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    that's no excuse . that wasn't on the match point. that was in middle of the set, the score was still 8-8 . that was just "one point" and mistakes happen (usually in favor of bigger teams), unfortunately you can't challenge such decisions. that's it . you can't change the call, focus on the next point.

    If Heynen protests, that's part of his strategy. he does that when his team is playing bad. he wants to make a scene, change the momentum. but Marouf's protests alway;s hurt his own team much more.

    True that but consider this: Marouf, Seyed and other Iranians because of their high level of over-emotional feelings in the court, always bothered even with the tiniest referees mistakes over the past years. Now in one of their biggest matches that reaction makes sense. I absolutely don't concur with their reaction since they are not acting like the professional players. This attitude always hurts them in so many important matches before...

    Good Game Brazil. In my opinion Iran just lost to themselves not to Brazil, If the lucarelli's serve was not beneficial in the first points of the first set, Iran could win 3-0 . I don't want to mention the huge mistake of Iran in the second set, when they were leading 21-17 and lost it. Anyway my adrenaline is at the top of my head right now. I did not watch some amazing game like this for a while

    A few hours to the Iran's game and i know the possibility of victory for them is extremely low, but the miracle happened last time at the Iran's only participation in 2014 World League Finals in Italy, where they could beat brazil in their last game and advanced to the semi-finals. Just wish they fight till the last point, and we see an interesting match

    Too bad they blew that match with Poland the other day, with that win they would have a legitimate chance for the final 6 since they play Australia and China in the last weekend (also Russia though).

    Exactly, Also the Brazil and Iran matches in Japan. I think with Mendez they possibly do much better in the upcoming tournaments like OQ or WC

    Thanks for clarification :win: