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    watched a little bit of POL x TUR. wow, erdem, boz and onal playing really well. maybe there's hope against RUS.

    Of course there is hope. Russia does not play particulary well at the moment at all. The game between the teams was pretty deadlocked point-wise in the group stage - Russia compiled a mere four points more in total. I know they had great leads in both set three and four but let Turkey to almost catch up with them in the second half of the set, perhaps out of some temporary lapses of concentration due to ignorance or just deliberately charged down a gear out of laziness, so the numbers might look deceptively close. However, Russia probably has not traced a great imprint so far according to anyone at all so far in the tournament, considering the other group matches - against Ukraine and Bulgaria - they were both of poor quality. Goncharova appears to be in bad shape, chemistry between players both on and off the court seems superficial without any real emotion and there appears to be a shortage of fighting spirit, a lifeless, defeatistic attitude of demoralization. In terms of some evidence, albeit highly circumstancial, just look at how disastrously Bulgaria performed yesterday against Germany and then ponder about the fact Bulgaria should have edged out Russia with their clear lead of 2-1 in sets and 14-10 in the 4th set, clearly not a good sign to say the least. I know Turkey lost to Bulgaria, but both struggled almost equally with them, so they share have shown an pretty equivalent vulnaribility to me.

    if Bulgaria beats Germany next opponent will be Azerbaijan (of course if German girls offensively have a great match and serve well then they can beat Bulgaria but not an easy task!)

    what do you think about a probable Bulgaria-Azerbaijan QF match ?

    In my humble opinion, it is virtually a coin flip or coin toss, whatever you might call it. 50-50. I am not impressed at all by what I have seen from Bulgaria so far. Reception is shaky, especially their libero is nightmarish as a receiver, block-defense poorly organized, the middles surprisingly ineffective in attack as well as the outside hitters and they have shown to be terrible front-runners, ie to consolidate a solid margin, but decent hunters. They seems to thrive to locate themselves in situations being on the edge, on the verge of collapsing score-wise, to incessantly challange the limit of nervousness. Rabadzhieva and Dimitrova seems mentally unfit to play more important matches, whenever it boils down to clutch moments in a set they seems to crumble under pressure and commit lousy errors. I have been impressed by the load of responsibility taken by Vasileva though, while not being the most effective or productive in general, with a good set she usually delivers when it really matters. However, the mental part of the game seems to speak in favour of AZE here, the amount of stoical calmness demonstrated tonight against Germany was impressive, they are more machine-like in their performance. Everything could boil down to whom receives the best (or less bad) and for me AZE actually looks the most solid there right now, relatively speaking. Regardless, Bulgaria must defeat Germany for this hypotetical scenario to even be implemented at all, of which I am not certain at all actually. This version of Bulgaria seems to always be ready to drive on a cliff and sink their ship to the ground, ie to impose self-defeating.

    Well then clearly the "native" population is not into sports, you might be right about that, the fact is most of these players originate from Azerbaijan. Also Rahimova, Hassanova, Yagupova, Mammadova etc these are all Turkic names, I don't know if they might have all come from abroad and married with "natives", I am not an expert. But it seems to me you are making judgements without some facts.

    As for Turkey for example, our best athletes are Ethiopians and Colombians and Azeris, Kenyans AND Russians and Ukranians I could go on, how does that make us any different from the Azeris? I had even say Azeris are more legitimate in their recruiting as far as that goes.

    You know, they change their name when they arrive there in order to conceal the fact that they are not from "the land of fire" orginally. Mammadovas name initially was Skazka and Hasanovas was Kharchenko. I do not know about Samadova, but she represented Ukraine in some of the CEV junior/youth competitions at least two times back in the days, ca 2011-2012, and if I remember properly her name back then was not Samadova, but what was it? I can not remember myself.

    By the way, regarding players representing Azeri, don`t you think Rahimova and Kosheleva is a bit of look-a-likes in terms of appearance?


    I will keep my word and not discuss endlessly with you, now I am displacing my promise to myself with one more message but this is the end with you for a while. Regardless, first of all it is your - in my opinion very ignorant - way of arguing I am highly concerned about since I believe it is troubling for this forum, rather than the content in itself.

