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    The 7th CISM Military World Games — Wuhan 2019

    All following FINAL matches are played on 22 OCT:

    (1) Women's Volleyball Final 7th-8th Place at 10:00: NED vs FRA

    (2) Women's Volleyball Final 5th-6th Place at 13:30: CAN vs USA

    (3) Women's Volleyball Bronze Medal Match at 15:30: PRK vs GER

    (4) Women's Volleyball Gold Medal Match at 19:30: BRA vs CHN


    • Women's Volleyball Semifinal for 1st-4th

    CHN vs GER 3:0 (25-12 25-8 25-9)

    PRK vs BRA 1:3 (25-19 14-25 23-25 16-25)

    • Women's Volleyball Semifinal for 5th-8th Place

    FRA vs USA 1:3 (25-21 17-25 15-25 23-25)

    CAN vs NED 3:1 (21-25 25-13 25-20 25-16)

    Look at Schedule and Results section of the official host website:

    Host China, DPR Korea, Germany, Brazil Book Final Four At 7th CISM Military World Games - Asian Volleyball Confederation

    Wuhan, China, October 20, 2019 – Defending champions Brazil, Germany, DPR Korea and hosts China made it to top four following their overwhelming wins over USA, France, Netherlands and Canada respectively on their third matches of the 7th CISM Military World Games Women’s Volleyball Tournament here at the Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium on Sunday.


    Military World Games Wuhan 2019

    China beat Brazil 3-0 (25-17, 25-16, 25-21) on 17 Oct.

    Players fielded and players' individual statistics - look at the Wuhan host official website.

    For the match replay, can be watched at the Tencent video site: CHN v BRA - Group Match A (17 Oct).

    The next match of the women's volleyball is on 20 October, China will face Canada.

    Was it DOM that played excellently or the USA that played badly on that day that DOM could beat the USA unexpectedly (in a NT A vs NT A scenario)? :whistle:

    Hopefully a high resolution TV broadcast quality full replay will be made available so can watch it later on.

    DOM shall not escape from Tokyo 2020 now... I guess its women's volleyball team is really the pride of that small island nation :thumbup:

    EDIT: David-101 in NORCECA thread already posted the replay link.

    The 2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship will be held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, eastern China, from 03~08 December 2019.

    Eight teams will participate in the tournament.

    The following is the complete schedule of the 2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship:

    The 7th World Military Games :: Women's Volleyball

    From October 18~27, the 7th World Military Games will be held in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province in the central China. At that time, nearly 10,000 active military personnel from more than 100 countries will compete on the same stage. The Military World Games is a multi-sport event for military sportspeople, organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). The Games have been held since 1995, and is a quadrennial event. The last event was held in 2015 at Mungyeong, South Korea.

    Volleyball events will be organized according to the latest regulations of the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and CISM Volleyball regulations.

    Both men and women will compete. The volleyball competition will be played by 10 men teams and 8 women teams. The teams of China, the host country, are automatically qualified for both men and women.

    For men, 2 groups (5 teams in each) will compete. According to CISM Volleyball regulations, the team of China will be the top seed in Group A.

    For women, 2 groups (4 teams in each) will compete. According to CISM Volleyball regulations, the team of China will be the top seed in Group A.

    Venue: Wuhan Sports Center (Women)

    2019 World Military Games -- Women's Volleyball Team Group Matches of the Chinese team:

    1. October 16, 19:30 China vs USA
    2. October 17, 19:30 China vs Brazil
    3. October 20, 19:30 China vs Canada

    The semi-final and final competitions are held on October 21st and 22nd, respectively.

    Official OC website (multilingual):…sports/2018/1211/479.html

    Cutest girl on chinese NT. Does she have an Instagram account?

    Regarding the superlative, Zheng Yixin's fans may possibly not agree :P

    No IG, FB, etc. But Gong and other NT members definitely have their own Weibo account (China's twitter equivalent).

    On October 5, China's famous actor Li Xian posted a photo of himself with the Chinese women's volleyball team on his Weibo, with the caption: "Girls on the court and the commentary stand, you are our pride! Come on, don't stand up, let's sit down and talk about the great news that China women's volleyball team is back at the top of the world!"

    Li Xian was pictured with Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu, the main players of the current team, as well as the former team's captain Hui Ruoqi, now the commentator at CCTV Sport who also witnessed closely the process of the team's efforts reaching the top.

    In 2016, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the Olympic Games in Rio, and Li Xian once sent a message to the Chinese women's volleyball team, "After watching every competition on the way to the championship, I am really happy for them! China's First Women's Day Regiment!" (SINA SPORTS 05 OCT)

    The Turkish and Polish teams as the strongest contenders should reap benefits from this sudden head coach departure, with the Dutch team is ridden with some problems at present. Their replacement coach may not have enough time to work on the team for the Olympic qualifying tournament in January 2020 hosted there, the last chance to get the sole ticket to the 2020 OG.

    Jamie Morrison is no longer the coach of Dutch volleyball players. The Dutch Volleyball Federation announced this on Saturday (05 Oct). Support for Morrison in the player group disappeared last year.


