs champion in KOVO 2014-2015, became the Head Coach of the Korea NT till 2016. Several key players of the NT were not selected to this year's NT due to various injuries - Wing spiker Han Song-yi (ankle injury), setter Kim Sa-nee (knee injury), setter Lee Da-young (back injury) and libero Kim Hae-ran (knee injury). :gone:

    Head Coach: Lee Jung-chul (IBK Altos)

    Left: Kim Yeon-koung (Fenerbahce), Lee Jae-young (Heungkuk Pink Spiders), Park Jeong-ah (IBK Altos), Chae Seo-nah (IBK Altos), Baek Mok-hwa (KGC Ginseng)

    Middle-Blocker: Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai), Kim Su-ji (Heungkuk Pink Spiders), Kim Yu-ri (IBK Altos)

    Right: Kim Hee-jin (IBK Altos), Moon Jung-won (Hi-pass)

    Setter: Lee Hyo-hee (Hi-pass), Han Soo-ji (KGC Ginseng)

    Libero: Nam Jie-youn (IBK Altos), Na Hyun-jung (GS Caltex)

    For the Playoff Finals:
    MVP - Kim Sa Nee (IBK)


    For the Regular League: MVPs (Double MVP) - Nicole Fawcett (Hi-Pass), Lee Hyo-hee (Hi-Pass)
    Best Coach: Lee Jung-chul (IBK)Best Rookie: Lee Jae-young (Heungkuk)Best Dress in the award ceremony :cheesy: : Moon Myoung-hwa (KGC)

    Best Team of 7:
    Best Left - Park Jeong-ah (IBK), Polina Rahimova (Hyundai)
    Best Middle Blockers - Kim Hee-jin (IBK), Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai)
    Best RIght - Nicole Fawcett (Hi-Pass)
    Best Setter - Lee Hyo-hee (Hi-Pass)
    Best Libero - Na Hyun-jung (GS Caltex)