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    Amazing and that was weird as well.

    I mean if the coaches or team needs a wing spiker why don't they hire a natural wing spiker with good experience on that position instead of getting a middle blocker and then convert them to wing which will take time and adjustment with their timing and approach.

    Are you refer to all three players in general or one particular player? What was weird exactly??

    I 'am wondering if KOVO already drafted a Middle Blocker as foreign player?

    I mean on the application it says Position: No Limit but based on previous selection I haven't seen any middle blocker drafted for the V-League.

    From the few years that I have followed the Korean league, I only know of these few players.

    In the 2015-16 season, GS Caltex drafted Kath Bell and she could play as a OP or MB. Occasionally, Kath did play in the middle but the majority of the time she played as a OP.

    Also in the 2015-2016 season, MB Alexa Olgard was recruited by Heungkuk toward the end of the season as a replacement for Taylor Simpson who got injured.

    Samantha Middleborn who can play as an OP and MB was surprisingly drafted as 1st pick in 2016-17 tryout by KGC Ginseng (btw Samantha was invited to this year tryout). However she never did end up playing in Korea because she fell pregnant after the tryout and was subsequently replaced by Alaina Bergsma at KGC.

    The Women's U18 or19 team, code-named the Nippondaihyochimugahatsushutsujoshiteimasu

    What does that even mean?

    The Nippondaihyochimugahatsushutsujoshiteimasu will now meet the locals favourite, Italy in the final:box:.

    Live Stream: at 2:30 or 3:00 PM (local time).

    From the info on the JVA site, Rino Murooka has been in the starting line-up and playing as OH for the majority of the matches.

    Diouf in Novara or Korea

    You will soon find out if Diouf will play in Korea next season or not. The KOVO tryout will be held on May 1-3 in Toronto. So if she doesn't show up in Toronto for the tryout at the start of May then she can't play in Korea.

    Initially, when the news came out in Korea there are some doubts whether Diouf would actually attend the tryout. This is because she is a big name player and would probably get a bigger offer from somewhere else than what the Korean team can offer.

    Btw the full list of all the players invited to the tryout can be found here…vonews_view.asp?num=25586

    Where do you find stats from the Zonal Wiki Page?…s_Volleyball_Championship led me to the 2018 edition of the competition…s_Volleyball_Championship, which in turn provided me with a big hint.

    I am having such a blast now that I can navigate the JVA site :P

    Can you tell me your opinion of the proper translation of 女子アジア東部地区選手権 and/or anything about it? (I see they send a University Squad--and now I want to know who chooses that squad, and all the U-Squads, for that matter)

    Is it better translated as Women's Asian Eastern District Championships or Women's East Asian Regional Championships?

    I am glad that you enjoy roaming around on the JVA (it is so much better than the KVA site).

    :rolll: You think too highly of me, in no way am I a translation expert. Like you, I am someone who rely on translation websites.

    Wiki has got it translated as Asian Eastern Zonal Women's Volleyball Championship, while the AVC site has got it translated as AVC Eastern Zone Women’s Volleyball Championship (I guess this is the official name).…-volleyball-championship/

    Personally, I would just translate 女子アジア東部地区選手権 as East Asian Women's Championship. The addition of District/Regional/Zone/Zonal just make it too much of a mouth full to say.

    I don't know anything about the teams and whatever but there are some pretty odd scores going on so far:

    I think this competition is a mixture of various club's junior teams and junior NT.

    A big THANK YOU to Fujii-3  :rose: as I now know how to look up the stats from some of the older AVC competitions thanks to the wiki link you provided.

    The 18 players for the VNL that nnnneil0929 posted will begin training on April 28th at Jincheon Athlete's Village under the supervision of assistant coach Kang Seong-Hyung. Head coach Stefano Lavarini will return to Korea sometime in early May (no fixed date as it will depend on when the Brazilian finals end).

    According to an article from Yonhap News, Kang stated that they expect KYK to join up with the NT on May 19th and take part in week 3 of VNL. Kang also added that KYK wanted to return for the week 2 of VNL due to her strong sense of responsibility.

    Also Lee So-Young will need to decide if she will take out the pins from her knee surgery 2 years ago or stay with the NT squad. If she does decide to take out the pins, then 3-4 weeks of rest will be needed.

    Park Jeong-Ah want to return fit and health for the Olympic qualifiers hence the surgery before the VNL.

    Yang Hyo-Jin injured her finger during practice for her last league match of the season and soon after had surgery. YHJ is also taking time to rest and have treatment for her shoulder too. Like PJA she plan to be back for the Olympic qualifiers (link to my original post about YHJ injuries).

