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    Final 12 Member Line Up for Rio 2016 Olympic Game
    OH: KIM Yeon-Koung (Fenerbache), LEE Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk), PARK Jeong-Ah Nam (IBK) and NAM Jie-Youn (IBK)
    OP: KIM Hee-Jin (IBK), HWANG Youn-Joo (Hyundai E&C)
    MB: YANG Hyo-Jin (Hyundai E&C), KIM Su-Ji (Heungkuk), BAE Yoo-Na (Korea Expressway Corp)
    S: LEE Hyo-Hee (Korea Expressway Corp), YEUM Hye-Seon (Hyundai E&C)
    Li: KIM Hae-Ran (KGC)…hn?oid=011&aid=0002834596

    The only changes from the Korea WNT at the World Qualifier are the exclusion of both GS Caltex OHs Lee So-Young & Kang So-Hwi, and positional change for Nam Jie-Youn from Libero to Outside Hitter.

    Questionable choices, Nam Ji Yeon and Lee Hyo Hee. Based on their performance in V-League this season, they were not as good as before imo. Na Hyun Jung who won the Best Libero last season and this season should be in the 14-member line-up so as Kim Sa Nee who got the Best Setter award this season and she is also a tall setter.

    I think Kim Sa-Nee might be retired from the NT, also the NT Coach Lee Jung Chul is Kim Sa-Nee (& Nam Jie-Youn) coach at IBK so there no reasons that I can see for her not to be in the NT other than her not wanting to do so.

    Fun Fact :teach: : GS Caltex is the only team from the Korean domestic league that is not represented in the WNT for the Rio 2016 Olympic Game now that Bae Yoo-Na have signed with Korea Expressway Corp.

    1. KGC Ginseng --> Samantha Middleborn (USA, MB/OP)
    4. Heungkuk Life --> Tabitha Love (Canada, OP)
    5. GS Caltex --> Alexa Gray (Canada,OH)
    6. IBK Altos --> Madison Kingdon (USA, OH)
    NB: Korea Expressway Corp. got 2nd pick and Hyundai E&C got 3rd.
    Sources: 1, 2

    List of Tryouts Participants:
    Tabitha Love (Canada, OP)
    Alexa Gray (Canada,OH)
    Daly Santana (Puerto Rico, OH)
    Jordanne Scott (USA, OP)
    Alicia Perrin (Canada, MB/OP)
    Erica Wilson (USA, OP/OH)
    Casie Gano (Canada, OP/MB)
    Hillary Hurley (USA, OP)
    Jennifer Keddy (USA, MB)
    Alexandra Warren (USA, OP)
    Elizabeth Campbell (USA, OH)
    Samantha Middleborn (USA, MB/OP)
    Alaina Bergsma (USA, OP)
    Nikki Attea (USA, OP)
    Madison Kingdon (USA, OH)
    Molly McCage (USA, MB)
    Sara McClinton (USA, OH/OP)
    Courtney Felinski (USA, OH)
    Emily Sklar (USA, OH)
    Alexis Mathews (USA, MB/OP)
    Nicol Walch (USA, OH)
    Royal Richardson (Canada, OH)
    Rachel Todorovich (USA, OH)
    NB: Only 23 participants, originally 24 participants but due to visa issue for Jessica Rivero, she was unable to attend*.
    Sources: 1, 2 (Pictures of participants and interviews of some of the participants)

    I feel like one team is going to sign Alaina Bergsma..

    She seem like she really want to play in S.Korea. She missed out last year and with only 4 spot left this year her odds are even worst than the previous year.

    And I feel like one team will sign Tabitha Love, because they showed her during the whole video.

    Based upon the translation of the title of this article Tabitha will most likely be the number 1 draft pick.

    Takeshita has been brought in as an adviser to the setters, seems like a good idea.

    I think that this will be the final roster for the Qualifiers, taking out Tanaka and Uchiseto gets you down to 14. Then Manabe will choose his 12 for each day.

    They also brought in Hiroaki Kawaura who is a 2m tall former member of the Japanese Men's Volleyball Team for the them to practice their spiking against. video link

    Japan WNT Roster for China Friendly Matches

    1. NAGAOKA, Miyu (WS)
    2. MIYASHITA, Haruka (S)
    3. KIMURA, Saori (WS)
    4. OTAKE, Riho (MB)
    5. SATO, Arisa (Li)
    7. YAMAGUCHI, Mai (MB)
    8. KOGA, Sarina (WS)
    9. SHIMAMURA, Haruyo (MB)
    10. MARUYAMA, Aki (Li)
    11. ARAKI, Erika (MB)
    12. ISHII, Yuki (WS)
    14. EBATA, Yukiko (WS)
    15. UCHISETO, Mami (WS)
    16. SAKODA, Saori (WS)
    17. TANAKA, Mizuki (WS)
    20. TASHIRO, Kanami (S)

    China Friendly Match Schedule
    1. April 23 (Sat) 16:00 (Local Time), Ningbo China (CCTV5 will broadcast the match from 16:00 to 18:00)
    2. April 26 (Tue) 19:30, Shenzhen China
    3. April 27 (Wed) 19:30, Shenzhen China

    Source 1, 2, 3

    I am traveling for work so I can't easily do the player stats, so thank you theloneracer for doing that.

    Final 3 Match
    Toray 2-3 Hisamitsu (20-25, 30-28, 21-25, 25-20, 10-15)

    Final Match
    Hisamitsu vs. Hitachi

    Thank you too brahmin for posting the match results and stats all the time. :thumbup:

    Toray Arrows: Saori Sakoda 32 (1b), Nozomi Itoh 16 (3b, 1a), Saori Kimura 14, Saki Minemura 8 (1b, 2a), Kaho Ohno 6 (3b), Arisa Takada 5 (2b), Kanami Tashiro 3, Wakaba Sugihara 1 (1a).
    Hisamitsu Springs: Miyu Nagaoka 25 (3b), Yuki Ishii 19 (2b), Nana Iwasaka 17 (9b), Risa Shinnabe 15 (2b, 1a), Yumi Mizuta 5 (3b), Rika Nomoto 4 (2b), Ayano Nakaoji 2 (2a).

    What a excellent blocking performance from Iwasaka, 9 blocks :super: . I really hope she would return to play for the NT again this year. Japan WNT could really use with the extra height in front of the net.

    Challenge Matches
    Denso 3-1 PFU (25-16, 25-20, 23-25, 25-17)
    PFU and Denso tie on 3 points, but PFU wins series on sets ratio 4-3 to be promoted to Premier League, Denso is relegated to Challenge League I

    Ageo 0-3 JT (18-25, 23-25, 21-25)
    JT wins series 6 points to 0, JT is promoted to Premier League, Ageo is relegated to Challenge League I

    Denso Airybees: Mizuho Ishida 21 (1b, 3a), Mia Jerkov 12 (1b), Riho Ohtake 11 (3b), Yurie Nabeya 11 (1b), Nanaka Sakamoto 6, Risa Ishii 6 (1a), Airi Tahara 4 (2b, 2a), Chitose Nakagawa 4, Suzuka Hashimoto 3 (2b).
    PFU Blue Cats: Yukiko Ebata 27, Jennifer Doris 10 (2b), Satoe Mitsuhashi 10, Hiroko Matsuura 4 (1b), Saori Uda 4, Yoshiko Yano 3 (1b), Mao Kawakami 2. stats

    Ageo Medics: Kelly Murphy 11, Erika Araki 9 (2b), Ayaka Matsumoto 5 (3b), Kyōko Aoyagi 4, Yuko Maruyama 4 (1b), Koyomi Tominaga 4 (1b, 3a), Shiho Kondoh 4, Shiho Yoshimura 3, Yuki Araki 2, Nozomi Tsuchida 1 (1a).
    JT Marvelous: Ayumi Nakamura 17 (2b, 3a), Mizuki Tanaka 15 (1a), Mai Okumura 12 (3b, 1a), Aika Akutagawa 9 (4b), Onuma Sittirak 9, Misaki Takana 1 (1a). stats

    Challenge Matches

    Denso 0-3 PFU (16-25, 19-25, 22-25)
    PFU leads series 3 points to 0, needs only to win one set to be promoted

    Ageo 0-3 JT (21-25, 16-25, 24-26)
    JT leads series 3 points to 0, needs only to win one set to be promoted

    Denso Airybees: Mizuho Ishida 13 (1a), Riho Ohtake 11 (1b, 2a), Yurie Nabeya 8 (2a), Mia Jerkov 5, Risa Ishii 4, Nanaka Sakamoto 4.
    PFU Blue Cats: Yukiko Ebata 21, Satoe Mitsuhashi 17 (1b, 1a), Jennifer Doris 12 (1b, 1a), Saori Uda 5 (1b, 1a), Yoshiko Yano 4 (3b), Hiroko Matsuura 3 (2b)., stats

