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    Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers will be holding their inauguration ceremony on the 30th at Gwangju City Hall. The event will be broadcast on KBSN Sports at 15:00 KST. Hopefully, Naver or AfreecaTV will stream the event as I don't know of any streams for KBSN Sports that are still working.

    Go yerim have shoulder injury on Kovo cup, that’s why she only doing ball tipping.

    she still valuable for hillstate and bring a lot of fandom (and lot of haters too😓).

    Vleague desperately needs 2nd division to nurtures these player, look at moon seul gi and lee yun jeong, they develop on amateur team and now got their chances on pro team.

    I agreed. Hyundai can't afford to let Go Ye-Rim go as there ain't many outside hitters who can receive in the league and her defense is also good.

    For me, the least important player to tied down in the FA contract negotiating period next year would be LEE Na-Yeon. That was why I wanted to see Hyundai draft a tall setter too so they would go in training for a season. Now that Hyundai hasn't done so, I hope the other setter KIM Hyeon-Ji will get some game time.

    I think peppers add another player from amateur team (Daegu), Park Kyeong Hyeon

    If that is the case, then I think we talking about PARK Gyeong-Hyeon who was a former outside hitter for Hyundai E&C that they drafted for the 2015-2016 season from Suwon Comp. Girls' High School and is now known as Hanbom High School. Other players from that draft in the same year are KANG So-Hwi, LEE Han-Bi, PYEON Ji-Su, and LEE Ye-Rim.

    Hillstate, the only team who maxes out their salary cap🤷🏻‍♀️

    They will definitely need to let go of some players at the end of the season unless the salary cap is changed and I don't see that happening whilst covid-19 is keeping the fans away. Hopefully, it won't be at the expense of the younger players.

    Hyundai will have a tough time at the end of the season too as I think they will have three important players qualifying for FA status. These three players should be YANG Hyo-Jin, LEE Na-Yeon, and GO Ye-Rim. I would have include HWANG Youn-Joo too but I don't think she didn't play in enough matches last season to qualify.

    2021-2022 V-League Women's Teams - Total Salaries + Options

    Base Salaries
    (1,000 KRW)
    (1,000 KRW)
    (1,000 KRW)
    1.Hyundai E&C Hillstate1,800,000473,5002,273,500
    2.GS Caltex1,755,000458,0002,213,000
    3.Korea Expressway1,738,000354,0002,092,000
    4.KGC Ginseng Corp.1,515,000336,0001,851,000
    5.IBK Industrial Bank1,596,000230,0001,826,000
    6.Heungkuk Life Insurance875,000141,0001,016,000
    7.Pepper Savings Bank560,00070,000630,000

    From some of the Instagram posts/stories from the Hyundai players, it looks like they have their photoshoot for the new season today and I think they might have a new uniform. I think the collar on the new uniform has a different shade of green, a more natural and darker leafy shade of green than the fluorescent green that we currently know of. Also, the players' number on the front might be on the right side of their chest.

    It seems like JEONG Ji-Yun had some photos taken for Dazed Korea magazine, it was probably taken after the Olympics.

    And recently Ji-Yun post some more photos.

    Knew about the lower pay, but didn't know they aren't allowed to play till they are registered so thanks for sharing

    But wonder what's the difference, their pay is so low that it won't count much toward salary cap anyway (since no team has maxed it out yet)

    I realised the trainee players couldn't play when I didn't see their names on the live score updates provided on KOVO website during matches.

    You can find the breakdown for new players' salaries for the 2020-2021 season here (scroll down to the middle for info relating to female players). The salary for new players for this season should be pretty much the same as last season with the exception of the trainee players' salary. According to this article posted in mid-December, 2020, the trainee players' salaries will be increased by 20% to 24M KRW for the following season.

    Also, from what I have concluded, rookie players' salaries are not included in the salary cap (1 - refer to Article 73).

    For example, if you looked at Hyundai E&C players' salaries breakdown for the 2021-2022 season (1), you can see that they have already reached the maximum amount of 1.8B KRW allowed for the total base salary under KOVO salary cap rules. If you add the salary for just a single rookie player then they will be over the base salary cap.

    why are the two Pink Spiders liberas wearing different jersey colors? I dont remember seeing this before for any other team

    wearing different shirt too (kgc, gs, heungkuk)

    Besides AI Pepper, I am pretty sure the other 6 female teams have two jersey colours for their liberos.

    IBK Altos main libero SHIN Yeon-Gyeong wears the orange coloured jersey whilst the other libero jersey wears either the team's white or blue jersey (opposite to the rest of the team).

    Expressway main libero YIM Myung-Ok wears either the team's white or purple uniform and the second libero a maroon coloured jersey -

    Hyundai E&C main libero KIM Yeon-Gyeon wears either the navy blue or white jersey and the second libero where a hot-pink coloured jersey -

    What's the difference between a trainee and a drafted/rookie player?

    The difference between drafted rookie players and trainee players is that trainee player are not registered to play in matches until the teams registered them as official players. I think teams have to register trainee players as official players by the end of Round 3 or before the start of Round 4. Plus, trainee players are given a much lower salary too.

    Some players in recent years who were trainee players and have become official players are IBK Altos PARK Min-Ji, Hyundai E&C JEON Ha-Ri, and Heungkuk HYEON Moo-Lin.

