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    It's not been 14 days after many public events were stopped, such as closing schools. It will keep increasing exponentially, not artihmetic.…43584103288537095/photo/1

    It's not worse than expectations so far, check exponential fit.

    Precautions work or not, we'll see it after 3-4 days. Hoping for the best for now but I don't think that we can get this over without curfew. Turkey(more than 80 million with refuguees) is not Singapur(5 million).




    Thaisa-Eda Erdem

















    Turkish numbers are wrong. I think countries should show % of positive cases out of number of tests, because 2500 cases in Turkey and Sweden are out of maybe 20000 tests done, while many other countries including US, Spain and Italy are doing enourmous number of tests. In Turkey they started to use computer scans instead of regular Covid tests to diagnose as well.

    Turkey started to share statistics more openly.

    Total tests=40290 (not 20000)

    Total cases=3629

    Total deaths=75

    477 tests per million people

    Fast diagnose test kits from China is not working well. Spain has huge problem cause of these kits. (30% efficiency). Turkey also bought these kits and tested them and got that it's not working well and kept using PCR tests and CT scanning. Spain used them without controlling, and it's huge crisis now.

    PCR test is the best way but it takes long. CT scanning is first criteria for now. There are many cases that treatment starts before pcr test result, if clinical symptoms match.

    That is true that is why turkish fans are here. They are here because they are bitter and bored maybe? Ohh what happened to turkish league now? I heard more more cases in turkish. I am afraid the league might cancel as well. Now it's fair. 😂

    You are a piece of ignorant and arrogant shit.

    Was that the match Senna Usic came and played instead of Dorota Swieniewicz when Dorota twisted her ankle? I might be mistaken but I remember such thing, might be another final four.

    You are right about Senna Usic. She came from bench but the one injuried was Zetova, not Dorota.

    Senna played really good as 20yo newcomer in this semi final. Oh gosh, she had tremendous potantial but after an injury, she was never same attacker again.

    -> This is a video from 1994 WCH, Azerbaijan vs Peru.

    I want to watch Victoria Ravva in Azeri team but in this video, she is back row 3 rotations ;( when she is front row, video ends.

    -> 2006 Champions League semi final between Vakifbank and Perugia, I searched it in 3 languages but couldn't find. It's the game I wanna watch again so badly.…3&ID=191&CID=2122&PID=459

    Vakif was leading 2-1 but lost in tie break. If I'm not wrong, it was even 7-7 in tie break and then Vakif fell down. Perugia won final much more easily.

    Vakif was playing with 1 middle, opposite with setter. Ukranian setter Komisarova was blocking in middle. Buzayev and his weird system.

    Peru, the team played Olympic final against USSR in 1988 was also playing in this system with legends Perez del Solar(mb) and Rosa Garcia(s)

    627 new deaths and 5986 new cases in Italy. It's so scary. 627 poeple passed away in a day.

    Total 4032 dead, 47021cases.

    I hope today was the peak day and it will slow down.

    I'm so disappointed by them :(

    They reported 50 affected, but real number is way bigger ;(

    No, it's not. Stop being fucking stupid.

    Numbers will increase, for sure. You can keep following the health ministery for correct numbers or keep licking imoco ass and belive whatever you want.

    Leagues will hopefully cancel this week. Italy is great example of what to NOT do. We should learn better from them.

    Problem in Turkey is people coming from Umrah, Saudi Arabia. Total number is 21k. Our 6th positive case is one of them. Other 5 were connected. So, it's second circle.

    15k of them already turned back, 6k of them are turning back today. These poeple are informed to stay at home for 14 days and have not guest. (It's culture that you visit poeple coming from Umrah)

    Of course these ignorant religious poeple don't care, having many guests, they are going to mosques. 6k poeple will put under quarantine by state force.

    Mosques should closed asap. Even holly islamic places are closed, but mosques in Turkey are not. So stupid. Other 15k poeple should have put under quarantine, it's late but better to do it now.

    Our health ministry has done good job, but these fucking old religious people will shut entire country down. Official should take more radical precautions about Umrah visiters.

    Ps; 10k of them in quarantine now

    There is no censorship about virus. It was one, this morning 2, and 5 now. (All relatives, one man gave it to others) Tests are running.

    You can't hide test results in our current healthcare system and with social media.

    Better you to worry about yourself.

    The biggest concern in Turkey right now is the habit of politicizing every fucking thing. They even politicize the coronavirus and creating conspiracy theories and this makes people even more panic. People are shopping like crazy, almost no pasta is left on the shelfs. Turkish sanitizer(kolonya) and other sanitizers are doubled/tripled the price...It's same with masks...

    All big football and basketball leagues in Europe are postponed. In Turkey, they are still playing without spectators. I hope next week, it will be canceled here.

    "Turkey was one of the first countries that closed borders with Italy. "

    It shouldnt be so hard to close a border that doesn't exist😏

    Is it so funny? You re the smartest guy alive? It's 2020, global world and when I heard the word of border, my brain gets more than geographical borders.

    "Turkey was one of the first countries that banned the flights (and also cruises) from and to Italy"

    I hope you happy now.

    As someone has many doctor friends, med student friends I can say that there is not significant increase on flu like symptoms in Turkey YET. But it will be, sure.

    Health Ministry is doing really good job. Half of Turkish people don't trust officals, but Minister earned lots of trust on social media.

    In everycity, some hospitals are assigned for Coronovirus.

    Testing is not a problem, yet. Same pcr tests. First confirmed case was announced at midnight in Turkey, when test was done.

    Turkey was one of the first countries that closed borders with Italy. We have big border with Iran, so the first quarantine hospital was in near there.

    It took one day to stop schools/universities and sport.

    A special science council is founded. They follow everything to FLATTEN THE CURVE.

    Even Donald Trump got it that we should flat the curve but I don't expect the trolls in this forum will get it.

    If you wanna know what "flatten the curve" means;…__twitter_impression=true