    Ageo Medics: Kelly Murphy 17 (1b), Yuki Araki 12 (2b), Erika Araki 9 (4b), Shiho Kondoh 7 (1a), Ayaka Matsumoto 3 (1b), Koyomi Tominaga 1 (1b), Yuko Maruyama 1.
    JT Marvelous: Mizuki Tanaka 18, Ayumi Nakamura 15 (2b, 1a), Onuma Sittirak 11 (1b, 1a), Aika Akutagawa 10 (2b), Mai Okumura 7 (2b), Misaki Takana 1., stats

    Erika Araki and Kelly Murphy have been their best players this year but after that the team has dropped off. Their 3rd place was odd but with the new Final 6 system they benefitted from their regular season points last year.

    JT really put in an effort to get back to the top league. Albeit taking 2 years to get back, if they win one set tomorrow

    Totally forgot Ageo came 3rd last season, things change so quickly in a year. I think both Ageo and Denso will have trouble avoiding relegation, especially with the way both JT and PFU are performing. Also Ebata had a great game against Denso, scoring 21 points (from 36 attempts @ 58.3% including 8 back attack kills from 12 attempts @ 66.7%).

    Normally 7th place in the Premier plays 2nd in the Challenge I League, and 8th in the Premier plays 1st in the Challenge I League. This year they just created the Challenge I and II leagues, with 8 teams as the cutoff, before it was closer to 11 or 12 teams in the Challenge League.

    So the Challenge Match is actually 2 matches, played on a Saturday and Sunday at a neutral site (same for men and women, all 4 matches in the same gym over two days). Tiebreaker goes as folllows, Points from the two matches, sets won (if tied on points), points won (if tied on sets). If tied through all of that, the team that was in Premier League will be declared the winner.

    In 2013 Hitachi and Denso tied 1-1 in matches, 4-4 sets, so it had to go to points, which Hitachi won 174-172, which got them promoted.

    Thanks Brahmin for the explanation.

    If the top two teams in V.Challenge I remain unchanged (and I can't see it changing), it will be very likely that we'll see Denso vs PFU and Ageo vs JT for the rights to play in V.Premier.

    Funny, I was gonna ask about Ebata. And what is this Challenge league?

    V.Challenge I is basically the 2nd division league with 8 teams and V.Challenge II is the 3rd division with 5 teams. Ebata's team PFU Bluecats are currently 2nd in V.Challenge I behind 1st placed JT Marvelous who are currently undefeated.

    Ebata's first game back she got 33 points (stats : 25 kills from 56 attempts, 5 blocks, and 3 aces) and if I recall correctly she was MIP/MVP for the game. If anyone is interested, here are the videos of her first game back Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4. Ebata has played in three other games since then, 1 great game (stats), 1 good game (stats) and 1 bad game (stats) against JT Marvelous.

    brahmin, you previously mention Denso and Ageo will have to play in V.Challenge matches in March to keep their place in V.Premier. Could you explain to a newb like me how the promotion and relegation work exactly for V.Premier & V.Challenge I (who play against who?, how many matches are play, etc)?

    She had to be operated for her injury during Military World Games 2015 on November, 2015 at last.
    Before then, she hoped not to be operated but the injury was too heavy.
    She still needs more time for recovery.

    Yang Jun-jing is in rehabilitation, she currently getting treatment in the US.…D6S/?taken-by=caroline515,…D3r/?taken-by=caroline515 posted about 1-2 weeks ago.
    She is working hard on her recovery, can't wait for her to be back on court. :woohoo:

    From the video, it looks like she landed on her left foot only when swinging on a spike. Coaches here in the states want players to land on two feet to prevent injuries (not saying she deliberately did that).

    If it is a knee injury, Rio could be doubtful with the recovery time. Dietzen would be the #2, Polini or Gibbemayer would be on the bench. says that she'll miss Rio. This may be early but we'll find out shortly.

    According to this article from WoV (video link) it stated that it was a knee injury and they are unsure if she will miss Rio.
    In the video, after she lands you can clearly see that she holding her left knee and in a lot of pain. Dixon is a major lost to Toray and their title hope this season. :(
    Does anyone know if Toray Arrows are allow to sign another foreign player to replace Dixon? :sos:

    Denso must be kicking themselves that they couldn't win that last game against Ageo. :wall:
    Super effort from Rahimova :super: and Toyota to make the Final 6 after 9 straight defeats.
    Funny thing is Denso beat Toyota all three times they face each other this season.