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    Wang Yindi has very promising potential 🤩 years ago I used to look forward to Dong Mingxiao who apparently never lived up the expectations 😅

    On looking info to find out more about Wang Yindi, I stumbled across this article, an English copy of the Chinese article:

    Wang Yindi joins the Shanghai Women's Volleyball Team 2022-10-26

    In the National Games competition, Wang Yindi, who represented Shanxi's youth women's volleyball team in the quarterfinals of the Shaanxi National Games, attracted everyone's attention. Wang Yindi played the main support position in the Shanxi youth women's volleyball team. Wang Yindi helped the Shanxi Youth Women's Volleyball Team overcome difficulties many times in the competition.…e689234c3b7e2bd2dff5.html

    There’s no live action volleyball until the CVA gets under way....but luckily there’s badminton ! A big tournament...the Denmark Open has reached the Semi Final stage and Northeast and Southeast Asian nations are doing well:

    There’s highlights and live action in YT (look for 2022 Denmark Open) live action viewing times are similar to that of the women’s volleyball WCH matches...


    I find the easy solution to watch full match live overcoming the Geo-block is by having some particular browsers with built-in vpn feature....

    Have yet experimented with some special purpose extension to achieve this purpose at better speed. Any good tested cure for geoblock?

    It'll be interesting to watch her play again, although I won't be staying for the 2:30AM matches :gone: Guess I'll keep my VBTV subscription for another month

    I hope the rumours are true and LYY does go abroad :box:

    i just realized that VBTV monthly sub renews AUTO (they did not warn earlier and I didn't pay attention), must terminate manually. They just charged me for the 2nd month, but I'll end the sub after this... nothing worth to pay to see around... just some replays... but ok to pay the small fee for the 2nd month :whistle: watching badminton French Open now (as well as UKR fiasco in Telegram).


    Today's final show the Serbian team the most solid team. The Brazilian that shone in defeating Italy in the SF was under constant pressure in today's match, the Serbian team show they're the better one today! Boskovic is unmatched in this tournament. And whole team played great!

    Let's hope some individual or some collective team who supervise sports incl. volleyball will look into the issues comprehensively and urgently.., seeking inputs as necessary to improve the situation, making changes as necessary that will benefit the team and volleyball sustainable development, if not this cycle then the next one, from the early stage like talent scouting to club to potential player management to the NT coaching team and the NT player recruitment, and to learn the world competitiveness at the highest level. Perhaps a younger and better head coach. Brazil and Serbia are good references on how quickly they orbit their new players into the NT, in particular Brazil is quite impressive. It's unthinkable that in a popular branch with high prestige like the women's volleyball China can't identify young and suitable new players to grow. It is more a matter of focus incl. perhaps the funding. If needed just switch some portion of funding from football and basketball industries to volleyball. In short China needs some sort of Liu Guoliang and his solid coaching team in volleyball. Just need some top guy (having the necessary authority) with knowledge to this sport to improve the overall ecosystem, from A to Z. For years China relied much on Lang and Zhu et al, now after Lang not in position,.. and Zhu and Zhang are out due to injury... many issues are coming to the team started from the total failure in the Tokyo OG! Aside from the Top-4 the team is still competitive, but just not good enough to compete at the topmost level. Let's hope it's a transitory issue and the ecosystem will improve itself. Let's see.

    got VNL bronze.

    To be fair, in 2019 Jenny rested 8 (!!) starters, left the B team with An JIajie, and still got VNL bronze.

    Please don't count the VNL... it's a great venue for training purpose and trying everything... entertaining but not significant for the CNT.

    Honestly, they should just replace that duo of JY/WYL. Sure WYL played above my expectation, but her technique is just odd with that body twist in her attack. JY was just on for a bit here and there throughout the tournament but she seems fearful and hesitant in all aspects of her game. I agree with the above, maybe give the younger players a chance. Ie WYF

    In particular Jin Ye, if she can only tip instead of spike, I don't think the team has the luxury to hire a serve specialist... what a waste of a position. WYL works very hard but she is just not good enough for the highest competition... maybe weight issue, athleticism, technique, height... not sure which one... to compete in Asia she is okay. Against the Top-4 she just won't do, the team need a better player! Pray that both ZT and ZCN will rejoin the the team for Paris, and all players are healthy and fit. Having key players injured is a curse... what a fate... no team will survive the highest level competition when its two key players are out due to injury.

    Li has matured. ZT + LYY is gonna be TERRIFIC. Maybe the most powerful duo in CV history.

    btw 106.8 km/h? 😅😂

    Along with ZCN, I still hope she'll return to the CNT, healthy and fit. At least for the sake of the Paris 2024 cycle!!

    Only LYY alone cannot carry the team against the Top-4, even though she makes significant progress compared to last year. But LYY together with ZT, ZCN, GXY, YXY/YHY/WYY, WMJ, NFF, DX/DLY/YD are surely capable to compete against any opponent. WYL just not fit the shoe for those fiercest competitions. Now GXY has no one to sub, as well as LYY. Just not adequate fire power to compete with the Top-4 under the current line-up.

