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    Hande was the best outside hitter by far!!! She hits tournament best percentage (50%) and she received well (much better than Sytsiak, Orthman. Damn, she received even better than Meliha). Her defence on position 6 was perfect. Anyway, who cares CEV.

    Wolosz as best setter, lmao. Hanke deserved much more.

    Is everyone ready to watch another Oscar deserved movie between Serbia and Japan? I'm curious how good it will be?

    I guess it can't be better than what they did in 2012 Olympic Qualification Tournament. But it might be better than WCH'18.

    Ps; I guess Japan-Serbia will play in last day of group phase. Serbia will already ensure first place in the pool...?

    What about Pietrini?

    If Lucia Bosetti won't be ready for Tokyo, and there is no Cate-Pietrini, Sylla will be only available solid OH.

    Piccinini might be a part of the the team but I don't expect her to be starter.

    If the rumours about Gennari is true, Sylla-Gennari is the next Italian OH duo.

    I think Italians' Olympic curse will be continue. They've never passed the quarter finals.

    If Dutch team fires Caprara too, foreigner coaches won't be willing to work in there. Find a local coach or keep Caprara.

    Giovanni's interview before the tournament was really good. Dutch federation should learn something from it.

    Turkish vb federation has done amazing job. President said that "Someone from CEV told us that we will be host and next morning, we learnt that Netherlands is the host. But it doesn't matter, we will create the atmosphere in Ankara"

    They organized all the Turks live in Holland really well. It was like Ankara last night. Also social media accounts took a lots of hype. The tournament started to broadcast at pay tv and final game broadcast in one of the most popular channel of Turkey at prime time.

    In a gym located on planet Earth, Wolosz is still setting fast balls to Smarzek? LMAO gurlll. Take a deep breath and set a high ball to Sytsiak.

    Lots of respect for Sytsiak but she is just not ready to play 5th set. She couldn't turn back mentally. She served twice and missed both. Wolosz destroyed her game. Forcing Smarzek all the time and setting Sytsiak when Smarzek is off.

    What suprised me most was Sytsiak defence. Amazing.

    If Wolosz will be around for Paris'24 and learn that setting fast balls is not "a must", Polond will be in Paris instead of Russia.

    Super proud with Team Turkey. I still can't get that how perfect Meryem was. Big congrats to Eda, she is known with her attacks but she stayed solid on blocking while getting destroyed by setter on slide attack. Also Hande was really good, she deserves more praises.

    Naz hasn't performed perfect in this tournament but her experience really makes the difference. Playing high level vball since she was 15 yo. We couldn't win 2 tiebreaks and 33-31 set with Cansu.

    However, I would start with Cansu against Germany and let Naz come in from bench.

    I think he was Mormon, then left BYU, had gap years, back for 1 year. Once he replied on Instagram Q&A that he thinks love is not about gender (something smillar). His instagram is obviously gay.

    Nice interview by Gio. He puts Netherlands as favorite, takes stress out from his players and makes Dutch girls even angrier to himself. Dutch girls are not like Brazilians, playing mental game with them works.

    After QF game in ECH, Naz said that "Dutch girls were very nervous to play against Gio and they couldn't handle the pressure."