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    And do u think Brazil will not be a contender for 2020? :white:, all these teams that you mentioned has a lot of work to do to get even close to Brazil`s level. One thing that Brazil has and no other team has in consistency. Brazil has reached the Final of every single major tournament since 2002.

    Yes Brazil has been very consistent indeed, but they did not get top 4 in 2015 World League though the Final 6 was held in Brazil.

    Grankin moved in June, the key reason being the conflict he has been having with Marichev since the 2016 cup. Apparently the issue was the amount of workout Marichev expected Dinamo players should do. The other important transfer from Dinamo to Belgorod was Bakun. Dinamo has also sold Biryukov to Belgorod but Biryukov got injured whilst at the NT so he's off till February. Berezhko stays with Dinamo - yes, he was given some rest.

    The bottom line is that Belgorod and, possibly, Novosibirsk are in clash for gold with Kazan. Moscow and SPb compete for CEV cup spot. On the paper, Belgorod has the strongest roster. It's been long since Belgorod had a setter of Grankin's level - I guess Khamuttskikh in his golden days was a comparable asset. The two "newsomer" OHs they used in the opening game (Semenov and Spodobets) looked nothing but superb with Grankin's sets. Muserskiy had 17 out of 19 in attack. Bakun is obviously not weaker than Grozer, Obmochaev is a top notch libero. Don't know, this can be the end of Zenit's Gazprom funding dominance. There's also a goss that Belgorod is in talks with some Polish OH. Who would that be?

    According to World of Volley, THE Polish OH is likely to be Mateusz Mika. If he does come, Belogorie would be more crowded and competitive. Given there are already two oversea players in the club, Mika would surely put someone onto the bench, but I am sure Nikolay Nikolov would be fine.

    France did not start with Ngapeth against Belgium, now still 14-17 behind... hope they manage to get through to top 8 directly as the pool leader.

    Boyer has difficulty getting through Belgian intensive blocks. Btw, I like his new hair colour, lol.

    I think Yuan has been perfectly fine. She is passionate, she craves for wins, and that's why I like her. She helps wake team-mates up when the game wasn't going well with her enthusiasm. Not every sport is like tennis where audience or players are required to keep relatively quiet before the serve. We all value that diversity, and that's why not everyone is watching China's game, but still there is a huge population backing them anyway.

    A person watching the game can choose to turn down the volume a little bit to avoid hearing the scream, but a person simply should not violently shut Yuan up for that's who she is and what she obviously think would work and help the team.

    Some kids scream in the public or in a restaurant, and we say it's fine, because some believe that's perhaps their nature. Why cannot Yuan do that too then? She is young, and even if she isn't, she still has the right of preserving a childhood-craving "nostalgic" value.

    Anyway, hope this page has been turned over. Let's just agree to disagree. The final is about to come, oh yeah woo-hoo! Which team do you think would win the champion of the last World Grand Prix? :cup:

    Wooow, I just noticed that China is actually being host each week of this Grand Prix. First week was in Kunshan, the second in Macau and the third is in Hong Kong. Yeah the last two are autonomous territories but nevertheless. And even the Finals are in China so this must be the most comfortable Grand Prix for China ever even without big travels. :white:

    Haha, true. But it is interesting that it takes 2h50m to fly from Kunshan to Macau, and 2h55m from Kunshan to Tokyo for example.

    China doesn't seem to change any of the 14 players at all for the 2nd week games. It would be fewer surprises or fun to expect. Still dunno how much Zhu Ting would participate either. Young players scored some good points, but they lack a lot of strength when playing against teams like USA (B or second-string team, if to be more careful of these terms, lol).

    Martinez suddenly fainted on the volleyball court after 6-6 in set 4 (DOM vs JPN), and the game was interrupted for 15 minutes. It looks really scary. Let's hope she would recover soon.

    US needs new middle blockers and I believe an opposite as well. Matt is 30 now and Murphy hasn't exactly shown qualities to be a starter.

    Baby Aaron got injured so he's not on the roster. I'm assuming he'll be back since no one took #2 from the team. Or maybe no since f*** he's getting married. :mad:

    Anderson is not injured or newly married, why isn't he on the roster then?! ?( 8|

    Belogorie changed front-court players to block Leon, and Tetyukhin at position 1 to set in case the ball is up. That's brilliant.

    Tetyukhin is the best OH, isn't he?

    Yes, this is true. I think the club made a really bad decision regarding her knee, but I don't think that has anything to do with this injury

    I just wish her a quick recovery :flower:

    I noticed the different leg too, but we all know that if you have an injure on your left leg, you tend to land on your right leg more to avoid the pain, and I believe that is what she did. She put more weight on the less injured leg, and than the concentration of force on one leg caused this horrible moment that scared all people off the court and tears out!