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    When watched again the replay of the TQV match of CHN vs TUR (2019), I just spotted that Zhu Ting wore a necklace with big dark brown pendant during the match... perhaps as good luck charms... and also to repel the Blue Eye ^^

    screenshot from the match:

    I hope they can travel to Japan and back home to China safely.

    Hopefully things will proceed smoothly and safely for every one 🙏🙏🙏

    Situation there ain't quite good lately. Osaka reportedly asked the central govt to declare a full-fledged state of emergency for Osaka, Tokyo is also considering a similar state-of-emergency request amidst a recent surge pandemic cases, as reported on Sunday (4/18) - Reuters.

    Thomas Bach, president of IOC, will attend a torch relay ceremony in Hiroshima on 17 May and meet PM Suga the next day to discuss the latest situation regarding the OG, Kyodo, one of several large Japanese news agencies, reported over the weekend.

    Yunnan and Hebei teams will fight to avoid the lowest... :D

    The lovely Zhou Miao 周淼 (born in 1996, OH, 180cm, shirt #1), the injury-ridden captain of Hebei team, will lead the team to stay away from the bottom. She just posted a romantic picture of her and her boyfriend recently :love:

    Nonetheless I still wish the southern team, the land of beautiful clouds, the most ethnically diversified province, Yunnan, to be the better team ^^

    CCTV and the Sports Network Platform will go live for the May-1 Test Match

    According to the official social platform of the Chinese women's volleyball team, CCTV will broadcast the May 1st test match event live, also the SPORTS NETWORK PLATFORM will broadcast it. So, the fans can watch as much as they want. The Japanese women's volleyball team has announced a list of 18 players, and the final 12 players will be announced one day before the competition. (20 April)

    Prediction of the 12-roster (for May 1st):

    OH: Zhang, Li, Liu YH

    MB: Yuan, Wang, Yang

    OP: Gong, Li Yao

    S: Ding, Yao, Diao

    L: Wang

    Zhu, Yan stay at home to relieve their injuries

    This will be the very opportune moment to verify Zhang's attacks and Li's receptions. Wang & Yang will compete for the 3rd MB through this and other matches, while Yao and Diao for the substitute setter position.


    20210419 第十四届全运会女排成年组9—12名决赛 福建 vs 四川

    Five-set match, both teams had match point opportunities... at the end the Sichuan team had the better day, won 20-18. Miao Yiwen contributed one of the last two points, she is the main OH of Sichuan team (#12). Must be quite bitter day for Zheng Yixin (#3), the captain of the Fujian team -- I think this result is an upset.

    It sounds making sense since no effort is needed to reside at the bottom :lol: it's a very typical China since elsewhere usually people will label it 9-13 :-) just look around for many volleyball events in Asia etc -- see AVC tournament for instance.

    Happy that Sichuan is winning, I'll support the team to up its position. I believe they can beat both Hebei and Yunnan. Thing would be better again had they beaten Beijing :lol: Support Sichuan team, support Miao Yiwen (shirt #12) :love: the “dream-chasing girl” has a rather extraordinary life story in choosing the pro volleyball path after finishing senior high school, a really late comer indeed. She is not only gorgeous but also a personality of active learning as well as good self-discipline, that's why she could turn herself from a late bloomer & basic learner into a star in Sichuan team in pretty short time. I am "working" on a nice article on her, will post in the NT thread when finished.

    Hopefully in the next National Games, Sichuan team can advance into the Top-8 so we can watch her plays under the proper TV cameras! Hate the fixed cameras used in the prelim. :bump:


    Nice ! Attractive young lady. Can hit the ball quite hard too. I noticed she has quite sharp features, especially her nose ...hehe.... It’s interesting, many years ago I visited the mountainous regions of Sichuan and met with a minority community called Qiang.

    (羌族)They all had sharp noses too ! Maybe, Miao is part Qiang :huh:

    Nope, she's a Han Chinese although Sichuan is home to many minority ethnics incl the small number ones from ancient tribes (Tea Silk Road, lots of interactions with other regions), and Sichuan & Chongqing are known as having many beautiful girls. You may see many Qiang people if you visit the very beautiful scenic region, the quite famous Jiuzhaigou in the northern Sichuan, part of Aba, the special prefecture of Tibetan and Qiang people. The famous singer, Yun Duo 云朵 is a refined representative of the Qiang beauty.

    I haven't seen too much of Miao...any links to good quality clips/videos of matches in which she features ? Thanks :wavy:

    On your service... :bump:


    Miao Yiwen! The Muse Goddess's power! Sichuan vs Yunnan, she scored 21 points and won the scoring champion!

    Here's an article about her.

    Young Miao Yiwen starts the battle in Jiangsu, waiting for the rise of the Sichuan Women's Volleyball Team (Newcomer Special)


    there are 5 teams playing SRR. So one team has a rest day. Today it happened to be Hebei, but it will be Beijing tomorrow.

