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    So the 4 OHs and 2 OPPs (Lorenne and Kisy) for the first week are set then...

    So Week 1?

    Setter: Roberta, Macris

    Libero: Natinha, Nyeme

    OH: Karina, Julia Bergmann, Ana Cristina, Pri Daroit

    OP: Lorenne, Kisy

    MB: Lorena, Mayany, Júlia Kudiess, Carol

    I think Daroit's starter spot is locked lmao Zé will probably use her the most to give the team some stability as she's by far the oldest one. Ana Cristina hasn't even arrived to trainings yet (will do so on the 23rd), so the second spot in my point of view will most likely be between Bergmann and Karina.

    Anyway, I don't even remember the last time we played with such a young and revamped OH squad... I fear it's gonna be rough with some tough losses due to their inexperience, but exciting nevertheless. I'll try to not be too sad if the team fails to reach the semis lol

    2004/2005? Brazil had Paula, Sassa and Jaqueline as OH

    So I guess this is the roster for Brazil

    Setter: Roberta, Macris, Kenya

    Libero: Natinha, Nyeme

    OH: Julia Bergmann, Ana Cristina, Tainara, Karina, Pri Daroit

    OP: Lorenne, Rosamaria, Lorrayna, Kisy

    MB: Lorena, Diana, Mayany, Julia Kudiess, Carol

    NEVERMIND, Zé actually called Daroit. Unbelievable.

    Kudiess, Carol and Tainara are also in. No Kasiely...

    Ofcourse what better way to announce Pri Daroit than from a fellow team cheerleader lol. So I guess Pri Daroit will be used as a cheerleader?

    Ref and scoring recorders hopefully doesn't get confused when Lorenne and Lorena are in the same court and Lorenne is subbed with Lorrayna

    With 2 OHs refusing calls I was afraid that calling Pri Daroit would be inevitable, unfortunately... Lele deserved a lot more than Lais, but Lais is Barueri-quota so that's understandable, unfair, but understandable.. other than that, I'm okay with the list... It will be awesome to see Julia Kudiess in this level already, we have great expectations :heart: The whole list of MBs are interesting, seeing Lorena and Diana playing with NT will be amazing... I'm really happy for Milka, she proved herself this season

    The next gen MBs are promising: Julia Kudiess and Diana. Why isn't Lorena included though. Is Milka Silva better than Lorena?

    Just making myself happy with the things I like, like this forum :P

    OK Lorenne, Lorrayna and Lorena in the NT.

    PS, I now consider myself as Pacific Islander, not Filipino

    out of topic, I'm feeling sad with the way of the outcome of the Philippine Elections. Like my countrymen elected to bring back the Marcoses (Dictator) son to President.

    I don't care about my fellow countrymen anymore, just my family.

    Happy for Lorrayna and Kenya.

    Who I'm hoping to see in the NT:

    1. Otavio

    2. Honorato

    3. Arthur (guest)

    4. Leozinho

    5. Matheus

    6. André Saliba

    7. Rodriguinho

    8. Cledenilson