    Jung Dae-young and Kim Se-young :what::what:

    Although JDY is still one of the best MB in Korea, it looks like Korea travel into Athens Olympics.

    From the Yunhap article that I linked up top, Kang was quoted saying something like "There is a mix of young and old players for the MB position and head coach Lavarini wanted to test the players himself".

    Based on google translate and my assumption, I believe the 18 players list is the training roster, the 25 players list is the candidate or wide roster, and the 30 players list is the preliminary roster.

    The various squad lists provided by Korean Volleyball Association: 1, 2, 3

    Wow what a decrease of salary for Bae Yoona. I thought it was only Moon Sungmin(Hyundai Capital) who had a massive salary cut(from 450M Won to 300M Won).

    Personally, I think this could be a big mistake by Expressway Hi-pass. :hit:

    Now that BYN is on a 86M KRW 1-year contract, I think she will be now classified as a B class player next year. Any recruiting team will only need to compensate Hi-pass with only 3x the amount of BYN's previous contract salary (3x 86M KRW = 258M KRW) .

    Hi-pass should have at least given her a minimum of 100M KRW. That way if any other teams tries to recruit BYN then they will also need to give Hi-pass a reward player and a minimum of 300M KRW (3x 100M KRW). This mean if Hi-pass had give BYN an addition 14M KRW on her contract they would have gained 1 reward player plus an additional 28M KRW if she move to another team at the end of next season.

    I'm mad at Mayu Ishikawa making the NT now. After watching a few of her Shimokitazawa Seitoku matches there's not much remarkable about her, and she's such a camera darling. After my Higashi girls beat them down in the Semi Finals, instead of showing me beautiful happy triumphant Higashi faces all they showed was Mayu Ishikawa crying. It's (probably) not her fault but I'm going to hold it against her anyway :down:

    I think I mentioned it to you previously that I didn't see her as NT material either. I was surprised that she even got included in the NT squad.

    This Week's Transfers list is the same as last week, with that extra comment line next to Saki Goya - 退団から変更- I think that means she's changed her mind and wants to remain an Okayama NoSmiler.

    On that transfer list thing, I think Saki Goya status has changed from "Leaving" to "Transfer Request" (the same as Kanon Sonoda) so that why they wrote the comment 退団から変更 (Change from Leaving). So I think she is still leaving Okayama.

    News Update:

    • As mentioned by anoniminona12 , IBK Altos has appointed 52-year-old Kim Woo-Jae as their new head coach. KWJ has been the head coach of Gangneung Girls' High School (GGHS) since 2015 and has helped them win the 2018 CBS Nationwide Tournament with only 8 players. He has experiences working as an assistant coach with the Korean Women NT (2003), Korea Expressway Hi-pass (2000-02) and Hyundai E&C Hillstate (2006-07). Also, he has helped nurture some of the IBK players like Kim Hee-Jin, Lee Na-Yeon, Kim Hae-Bin, and other players such as Go Ye-Rim (Hyundai), Choi Min-Ji (Hi-pass) and An Hye-Jin (GS Caltex). An official from IBK Altos stated they will conclude the contract with KWJ once he has completed his task of leading GGHS at the Taebaeksanbae National Volleyball Tournament. Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • Hyundai E&C have retained the services of both OP Hwang Youn-Joo (HYJ) and OH Go Yoo-Min (GYM), with the pair signing new contracts on the April 12th. The team did not disclose the contract details in original articles. However after the deadline had passed, it seems KOVO has released a summary of FA status players' contract result to the media (refer to sources in the last news update below). This summary shows that HYJ will now earn 100M KRW (approx. $88.2K USD) annually whilst GYM will earn 60M KRW (approx. $52.9K USD) annually. Sources: 1, 2.
    • Please refer to anoniminona12 first post above with regards to Bae Yoo-Na (BYN) situation. It was reported that BYN not only had a chronic knee injury but she also had a shoulder injury. After failing to secure a contract with another team, BYN went back to negotiate with Hi-pass for a new contract. As a condition agreed upon between the team and BYN, prior to next season she will have take time to focus on her treatments and recovery (this will most likely rule her out of the NT). As a result on the final day of FA negotiation period, Hi-pass has re-signed BYN on a 1-year contract. The contract terms were not disclosed by the team originally but as mentioned before KOVO later released this info. Previously BYN was earning 200M KRW annually but this new contract will see her take a massive pay cut, down to 86M KRW (approx. $75.8K USD).Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • I didn't see any individual articles come out reporting Heungkuk Pink Spiders having re-signed MB Kim Na-Hee (KNH) and OH Gong Yun-Hui (GYH). However, in articles that summarised the results of FA contract negotiations, it revealed that KNH will get 90M KRW (approx. $79.4K USD) annually and GYH will get 65M KRW (approx. $57.3K USD). Sources: 1, 2.

