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    they might be very competitive against the hosts. if you really think about it, the whole tournament (and the arena) doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    He he thanks ossubtus, you just remind me about the arena's peculiarity for volleyball games, just remember not to hit the ball too high or you'll be faulted when it touches the ceiling :-) this arena might be just fine during its early years, and was still new over three decades ago, the world might have not been as developed as its current form entering the 21st century. I'm just smiling every time I see a player is stunned and looks over her head to the ceiling when a fault is called out due to the ball touches it :-) well, just enjoy its historical status thus it is called “classic”. A relaxing, fun event for players enjoying the beautiful city/town, as well as the local folks watching the world teams playing there, and netizens for watching from distant :-)

    mdacs , yeah okay, I can see the inclusiveness argument, let the Cameroon team have the rare, good drills there :)

    Sohu coverage on the 2018 AVC Cup (or Asian Cup). A lax, partial excerpt from the article.

    In this list, the players selected for the women's volleyball team training in this year and last year are basically on the list, including Wang Meiyi, who was selected last year, and Zheng Yixin, who only participated in the training session this year.

    The main task of the Second Team is to prepare for the 2018 AVC Cup, but if there is any outstanding player or players, it is estimated that she will also participate in the classic Swiss Montreux Volley Masters, and even has the opportunity to participate in the World Championships as a substitute.

    The women's volleyball Asian Cup/AVC Cup will be held in Thailand from 17—23 September. It can be seen from this list that the Chinese Volleyball Association also pays more attention to this event, basically gathering the best players in the country outside the First Team (main NT).

    Due to the head coach, Lang Ping, already advocated the “Big National Team Plan”, as long as a player performs well in the Second Team, she also has the opportunity to rise to the First Team and takes part there.

    In the past cycle, Zhang Changning, Ding Xia, Yan Ni were all promoted in this way, so these players, including Yao Di, and Deng Qiuyuan who may come to the Second Team in the future, are all cherishing every competition/tournament opportunity given.

    In this list, there are also young players like Che Wenhan, who is selected for the first time in the senior national team's training. Together with Chen Peiyan, both players were part of the Chinese National Youth Team that won the just-completed BRICS Cup. Che Wenhan, born in 2000, is 1.95m tall, but her body is slightly thin.

    This time, together with Chen Peiyan these two young players are joining the training to find out what the coaching team may get from them. If they can be included in the final list for the AVC Cup, this success alone is already a victory for both of these young players.

    Earlier I missed to count that the less experienced Gao Yi wouldn't make the final list for the Asian Games, thus no need to sort out between Zeng or Yang :-) No surprise, indeed this list is the best lineup the team is able to field at this point of time! And confirming the "Xu Yunli return" is just a quickly disappearing, groundless rumour!

    How about Asian games rooster tomen !

    The final list of 14 players [from among the current 16 under training] for the 18th Asian Games won't be announced until the end of the closed training in Beilun, a common practice by the Lang team. Therefore expect no such announcement within this July! That's all I learned.

    My own very guess, Yao the setter will have to give way to Diao while Yang the OP gives her slot to Zeng, the veteran, for the Asian Games. But that's only a guess of mine :)

    A good news for the Chinese women's volleyball team. Its member, Liu Xiaotong, has been admitted as the graduate student of Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of the most prestigious schools in China. (Sohu Sports 2018-07-17)

    Congratulations to Liu, I am happy for her :) Be successful in both sports and study!

    I like the most that the new board S/W allows direct upload of images, it's very helpful for posting from mobilephone with no access to those image servers while image hotlinking is not favoured. Then the LIKE button for some positive & useful posts... it will even be greater IF there is a DISLIKE button too for those negative, useless posts! :-)

    Well, it will come gradually to explore the many features of the new software, one step at a time is (still) a good learning.

    A lax translation:

    The women's volleyball schedule in the Asian Games is released! — Eastday Sports (18 JULY)

    The schedule of the Women's Volleyball Team Group matches in the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games was just released. Here's the match schedule of the Chinese squad.

    —19 AUG CHN v VNM

    —21 AUG CHN v TPE

    —23 AUG CHN v KOR

    —25 AUG CHN v KAZ

    —27 AUG CHN v IND

    As a matter of fact, it is easy to see from the whole race that the most visible match in the preliminary round should be that one against the KOR team on 23 AUG. In this year's VNL, KOR squad defeated CHN (without Zhu Ting) 3—0. I believe that in the next encounter with the KOR team in the Asian Games, Zhu Ting will lead the team victoriously against them, a complete reversal from the VNL outcome. Losing to the KOR team there will be regarded as CHN team's poor performance.

    The Chinese team has not yet announced its 14-player list in advance. It's believed that the Chinese team will not release the names within this July, which is a normal practice of the Chinese team. The main reason is the current 16 players in the closed training are expected to train well first.

    As for the list, it should be selected from the 16 players under training now. From the current situation, the three positions are already very fixed. The four main attackers, Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying and Liu Xiaotong, should not have too much problem, and four middle blockers Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Hu Mingyuan, and Gao Yi. And two liberos, Lin Li and Wang Mengjie, are expected as well. For the opposite and setter, the answers are clear, only two players of each position will be selected. From the present training, it's estimated that no more player beyond the current 16 players to be included, because now the NT has to complete the whole team, and new player won't be able to keep up, so barring any unfortunate situation, the final list will just be selected from the current 16 players in training.

    From Sina Volleyball Weibo (2018-07-16) :

    Zhang Changning returned to the national team. Facing the familiarity, she said she thanked the blank time — “I feel like a wallpaper, hoping to paint something better.” On the sickbed, the 23-years-old girl has had concerns, afraid not to keep up with everyone's footsteps and miss too much, but once she started to touch the ball, she returned to the confident girl on the court. “I had been completely rested for two months after the surgery. I have had my own fears, but I thought I was starting from zero. This rare absence period also gave me the opportunity to change. I know that I have to recover a lot. I want to draw something better on the white paper.”

    Zhang Changning as the spokesperson of the Golden Gong 金锣 (Jin Luo) for its new healthy food products, a leading brand of meat products in China. The Golden Gong just signed a contract with the CVA to sponsor the Chinese women's volleyball team for the next three years as well as Zhang as its products ambassador (2018-07-16).

    A fellow netizen met by chance the Chinese women's volleyball team member Wang Yuanyuan at Tianjin TEDA Hospital 〔天津泰达医院〕. The netizen revealed that Wang Yuanyuan came to the hospital for “nuclear magnetics” 拍核磁 (I guess the Chinese term means some kind of imaging facility utilizing the isotope markers for clearer image). Posted at Sina Volleyball Weibo on 2018-07-17

    A lax translation from Tencent Sports' article…

    The women's volleyball team arrives at the Beilun training base! Closed door training for the coming Asian Games

    Tencent Sports (2018-07-15)

    Today, the Chinese women's volleyball team set out from Beijing to Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang to carry out the closed door training. Of course, this training is not only to prepare for the coming Asian Games, but also for the World Championship. In any case, these two events are the most important ones for the Chinese team this year. I hope the final results will not fail the girls' hard works.

    The Chinese women's volleyball team will play in the same group as the KOR, TPE, KAZ, VNM and IND in the Asian Games. Opponent-wise only the KOR squad will be the serious contender for the CHN squad in the group matches, while those against the other teams can be used more for exercises, thus it's possible that the substitute rookies may play the most of the group matches, and the core players can slightly play less to let them take some rest. The Beilun intensive training this month can be carried out for nearly one month until around the August 15th for the Asian Games will commence on the Aug. 18th, the timing is just right. Although it is still a month away, both the JPN and KOR teams have been unable to resist the urge to announce their final squads in advance.

    Can see that the two teams are in excitements, the JPN team has not been winning the women's volleyball championship in the Asian Games for 37 years, while the KOR team also actively wants to retain the Asian Games championship, though their chance is not that bright, the CHN team remains to be the most prospective one [to win this event] as long as they really fight for it. Then the teams of JPN and KOR may strive for the 2nd and the 3rd spots, and if either one of these two teams does not really play well, its spot can possibly be overtaken by the THA team. Therefore, at this time in the Beilun closed door intensive training, the bigger goal is to focus on the coming World Championship, with the smaller one is to take the title of the Asian Games, as well as to evaluate the performance of the intensive training taken. Cheer on the girls!

    A lax, partial translation of the article carried by the Tencent Sports...

    The 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, Indonesia: Both Japan and South Korea teams will send their strongest lineups

    Tencent Sports News, Beijing (2018-07-12) — The 18th Asian Games for the very first time will be held in two distantly located cities, Jakarta (Java Island) and Palembang (Sumatera Island), Indonesia from 18 Aug — 02 Sep 2018. But all the volleyball games will entirely be held in the capital city, Jakarta. The overall level of the Asian women's volleyball team is relatively high, making the competition for this sport one of the hot events of the Asian Games. As the opening date is approaching, many teams have announced their lists of 14 players in the Asian Games. As the old rivals of the Chinese squad, Japan and South Korea will both play their main lineups in this edition of the Asian Games.

