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    Maja wanna the Serbian team to play the Chinese team in the Gold Medal match to take a revenge in the sideline interview! hahaha

    Thank you Maja for your support <3 we certainly love to watch a replay of the Rio OG final here! :lol:

    The Italian team has the sufficient winning odds. But the Chinese team's records are not favouring the Italian team at all.

    But as the word goes, the ball is round, and nothing is certain in sport, in a match between teams of more or less at the same level, so let's see soon :whistle:

    Chinese team's own match records:

    • The Chinese team has never lost in the Semifinal match at the World Championship
    • The Chinese team has never lost Twice to the same opponent in one tournament
    • In the 2014 edition, the host team also beat the Chinese team in the pool match, but it failed to do it again in the semifinals

    Italy was really good host. Final match was sold out and it was between USA and China. And pool stage had crowd.

    Germany hosting in 2013 Ech was really good. A lot of people watched even pool stage without Germany playing.

    Ned was amazing but only for their team.

    I guess it's because the Italian team was the hot favourite to win the SF against the Chinese team in the 2014 WCH. Moreover the host team already beat CHN in the earlier group match... so who might think the team could beat the host?

    And as usual practice, the tickets were sold out much in advance... the home crowd did think their team would play in the final. So bought already, just enjoyed the match :whistle:

    According to Japanese media, it seems that China, Thailand and others bid for the 2022 WCH.

    I read that kind of info too posted by some Chinese media. The nations having interests to host 2022 WCH are China, Japan, Russia. Cannot remember that Thailand is mentioned there. And the host selection process will not be a simple one.

    I just wonder how some member here mentioned that the NED is the next WCH host?? And the post was presented as a statement, not expectation/hope :lol: so misleading

    Where to bet? What's the good betting site?

    I read a post by some Chinese volleyball fan that the Japanese TV will NOT broadcast live the semifinal matches. Instead they will just focus on the match of the 5th position.

    Must be a very disappointing miss for the Japanese volleyball fans if it's the case.

    Is it true that the SF matches won't be covered live?

    Cuba is a mess because of their federation and politics. Otherwise, they would keep being a powerhouse (not so dominant as in the 90s, but still competitive).

    I have just lost the count of the times they have changed squads in the last years. They have rebuilt teams from zero like 4 times since 2008. The script is like this: Build a good young team - players get offers from abroad - they quit from NT and wait 2 years for playing abroad - rebuild a team with young athletes - they turn into good players - players get offers from abroad - over and over again.

    Sorry for the offtopic.

    It's just a typical case of poor countries having no means, no adequate resources or money to shield themselves from the braindrain, from the hijack! Pretty common reality.

    CHN v ITL is such a complicated match to predict. That's why it's going to be fun. Then when it's over we'll all make pronouncements about it like it was obvious and we knew the outcome ahead of time. :teach:

    CALL IT HINDSIGHT SPECIALIST!! OR EVEN HINDSIGHT MASTER!! What differs then is how long the prose be written... :lol:

    Yuan was fine. I agree she didn't play her best. But some fans should stop dramatizing things because she was not at her top performance.

    Yuan merely saves her top form for those knocked-out matches ... spares the best for the last :dance6:

    Now I REALLY THINK the NED team is more spirited to meet the ITA team in the semifinals... instead of the Serbian team. The Dutch's unpleasant memory of the 2017 Women's European Volleyball Championship should still be lingering... the Italian squad seems to be a better take for the Dutch girls... which I do concur!

    I must admit that I am quite wrong, the NED team simply did not fight hard enough TO TRY to win today's match even though the CHN team just played casually... and the CHN did not avoid playing ITA in the SF either.

    So, the match-ups in the semifinals: NED vs SRB and ITA vs CHN. Two-day off in the meantime.

    Now I REALLY THINK the NED team is more spirited to meet the ITA team in the semifinals... instead of the Serbian team. The Dutch's unpleasant memory of the 2017 Women's European Volleyball Championship should still be lingering... the Italian squad seems to be a better take for the Dutch girls... which I do concur!

    There is really no incentive to try hard to win this match from the CHN team's standing point since both SRB and ITA are equally of the same quality... just no incentive... perhaps just the vanity of team's prestige and statistical record... but really no meat all bones only :lol: a match of no practical values!

    Not sure about the NED team's POV.

    It's interesting to see how eager the CHN team is to play the ITA squad in the semifinals. The team not even try to rest its starter six to give some court time to its rusty bench players.

    Who says that the SRB team is the preferred opponent for the CHN team in the SF? The ITA team is just not deterring any in the last four. The CHN team just stays on course to top its pool.

    Now the ITA loses the top pool position to the SRB team 1-3 as I predicted though in much tighter set than I what have guessed...

    the interesting question now is what will the Chinese team's response in the subsequent match? Will the CHN squad favour to see the ITA or SRB team in the semifinals? Will the CHN team proceed on course to top the pool, just re-stage the match against ITA team, or will it avoid the collision with the only team that beat it in this tournament so far?

    It will be interesting to watch the outcome of the CHN vs NED pretty soon in the last match of the Round 3 (aka. the Final 6). Time will tell the direction :)

    I just don't see this match as any team is playing to lose, unlike the two special matches earlier by SRB that you hinted :-)

    but now the whitewash is aborted its impact may be not so relevant. But I just think the ECH title holder does not like to lose to another European team though this match is not that significant.

    Okay the whitewash defeat mode is aborted.... but the defeat of the ITA team is still looming. The Serbian team just plays strongly, and as the commentator said, the SRB team also has the better stock of bench players.

    I guess SRB will take this match 3-1.