    Morrison reacts disappointedly to the Nevobo Volleyball Federation:

    "For the last three years, I have been fully dedicated to the Dutch volleyball team, we have not achieved our goals in 2019 and I am responsible for that, I would have liked to finish the assignment that I started in 2017 towards Tokyo, but that is no longer possible."…layers-as-national-coach/

    CHINANEWS.COM, TIANJIN, OCTOBER 1 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) Tianjin Bohai Women's Volleyball Club announced on October 1st that Zhu Ting will join Tianjin Bohai Bank VC this season. Zhu Ting will represent Tianjin Bohai Bank VC to participate in the 2019-2020 CVA Super League and the 2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship.

    Zhu Ting, the captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team who has returned from the World Cup with great honour, also confirmed the news. Her next stop, she announced, would be the Tianjin women's volleyball team.

    Zhu Ting wrote on the public's "Zhu's line to quote" on the recent mental journey. She said: "Got the ticket for the Tokyo Olympic Games at the first opportunity and then successfully defended the World Cup title, on the surface, our 2019 journey is very smooth. But we ourselves know the most. Behind the joy of victory is the long and hard works of Lang coach (i.e. Lang Ping, the head coach). It is our team's continuous sweat every day. It is difficult to move forward in the process of constantly overcoming difficulties and pains."

    About the future, Zhu Ting said that the next stop is Tianjin. "I hope that every day will be rewarding after hard work. I hope that in the coming months, we will often meet in the Chinese women's volleyball Super League." (end)

    Hahaha funny bonus points for CUB and PER... pay attention to the "UPPER PART of TABLE" only, perhaps no one really cares the lower ranks, that's why FIVB arbitrary handed out some freebies :-) lol

    The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team is again listed at the World Ranking #1 --now comes with a rather comfortable margin-- at the latest FIVB Senior World Ranking for Women's teams published on 29 September 2019.

    Note: differs from the 2015 World Cup that allocated the equal 5 WR points for position No. 9 till 12, in the 2019 World Cup, FIVB changed the practice, the given WR points for rank #9 till #12 are 20, 15, 10, and 5 respectively. A more justified practice to award each rank differently. Others remain unchanged.

    A newly released footage by CCTV Video News Agency (CCTV+), with English subtitles:

    Xi Welcomes Chinese Women's Volleyball Team After World Cup Win

    (Video is good even though the media mode does not display it correctly here! Just Click and Play.)

    Chinese President Xi Jinping greeted the Chinese women's volleyball team at the Great Hall of the People on Monday (9/30) afternoon after they returned home from a resounding triumph at the World Cup in Japan.…8123205.shtml#!language=1

    Some Cool Pictures of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team

    The whole team posed together on 2019.9.29 sending their profound greetings to the celebration of China's National Day on October 1st, 2019. The banner reads "Happy Birthday To Our Motherland"

    The team and coaches were invited by President Xi to attend a reception to celebrate the China's

    National Day on September 30. Photo at the Fujian Hall of the Great Hall of the People.

    At 16:45, representatives of the women's volleyball team and coaches entered the Fujian Hall of the Great Hall of the People. President Xi Jinping shook hands with them one by one. After listening to the speeches of leaders, coaches and athletes, Xi said, "At the moment when the whole country is celebrating the National Day, I would like to first of all welcome you back and extend warm congratulations to you."

    President Xi hopes that the Chinese women's volleyball team will continue to work hard and make persistent efforts and he looks forward to the team's excellent results in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

    No wonder that the team took a chartered flight returned to China on a particular flight specially arranged by Air China in Osaka in the early morning of 9/30, arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport at 04:30 and went out of the airport at 5 o'clock. This is the first time that the Chinese women's volleyball team enjoys the chartered flight service. They were warmly welcomed by the fans at the Capital Airport at the early morning hours. Later, everyone walked to the side of the road waiting for the pick-up bus. Lang and Zhu were still communicating while waiting for the bus. Around 5:35, everyone started boarding and left the airport.

    The Individual Awards Winners posed with the Chinese women's volleyball team in the background

    L to R: Krob, Koroleva, Yan, Zhu, Drews, Ding and Wang

    You got to be kidding? Pool B is the hardest so many team to fight to get out of pool play.

    NO kidding! That's why some smarter team fought so hard to get out from Pool of Death B and jump to the more comfortable host ship A :lol: Still not everyone is able to comprehend that phenomenon for whatsoever reason... :whistle:

    Keep on watching!!! The final Pool assignment will be done after completing all the continental OQT in January 2020. Let's just believe the arbitrary power of pool drawing fortune...:cheesy: if one wishes

    All the 16 players of the Chinese Women's Volleyball team got their medals, no player was excluded as some might have thought earlier (if followed the usual 14-roster).

    L to R: Zhu Ting, Wang Meng-jie, Yuan Xin-yue, Yang Han-yu, Gong Xiang-yu, Wang Yuan-yuan, Zeng Chun-lei,

    Zhang Chang-ning, Liu Xiao-tong, Yao Di, Li Ying-ying, Zheng Yi-xin, Lin Li, Ding Xia, Yan Ni, Liu Yan-han and Head coach, Lang Ping

    Yokohama, Hamamatsu, Sapporo, Toyama and Osaka, Japan, September 29, 2019 - China, USA and Russia finished first, second and third of the 2019 edition of the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup which featured 12 teams playing in round robin format in five cities across Japan from September 14 to 29. The competition began in Yokohama and Hamamatsu over five match days, before teams moved to Sapporo and Toyama for three more matches. The competition wrapped up in Osaka from September 27 to 29.

    FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup: Standings, schedule and results. All times local (GMT+9).


    FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup - Results And Ranking…ld-cup---results?id=88814