    The Japanese team will once again dispatch its core team in the Asian Games after 12 years [for the lineup, look at Japanese team's thread]. Since the establishment of the women's volleyball competition in the 4th Asian Games in 1962, which was also held in Jakarta, the Japanese women's volleyball team has won five consecutive championships, ranking second only to China's seven times. In recent years, due to the relatively close competition schedules between the Asian Games and the World Championships, the Japanese women's volleyball team did not send its main lineup in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. After a lapse of 12 years once again Japan will play its strongest lineup in the Asian Games, the Japanese women's volleyball team's strive for success is an obvious determination in Jakarta. Before the arrival of the quadrennial World Championships, the East Asian squads, China, Japan and South Korea will have a fierce fight at the Asian Games.

    In the Incheon Asian Games four years ago, the Korean women's volleyball as the host won the championship, in the final beat the Chinese second squad led by Zhang Changning 3-0 to win the gold medal. As the defending champion of the tournament, the South Korean team will also send its strongest lineup to the event, led by Kim Yeong Kun, in a strive to achieve a good result in Jakarta.

    Now awaiting eagerly the Chinese squad to announce its 14-strong players to the Asian Games :-) Seeing the news trend from the Chinese sports media, I do believe China will send its strongest lineup too in order to remain competitive :-)

    EDIT // My bold PREDICTION, the Chinese lineup to the Asian Games will equal to the 14-list of the VNL Final Six in Nanjing, only with the change that Zhang Changning will come back to replace either Yang Fangxu or Zeng Chunlei spot! And barring the health/fitness issues, I prefer to see Zeng stays in the AG and WCH cf. Yang (still feel the emphaty that Zeng missed the glory of Rio OG... Yang already earned hers).

    OMG "new user" came in and started attacking everyone for having different point of views or opinions. This is getting redundant. :whistle:

    On the blatant contrary, the posts from hoyhoy are quite informative and sensible. The user even takes his/her energy, time and efforts to go such length to make clear those silly, groundless OLD accusations... a revival of the over one-year long non-existent case! Admit it, there was simply NO case, otherwise we'd have learned it from the concerned Federations. But talks are cheaps. One is able to say anything in in the internet realm with impunity. Does one have the time, energy and passion to entertain such every time ? :-) Me? rarely will I do. So Luckily there is hoyhoy with such energy and skill, he puts his writing in such succinct clarity! Thumbs up! :) He/she may be new here, but surely not new in volleyball world.

    The best thing is each user just puts some self-refrain and avoid to make some disparaging remarks about other nation or people whereas there is NO PROOF to prop such remark. Better focus on the volleyball itself, or simply talk as much as one's wish about his/her favorite team incl the tidbits in the appropriate threads instead of attacking others :-) don't set off the irresponsible flame.

    If the concerned Federations: FIVB/WADA/National federations cannot/wouldn't make the case, then one better stops short of making such wild accusation here, even revived such unproven accusation. Not something pleasant to read, sounds offensive! It's obvious that there is no proof to back up the case here. Just leave it to the concerned Federations.

    In the recent training pictures I noticed there wasn't Wang Yuanyuan. Has she not returned to the national team yet since that injury that kept her out of the VNL finals?

    Until a couple of days ago I didn't spot Wang Yuanyuan with the NT anywhere, only saw Gao Yi, Hu Mingyuan, Yan Ni and Yuan Xinyue. Think her injury is still prohibitive for taking part.

    Last year some players were tested positive for doping because of the food they ate in China during WGP and they couldn’t play for WCH. USA NT brought their food last year and did the same this year. Looks like FIVB doesn’t care this and China gets to host finals and preliminary rounds. What if same thing happens and players cannot play WCH? Was there any precauting or preparings in order to avoid this?

    Who are these individual players that had such problem being banned in WCH? Any link?

    The Jiangsu VC Minus was badly beaten by the Thai VC: 3-0 (25-20, 25-22, 25-11). Saw Wang Chenyue, Wu Han, Zhou Xinyi, Xu Ruoya cs there (but the team misses Zhang—Gong—Diao), but not good enough to deal with the Thai NT Plus (Pleumjit, Ajcharaporn Kongyot, Nootsara Tomkom and few others plus one Black player). The event is called “The 2018 Asian Women’s CLUB Volleyball Championship” 11~18 July, hosted by Kazakhstan. With a squad like that, reaching SF will be an achievement indeed.

    Moreover being put in the same pool, A, with THA & JPN :-) just imagine there are THREE pools but THA JPN & CHN are placed into the same pool :) what an arrangement LOL
    Poor Cai Bin to again command a much drained squad, after led a limping U20 squad, cleanwashed by the JPN in the final then.

    AVC site on this tournament:…hip-results-and-schedule/

    Btw, it's reported that Zhejiang VC will have a new charming player in this season, t-shirt #5, formerly played for Guangdong club, her name is Shiyu iirc, forget her surname.