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    Thank you. I have the feeling they might easily do it, but old Belgium never ceased to amaze me for its ability to throw away matches, so... it might be a very entertaining match after all. The Belgians themselves know it, they scheduled Belgium-Estonia on the last day for a good reason. Too bad only one of them gets to qualify.

    We will see. IMO Belgium is clear favourite to get it, as they haven't lost a set through the whole tournament. I can see Estonia making it to the tie-break, but it won't change a thing :P

    Anyway, you still can be right, because volleyball is just about a specific match and Estonia can have "their" day tonight :box:

    Germany can now be ranked together with the likes of...Montenegro and Pakistan if FIVB ever updates the world ranking today. :whistle:

    It's 2 weeks already since World League finals have ended and still, they didn't manage to update the rank. I know it was a mess, but new points have to be allocated :call:

    Yes, but from what I've read here, his contract disallows him to cover the brand. I think it's totally ok to support him, if Italian federation make problems about that. I also don't get argument that volleyball is not a football/basketball/other team sport. Signed contract means the same in every category of life.

    Is it ok that national federation make players wear shoes of specific brand? It's 2017, sportsmen have signed contracts with Asics/Mizuno/Adidas/Nike/ etc and NTs & clubs should respect it. I don't really understand blaming Ivan in that case.…rom-champions-league.html

    Tomis Constanța has withdrawn from further participating in present season of the CEV Champions League. They won't play their two last games against Resovia (away) and Asse-Lennik (home), because of club's difficult situation in last months (team's coach has resigned, some key players left the club too).

    Again, we see that formula of the CEV Champions League has to be changed. I don't want to offend anyone from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro or any other country, but I don't think there is a place for teams from leagues like that in the most important European club's competition. If you can afford it and you're strong enough - play in CL, if you're not well-organized and you're not as strong as Europe's elite - prove yourself in qualifactions. That's the only way, how it should work and I'm glad that Aleksandar Boričić want to do something with it.

    Preliminary round

    Day 1

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Netherlands : Slovenia 3:1
    Italy : Poland 3:0

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Belgium : Hungary 3:0
    Turkey : Azerbaijan 3:1

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Bulgaria : Russia 1:3
    Croatia : Belarus 3:1

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Czech Republic : Romania 3:2
    Germany : Serbia 2:3

    Day 2

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Netherlands : Poland 3:1
    Slovenia : Italy 0:3

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Belgium : Azerbaijan 3:0
    Hungary : Turkey 0:3

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Russia : Belarus 3:0
    Bulgaria : Croatia 3:0

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Romania : Germany 0:3
    Czech Republic : Serbia 1:3

    Day 3

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Poland : Slovenia 3:1
    Netherlands : Italy 0:3

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Azerbaijan : Hungary 3:1
    Belgium : Turkey 3:0

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Belarus : Bulgaria 0:3
    Croatia : Russia 0:3

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Germany : Czech Republic 3:0
    Romania : Serbia 0:3

    I'm extremely sad about our team. I've seen some our players crying. It was awful to see, how "happy" and "satisfied" they were, after being 3rd best team in such a challenging tournament.

    Anyway, it's a sport. Sometimes, you have to deal with defeats. Our boys just need to forget about that and fight in all upcoming competitions. It's not the end of the world, still we can qualify for Olympics! :)

    Hi all, I haven't been there for a while.

    I must say, I'm really proud of our team. They were playing well already, but now, I can't find a negative thing about their game (offc 1st set was pretty bad, but it's normal for us during that tournament). I believe we can win it all now.

    I can't say, who I want to qualify for Olympic Games. I'm pretty sure it won't be Russia, so it will be fight between USA and Italy. I won't be very surprised if American team will lose it again (like year ago during World Championship), but I don't want to judge too much. Let the better team advance ;)

    Congratulations Srbija! I'm really glad that you made it to semifinals, our Slavic brothers :drink:

    I'm quite satisfied that we are on the first place, but anyway both teams from opposite group are really strong. Game against United Stanes would just mean end of our journey, but France NT is dangerous too. We will see tomorrow, how both teams will recover from loss.

    I'm rather glad with our yesterday's display. Iran is a really dangerous team, but our boys managed to end it before 5th set. It's also nice that Kurek is playing well again + Mika and Bieniek had another decent performance.

    I think Iranian squad was a bit unexperienced, but anyway they were a difficult rivals. We could have a really exciting game tonight ;)