    Fujian-Sichuan, Yunnan-Hebei tomorrow.

    Only the Macau girls had to go home, probably because many of them are PE teachers, etc.

    In that case the banner title is misleading -- they should have mentioned 9-13


    “Women's Volleyball Adult Group 9-12 Finals of the 14th National Games (Qinhuangdao Training Base)”

    Oh, an abundant CAN :wavy: ☕ afternoon in Asia -- the "v" denotes video section of the Tencent QQ instead of 'news' one for instance

    If I happen see the link on D-day I'll post it here

    The qualification is for 9-12 with or without the Hebei team (but I guess it's Hebei team that doesn't participate, not the Yunnan team as I posted in the NT thread). Just saw the tournament banner hang in court in the match video.

    20210418 第十四届全运会女排成年组9—12名决赛 北京 vs 四川

    Full match (177-min) Women's Volleyball Adult Group 9-12 Finals - 14th National Games: Beijing vs Sichuan (20210418)

    Still looks for the Miao Yiwen presence in the Sichuan team :love:

    I was able to watch everything on at the last world cup (either with eng commentary or with cctv commentary). Hopefully we will see the same thing!

    I especially liked NBC's commentary for Rio back in the day.

    I'll surely check, Penguin, etc

    I thought that I read somewhere at FIVB page that the VNL matches will be broadcast by Volleyball TV and it'll be done FOC (but can't locate the short line piece). But as long as its pricing & event inclusion is reasonable, I gonna pay.

    "If either party is concerned about 'data leaking' do you think they would agree to broadcast it to all the teams ?"

    It's either the team does it or not does it. Unless they play with completely no tv camera coverage, no handy cam, they can't be assured of no such "leakage", live or replay. There is no such secrecy. If one team really cares then don't show it at all, play with other config.

    I just want to watch Zhu play 🥺

    At this very moment.... I just wanna watch Miao Yiwen of the Sichuan team playing, never see a match of this young cutie :P

    For the ice-breaking May Day match, I hope some widely accessible live will be provided by either party.

    For the VNL, thanks God that FIVB Volleyball TV is quite sensible to provide gratis quality coverage in this difficult persistent pandemic era!

    For the Summer OG Hopefully IOC and the abundant NBC will also be more sensible taking account into this matter with their copyleft hubris in the OG broadcast and coverage... in particular since the no-precedence of no foreign visitors are allowed to come to watch. Let's all hope the sensibility will prevail over the extreme greed in this interesting times... :D :obey:

    poor Macau will have to endure further beatings :down:

    Not really, from the total 14 teams that participated in the Prelim, 8 teams advance into finals; out of the remaining 6 teams, the two lowest teams, Yunnan and Macau, are spared... positions 9 to 12 only play Beijing, Fujian, Sichuan and Hebei to determine the final ranking. But frankly I am surprised that they stage this 9-to-12 qualifying round :P

    It happened that the National Games Preliminary round still has the 9-12 qualifying matches, involving teams like Beijing, Fujian, etc, and this will last until 22 April. That's why players like Liu XT, Zheng YX, Lin Li are absent from the NT camp as they need to play with the local teams, there's possibility that they may rejoin the NT training after these matches.

    Why did the Chinese women's volleyball team lose to Japan in the London Olympic Games? It was a very much unfortunate defeat (2021-04-17)

    In the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Chinese women's volleyball team encountered the Japanese team in the quarter-finals. After the five-set match, the Chinese team lost 2-3, and finally ranked fifth. After qualifying, the Japanese team swept the South Korean team in the bronze medal match, and stood on the podium again since they won the bronze medal in 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

    The QF match of China against Japan was very fierce: 26:28, 25:23, 23:25, 25:23 and 16:18, there was only a difference of two points in each set, no matter whether they won or lost. It is very similar to the four-set match between the Chinese team against the Dutch team in the semi-finals of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. At that time, although the Chinese women's volleyball team won, the process was very difficult, and there was only two points difference in each set. It was a pity that in the final stage of the competition between Chinese and Japanese teams in the London Olympic Games, the Chinese team made many mistakes and gave up the opportunity. The ability to grasp the opportunity was not enough.