    Wow! Both Kanon Sonoda (園田 風音) and Saki Goya (合屋 咲希) only just joined Okayama toward the end of January and now they are both gone. I only just realised this, but both players were just at the training camp for the U-20 about a week prior to their deregistrations from the team. I hope both players continue to play volleyball. Hopefully, we might get some news in May as there is another training camp then.

    With regards to Goya and Matsumoto, from my understanding "退団" doesn't necessarily mean retirement from volleyball per se, it only means that they are leaving the team/organisation.

    Personally, I think the list that you have linked is just a list of outgoing players. The reasons for a player been on this list could vary from a player just want to quit their team or it could be that the team want to let a player go or the player could actually be retiring.

    From the auto-translation of Matsumoto's farewell message, she was quoted as saying.

    Thank you very much for playing at Saitama Ageo Medix for 5 years. I am indebted to many people. Thank you so much for your support. I will do my best in the next team. I look forward to working with you!

    Her saying "I will do my best in the next team" make me think that she is not retiring yet.

    what happens after the deadline date for contracts? do the players get booted down to smaller leagues?

    It means that the can't play in the 2019-2020 season of the V-League. They may choose to go to another league overseas somewhere or play in the KCVF league/competition (Korea Corporate Volleyball Federation - a lower tier league/competition). If they want to return to the V-League, then they will have to wait until the next Free Agents (FA) contract negotiation period in 2020 and try to get a new contract with one of the six teams. Btw, I saw a list of players who potentially could qualify for FA status in 2020 and it was a massive list (e.g. Kim Hee-Jin, Park Jeong-Ah, Kim Su-Ji, Lee Jae-Yeong, and Lee Da-Yeong).

    News Update:

    • Today on April 11th, an official from Heungkuk Pink Spiders confirmed that defensive specialist OH/OP Shin Yeon-Gyeong has re-signed with the team on a new contract with annual salary of 100M KRW (approx. $87.6K USD). Sources: 1, 2, 3.

      Kind of surprised Shin Yeon-Gyeong managed to get that much money in her new contract. Maybe this is just Heungkuk taking precautionary measure in case Kim Hae-Ran decide to retire sometime later down the track.
    • KOVO, today released the list of the players invited to the foreign players tryout in Toronto, Canada at the start of May (I might do a translation of the list later and post it here). Invited players will arrive in Canada from April 29th. Medical checks and practice matches will be held at the University of Toronto, Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport from May 1-3. The draft will be held on May 3rd at 6:30 PM (Local time) at DoubleTree by Hilton, Toronto Downtown. Sources: 1, 2.

      Just reminder for everyone that the players on this list might decide to play somewhere else and not attend the tryout at all. Hopefully, when the tryout comes around, I can get my hands on a list of those who have shown up.

    Only one more day for FA status players (and any former players without contract) to come to an agreement with one of the six teams.

    The following five players below have until 18:00 KST on April 12th to sign a new contract or else they cannot play in the 2019-2020 season.

    • MB Kim Na-Hee (Heungkuk Pink Spiders)
    • OH/OP Gong Yun-Hui (Heungkuk Pink Spiders)
    • MB Bae Yoo-Na (Expressway Hi-pass)
    • OP Hwang Youn-Joo (Hyundai E&C)
    • OH Go Yoo-Min (Hyundai E&C)

    In some reports that I have seen, representatives from Heungkuk Pink Spider and Hyundai E&C have both indicated their willingness to keep their two respective players who have yet to re-sign.

    In relation to contract negotiations with Kim Na-Hee and Gong Yun-Hui, a Heungkuk official was quoted as saying something along the line of "It is progressing smoothly".

    On the hand, Hyundai E&C head coach Lee Do-Hee (LDH) has expressed her desire to retain both Hwang Youn-Joo (HYJ) and Go Yoo-Min. One article reportedly quoted LDH saying something like "HYJ was travelling and return to Korea yesterday (NB: not sure Apr 9 or 10), so I plan to conclude FA negotiation soon" and "I will try to capture GYM player". Another article had LDH saying something like "The talk will end well, it seems to be going well"

    MB Bae Yoo-Na (BYN), so many questions surrounding one of the big players in this year FA period. Does she want to move to another team and if so does it have anything to do with her upcoming marriage? Did BYN misread the current market and is asking for too much money? Or is Hi-pass playing with fire at the negotiation table with their hardline stance? But at the end of all this, the biggest question is which team will BYN end up at?

