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    I think everyone would be perfectly OK if you just said "A reliable personal source told me that (...)". It's surely more helpful than simply posting some rumor/news without any further comment.

    I wrote it earlier about eczacibasi's every transfer move.

    The same person has one aim to make forum more chaotic and he accuses everyone other than hisself.

    No, I'm not someone only reads manager gossips on websites. Can you understand it? There are many transfer works behind hidden doors and only come out when it's done. Not every move in volleyball community finds itself a place on websites. One of the point of international forum is bringing all the inside info to here.

    Not if it involves swearing and cursing. And it's not beyond reason to ask for source for a transfer rumour. Of course, you don't have any obligation to answer it in this thread (though you should answer it in the official News thread). Bottom line, if he annoys you, just ignore him and report him, if you think he broke any rules.

    Yes, I reported it. He makes fake and wrong claims about my posts. You can moderate him as well.

    An user can't accuse me to write fake news without a valid reason.

    There are many fake rumours coming from Italian managers and they used Turkish clubs to increase salaries. For example, it was very strong rumour that Eczacibasi asked for Veljkovic. When I asked about it to my friends, I learnt Eczacibasi never tried for Stefi and it was fake rumours.

    Ogbogu was their first option and got her. I heard the same thing about Britt. Lastly, the rumour about Wolosz is valid.

    So will this mean Neriman is going to play in Turkey again? :)

    She doesn't wanna play in Turkey cause of some problems about her personal life (a lawsuit against her ex husband).

    She has offers from China, Turkey, another team from Japan, Italy and Brazil (probably nicola negro's team). She is a bit afraid to sign with Chinese team cause of covid19 but she said the situation in Asia is much better than other parts in the world right now. I think she will play in China.

    She also said that she played in many different leagues, Poland-Russia-Italy-Japan and would like to try Brazil but idk how much they can offer.

    I'm also excited for the match between The Netherlands vs Croatia, because I want to see the left hand of Elles Leferink in real action!:cheesy:

    She used to hit from zone 1, she was more explosive and athletic than maret. (If my memories are correct, semi final of 2003 EC turkey vs netherlands, she was nerve racking for me.)

    Top 5 setters:






    Top 5 opposites:






    Top 5 outside hitters:





    5-Logan Tom

    Top 5 middles:

    1-Regla Torres


    3-Eda Erdem



    Top 5 liberos:


    2-Yuko Sano


    4-De gennaro




    2-Regla Torres









    Italian and Polish federations can save their teams.

    CEV gives spots to "federations", not to "teams". Federation can decide which club goes to CL. If it's unfair for Scandicci and JW, the federations can give CL spots to "top 2 teams and Scandicci/JW".

    It's plusliga-legavolley's internal problems. CEV should be fair to all federations, not only to 2.

    A strong team will be created in Turkey. Ziirat sign Petrić, Ter Maat and Urnaut. They need a good turks(like a Eksi, Batur) and in next season they can fight with russian, polisch and also italian teams in european cups.

    Setter will be Eksi and Ziraat has a young Turkish talented libero, Berkay Bayraktar. Their current middles are not good enough, I hope they will hire a good one.

    Ps; They hired a young middle, Bedirhan Bulbul. He's done nice job in a lower ranked team and ready to play at higher level.

    1) Olympics 2004 Semi Final, Russia-Brazil

    Best comeback of volleyball history. 24-19, 13-10.

    2) European Championship 2003, Turkey-Russia

    It's the breaking point of Turkish women volleyball.

    3) Olympics 1996 Semi Final, Cuba-Brazil

    I knew Cuba won but I didn't know about the fight at the end when I watched this game first time. Damn, it was mind blowing.

    4) European Olympic Qualification 2012 Semi Final, Turkey-Russia

    Another breaking point of Turkish women volleyball and the best athmosphere I've ever been.

    5) Olympics 2004 Final, Brazil-Italy

    I think Bernardinho and Ricardinho changed the style of international men's volleyball with this gold medal.

    Mcginnis played in Besiktas right after she is done with college. She elevated the level of team a lot immideatly. She was under the wings of Lang Ping. But Hugh wanted a cheerleader, put so much work into Thompson. Going to Azerbaijan didn't do any favor to Mcginnis as well.

    1)Radenkovic-> She played as starter in Piacenza at the beginning of the season. Ferretti was injuried (?) and her performance was really good. During the junior catagories she took lots of attention. I think one of the reason why she didn't develop is Terzic. He should have insisted more on her. Danica had way more "pure setter talent" than Mirkovic. But Terzic gave more chance to Mirkovic. (Maybe redstar favour?)

    2)Sara Klisura: She was the Sokolova of U18 WCH in Thailand. She took the attention of Bergamo but another disappointment. She even didn't make the team for junior nt world championship. (Busa played with older generation). Terzic didn't give any chance to her for senior NT.

    3)The libero of 92-93 generation of Serbia: I forgot her name. She was better than Gizem Orge at those times...

    4)Tony Ciarelli: It was my first time seeing men's ncaa. He was so damn good. Micah as freshman setter, they had perfect connection. Super fast. His ball control skills were impressive. He was like Osmany of Ncaa. He made the 2014 WCH team but didn't play pro volleyball. He had way to much potantial than Jeaschke. He could make Rio'16 team, if he went to proball.

    According to some reliable turkish sources,Galatasaray' managers changed their decision and they are trying to find sponsors for the women team.also their decision about foreign players was only about men team.

    Funny thing; most expensive player they have in men team is local player. Manager of galatasaray is an angry old man, he played "nationality" card but everyone complained about it. So, he changed his ideas.

    Eczacibasi is the best organized club in the world. The owners of club are well respected family and treat their player perfectly; payment-housing-car-bills. Everything is super comfortable. Calling this club mess is stupid. Being pro vball player is not just about "on the court" part.