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    Be optimistic. Serbia is already back on training. Duh

    Wrong choice of word there dude. That's why people think of you as an a-hole here. Better than though attitude. Anyone I'll ignore your future comments and be positive.

    Is Vassilevskaya still active? She was right up there with Fofao as the best Setters during that time. And she has to set the ball that high because all her teammates are sooo tall.

    I remembered Elena Tyurina like for a libero she was the weakest member of that Russian Team.

    But the question is will there be still a Tokyo OG? Other countries will have not yet peaked with the virus later this year and will have no time to train for 2021. Might as well cancel 2021 and have Tokyo 2032.

    Brazil's Beijing team has one of the best team composition in recent years. They're just dominant in all aspects, and that perfect run leading to the gold medal match is just a testament to how dominant they were. Each of their first 7 is at their best form then. How many chances do you get to have a Mari-Paula. duo. A Fabiana-Walewska, a Sheilla-Fofao, in a generation?

    Fabiana-Thaisa is the best MB duo ever

    Future NT 2022 onwards?

    Setter (no changes)

    Macris, Roberta


    Lorenne, Ana Paula, Jheovana, Kisy


    Bia, Mayany, Diana Alecrim, Valquiria, Milka


    Gabriela Candido, Tainara, Gabi, Natalia, Drussyla


    Camila, Natinha

    Branded as a student, maybe you were still studying when tandara came and hammered spikes for the other nTional teams? Shiela? Really? Hope you have good connection in the internet to thw place where you are right now. Its not that im picking a fight for you but i think you need to check yourThat is my comment. No need to arrogant.

    Masyado kang mayabang. Too arrogant. Like your opinion only matters. 😀

    My Tokyo Roster:

    If 14 is the number of players






    Now if its 12:






    Please Dani and Fabiola don't come back. If they did, the team will have to adjust to their sets.

    Macris - attacking setter

    Roberta - defensive setter

    At this moment, Fabiola is better than Roberta. I wouldn't be surprised if Fabiola goes to Tokyo instead of Roberta.

    They need Roberta over Fabiola in terms of blocking, height, defense and her style being opposite from Macris

    To be honest, if nothing changes I guess we already have some players that we will see in Tokyo: Dani Lins, Tandara, Fabiana, Thaisa, Brait, Natália, Gabi, If Garay decides to return, I suppose she'll make it to Tokyo as well.

    I also think that Macris, Drussyla and Bia have an advantage compared to the other players in their positions. I also think Sheilla can be there if she secures her spot in Minas. Finally, if Garay don't return, Amanda is the one who have gained more experience throughout the Olympic cycle.

    hello no at Dani Lins, Thaisa. ship has passed for Fabiola

    Oh yeah, I forgot about this. She's been posting (albeit cryptic) farewell messages on her Instagram since the WC ended. Brait definitely cooked up an agreement with Zé in order to go to Tokyo then.

    would they need 2 liberos for Tokyo? So Suellen/Camila or Sassa/Camila?

    Maybe it's just me but I feel that Mirkovic is the best young setter I've seen from this generation.

    Macris Carneiro of BRAZIL? Her one handed reverse sets are a sight to behold. She is also an attacking setter.

    2013-2017, 2019 Brazilian Superliga's Best Setter

    2018 Club World Championship Best Setter

    2018-2019 South American Club Championship Best Setter

    2019 VNL Best Setter

    Roberta Ratze on the other hand is a defensive setter. She really blocks well.

    2017 South American Club Championship Best Setter

    2017 Montreux Volley Master Best Setter

    2017-2018 Brazilian Superliga's Best Setter