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    Well, the opinion of our volley fans about her:|

    I still think its disrespectful to refer to her in such way. Again , its just NOT right. And just as you have your opinion, I have mine too. Best of luck to Kosheleva.

    I couldnt dare to watch that game again because of losing it.:drink:I really do hope next WCH and OG will be lucky for us.

    I really get impressed by Voronkova's performance, she is a good angel:rose: seeing such players of us is just amazing. I'm rather positive about future, it is in good hands :heart:

    I completely understand you ... I have the same feeling when watching the London's finals ( USA-BRA).

    I really get impressed by Voronkova's performance, she is a good angel:rose: seeing such players of us is just amazing. I'm rather positive about future, it is in good hands :heart:

    I guess your "impressions" of her of being a good angel would change in a heart bit if all of a sudden she decides not to play anymore for

    Its a pity that you think like that of someone like Kosheleva , who offered so much and so many years to your NT. Its just not right.

    In an interview conceded to a Brazilian website, Karch Kiraly confirmed that Kelsey Robinson will play as OH this season. He said that USA's main problem in WCH was the low quality of reception and that Kelsey is important as OH due to her reception skills.

    He also said, after many criticisms to the performance of the opposites in the WCH, that he intends to start the year playing with Drews and Lowe.

    The full interview can be found here.

    Thank you for sharing ! I'm glad we finally got rid of Murphy.... Lets see how things evolve throughout this upcoming season! :wavy:

    What are your guys thoughts on Plummer and her potential? Is she a shoe in for the national team or does she have a lot to learn yet?

    yes! I Like her a lot! Although I heard she's been playing some Beach Volleyball recently and I wonder myself if she will continue that path. There's something in her that reminds me of Mari Steinbrecher. Maybe her coldness when in court.

    It seems like someone is an attention freak with a lot of free time in his hands. Don't you guys fall in his game of arguing back and forth when he can show no no proves at all.

    Have a nice day everyone !

    I'm eager to see how all the girls play, particularly coach Kiraly's setting choice....

    I don’t have a source honey, I know for a fact that somethings are happening behind closed doors and I believe this happened in the same way. It sounded a bit weird how she quit and it was leaked some players used doping, she was in that list.

    Oh, hey Alisha, tell us more about what you teach young kids. We are so wondering how you can even be near of kids after it was leaked you cheated, i mean as a cheater it is not a shock you are denying it, still. Lol.

    Well, I guess you've said it all with the " I don't have a source , honey".....source ? Please?

    I’ve always said and thought that Russia’s lately main problem is the lack of pass accuracy ( bad passing ) .... that’s all! Their talent and power at attack have always been doubtless by the others top teams in the word ( USA -CHIN-BRA , etc ...) . Such power it’s in their DNA I guess. That being said , those other top team previously mentioned take so as weapon , neutralizing their corners and keep amortized their middles ...

    IMO ...Russia hasn’t been able to find a good/acceptable duo ( OH 2 , which used to be filled by Sokolova ) and a good libero ( very well filled by Malova until 2016) that can provide stability and above all VARIETY to its game, as modern volleyball requires, and to which Russian volleyball, as part of a continuously evolving world -including volleyball - is trying to catch up to.

    Cant wait to watch them if this happen to be true!:drink:....

    Is Sun Hai-ping , by any chance, related to coach Lang Ping ?

    I wonder if there's any alternative/talented younger setter within Netherlands upcoming generation, who could eventually take over Dijkema's spot. IMO she's one of the liabilities in the team.

    Jejejejej ... believe me , I feel you ...

    I spent most of my last weekend watching the epic Athens Olympic final women volleyball RUS -CHN... and all I can say is “damn , how much I miss those Russian -strong -physical players ... what’ve happened to Rússia ( women side ) I wonder myself ?! ... theyre really great to watch!

    I was watching last night a couple of matches of USA NT for the past WCH and watching very close to Lloyd’s sets decisions and precision. Maybe it’s me , but I get the feeling that The fast game is in her very own nature. However , Ive got the impression that once she feels the pressure and is pushed to go faster and faster , then she starts making silly mistakes and therefore bad setting decisions. I don’t like to compare players to each other , as each one is a whole different world and style , but seems to me that Alisha’s shoes will be hard to be filled out. I eager to watch how Micha and Carlini ( which for me is the closest one to Glass’ style ) evolve into this roll these upcoming years....

    I heard in a podcast an interview done to coach Kiraly - after the WCH -in which he’s asked about USA’s immediate future Opp. options. Per to him , Murphy and Lowe will continue working for at least the next two years , and mentioned Plummer as some one with real potential to join the NT. However, he made clear the point that not everyone can switch that easily from College level to the international level that easy and quick , as Lowe did.