    News Update:

    • GS Caltex and setter Lee Go-Eun (LGE) have reached an agreement on a new 3-years contract. LGE will earn 160M KRW (approx. $140K USD) annually on her new deal. Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Apparently today (April 10th) the 49 female applicants for the tryout will find out if they have been invited to the tryout in May. From an article, some familiar names popped up as having applied for the tryout, such as Hayley Spelman, Taylor Simpson and Samantha Middleborn. From the players who played in this past season, Fatou Diouck (Hi-pass), Adora Anae (IBK), Maligros Collar (Hyundai), and Alaina Bergsma (KGC) are all hoping to continue their volleyball career in Korea.

      Another article is reporting that a surprisingly big name player had applied for the tryout. The reported player in question is Italian OP Valentina Diouf who was recently playing in the Brazilian league. The consensus among the teams is if they were to get the first pick at the tryout then they would pick Diouf. One coach even thinks that which team get Diouf then they will win the championship. However, the belief that Diouf would actually participate in the tryout was mix and remain doubtful. The report mentioned that previously there have been cases where players who were invited to the tryout and were highly rated by the teams did not show up. Such as when players receive bigger and better offers from Europe, the player will naturally give up on attending the tryout. Sources: 1, 2

    My guess is Mr Baek Seung-ho is not very popular individual among Hi-Pass fans at this moment. If BYN really leaves, Hi-Pass might want to sign Kim Na-hee as a replacement. She's the same age as BYN and still a very decent MB.

    The strange thing about this, is the fact that it was Hi-pass who pulled out of the negotiation and not BYN walking away (that my understanding from the translation of the news articles). At the end of the day it might not be related to her upcoming marriage but rather $$$.

    Yeah, Kim Na-Hee (KNH) is still a decent MB and she might be cheaper but BYN is better at blocking. Now that I think about it, maybe Hi-pass is in fact playing hard ball and using KNH against BYN at the negotiation table.

    With Lee Go-Eun FA contract settled, it means that six of the twelve FA status players have new contracts. The other six players have about two days left remaining to sort out their future.

    News Update:

    • Good news and bad news for Expressway Hi-pass fans.

      The good news is that libero Yim Myung-Ok (YMO) will stay at Expressway Hi-pass for another 2 seasons. An official from Hi-pass said that they have signed a new contract with YMO. The new contract is two years long and it will see YMO earn 180M KRW (approx. $158K USD) annually.

      And... the bad news is that middle blocker Bae Yoo-Na (BYN) is very likely to leave. One report stated that negotiation with BYN has virtually broken down and a Hi-pass official was quoted as saying "The contract with BYN is likely to be difficult". A second report wrote that despite Hi-pass head coach Kim Jong-Min (KJM) had requested the club to re-sign BYN but the club's decision to give up on re-signing her has left KJM shocked. While a third report wrote that because BYN will soon be a newly-wed, she wants to reside in a metropolitan area.

      I'm not sure if the conjecture in that last report is even true or even confirm but there is some merit. BYN's fiancé Baek Seung-Ho is currently a swimmer for Osan City Hall. Osan is like about a 2-hours drive to get to Gimcheon (where Expressway Hi-pass is based). Too long to travel that distance, twice almost every day for either of them. So BYN might want to settle somewhere nearer to Osan, somewhere near like Suwon (Hyundai), Hwaseong (IBK), Seoul (GS) or Incheon (Heungkuk), all around a 1-hour drive of Osan.

      Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    New Update:

    • As I mentioned yesterday, Hyundai E&C today confirmed the re-signing of their captain Yang Hyo-Jin (YHJ) and the signing of OH Go Ye-Rim (GYR) from IBK Altos. YHJ new contract will see her become the sole salary queen of Korean volleyball once again, by earning 350M KRW (approx. $306K USD) annually for the next 3 years (the maximum amount currently allow). On the other hand, GYR will earn 150M KRW (approx. $131K USD) annually for the next 3 years. Sources: 1, 2, 3.

    More media from the 2019 Korea-Thailand Super Match (KTSM)


    Replays (Korean - VPN may be required):

    SNS Media: