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    Although we don’t know yet what part is lying or not , He might be a very talented coach -Guidetti-,but his attitude and way to react and handle to certain situation, sometimes are far from being a profesional ...

    watching a game of the team where MHB and Dixon are playing currently .... And have to say that Dixon’s current shape looks amazing! She’s lost a lot of weight and her moves over the net are very dynamic .

    i think camila mesquita and karina are about 181 cm tall (karina is about 19 y.o., whereas mesquita is 20), but the girls that went to the u-20 WCh are much taller (AC, kisy and tainara are 190 cm, i think, also jheovana, whom i have not seen play much; and bergmann is 195). and AC is just 15 y.o.! she’ll get taller.


    You are not giving me an answer for the question I asked. Why did they disappear after their lunch before the semi final? Why other players were not informed if something had happened? Something is not right there.

    just before CL final four, Gamova said she was just one call away from the Rio and after a few days she just decided to retire.

    I find it strange too

    Ekaterina Efimova (interview): Now everyone is upset, but if we have to perform under a neutral flag, we will do. Of course, there is a big difference when you have a national flag and an anthem in competitions and when you perform without them. But in any case, you represent your country, and when you stand on the podium, you want your anthem to play and your flag to be raised.

    These WADA decisions are unfair. We, volleyball players, do not use doping. We have nothing to do with these problems. We always have doping tests, we have never been spotted in violations. These WADA decisions are a blow to the Russian sport. Some athletes, which were not noticed in the doping, may not be allowed at all. There is no certainty that all athletes will be allowed, still we do not know."

    none of the athletes so far are talking about the root of the problem here , which iS their state sponsoring A net to dodge doping.

    MBH to play with vakifbank by end of CVL on jan. isn't it the reason why mbh is now playing in china is to have plenty of rest before vnl/olym next year and able to practice with other NT player? it doesn't make sense now.

    I think you’re talking about Larson. She’s the one who said at first that she’s thinking to take the whole summer off , so could rest -due to her age I guess , and therefore recover faster fight for the spot to the Olympics in the NT.
    Seems she changed her mind and went china, knowing that it’s a very short league.

    Natalia Goncharova (interview): "In many countries there are athletes who have passed positive doping tests, but for this they do not completely punish the whole country and all athletes. If the athlete is clean, he/she must participate in the Olympic Games. If an athlete is caught in doping, he/she is disqualified and does not participate. It's simple, you can’t remove the whole country. It is unpleasant that the Russian team can be suspended for four years from the Olympic Games and generally from international tournaments. This is unfair, especially with regard to volleyball. We are all clean. There was not a single case in our volleyball, because of which we could not be allowed. I think that everything will end well, and we will go to the Olympics in a good mood. I hope that we will nevertheless perform under the Russian flag, for us this is very important. But if there is a neutral flag, all the same, everyone will know that we are the Russian team, our country will root for us. Everyone will understand that we are Russia. I want that this time there would be no repetition of the last Olympics in Rio, when there was half a month left before departure, and it was not clear whether we were going or not. I would like they make a decision in our favor as soon as possible and that everyone calmly prepare for the Olympics. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, we want to compete for medals, this is very important for our country. We will try to do our best. "

    “In many other countries there are athletes who have past positive doping tests , but for this they do not completely punish the whole country and all athletes” ....

    Me : As much as I love you, Goncha, I have only one question for you : where’s your news/social feed comes from?

    Seriously , are the Russian athletes aware of the magnitude of this issue? A government sponsored net for dopping ?

    Read a few months ago an articule in which Larson was considering not to play abroad this season. She wanted to rest and prepare instead at USA gym during the winter for the upcoming Olympic year.
    it seems that she changed her mind and opted to play in a league like the Chinese one , which is quite short compared to the rest.
    Good move by her. This way she will her body active and time enough to rest and get ready to fight an spot within the NT

    Right now she's fringe at best. Unless she makes some great strides the next year or so but no I don't see it for her. She could be an important role player for BCD squads but I just don't feel like her ceiling is high enough to be a key player for the national team.

    i think so too

    This doesn't get old does it? This is a political move to isolate Russia from World Sports. Just sad

    get over it ...there you go with your absurd paranoia thinking that the US and the rest of the world is against Russia. What’s the point of it ? If there’s was something wrong with Russia reports or whatever they call it , it’s to be penalized and it’s system held accountable .

    I still don’t get what’s happened to Russia...?...

    Shall they go back to it’s very own core/way style of their game, and then go From there ?
    Russia hasn’t been at the top 4 in an olympics since pretty much almost 20 years and i still don’t get use to the idea they aren’t longer seen as threat.
    Does this have to do perhaps to it’s constant change of coach ? Maybe not so talented generation to work with ?

    he could have brought in another, younger OH and moved brayelin to OPP (she's been playing in that position lately anyway), but i guess mambru is still in good form? i don't know, i haven't seen her lately.

    it's interesting that several junior players have been playing in the sr. team (as in the recent norceca GCC) but not guillen.

    I know per to her Instagram ( Mambru’s) that she’s been struggling with a knee injury for almost two years . Yet I thinking she isn’t needed any more , having Brayelin and Gaila ahead , and even Peña, who can also play as Opposite.

    It’s incredible how the panorama f

    Thank you so much for sharing this!


    So you call “mediocre” a program that’s won 3 olympics silver medals , one bronce , a world championships , and several wgp , including the last two edition of VNL ? I wonder then what would you call programs like the Italian, Serbia or Turkish ... lol... you can tell you a lot about volleyball ....