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    Respect! Especially after watching Venus & Serena moving so much slower nowadays than their prime, it’s incredible how Gattaz to maintain her physical condition at 40s, that she can still run slide attacks like others at 20s.

    I think she wants that Gold medal.

    Yeah, I watched both SFs and finals and Aline was off in both attack-wise, but she's still great in the backrow and I still like her a lot. The team and coaches seem to trust her a lot too.

    As for the others, I agree. Just like Lelê, Julliana I believe is fully ready to be a starter in Superliga. Helena I don't know, but she does have a lot of potential -- I hadn't watched her before too and I liked what I saw for the most part.

    Imagine Helena Wenk starting in the NT with Julia B. Can she play OH? That's 3 talented OP in Helena, Kisy and Lorrayna

    As much as I dislike Renan, Brazil doesn't have newcoming players ready to play at this moment in a starting lineup and both Darlan and Adriano got their chances in VNL (and Adriano at last year's continental champs). I'd go for Leo instead of Aracaju as a 3rd MB, and that's it.

    Obviously, if Brazil won't get a decent result at WCH, then playing with veterans this season would be clueless, but objectively Renan is in very complicated spot with Brazil lacking depth/new blood ready to play on international level after all retirements/injuries.

    I think they should try out their U19 players like Samuel, Arthur, Lukas Bergmann etc

    I know Italy won the VNL but I think the biggest winner of this VNL is Ze Roberto. He was not stubborn this time and brought a relatively young squad that performed very well. Come Paris 2024, we should expect Brazil to be a gold medal contender already.

    kinda like 2003-2005 when Sheilla, Fabi, Fabiana, Thaisa, Paula, Sassa all made the NT

    Not young?

    MB: Julia K (19), Diana (23), Lorena (23)

    L: Nyeme (24), Natinha (25)

    OH: Julia B (21), Ana Cristina (18)

    OP: Kisy (22), Lorrayna (23)

    How young is young and how old is old? ^^