    I will just further explain what I refered to by coming with my accusations. I simply do not think you are a person that would be very counstructive to debate with, this was what I aimed at in my previous post and to repeat it, this general abstraction regarding your personality and way of behaving, not to disprove you concerning the specific detail regarding whether the ball was in or not. For me, this is a forum to share different view-points par excellence, where each person has a legit right to put down their perspective and to arrive at the truth or personal gain (ie to win the debate) is secondary to the digging and sharing in itself. But this, to me, seems to not be the case in the world of powsoff, and your reaction in that particular post was pretty telling when you said "Everybody understands the ball was out", which goes to say your subjective opinion virtually serves as an absolute in this very non-objective matter (since we were not given any answer from the challange system or else) just as the prophet Muhammads word in the koran goes as the key to open the endless doors of enigma of afterlife is wrapped into for a believer in the islamic faith. In my opinion we have different opinions given the fact our perspectives might be seperated, not as a cause of any black or white "either she is fat or she is not" - there is no inbetween or twillight zone - this particular "either you are with me regarding the ball on the fall or you are wrong" kind of narrowed-down type of logic, which seems to permeate your arguments. Simply, how could we drive any argumentation further, and excel in our learning process of the game, build our knowledge, which must be the purpose for us all here, if some people are only concerned about proving themselves right at any cost, no matter how trivial the issue or detail, or at the expense of to dispel any consensus view. For powsoff, there seems to be an end in itself to impose quarrel and battle, to challange in a duel for the sake of challange, to descredit potential threats, where it for most others merely represent a lifeline they might be forced into. Also, what I wanted to get at before was this intimidation through a bizarre level of footnote-knowledge and academic argot used as a tool to put dissents down, which albeit sometimes useful in some way serves as no less than counter-productive off-putting in a sphere where cultural capital is not a prerequisite - to use a term from Bourdieu - for the counterpart in an argument with the self-appointed volleyball god Powsoff, despite all the grandeur shining from him. And of course, if the purpose would not be intimidation to create monopoly in some spheres of the forum it could be seen in an entirely different light. Well, for me monopoly is entirely useless in places such as these.

    I do believe you could be an top-notch contributor to this forum, which already now is high, since your level of data programmed into your mind, the base of knowledge so to say, seems to be an infinite resource and I have absorbed it with great pleasure, just as many others probably have. Regarding depth of insight in the eastern ex Soviet-block there is no doubt you are the undisputed top dog or master here, the rest is only puppets succumbed to a great Socrates. Also, it was wrong by me to attack your type of writing, since your english is both exquisetely well-written in both grammar as well as in terms of vocabulary, which rather should be praised if anything. However, most people are here to share a passion, to have fun, my subjective point is that this cannot be ignored in favour of "intellectual games" or with an attitude of an intimidating know-all wiseacre, justified by the fact it would slowly die out in activity whereby the incentive to speak is undermined in favour of a grand elite or cremme de la cremme clique of people writing entirely conceived, formal, carefully non-dissectable things to each other one times a week and the utterly bleak boringness from such an outcome. The notion opinions are not interchanable with facts is to me a sacred principle. I understand you rate depth of knowledge and intelligence high on your value scale, but regardless of if the person you are interacting with do possess something of this sort or not, for me this might not be the primary case in such a place as this, if it was, I can assure you the passion and pleasure of it for most people would be lost just as easily as water from a raincoat.

    Everyone understands that was a football - the sound is important - but Guidetti sets a performance to arrange an extra time-out at no cost. Nobody is angry, he's just looking for a side-out option. Luckily, the ref had balls to stop the show.

    No, it was clearly not. I think you are trolling and that you are provocative to create discussions out of the blue, so perhaps its stupid to take your comments seriously, but everybody understands the opposite regardless of the sound, by simply looking at the visual part of it while watching the reply in slow-motion. For virtually all people here this seems to be the consenus view, too, and hardly something everybody understands, then. I think there is a pattern in your posts to distort objective reality and take pleasure out of it really, in a sort of post-modernistic fashion, ie everything is a subjective showtrial and nothing is real or objective, no truth exists (so why not make an art of our whole existence) and everything can be what you want it to be, as long as it is wrapped in a shimmering facade with an aura of flamboyant pretentiousness (advanced vocabulary etc) at the expense of real content and meaning, a lack of wholeness and entity, which is considered to be relatively irrelevant. Your posts is constantly about everything but still explains nothing, swamped by plenty irrelevant details, loose associations and side-tracks.

    I will avoid any further discussing with you 100% by this particular reason, neither do I think would be frutiful for people in this forum to commit themselves to it. However, I have to admit you are very entertaining in your show-offs while building castles in the sky. Mainly this message is a warning to other users in this forum, which I hope will avoid to fall in any of your traps in the future.

    Even though Louisa Lippman lost the game, she has won something over, the eyes of me. I did not knew the team of Germany had such a high quality beauty, Goncharova-esque (almost), in the their shell. Even though she was completely outshined playing-wise by her OPP counterpart on the other side of the net, Smarzek, I have to say she shined more than the polish one in her own way.