    Here is the confirmation from Hyundai E&C

    Hwang Yun Seong from Jecheon HS is selected as trainee player by Hyundai Hillstate (i assume this happen after the draft is over)

    Yeah, teams can select additional trainee players after the draft has ended from the draft applicants who weren't selected at the draft. I have only seen this happen once before. At the 2017-2018 Rookie Draft, Heungkuk only selected middle blocker KIM Chae-Yeon. However, it was reveal later that Heungkuk had also selected outside hitter Byeon Chae-Lim (변채림) as a trainee player (1).

    Who do you guys think win the draft?

    Pepper??? I think all the teams got what they needed except for KGC.

    GS Caltex got both a middle blocker and an outside hitter so nothing unexpected. However, I was surprised by the middle blocker they selected.

    Heungkuk got two outside hitters and a middle blocker as what I think they needed. Though both outside hitters are slightly on the shorter side.

    IBK got an OH to help with the receiving and a libero as additional backup. Might have wasted a chance to get a middle blocker.

    Korea Expressway was able to re-enforce the MB and S position that needed strengthening. Slightly disappointed they didn't recruit a libero.

    KGC Ginseng only recruited one middle blocker. A miss chance to get an additional backup setter and libero.

    Hyundai E&C got two outside hitters but was a little bit disappointed they too couldn't or didn't get a taller setter for their quick volleyball.

    Pepper Savings Bank covers all positions. IMO I think they waste one of their priority pick to get a libero by not taking a player from Hyundai E&C. This pick could have gotten them LEE Ji-Su or one of the other outside hitters that the other teams got in rounds 1 & 2. Also, unsure how KIM Se-In will do in the V-League, unlike high school there are a lot of taller players.

    I'm a bit surprised that some teams didn't even consider Hanbom setter KANG Bo-Min or Jungang libero PARK Ye-Hyeon.

    Round 4

    GS Caltex - PASS

    IBK Altos - PASS

    Heungkuk - PASS

    Korea Expressway - PASS

    Hyundai E&C - KIM Ga-Young [OH] (Hanbom H.S.)

    KGC Ginseng - PASS

    Pepper Savings Bank - PARK Yeon-Hwa [OH/MB] (Jecheon Girls' H.S.)

    Trainee Players

    KGC Ginseng - N/A

    Hyundai E&C - N/A

    Korea Expressway - N/A

    Heungkuk - JEON Hyeon-Kyeong [MB] (Jungang Girls' H.S.)

    IBK Altos - N/A

    GS Caltex - N/A

    Pepper Savings Bank - LEE Eun-Ji Gwangju P.E.H.S.

    The draft table that KOVO got up on the screen doesn't even make sense for each round, so I have ignored Round 5

    Round 2

    GS Caltex - CHA Yu-Jeong [OH/MB] (Sehwa Girls' H.S.)

    IBK Altos - PASS

    Heungkuk - PARK Su-Yeon [OH] (Gangneung Girls' H.S.)

    Korea Expressway - PASS

    Hyundai E&C - PASS

    KGC Ginseng - PASS

    Round 3

    KGC Ginseng - PASS

    Hyundai E&C - PASS

    Korea Expressway - PASS

    Heungkuk - PASS

    IBK Altos - KOO Hye-In [OH/Li] (Jecheon Girls' H.S.)

    GS Caltex - PASS

    Round 1

    KGC Ginseng - LEE Ji-Su [MB] (Hanbom H.S.)

    Hyundai E&C - LEE Hyun-Ji [OH] (Mokpo Girls' Comm. H.S.)

    Korea Expressway - LEE Yun-Jung [S] (Suwon City Hall)

    Heungkuk - JEONG Yun-Ju [OH] (Daegu Girls' H.S.)

    IBK Altos - YANG Yu-Kyeong [OH] (Sunmyung Girls' H.S.)

    GS Caltex - KIM Ju-Hee [MB] (Sehwa Girls' H.S.)

    Priority Picks

    Pepper Savings Bank - PARK Sa-Rang [S] (Daegu Girls' H.S.)

    Pepper Savings Bank - PARK Eun-Seo [OH] (Ilshin Girls' Comm. H.S.)

    Pepper Savings Bank - SEO Chae-Won [MB] (Daegu Girls' H.S.)

    Korea Expressway - LEE Ye-Dam [MB] (Jungang Girls' H.S.)

    Pepper Savings Bank - KIM Se-In [OH] (Sunmyung Girls' H.S.)

    Pepper Savings Bank - MOON Seul-Gi [Li] (Suwon City Hall)

    The 2021-2022 KOVO Rookie Draft Lottery Draw

    GS Caltex Seoul Kixx - 2 beads (Green)
    Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders - 4 beads (Purple)
    IBK Industrial Bank Altos - 9 beads (Navy Blue)
    Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass - 20 beads (Yellow)
    KGC Ginseng Corp. - 30 beads (Orange)
    Hyundai E&C Hillstate - 35 beads (Light Blue)

    KGC Ginseng - 1st pick

    Hyundai E&C - 2nd pick

    Korea Expressway - 3rd pick

    Heungkuk - 4th pick

    IBK Altos - 5th pick

    GS Caltex - 6th pick