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    "Winning the Championship" (formerly known as "Chinese Women's Volleyball") Movie

    Our third and final trailer for the new sports movie “LEAP”, based on the life of coach "Jenny" Lang Ping played by Gong Li. It's a drama movie about the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team's journeys from the 1981 World Cup championship all the way to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

    Originally set to release during Chinese New Year in 2020 as one of the "Big 7" movie release, this now has a release date of September 25! It was formerly known as Zhongguo Nv Pai or Chinese Women's Volleyball Team and is now known by its new title: Winning the Championship 《夺冠》, while its international title is 'Leap'.

    This movie also stars members of the real 2016 Olympic Gold Medal winning team including the famous Zhu Ting (MVP 2016 Rio Olympics Games) and captain Hui Ruoqi.

    Genre Sports-themed film, Based on a True Story

    Director: Chen Kexin

    Starring: Gong Li, Huang Bo, Peng Yuchang, Wu Gang, Bai Lang (Lidya Bai, who is Lang Ping's daughter and only child)

    Original Title 夺冠: Zhong Guo Nu Pai 中国女排

    New Title: Winning the Championship 《夺冠》

    International Title: Leap

    The film has its premieres as follows:

    In mainland China it's released on 25 September as well as certain theatres in the US and Canada. Australia and New Zealand released it on 26 September while Singapore and Hong Kong will have the premieres on the October 1st, and Malaysia will be on 22 October.

    * * * * *

    The first day premiere of "Winning the Championship" (formerly known as "Chinese Women's Volleyball") movie at box office, the spirit of women's volleyball moved the fans. The film is based on the China women's national volleyball team's stories spread over more than 40 years.

    As a sports-themed film, "Winning the Championship" of course, there is no lack of intense and intense competition scenes. The film focuses on three wonderful volleyball matches, namely, the match between China and Japan in the third Women's Volleyball World Cup in 1981, the China vs. USA match in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and China vs. Brazil match in Rio Olympics in 2016, which also connected the development process of Chinese women's volleyball team in nearly 40 years. At the same time, there are many literary plays in the film, which depict the mental process of Lang Ping and other folks and the intergenerational inheritance of Chinese women's volleyball team, and there is no lack of contemporary thinking on "Women's Volleyball Spirit".



    And an MV to serve as the movie's promotional video performed by a young Chinese singer and actor, Peng Yuchang 彭昱畅 who also plays in the film -- the song title is “A Hero Never Dies” 《真心英雄》

    Some cool film posters:

    The Chinese NT have finally concluded their training for this year. :super:


    In above family picture of 17 players, with Zhang Qian (MB) and Sun Yan (setter); minus Yan Ni, Zeng Chunlei, Mei Xiaohan (setter).

    Then in below family picture of the Chinese women's volleyball team, on vacation at the Great Wall, there are 18 players: with Yan Ni, Zeng Chunlei, Mei Xiaohan, yet minus Zhang Qian and Sun Yan.

    Recently, the Chinese women's volleyball team has finished the second phase of training. NEXT, waiting for the women's volleyball girls will be a HOLIDAY and the subsequent women's volleyball Super League.

    Basically there are 21 players of the Chinese women's volleyball team as the wide list under inspection:

    5 OH: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Li Yingying, and Liu Yanhan

    7 MB: Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Wang Yuanyuan, Hu Mingyuan, Yang Hanyu, Zhang Qian, and Zheng Yixin

    5 Setters: Diao Linyu, Ding Xia, Yao Di, Sun Yan, and Mei Xiaohan

    2 OP: Gong Xiangyu and Zeng Chunlei

    2 Libero: Wang Mengjie and Lin Li

    These 21 Chinese women's volleyball players will be the main roster for inspection this year, and are the framework of the team. But there is still one year away from the Tokyo Olympics. There are still hopeful stars in the league, and everyone has a chance.

    According to some rumors, Sun Yan (S), Ni Fei-fan (L) and Cao Ting-ting (MB) may, only may join the training camp of NT. Yan Ni (MB) will have a rest.

    The rumors are too many and I don't know which ones are right or wrong.

    In the second phase of the national training, there were some player mutations:

    - Mei Xiao-han (setter from Shandong) OUT

    - Ni Fei-fan (libero from Jiangsu) OUT

    - Sun Yan (setter from Jiangsu) IN

    - Zhang Qian (MB from Shandong) IN * NEW

    Born in 1997, Zhang Qian 张倩 is 1.93-meter tall. She is dubbed as xiao (little) Yanni. She and Yang Hanyu have a tacit understanding in the Shandong women's volleyball team, which is very good.

    Zhang Qian's good future in the national team can possibly be expected. One shouldn't underestimate Lang Ping's vision. Zhang is tall and has long arms and good bounce. This is an excellent condition for a volleyball player. If she has good understanding, she may grow into a great player with some training. Zhu, Yuan, Zhang are the good examples! At first no one paid attention at them in the beginning, but under Lang's supervision and nurture they're quickly turned from the uncut jades into the shiny, precious ones!

    Zhang Qian 张倩 (MB; 193cm; born 1997; Shandong VC)

    It happened that Lang Ping experimented with the trio Zhang-Gong-Li as the starters at the first two matches of the VNL 2019 Week 2 in Macau, both against Thailand and Belgium. However, in the last match against the South Korean team that week, Lang again had Zhu as starter as usual, Li was on the bench.

    CHINA vs. THAILAND - HIGHLIGHTS Women | Week 2 - Macao | Volleyball Nations League 2019 (full with CN commentary is here; FIVB World TV is here)

    Just re-watched the 2019 VNL at the FIVB World TV, and found this interesting, rare starting line-up by Lang Ping's A team.

    Played in Week 2 in Macau, these trio attackers Zhang Chang-ning, Gong Xiang-yu and Li Ying-ying were all fielded as starters plus the two main MBs: Yuan Xin-yue & Yan Ni. It's fascinating to watch Zhang (as OH1), Gong (OP) and Li (OH2) played along side by side during most of this match, while Zhu Ting was rested. Only later in the middle of set 3, Zhang was subbed by Liu, then Gong by Zeng a while later.

    Hope to see more such starting line-up again in appropriate matches in future, esp. in post-Tokyo Olympic matches, most likely in the VNL ones. I feel missing the VNL, a venue whereas teams may be cooking using various recipes with little pressure and consequences... makes me appreciate more the VNL event :-)

    CHINA vs. BELGIUM - HIGHLIGHTS Women | Week 2 - Macao | Volleyball Nations League 2019 (full with CN commentary is here)

    Some beautiful photos of Zheng Yi-xin  郑益昕 [187, b.1995] as posted by Sina Sports recently, that I happened to stumble across, the Fujian's Zhangzhou-born middle blocker of the Chinese national team.

    Just found some openly accessible link recently at the Tencent QQ Sports channel, with no geo-block restriction whatsoever!

    An exciting match that's inexplicably missing from the public view outside China ever since its staging about two years ago! 8o

    This particular match is very bizarrely banned in Youtube on the "Copylefts" ground, while viewers may find all other matches there!! This Solely Exceptional match has the "Olympics Quality" in that sense! :S

    The 2018 ASIAN GAMES - Women's Volleyball - Group Match CHINA vs SOUTH KOREA (CCTV Sports; 2018-08-23; Full Match)

    The South Korean team --played with full team minus Kim Hee-jin under the short-tenured head coach, Cha Hae-won; while the Chinese team was without Zhang Chang-ning either-- gave all-out fights throughout the explosive match!

    Sun Yan (S) and Ni Fei-fan (L) are taking part in the national training under the guidance of head coach, Lang Ping. The inclusion is seen more as part of Lang's effort to cultivate new players for the future team post-Tokyo.

    The phase-1 training was done from the end of January till June 2020. Then a short break of about two weeks. The phase-2 is from July till the end of September 2020, then if the league competition is re-started in this October the national players will return to their clubs.

    Meanwhile the Tokyo Olympics' new schedule for next year was out last week.

    The Pool Match schedule of the Chinese team is as follows (all time in JST):

    China vs Turkey on 25 July 2021 at 14:20

    China vs USA on 27 July at 09:00

    China vs Russia on 29 July at 14:20

    China vs Italy on 31 July at 19:40

    China vs Argentina on 02 August at 14:20

    FIVB World TV has extended the membership free of charge in the present unfortunate circumstances. All the matches of WCH 2018, VNL 2019, WC 2019, CWC 2019, FIVB OG Qualification 2019 matches are there. So if your geographic location is covered by its offering, go and check, may be it offers free membership at the moment as a free service. I just have a paid one there, and enjoy the access extension currently.

    Also this one from the same compiler for Gong Xiangyu, admitted into team in 2016! Another energetic, nimble and hard working powerhouse within the Chinese team's startup list, attacking, receiving, defending, passing, blocking... and same as Zhang Changning, her teammate in the Jiangsu VC, both players are somewhat underrated, but nonetheless both are growing in the latest years.

    Gong Xiangyu | 龚翔宇 | Highlights VNL 2019 | Chinese volleyball player

    The Pools composition according to Wikipedia…0%93_Women%27s_tournament

    Teams were seeded following the serpentine system according to their FIVB World Ranking as of 29 September 2019.

    FIVB reserved the right to seed the hosts as head of pool A regardless of the World Ranking.

    Rankings are shown in brackets except the hosts who ranked 7th.

    Pool A

    Japan (Hosts); Serbia (3); Brazil (4); South Korea (9); Dominican Republic (10); Kenya (19)

    Pool B

    China (1); United States (2); Russia (5); Italy (8); Argentina (11); Turkey (12)

    samusama made the almost correct prediction about the pool distribution in Oct 2019, with exception it's Kenya i/o Cameroon that will play in Tokyo:

    FIVB World Cup 2019 - Sept. 14 to 29, Japan

    The 7th CISM Military World Games — Wuhan 2019

    All following FINAL matches are played on 22 OCT:

    (1) Women's Volleyball Final 7th-8th Place at 10:00: NED vs FRA

    (2) Women's Volleyball Final 5th-6th Place at 13:30: CAN vs USA

    (3) Women's Volleyball Bronze Medal Match at 15:30: PRK vs GER

    (4) Women's Volleyball Gold Medal Match at 19:30: BRA vs CHN


    • Women's Volleyball Semifinal for 1st-4th

    CHN vs GER 3:0 (25-12 25-8 25-9)

    PRK vs BRA 1:3 (25-19 14-25 23-25 16-25)

    • Women's Volleyball Semifinal for 5th-8th Place

    FRA vs USA 1:3 (25-21 17-25 15-25 23-25)

    CAN vs NED 3:1 (21-25 25-13 25-20 25-16)

    Look at Schedule and Results section of the official host website:

    Host China, DPR Korea, Germany, Brazil Book Final Four At 7th CISM Military World Games - Asian Volleyball Confederation

    Wuhan, China, October 20, 2019 – Defending champions Brazil, Germany, DPR Korea and hosts China made it to top four following their overwhelming wins over USA, France, Netherlands and Canada respectively on their third matches of the 7th CISM Military World Games Women’s Volleyball Tournament here at the Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium on Sunday.


    Military World Games Wuhan 2019

    China beat Brazil 3-0 (25-17, 25-16, 25-21) on 17 Oct.

    Players fielded and players' individual statistics - look at the Wuhan host official website.

    For the match replay, can be watched at the Tencent video site: CHN v BRA - Group Match A (17 Oct).

    The next match of the women's volleyball is on 20 October, China will face Canada.

    Was it DOM that played excellently or the USA that played badly on that day that DOM could beat the USA unexpectedly (in a NT A vs NT A scenario)? :whistle:

    Hopefully a high resolution TV broadcast quality full replay will be made available so can watch it later on.

    DOM shall not escape from Tokyo 2020 now... I guess its women's volleyball team is really the pride of that small island nation :thumbup:

    EDIT: David-101 in NORCECA thread already posted the replay link.

    The 2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship will be held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, eastern China, from 03~08 December 2019.

    Eight teams will participate in the tournament.

    The following is the complete schedule of the 2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship:

    The 7th World Military Games :: Women's Volleyball

    From October 18~27, the 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province in the central China. At that time, nearly 10,000 active military personnel from more than 100 countries will compete on the same stage. The Military World Games is a multi-sport event for military sportspeople, organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). The Games have been held since 1995, and is a quadrennial event. The last event was held in 2015 at Mungyeong, South Korea.

    Volleyball events will be organized according to the latest regulations of the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and CISM Volleyball regulations.

    Both men and women will compete. The volleyball competition will be played by 10 men teams and 8 women teams. The teams of China, the host country, are automatically qualified for both men and women.

    For men, 2 groups (5 teams in each) will compete. According to CISM Volleyball regulations, the team of China will be the top seed in Group A.

    For women, 2 groups (4 teams in each) will compete. According to CISM Volleyball regulations, the team of China will be the top seed in Group A.

    Venue: Wuhan Sports Center (Women)

    2019 World Military Games -- Women's Volleyball Team Group Matches of the Chinese team:

    1. October 16, 19:30 China vs USA
    2. October 17, 19:30 China vs Brazil
    3. October 20, 19:30 China vs Canada

    The semi-final and final competitions are held on October 21st and 22nd, respectively.

    Official OC website (multilingual):…sports/2018/1211/479.html