    No miraculous coach will make it when the line-up ain't up to the scale! Just imagine an Italy with no Egonu, or Serbia without Boskovic, or even Brazil without Gabi.

    hahaha... it will need lots of luck to beat ITA by the current line-up... but I believe the match will be more competitive than in the group match. Back then the focus was to make it into QF, which the team succeeded to accomplish! But now in KO stage.. nothing to lose, fight with the gloves off, even though fighting with the incomplete squad... yet fight at the best, and if lose, lose with a good fight with whatever resources available, lose with dignity.

    With key players like Zhu & Zhang not around, can't expect too high, must be realistic. :whistle: staying in the Top-5 is already a good achievement for the current line-up.

    almost lost to japan in the semis

    If you watched the whole match, which I did, you would see that it was a competitive and exciting match, but the team was not almost lost to Japan even though the score was 3-2 :whistle: good it was not such dramatic situation... otherwise HARIMOTO Tomokazu would have become another HIRANO Miu who won the 2017 Asian Table Tennis Championships swept away three top Chinese players at that time... but then Hirano Miu faded away fast after winning the title, esp. when facing Chinese NT members... it seemed every CNT member focusing on beating her games.

    Forget to mention that the SF against Japan was indeed the REAL FINALS!! The GER was fortunate to be placed in the other half in the drawing, wonder when the Japan team can take the #2 seeded position thus can play in the finals.

    Here are the scoring details:

    #1 FAN Zhendong 3 - 0 TOGAMI Shunsuke

    11-5, 12-10, 11-4, 0-0,0-0

    #2 WANG Chuqin 1 - 3 HARIMOTO Tomokazu

    11-8, 8-11, 6-11, 9-11, 0-0

    #3 MA Long 3 - 1 OIKAWA Mizuki

    8-11, 11-5, 11-5, 11-2, 0-0

    FAN Zhendong 2 - 3 HARIMOTO Tomokazu

    7-11, 11-6, 11-3, 9-11, 9-11

    WANG Chuqin 3 - 0 TOGAMI Shunsuke

    12-10, 11-7, 11-4, 0-0,0-0

    In today's final Ma Long was reinstalled as the 2nd player, Wang CQ was relegated to the 3rd position... I believe Wang's SF loss affected the finals line-up, the most experienced player in the team, Ma Long, regained the more trust to carry more burden. For those who don't follow TT Team Championships, the 3rd player only plays once in any situation.

    I prefer the team to face with Brazil in QF, thus wishing NED can beat JPN.

    Nonetheless, be it BRA or ITA in the QF, just fight all out to make the better outcome from the incomplete team. Too bad the Chinese team misses its star or stars, counting also Zhang in addition to Zhu, a situation not faced by other strong opponents. Imagine the team has the full line up with all players in healthy state and quite fit, with no injury... Zhu-Zhang-Li, with Yuan & Wang YY / Yang HY as the MBs, even without the retired Yan Ni or Lang in the team, the outcome will still be different. Now Li carries too much the burden without any quality sub. In normal state, Wang YL should be in the bench. Well, just unfortunate situation for the team... injury, injury and injury.

    Watch the 2022 ITTF WCH Women's Finals between China vs. Japan thus waived the CHN - ITA match on Saturday. But no ill feel for that skip. The Table Tennis final matches were way more exciting!

    No surprise for a 0-3 defeat, didn't expect the team to be all out in dealing with ITA at this stage.

    Better focus in beating BEL to advance to the KO stage, and I am optimistic the team will beat Belgium squad. They never lose to Belgium team in any match of great significance. The WCH is a long battle, must conserve energy and be tactical. 4 Years ago Lang Ping in Japan insisted on being the sportive and fielded the core team to beat Russia in a match which was less relevant for China but would determine the fate whether Russia or US team being out... and in that process top the group by beating NED to face Italy in the SF instead of Serbia... ended up with bronze instead of silver at least... and as for saving the US team, looked at what the US team did in Tokyo OG when they threw the match against Russia to kick out China. Lang was too straight in her thinking, even a bit naive IMO. Or perhaps she attached too much her ties to the US. Lang Ping learned the bitter lessons of the real world in the 2018 WCH and 2020 Tokyo OG... she should have known when to conserve energy and pick up opponent when opportunity arises.

    Btw it's good today's match CHN v BEL starts one hour ahead of the ITTF WCH Men's Finals between China vs. Germany this evening at 19:30 BJT. Still not enough interval but better than closely clashing schedule.

    What an incredible match. Happy to stay awake for the very late game to see the narrow victory of the Chinese team over the host NED 3-2 with 15-12 in the 5th set. I guess this victory may ensure better position in the QF. Already very late now, bye. in stark contrast to the Japanese thread...”Little Tokyo” is usually abuzz with activities when their team plays :huh:

    sorry while watching the team plays I don't mix it with texting... watch in full screen. It's true for any intense watching... unless it's a dull game then mingle with texting :lol: