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    Whatever it is, this is a big chance for Kreklow to step up and make her mark. Unfortunately, I am not sure if Lloyd is a good fit, despite how talented I think she is.

    I would guess that even with Glass out, Thompson will remain the setter only for inversions. As a USA fan, I would not feel comfortable with her as a starting setter in an important match, she would get shredded on the block by a top outside like Kosheleva or Zhu Ting.

    I know Japan was able to succeed with a short setter like Takeshita, and Italy with Lo Bianco, but we are a different team and what works for them would not work for us.

    Still, i do not know what the problem with Lloyd, i want to see her...

    Rebecca Perry is now officially an italian citizen, so she has two nationalities right now. It probably means many italian clubs would want her.

    clever choice by becky! Now she has a chance to play for the Italian national team. Carli should do the same, she is talented, but in the U.S...