    It's quite regrettable that the Chinese team lost that match. Maybe the team underestimated the opponent a bit before the match. When the draw came out, the whole team was very satisfied and thought that the draw was awarded. In fact, at this time, the Chinese team already underestimated the opponent and had a lax mind. In a four-year competition like the Olympic Games, there is no absolute weak team. Only by making the most difficult preparation, can the team not panic and have a clear idea. Obviously, the team did not prepare well, so that the opponent attackers Saori Kimura and Yukiko Ebata dominated the net, they scored higher than what Wang Yimei and Hui Ruoqi could achieve, the Japanese team was fast, Chinese blocking was not good, Japanese team had excellent passes, delicate small ball skills and tenacious defense caused Chinese attackers did less vigorously, but the Chinese coach, on the other hand, was always slow to adapt. In short, the strength of Chinese and Japanese teams were equal to each other, the Chinese team did not have enough strength to subdue the opponent's resistance reliably. The Chinese team underestimated the opponent first, and the opponent was ready to give full fight and showed excellent performance. It was no accident that the Chinese team lost the match.

    In fact, the transition between the old and the new of the Chinese team in the London Olympic cycle was not good enough, the coach changed too frequently, which put the team in turmoil and stumbling. In the 2010 World Championship the team only won the 10th place, which was almost the worst record in history. Although in the 2011 World Cup the team won the third place and got the ticket to the London Olympic Games in the first attempt, it could not cover up the team's lack of competitiveness. The fundamental problem was not solved.

    Losing is not a pleasant thing. Sometimes it's pretty hard to accept, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. It was this particular defeat that very much impressed Lang Ping, who was a guest in the television broadcast studio. It prompted her to return to coaching the Chinese women's volleyball team in 2013, and made the team back to the top. Now the Japanese women's volleyball team is not as strong as in the past, in fact at a historical low point. However, when the Chinese women's volleyball team faces the Japanese team, they still send all the main players to play, as a respect and to avoid any upset outcome, time after time!

    With the inclusion of Li Yingying, it should be Eight (the "7 Fairies" + Li), so four more places, and my very guess: Yao Di, Liu Yanhan/Li Yao/Wang Yizhu (2 out of 3), Wang Yuanyuan/Yang Hanyu. I really don't believe that Lang will ever bring two liberos in the limited 12 spots! But thing will be clearer after the VNL, wanna see the actual performance of these additional names (beyond the eight spots who are pretty locked), whom Lang Ping will field in the VNL try-out.

    Qian Jingwen and Du Qingqing may be good in the domestic competition, or against the fellow Asian teams. But against the tall top teams in the world, I just don't see their values. And both of them were already called into the NT training, played in the Switzerland tournament and/or VNL in the past.

    From now on the opportunity should be given to the potential youngster with eyes on Paris cycle and further. Wang Yizhu, Chen Peiyan, Chen Boya, Xue Yizhi, Che Wenhan, Gao Yi, Guo Huizhen (188cm) and perhaps the cute Miao Yiwen (187cm) from the Sichuan team and so forth... in general the generation of 2000 and younger. And I prefer attackers & blockers with 190++ with good athleticism to compete with the Caucasian teams (the tall White & Black people)... you just can't teach "tall" as the British knowledgeable FIVB commentator who understands the technical aspects of volleyball not just being talkative with empty commentary (forget his name) said often :-) players like Qian and Du have no good prospects in the world's top competition... playing in Asia for non-major events (but not in the Asian Games, Asian Championship) is still okay.

    On the afternoon of April 14, Chinese women's volleyball team, players and coaching team including head coach Lang Ping arrived at the National Ningbo Beilun Sports Training Base in batches, the team would have a quick training before the test match in Tokyo.

    Lang Ping: “It's an especially beautiful Sports Hotel. It's very comfortable and bright. I think it's more fun for athletes to stay in this enclosure.”

    Arrived at the newly renovated sports hotel, Lang Ping was impressed by the comfort of the environment, attracted by the excellent accommodation facilities and attentive service, and she has full of praises.

    The team return to Beilun again after one and a half years when completed the Tokyo Olympic qualifying competition in Beilun in August 2019. Lang Ping is also full of expectations for this training. "It's the third phase of our closed training for the Olympic Games, so I'm very happy to be back in Beilun again."

    Lang Ping said that the training in Beilun is the last quick stage before the Olympic Games for the team, and they will use eight days to do a quick recovery and cooperation before going to Japan to participate in the Olympic test matches and compete with the Japanese team at the Olympic venues.

    In order to ensure the training, Beilun has done a lot of preparatory work.

    • Training facilities and equipment are in place, and all kinds of training equipment are prepared in an orderly manner;
    • With the renovation of the sports hotel, its facilities, layout, function and reception capacity have been improved more reasonably, which is more in line with the accommodation requirements of the Chinese women's volleyball team;
    • In terms of personnel service guarantee, special personnel are assigned to be responsible for training, accommodation, catering and other matters, so as to ensure that the Chinese women's volleyball team can train at ease, live a comfortable life and gain the best training results during the training period in Beilun.

    It is understood that after the test match in Japan, the team will return to Beilun for closed training, and then go to Italy to participate in the VNL. By competing with the top 16 teams in the world, the team will have a big on-match training before the Tokyo Olympic Games.