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    I'm so mad about this final till now. Such a big chance dropped... Wołosz should be our leader but she was today catastrophic... I can stand her attitude on the court, how she couldn't precise pass from 2nd meter (she did 2nd to damn 5th...) lack of middles and... She is the one to blame, but unfortunately has positon like Travica had...

    S: Grankin, Kovalev
    OPP: Bakun, Poletaev
    OH: Markin, Klyuka, Volkov, Tetyukhin
    MB's: Muserskiy, A.Volkov, Volvich, Gutsalyuk
    L: Verbov, Ermakov

    Yes, Blengini is overrated. He is responsibile for Lube's tragic season, with NT did good only on WC eventhough Italy was extremly lucky there. Heynen, Hoag, Alekno f.e are vball professors for him.

    Yes. But how long he is coach and how long they are coaches?

    Juantorena rests because he is injuried, but I don't know if it's knee or his arm. Anyway for me Blengini was not so bad. He made Latina constructed with medio players play great. Ok Lube was an epic fail and it's also his fault, but first Lube was tragicaly bulided... You shouldn't expect anything great from Italy as it was their first official match this season. I be they are still not fresh after the gym training

    I hope if so it will be Leticia Boscacci or Tanya Acosta, they made good impression on me at WGP, and they are both represented by this samea agent (who also it agent of Juan Manuel Serramarela). Dąbrowa will also have new statistician and it will be Argentinian NT statistician (it's not official but I've meet Team Argentina in Włocławek and learned the news from statistician himself

    It will not be Smarzek (she stays to play in Police) as she wanted to play in Italy, but Chemik said no to a loan deal... Marichev will also not become their coach as he was choosen to bring Gamova (yest Gamova not Goncharova - Chemik didn't even asked about Natalia), but then kboom with meldonium so it's not a deal anymore.

    It was stricly about libero who should change with MB but was still on court ;) According to Polish commentators.

    It was a fault. The same one these referees whistled to Poland vs Czech Republic day before twice... And it wasn't like 10 cm stepp out... It was much bigger and it was not once during the game. Referees decided to ignore it witch was costly...

    Zaroślinska to Police. Smarzek will be loaned to Novara.
    Sobolska will play as polish player despite the rules. I don't understand how, but It's confrimed by her manager and a few local journalists

    Whatching Argentina game was hurting. How they changed from 3:0 with Bulgaria to that? What the hell?! Why Closter is in instead of Garocq? I think they don't have standard starting line=up and it's destroing them. On the other side it was a justice part, because Argentina shouldn't be playing in Varna F4