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    I have no idea what's going on with Malwina, I do not remember to see her that hopeless. Unfortunetaly, on Sunday Bergamo plays with Novara and it can be their third loss without a single set. At least Kąkolewska improved her game and made a good impression.

    IMO Ogbogu showed that she deserves to be in the roster for WCH in Japan instead of Dixon. After these friendly matches I would say that she's the best blocker in the USA. Kingdom also did impress me, she's a smart hitter, I would take her as 4th OH. Both Drews and Murphy are better for me than overrated Murphy, but I doubt that Karch won't take her to Japan.

    Martyna Łukasik is unexpectedly leaving Kraków to play in Chemik Police. Then, Chemik will have a really young duo of OPPs :-D

    Chemik is also interested in Anna Grejman. Bartosz Kurek will play in Szczecin next season, so I suppose everything is probably agreed on :-) If so, Police won't have such an easy way to win the championship as it had been before. For example, Rzeszów has much more experienced wing spikers and also middle blockers.

    It means that Smarzek in Italy! :woohoo: Besides, I'm happy that Łukasik and Stysiak will play in Chemik, because of Police's coach! They will learn something new! Łukasik-Stysiak-Medrzyk-Pleśnierowicz-Grajber -> NT gains a lot from that. :roll:

    As Kurek offivially joins Stocznia Szczecin, then Anna Grejman may appear as 4th OH in Chemik :wavy:

    If it happens, then Chemik Police will have really weak roster. IMO Rzeszów has better squad than they, especially when Zaroślińska will be back after injury. Hopefully, Smarzek leaves them somehow, cuz if she won't she will get tons of balls to attack per match. :gone:
    In addition, Grejman is a perfect example how to NOT run your career. She won't be starter there

    Monika Bociek officially in ŁKS and Małgorzata Śmieszek in Budowlani. Looks like Budowlani might have a problem with finding some Polish OHs, because they probably need a foreign OPP now :P I won't be surprised if we see Kaczorowska, Paszek or maybe Grejman in starting six there, they don't have too much choice.

    I'm happy to see these young players in currently best teams in Poland. ŁKS will play in CL with Bociek and probably Wójcik in starting six. Hopefully, they will learn a lot in the upcoming season. For me Wójciek is still player for NT. She played pretty well, when Makowski was the head coach. I'm keeping fingers for Alagierska to be a starter instead of Kwiatkowska and Efimienko, but it will be hard for her to dethrone those two. IMO Śmieszek is also pretty solid, especially in block.

    I don't think that any club from Italy would sign her, she's too young :what: I thought about Bociak, but she was in NT, so... :pinch: Maybe Damaske?

    I've read that Szczurowska won't play in LSK and she will be playing for very good team....that means Italy? :white: Anyway, that person will play for team from Serie A1 - according to Dolata.

    I wonder what's the reason of Mędrzyk's absence... Lately she has never been with NT for the whole season. Last time it was in 2015 as far as I remember. Then weeding in 2016, last year after first part of the season she left NT due to foot injury and now once again. I won't be surprised if Nawrocki will "forget" about her if the reasons of her absence are not important.

    I would love to see Damaske or Wójcik in her place, but I don't think it happens... :down: