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    KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 6 - Player Rankings (Sets + Defences)

    Set Ranking

    Receive Ranking

    Dig Ranking

    Defence Ranking

    MP = Match Played, SP = Set Played.

    KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 6 - Player Rankings (Offences)

    Points Ranking

    Spike Ranking

    Block Ranking

    Serve Ranking

    MP = Match Played, SP = Set Played.

    KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Team Standings - At the Suspension/Cancellation of the League in Round 6

    Rank Team Match Played Victory Points Won Lost Sets Ratio Points Ratio
    1 Hyundai E&C Hillstate 27 55 20 7 1.625 (65/40) 1.044 (2359/2260)
    2 GS Caltex Seoul KIXX 27 54 18 9 1.537 (63/41) 1.086 (2405/2215)
    3 Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders 27 48 14 13 1.292 (62/48) 1.066 (2459/2306)
    4 KGC 26 36 13 13 0.932 (55/59) 0.977 (2462/2519)
    5 IBK Altos 27 25 8 19 0.582 (39/67) 0.918 (2197/2393)
    6 Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass 26 22 7 19 0.561 (37/66) 0.920 (2176/2365)


    Players Overall Ranking - At the Suspension/Cancellation of the League in Round 6

    Point TOP5 (pts)

    • 1. Valentina Diouf (KGC) - 832
    • 2. Merete Lutz (GS Caltex) - 678
    • 3. Adora Anae (IBK Altos) - 559
    • 4. Park Jeong-Ah (Expressway) - 470
    • 5. Lee Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk) - 432

    Spike TOP5 (Success Rate %)

    • 1. Yang Hyo-Jin (Hyundai E&C) - 43.70
    • 2. Merete Lutz (GS Caltex) - 41.39
    • 3. Valentina Diouf (KGC) - 41.31
    • 4. Lee Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk) - 40.58
    • 5. Kang So-Hwi (GS Caltex) - 39.34

    Serve TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Moon Jung-Won (Expressway) - 0.38
    • 2. Kang So-Hwi (GS Caltex) - 0.37
    • 3. Hwang Min-Kyoung (Hyundai E&C) - 0.33
    • 4. Hayley Spelman (Hyundai E&C) - 0.30
    • 5. Kim Mi-Youn (Heungkuk) - 0.28

    Block TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Yang Hyo-Jin (Hyundai E&C) - 0.85
    • 2. Kim Se-Young (Heungkuk) - 0.67
    • 3. Han Soo-Ji (GS Caltex) - 0.66
    • 4. Han Song-Yi (KGC) - 0.64
    • 5. Merete Lutz (GS Caltex) - 0.63

    Defence TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Yim Myung-Ok (Expressway) - 9.60
    • 2. Moon Jung-Won (Expressway) - 8.67
    • 3. Kim Hae-Ran (Heungkuk) - 8.08
    • 4. Oh Ji-Young (KGC) - 7.57
    • 5. Han Da-Hye (GS Caltex) - 6.88

    Set TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Lee Da-Yeong (Hyundai E&C) - 11.36
    • 2. Yeum Hye-Seon (KGC) - 10.00
    • 3. Lee Na-Yeon (IBK Altos) - 9.86
    • 4. Cho Song-Hwa (Heungkuk) - 9.72
    • 5. Lee Hyo-Hee (Expressway) - 8.62

    Reception TOP5 (Efficiency %)

    • 1. Yim Myung-Ok (Expressway) - 51.94
    • 2. Oh Ji-Young (KGC) - 44.30
    • 3. Mong Jung-Won (Expressway) - 42.75
    • 4. Han Da-Hye (GS Caltex) - 41.26
    • 5. Lee Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk) - 38.64

    Dig TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Yim Myung-Ok (Expressway) - 6.36
    • 2. Kim Hae-Ran (Heungkuk) - 6.20
    • 3. Oh Ji-Young (KGC) - 5.58
    • 4. Kim Yeon-Gyeon (Hyundai E&C) - 5.13
    • 5. Han Da-Hye (GS Caltex) - 4.55

    Round 6 MVP

    No Round 6 MVP.

    MVP Voting Results: N/A.


    Various options for the tryout have been reported in several articles, such as letting the team recruit freely, delaying the tryout, moving the tryout, or recruit players based on video submitted. At a working committee meeting held last Thursday (Apr 2), the men's teams have given their consent to using video submitted but the women's teams want to delay the tryout and see how thing develop as they would prefer to see the players in real life.

    KOVO board of directors will meet on Thursday (Apr 9) and they will decide what to do then.

    With regards to the list of players in the tryout, there is none at the moment as the deadline for the tryout was extended to this Wednesday (Apr 8). Valentina Diouf, Merete Lutz, Lucia Fresco, and Hayley Spelman have reportedly applied for renewal. For the women, at least 40 players have applied, with a few of them already having V-League experience.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

    The award winners (MVP, best rookie, best 7, best head coach, fair play) and FA status players will also be announced this Thursday. Unfortunately, there will be no awards show, no relay or media coverage of the award presentation at 14:00 KST and only the winner will be invited. Another thing that should be announced and I think will be, is the salary cap for the women's teams which may have a huge bearing on the movement of FA status players.

    Hyundai E&C Yang Hyo-Jin and Lee Da-Yeong, as well as KGC Valentina Diouf are the main candidates for the MVP that I have seen. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    The best rookie is between close friend Lee Da-Hyeon (Hyundai) and Park Hyeon-Ju (Heungkuk), both players came from Jungang girls' high school. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    For the best 7, I have seen a lot of fans claiming the best 7 will be:

    Outside Hitters Lee Jae-Yeong (heungkuk) & Kang So-Hwi (GS Caltex), Opposite Hitter Valentina Diouf (KGC), Middle Blockers Yang Hyo-Jin (Hyundai) & Han Song-Yi (KGC), Setter Lee Da-Yeong (Hyundai), and Libero Yim Myung-Ok (Hi-pass).

    It looks like Hyundai E&C will get a trophy for coming first. KOVO have decided to give the regular league season trophy to both the first ranked team for men and women. Sources: 1

    As a matter of fact, KOVO board proclaimed that there is no Champion this year, Hyundai didn’t won the title.

    Official announcement:…vonews_view.asp?num=27560

    Good summary:…hn?oid=047&aid=0002262702

    Yes, you are correct.

    Overall there is no champion but I still wonder if Hyundai is the regular season winner since they did ranked all the teams.

    Hyundai E&C snatching a point off of GS Caltex in their Round 5 match (link) made all the difference. GS must be rueing the final result for that match as they easily won the first two sets but Hyundai managed to take the match to a 5th set. Losing their two key players (Lee So-Young and Kang So-Hwi) during the season due to injuries was costly particularly when they had such a good start.

    Yes congratulation to Hyundai!

    The league and the cup. :cup:

    Btw because of the early the end to the season, there are still things left for KOVO and the teams to sort out such as the players award, free agents, and foreign player tryout. I will try to let you guys know once there are news update about these matters.

    News Update:

    • Today, KOVO and the 13 teams have decided to end the season early. The final ranking will be based on the ranking at the end of round 5 (link). Therefore Hyundai E&C is ranked No.1 on 52 points (19W 6L), beating out GS Caltex by a single point who had 51 points (17W 9L). Sources: 1, 2, 3

    News Update:

    • On Tuesday (Mar. 10), KOVO held a meeting with the 13 teams to discuss the resumption of the league. From the meeting, KOVO and the teams are looking to re-start the league in the 4th week of March if the situation with COVID-19 in South Korea improves. The V-League still have a total of 24 matches of the regular-season remaining (14 for men and 10 for women) and the post-season matches. The league hopes to have the remaining games finished by Mid-April, how they will do so is yet to be decided. There were suggestions of playing multiple matches on the same day or reducing the number of rest-days between matches, as well as reducing the post-season. The KOVO Board of Directors will most likely meet in the 3rd week of March to make the final decision on all matters. Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Hyundai E&C announced they have requested KOVO to have Kim Ju-Ha (KJH), a former player who last played for the team in the 2016/17 season re-registered. Hyundai has signed KJH on a 2 months contract as support for Lee Yeong-Ju in the libero position. Some of you may remember seeing KJH playing for Suwon City Hall in the KOVO Cup last September. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    Update (2)

    • Dayami Sanchez Savon (Sanchez) and Expressway Hi-pass have reached an agreement to allow her to return to Cuba. Sanchez was planning to play out the remaining matches but was worried about how she would return home. Flights back to Cuba were decreasing rapidly and uncertainty with flights next month, she decided to leave. With Expressway Hi-pass at the bottom of the ranking and the team planning to play their younger players in the remaining matches, it was not an issue to let Sanchez go. Since Expressway Hi-pass understood Sanchez situation and there was no real need to keep Sanchez, the two sides reached an agreement swiftly. Sanchez will leave for Cuba on March 13th. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    Seem like Adora Anae finally left South Korea yesterday. She and IBK Altos came to an agreement with IBK giving her part of her salary for the month of March based on when the regular season end (not 100% sure if I understood it correctly). Sources: 1, 2, 3

    I believe KOVO want to have everything done by mid-April. If not, it is very likely that they will end the league because the 13 teams need to prepare for next season with Free Agent players and the Tryouts in May in Prague (who know if this will go ahead if Europe put a travel ban on South Korea).

    If KOVO really wants to end the league quickly maybe they can have multiple matches on the same days. For the female, the quickest time it should take to end the regular season is at least five days (if each team play once a day and teams a maximum of 3 days in a row only as per FIVB regulations). The V-League does not have QF or SF, normally they have a best of 3-match series (playoffs) between 2nd and 3rd, and a best of 5-match series between the playoffs winner and regular-season champion. Whether they hold the playoffs and final series or cut the series short is yet to be decided.

    zenith the article you linked above is an article on the retirement of Rachel Rourke.

    Seem like IBK Altos are hesitant to meet Adora Anae's demand. An IBK official stated that the remaining amount left to be paid to Anae isn't much but it hard to accept her demands. IBK wants to try to resolve this via talks and they are also worried that their acceptance of her demands would lead to problems for the other teams with their respective foreign players.

    With Hyundai defeating GS Caltex and regaining the lead, Hyundai now look prime to take out the regular-season championship if the league resume as normal at a later date. Hyundai has already played both GS and Heungkuk in the last round and only need to play against KGC, IBK and Expressway. Both GS and Heungkuk have to face up against KGC, as well as IBK and Expressway respectively, and they both need to play against each other one last time. Also if the V-League get push even further back, maybe Hyundai would get their libero Kim Yeon-Gyeon back in time.

    Minor news update:

    Hyundai E&C #7. Go Yoo-Min [OH] did not go with the team to the gymnasium for the match against GS Caltex due to back pain. No indication on how long she would be out for. Source: 1

    I think it it 6 seasons and not 7. Also, players had to have played a certain amount of matches each season to qualify.

    The Lee twins made their V-League debut in the 2014/15 season and is eligible for Free Agent (FA) status at the completion of the 2019/20 season. Therefore they are contracted to their respective team for 6 season (14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18, 18/19, and 19/20). Kang So-Hwi joined the league a year after the Lee twins so she would be a FA after the completion of 20/21 season.

    Rather than Lee Jae-Yeong, for me the most likely player who could head overseas would be Lee Da-Yeong (C'mon Lavarini bring her over to Italy).

    I can't see Park Jeong-Ah or Kim Hee-Jin going to overseas, maybe to Thailand or Japan but not to Europe or South America.

    KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 6 Match 5 (#192) - Hyundai E&C Hillstate vs. GS Caltex Seoul KIXX - March 1st, 2020


    Full Replay:…o&id=645074&redirect=true

    Match Photos & Videos:

    Match Result:

    Match Stats Summary:



    • Hyundai E&C Yang Hyo-Jin becomes the 1st player to achieve 1,200 successful block points with 4 from the match (now on 1,202).
    • GS Caltex Han Da-Hye becomes the 56th player to achieve 1,000 successful digs with 7 from the match (now on 1,000).

    Current Team Standings:

    Upcoming Schedule:

    1. Yes, it is more difficult but it has happened a few times before. The main stumbling blocks are whether the player's current club is willing to let her go and the transfer fee between the two teams.

      At the start of last season, Fatou Diouck was playing for Supreme Chonburi VC in Thailand when Expressway Hi-pass bought out her contract to brought her back to the V-League. Milagros Collar (Maya) was playing in Turkey for Nilufer Belediyesi when Hyundai brought out her contract. Also, other players such as Hillary Hurley and Soňa Mikysková also came to V-League as replacements for injured players despite already having a team.
    2. It may be good news for other Asian countries' players if they could come over to play in the Korean league but not so much for young South Korean or high school players. As to the real reason/s why some of the officials want to introduce this system then I am not entirely sure (refer to article link below). Game time for Asian foreign players will depend if they are up to the standard that the Korea teams want from them, if they are then they will play and if not then they are in the warm-up zone.

    Everyone, I have added below an interesting article that talks about the introduction of Asian players.


    Translation by Google:…%3D079%26aid%3D0003329459

    Translation by Papago (Naver):…%3D079%26aid%3D0003329459

    As zenith and myself have mentioned before, the women's V-League in Korea, with only six teams is a much smaller league compare to other countries' leagues. Personally, I don't think Korea is ready to take in other Asian players without damaging the prospect of future generations of Korean players, not unless they can establish addition teams. With less spot on teams and potential less game time, I afraid that in the future, students may decide to take on other sports instead because they see their chances of becoming a regular professional volleyball player that much more slimmer.

    KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 6 Match 4 (#190) - Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders vs. IBK Altos - February 29th, 2020


    Full Replay:…o&id=644664&redirect=true

    Match Photos & Videos:

    Match Result:

    Match Stats Summary:



    • Heungkuk Pink Spiders Lee Jae-Yeong becomes the 18th player to achieve 300 successful backcourt spike points with 2 from the match (now on 303).
    • IBK Altos Kim Hee-Jin becomes the 42nd player to achieve 1,500 successful digs with 8 from the match (now on 1,501).
    • IBK Altos Kim Su-Ji becomes the 4th player to achieve 700 successful block points with 3 from the match (now on 700).

    Current Team Standings:

    #gogo KIXX :super:

    Unless they bottled it against the teams in the bottom half, GS Caltex KIXX (GS) should win the regular-season championship now that they have retaken the lead. GS trio of Merete Lutz, Kang So-Hwi and Lee So-Young are just too strong overall. GS rookie Kwon Min-Ji (#18) is doing well too and is another contender for the best rookie award. Despite Min-Ji being more of an OH, Cha Sang-Hyun (GS head coach) has been using her as a middle blocker like Jeong Ji-Yun (#13) from Hyundai E&C Hillstate (Hyundai).

    Hyundai are too vulnerable in reception at the moment plus their two main attackers Yang Hyo-Jin and Hayley Spelman have been rather poor in the spiking department recently. At the beginning of the season, I was quite surprised they didn't recruit more youngsters from the draft to strengthen the outside hitter and libero position. Hyundai's squad consisting only of 15 players compared with the other teams who had 18 or 19 players. The back-up in those two positions is rather thin and any injury in either of those two positions would be disastrous as it is the case.

    I can't see Heungkuk catching up to GS either. GS are currently leading Heungkuk by 9 points and all GS needs is one more 3 or 4 sets win to rule out any chance Heungkuk have of overtaking them.

    Looks like interesting. May i know the reason why they are increasing the invitation of foreign players? In the first place they are only getting 1 foreign players so why invite lot of them?

    2nd. Not sure what you mean on the last sentence. Are they inviting asian players? Like japan league where the team can get another foreign players from asia aside from foreign player that they can get from try out?

    Firstly, it says in some of the reports that the teams want to expand their options with the increase of invitees. Another advantage that I can think of is that the teams would have a larger pool of players to find a replacement from if the foreign player they drafted get injured later on.

    Secondly, yes they are planning to introduce something similar to what the Japanese league did two seasons ago. But from what I can gather so far is that is it could potentially include other Asian countries or countries under the Asian Volleyball Confederation (e.g. Iran, Australia, Kazakhstan, Thailand) and not be limited to only players from ASEAN countries like the Japanese.

    I apologised if I have confused you with the Player, Quarter and Quota thing. This is because the Korean articles kept using the word "아시아 쿼터" (romanised = Asia kwoteo) which Google translate it into "Asian Quarter", which doesn't make sense. Bing translate "쿼터" (kwoteo) part into "Quarter" or "Quota". Personally I think Bing's translation here of "Asian Quota" sound more correct.

    News Update:

    Some of the relevant news relating to women's competition from today KOVO board meeting:

    • The 2020-2021 V-League will play 6 rounds from October 17, 2020, to April 4, 2021. One important change to next season for the women will be the introduction of Friday nights whilst Monday and Thursday will be their rest day. Also, the current start time for the women's match remains unchanged with 19:00 KST start time on weekdays and 16:00 KST start time on weekends.
    • The All-Star game will take place after the end of Round 4.
    • 2020 KOVO Cup will be held in Jecheon from August 22 to September 5. I'm assuming this period is inclusive of the men's tournament too as last year KOVO Cup for the women took place over 8 days.
    • The women's foreign players tryout will be held in Prague, Czech Republic over 4 days (previously only 3 days) from May 10-13, 2021. Also, the number of players to be invited will increase from 30 to 40.
    • The introduction of the Asian Player/Quarter (maybe Quota?) and the women's team salary cap have still not been decided and left to the next board meeting.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4