    Less than a month ago in the 3rd round of WCh qualies. :D But after how badly they flopped there, I didn't expect to see her at ECh anyway.

    I agree though that a player not being on the NT roster most likely means the players themselves refused it, especially in cases like Ukraine.

    I don't know much about stuff that happens in those NT's sorry :( I just imagine Rykhliuk + Bytsenko in Ukraine NT with some solid receivers. :cheesy: They could honestly challenge some top teams... Can someone explain me why so many girls refuse to play in there NT's at least Ukraine's case

    Flop or not, I bet Rykhliuk still is miles better then the other Opp, she just needs time and ALL the best players on courts...

    I don't know much about stuff that happens in those NT's sorry :( I just imagine Rykhliuk + Bytsenko in Ukraine NT with some solid receivers. :cheesy: They could honestly challenge some top teams... Can someone explain me why so many girls refuse to play in there NT's at least Ukraine's case

    Flop or not, I bet Rykhliuk still is miles better then the other Opp, she just needs time and ALL the best players on courts...

    Ukraine must be one of, if not the one, heaviest powderkegs when it comes to assuming risk for future withdrawals or defections among the hotbed they have nurtured. The examples of players who left are endless. I presume the cause is a combination of factors such as a poorly organized federation with a chronic shortage of funds and permeated by corruption, additionally spurred by the existence of functional, relevant substitutes, which shares similarites concerning language, ethnicity, mentality and political background with their native country, but still with superior economical circumstances, enabled not thanks to to any superior organization or structure but better access to natural resources (oil, gas). We have examples of defectors in Mammadova, Samadova, Goncharova, Anna Makarova, Krivets, Maryuiknich, Tatyana Mudritskaya (representing Kazakhstan, ex. pro for Schweriner in Germany) etc among players in the current generation concerning women´s game, apart from Rykliukh (+perhaps some more) in latency and Bakun, Pavel Moroz and Muserskiy etc when it comes to the "traitors" who has defected to the male Russian NT at the expense of UKR NT. Both Russia and AZE (for women) keeps themselves floating with such a high level of consistency by working as an organic entity with inherent smaller parts, ie satellites/agents, in line with a multinational corporation, which combs out or dusts up the raisins in the cake among the marionette-states in the former Soviet block. Except Ukraine we are able to recognize the same diluted pattern in Belarus, which fed Russia with Kosheleva - although a bit of a twillight case since she departed early - and in Uzbekistan, which did the same to AZE and RUS while providing them with Polina Rahimova and Tetyukhin respectively.

    It's exactly Bulgaria's long history of failures makes me sceptical, but in theory they have the ability to beat both Russia and Turkey. IMO their problem is that strong serving teams such as Turkey can very easily cause trouble for them because Vasileva is a very vulnerable receiver and Filipova and Rabadzhieva aren't strong enough to cover her. Also Emiliya Nikolova tends to screw up when the going gets tough.

    I think Bulgaria has a better shot at beating Russia than beating Turkey actually...Guidetti usually always makes sure that his teams show up perfectly prepared to the important tournaments. Among Russia-Turkey-Bulgaria every order in the ranking is possible, and I would not totally exclude the option of Ukraine causing an upset for someone...

    Great points, thanks for input.

    I agree. I don't know why Polish fans dislike her so much, I think she's better than Skorupa. Maybe Skorupa's best is better than Wolosz's best, but Wolosz doesn't have Skorupa's meltdowns. She even makes Efimienko look like a real good attacker :white:

    Looking at the latest developments, German team quite likely can finish 3rd in the pool and then be eliminated by the 2nd ranked of the pool with Russia and Turkey :S

    Bulgaria should also have some chances to finish at least second? For me, Turkey and Bulgaria looks pretty much in a deadlock at the moment strength-wise. I know Turkey defeated Bulgaria 3x2 in the qualies some months ago, and the game was played in front of the bulgarian home crowd, however Bulgaria looks stronger now and they are in (for me) possession of more juice in attack than Turkey; Vasileva, Rabadzhieva, ex-Nikolova, Filipova, Ruseva, surely sufficient to at least be regarded as a threat to the very top positions in any tournament in good shape, or how do assess the situation or the balance in this group? Bulgaria represent nothing but dead meat or cannon fodder for Turkey to soak up as they want to absorb it? I am interested in your view of Bulgaria, especially since they defeated Serbia back-2-back now last weekend, if they, in this light, should not deserve to be viewed as an interesting dark horse in this tournament, if this could not be the moment where they, once for all, finally capitalize on their teoretical capacity in reality, after all these endless years of virtually eternal failure in important tournaments.

    Scherban is basically there as a technical specialist to receive together with Malova and cover Kosheleva as well as they are able to, thats her primary role and function in their system, and she has carried that burden very well so far and committed very few errors. For me, considerably more solid than her fellow Malova. In reception Russias weak link so far has been Malova who have had troubles while trying to cover her comprehensive scope on court. I believe she will be the main target for Turkeys serves since they will not be able to expose Kosheleva. In attack Scherban has been pretty isolated from the picture without getting many opportunities to shine and has not really been required to contribute there either except against Poland.

    Goncharova looked like the most ice-cold woman in the world today. No emotions, no fire or light, just plain, sheer tormented emptiness and darkness in the glance of her eyes. While her real self apparently was vanished in the thin air during the game, the simpliest way to recognize her with this dark hair, pale skin and tall, thin body was to look after the emerging incarnation of Dracula on the court instead.

    Russia lost in the second friendly against Volero Zurich in straight sets: 17-25, 24-26, 19-25. I do not know anything about the lineups for either team.

    I doubt Sokolova being Jewish. Firstly, she has never been open about it and no proofs (e.g. photos in synagogue are available). Secondly, in good old 1980, Soviet Jews would prefer more intellectual career paths than that of Sokolova's. This should not be confused with 1950's when players like Yuri Vengerovskiy were being trained. Thirdlly, no Jew would call the daughter Liuba :).

    The Klitchko business sounds complete bs. As you may know, one of them was into politics so I've read all kinds of sensational studies on various aspects of their biography, sexuality etc. (FYI, in Ukraine, being gay = being Jewish is not considered a good feature for a politician).


    :aww: With all that you realize that Shashkova is her married surname and the surname from her parents Sokolova is 100% Russian)) But still I don't know, maybe she has some Jewish origins) If I would have an opportunity, I'll ask her if she wouldn't mind.

    Yes, I know, but still thought it would be of some relevance since married couple within this ethnicity frequently share the same ethnic bond...its a well-known fact but of course not a princip which is "set in stone" they are obligated to though. However I would not ask her if I were you since if its true, but we dont know it, there might be a reason she wants ous to be left in the dark. I mean, we have the Klitschko-brothers for example, their mother are Jewish and they have been spotted with the Zionistic movement in Synagogues but they are hiding it as best as they are able to in public. Its not entirely implausible Sokolova in such case would share the same concerns as the boxing brothers.

    Gioli was in her prime during the Perugia years and subsequently after that during her initial period in Moscow, so from 2006 to 2010 or something. Before that, she wasn't the same player to me at least, and not recognized with the same star-quality reputation either so the decision was not that surprising for me.

    Does anybody know here whether Sokolova/Shashkova descends from Jewish origin? Without going into to much details - her nose, ears, mouth and eyes bolsters that notion to me and Shashkova is a common surname among people from this kind of heritage. I have nothing against Jewish people but simply curious.

    This is best Kozuch's shape I can remember but still in other teams we have Obmochaeva, Fabris, Skowronska, Sloetjes, Neslihan or Centoni, so I wonder what kind of advantage is she going to give Germany?

    Kozuch is not Goncharova and will never be but just the fact they possess a reliable OPP will provide Germany with a fair share of advantage in comparison to the past 10 years or so, since Grun was in her peak shape...and I do not say Kozuch will make the difference against this teams in terms of out-shining her counterparts but rather just play pretty equal with them and while doing so give the team better chances to prevail by out-maneuvering the opponents in other aspects that normally is considered their strengths/weapons like serving, organization, team play.

    Germany will surely be dangerous given the shape of their main go-to player Kozuch which produces on average about 18 points per game for Casalmaggiore with high effectivity. I cannot remember when or whether she´s been in equivalent shape in parallel to her contemporary at any stage in the past. We might also weigh in the common pattern that she usually raises her game by a considerable amount while representing Germany in comparison to club level. However, the fruits of this might in some part be restrained by the fact both Furst and Brinkers shape pretty much reached a new bottom.

    Gabi is so good, a truly magnificent player. She carried Rexona almost alone in attack when they were in trouble by the end of 2.set and reversed the 23-20 deficit mainly thanks to her. This changed the course of the game completely, there was no way back for Osasco after that. Carcaces is a shadow of her former self, her vertical jump that distinguished her from the rest before is no longer exceptional at all. I can sense a mighty tough season for Osasco, their OH/Opp´s are not strong enough and versus stronger serving teams as Rexona their ability to involve MB´s (Thaisa) in attack will likely be restricted in pretty high extent, at least they were yesterday, they could barely use Thaisa at all in the end of 2.set and then their limits will be exposed.