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    Since Impel hired coach like they have I knew it could look like this. Negro with having good potential can lose everything and be kicked off soon in half of season. Constagrande with Hildebrand are big shame. First time they were ashamed by Muszyna yougsters.
    On the other hand perfect Police, if they would keep this level I see the sense of this club. Montano is Leon in women volleyball, but she must improve precision of attacks. [Reduce aut attacks], then no doubt she can kill every team.

    Yeah! Today mid-afternoon happened thing that I wanted, Jaeschke began playing and how! Penchev was suffering a lot, but Lyneel still useless with Achrem, hopefully management will kick both off for next season. I am fallen in love with this match and I will watch replay several times. The level satisfied me a lot! Winiarski returned to trainings. Don't understand Wlazły frustration, obviously his weird mistake after falling down touching the net. Falasca, calm down. Still Nowakowski was missing a lot with Winiarski, it would be perfect to have them ready for the most difficult matches in CL.

    So as you see it's something different. You don't have to ask where is missing player. I can understand Skra and Winiarski's situation, his home is Bełchatów, he had problems with health in last season but he helped Skra to reach FF and they have Marechal ready to play as alternative but Resovia? I can understand transfers like Ngapeth, Marechal, Tillie to strong clubs but Lyneel? Would you transfer someone if you have high ambitions who is not able to play sińce 2013 and everytime needs surgery? At the end from 'wide roster' you need send to play child Śliwka.

    Mamdani, don't you know Lyneel is not playing since 2013? Find me a person who can say such player is useful. In italian league I saw Sander and Russell in their jerseys at matches, but Jaeschke I still didn't see, not to mention Sander or Russell played much more in NT than Jaeschke. Next one is Achrem who can't jump and will not be able to play any action like before injury which happened more than 1 year ago. This squad is so weird...

    No one should expect from Resovia the best results in league + FF CL again if they have to play without Drzyzga in previous shape, Nowakowski and Jaeschke who is absent for 2 matches so far. Not to mention about Lyneel who is injured everytime. This season is short so every match is important, if they keep doing like this they will lose all matches with teams from top.

    Can people from Poland help me and tell me what should I do if my Polsat dekoder shows no signal, check connection? It happens while it's snowing and snow probably disturbs "plate" in working on my roof. :thumbdown: Do they send repairer for free or no? It's about move or do somehting with this "plate" if you know what I mean.

    Ok, maybe I don't have that much information about sport like rugby but I could compare world cup of rugby and world cup of volleyball and at each match of rugby thanks God I didn't have possibility to hear what players talking about with each other or what they were shouting unlike to volleyball I heard every swish in the hall, sorry my volleyball fans this is a right argument.
    I just dream that volleyball will be 100% sure second sport in the world after football. It's not and little chances it will be in future. Team sport without physical contact with rival is without chances to be popular. And all those mess in FIVB, changing rules every year, changing all only because one team from elite didn't decide to participate in one competition, selling participations in competitions, a lot of affairs that are swept under carpet. This sport needs stabilization of rules and justice. Losing on purpose is not fault of the national teams, Raylight don't be funny and look at that objectively. This sport starts to be pointless. :wacko:
    And what Benjamin Toniutti could do if France didn't get a points to ranking after win of World League? He whispered something as for sure a lot of other players but players, coaches are helpless, fans can be rebellious ok I'm fed up with it, I'm not watching this anymore, but what coaches, players? Just they all need to continiue their jobs.

    Bla bla bla. Germany is probably going for a gold. Not playing olympics qualifications , loses on purpose = rest for key players at match groups at ECH. I bet they will grab a gold and will enroll in history and who would like to recall or remember what they have done? Several volleyball forum fanatics and coaches of offended teams. This is volleyball... Still second-rate sport. If federations buy under table staying in elite so what did you expect? Next fakes awaits soon. You don't have long to wait. So far each national team from today elite has little or bigger sins.
    I dream that one day volleyball will be as popular as rugby and then everything would be changed for a better.

    Even Apalikov could make a difference today. Shameful perfomance from Russian MBs.
    Now it is on Argentina ;( ;(
    I don't know if this Russia can qualify through European qualifications. Their blocking is a mess now

    The last set was the same picture like from WL. Nothing has changed for a better...