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    All set in the Reminder :)

    Hope Laola will broadcast all finals, and replays will be available on YouTube, in case I miss those two games starting at 2pm KST (would be painful to wake up at 5am in London - -#).

    It's so strange, because BBSK has Rouzier, Le Goff, Marechel, and they won ECH and had Olympics experience. I would expect that they push the team to somewhere better... Is it the coaching problem, or injuries?

    The paranoid wife story sounds so conspiracy theory... "Oh, a woman ruined her husband's career!" "Oh, a woman led to deterioration of a volleyball federation's reputation!" "Burn her!"...

    It's saddening to hear about such restriction. Hope they had been negotiating well before any hasty lose-lose decision was made.

    If the new head coach is "Voronkov", Lang Ping can be "Alekno" at least.

    Therefore I guess most likely her chief aides, either Lai Ya-wen or An Jia-jie who will be the caretaker.

    :D :D Which "Voronkov" would you prefer?

    I don't remember where or when, but rumours say Feng Kun the championed setter in 2004 will start to work with this NT as well? What is her job in the team? Will she help with training younger setters?

    He said he would not play in Poland because the clubs are foolish and pays international players more $$$ than for the locals. Good for him.

    Indeed. Kubiak deserves a lot more, for he is an amazing outside hitter.

    But as far as I can remember, he got injured twice this season in Japan?... Been a bit worried about him, one of my favourite OHs.

    Another issue is, some famous coaches, i.e. Alekno, and Shipulin, remarked before that many top players dropped their levels after playing in Asia. Hope Kubiak manages to improve instead.

    Bringing Travica on doesn't look like a good idea at the moment....

    Despite that Travica doesn't defend and that he made a double error in set 3... Modena somehow managed to win the second match.

    In set three, Santiago Orduna was put on court for about two rallies, and then soon taken out... he did not look happy at that time :(

    I just watched the first final this morning, and it was generally a very high-quality game, nothing like pool matches or semis.

    Beijing was a bit too nervous in the 5th set, and the setting was too focused on Camejo. The opposite is still too young to bolster his team in the intense tiebreaker. Middles' serving was awful, easy yet way too many errors. Would expect the second final keenly.

    Somehow I have a feeling that China is not very confident in coaches other than Jenny Lang Ping, and this is problematic. Maybe no other coach has been given credit for their coaching records, or maybe there is simply no more right candidate for this position... whichever, having Lang Ping as the only good option is very dangerous.

    Not long ago, another Rio champion coach Rezende left Brazil Men's national team, but it seems there are many strong and competent coaches capable of coming to fill this position. This confidence and the ways in which these volleyball coaches and experts hold together somehow are not shared by China Women's. :|

    It seems Zhu Ting's contract only lasts until May, and then she will be free on the volleyball market. Will she continue her career in Europe? If so, what team?

    Zenit Kazan is just unstoppable. I admire so much that all these top-level players are playing and enjoying volleyball together, which means every player on the team actually feels easier to play when they have each other to rely on. No wonder Matt Anderson renewed his contract with the club.

    Kuzbass was so close to cause one loss for Zenit, but the tiebreaker simply showed Zenit's domination again. Dinamo Moscow was doing great in challenging Zenit as well, but too bad they continued their record of losing to Kazan. :white:

    Quick Qs :?: : Will there be playoffs this season? Or is Russian Superleague adopting last year's format instead?

    I thought Japan was the last-ranked team in Division 2 last year... how come it remains in Division 2 this year?Is it again something out of the Japan-FIVB romance?

    Vakifbank might win CL, turkish league and WCH without losing one single match

    I'm not that positive. Vakifbank lost World Club Championship, and then Turkish Cup (losing to Fehnerbace) ... So their performance in coming playoffs of both CL and Turkish League remain to be examined.

    I have never been a fan of any Chinese player, but is hard not to like Zhu. She is so humble. Would be easy for any young girl that has reached a prestigious level like she did, to just act like she is the star of the team and is above everyone else. But Zhu just mix herself in with everyone else. And she is always so focused and gives 100% in every single play.

    As a volleyball fan from China ;( ;( ;( (T_T) to hear the first part of your comment...

    But yes... Zhu Ting is very humble indeed, and she is quite philanthropic and selfless too - she used most of her earning from Turkish league to build roads, charity schools, etc in her poor and remote home town. Kudos on that :)