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    Liu Yan-han speaks better English than Zhu... she just got a short appearance in the set 3.

    Weird, how the match of DOM vs CHN was done in such low intensity. Throughout the match there was absent any vibe from both sides unlike those Chinese matches against KOR and RUS, or the Dominican ones against JPN, KOR, CMR, this match just rolled out too casual...:whistle:

    The two players not in the 14-player roster of World Cup 2019:

    Match 1: Zheng Yi-xin and Yang Han-yu

    Match 2: Zhu Ting and Yan Ni

    Match 3: Zheng Yi-xin and Liu Yan-han

    Match 4: Zheng Yi-xin and Zeng Chun-lei

    Match 5:

    Match 6:

    Match 7:

    Match 8:

    Match 9:

    Match 10:

    Match 11:

    As far as I know the points from 2019 World Cup won't be counted. It is probably the last edition of WC because Japan doesn't want to host it.

    Nope! The full WR points will be given as usual. Just wait and see :-) And if JPN really wants to get out of WC, CHN can easily step in to take over if FIVB does approach them for help.

    All the Chinese sport media mentioned the consistent info on this WR point matter, and they have been proven as accurate on issues such as the allowance for the varying 14-player list out of the 25-big one for EACH MATCH :whistle:

    Wow, I thought noone will care about this tournament at all after it was stripped from basically any value outside of FIVB World ranking points, but wow, even Kenya and Cameroon get at least 3,000 spectators per match!

    You just overlooked the ample FIVB World Ranking points given here, just as good as the OG and WCH :whistle:

    Just feel sorry for those who missed the invitations.

    What is she going to do during the match anyways? Draw a diagram?

    Nothing! What else could Zhu explain then? Her English is a badly broken one. But even if Zhu's English had been excellent, does any one here really think that the referee, Patricia Rolf, from the USA would have accepted her call be challenged? And under hard pressed of time?

    I just wish that FIVB has some following-up mechanism to review some bad call by the referees... after the match... or, perhaps after the affected team filed a complaint review. It won't affect the outcome, but such action may call the attention of all referees to improve and avoid the same faulty call. Otherwise the referees may not be aware or take any lesson. But I wanna put it into proportion, Time on court runs very fast, everything has to be decided in few seconds, and ball runs so fast... thus error does occur. Rolf is a long time, quite familiar face on court, so I take it as a human's error.


    Hamamatsu, Japan, September 16, 2019 – Superstar opposite Lonneke Sloetjes is currently competing with her national team – the Netherlands – in the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Cup and she is hoping that the tournament will help them prepare for the Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament in January 2020.

    “This tournament is one big training for Olympic qualification,” Sloetjes said. “It’s really important that we get a lot of experience and play tough games against good teams, so this tournament is really welcome.”

    Prior to the World Cup, Sloetjes and her squad competed in the Tokyo Volleyball Qualification Tournament and European Championship. In the intercontinental qualification tournament, Sloetjes led her squad in scoring but the team lost the spot to Italy.

    In the World Cup, Sloetjes is hoping for a good performance that will hit the restart button in preparation for their final chance to book a ticket to Tokyo 2020.

    “We’re not in the best place right now after the last Olympic qualification and the last European Championship wasn’t really our tournament. For us it’s really a good way to restart and fight our way back,” shared Sloetjes.

    The World Cup is also her last tournament before she travels to Italy for the club season. But preparation still continues for the Dutch player.

    Lonneke Sloetjes celebrates in their match against Brazil in the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup

    It’s really hard because each one of us will go to a club and we need to keep continuing to prepare there although we are on our own there, we still need to think about what will happen in January,” Sloetjes explained.

    “So it’s really important for everyone that in January, we can be the best we can and I think in this tournament we just have to get our vibe back and to enjoy – to get our mojo back. I’m really happy that we can participate here to get the training.”

    The Netherlands are having a good run so far in Hamamatsu as they had a 3-0 winning start - all wins in straight sets.

    Sloetjes helped out teammates Anne Buijs and Maret Balkestein-Grothues in scoring in their first two outings, claiming wins against Argentina 3-0 (25-16, 25-17, 25-19) and Kenya 3-0 (25-12, 25-19, 25-17).

    Sloetjes’ game against Brazil was her most brilliant so far, as she notched 25 points in a solid performance from the attack line. The Dutch team stunned the South American team 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-22) to be among the three teams that remain undefeated in the tournament.

    The Netherlands will face the United States on September 18 at 14.00 local time, and then face European rivals Serbia the next day at 11.00.


    Sorry folks, you all keep on telling that watching the JPN U20 squad will give more fun than watching its senior one, I do disagree.

    If that junior team is being dispatched to some senior major event, just like this World Cup, you guys will see them being steamrolled by others, and perform even worse than the senior NT. You all are just talking about different realm then mixing the two :-)

    Or the VNL 2020 can be a good trial venue for the U20 squad... just pray and hope :)

    I just don't believe the junior squad is better than the senior one! As about the current JPN senior NT, they are much capable to compete in the World's middle to higher level, but just not against several top runners.

    Were you looking the other way when the Japan U20 squad opened a can of whoop ass on the Korean NT at the Asian Championships? :)

    Korea is ramping up for some good times lead by the Lee sisters (and the new coach). They're pretty solid across the board, Kim Heejin hate notwithstanding. And they're going to get better as Yang Hyo-Jin gets back to form.

    I'm excited about this and can't wait for LeBron James to retire

    Yeah, I missed that event, but that edition wasn't taken as quite an important event for the top teams, so I don't consider that one as an "NT A event" to accurately measure the real strength of the competing teams!! And VNL too. But in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, the top Asian teams all sent their "best available" line-ups to that quadrennial event.

    As for the KOR team at the Asian Championships, was the team as complete as the current one in the World Cup?

    ZHANG CHANG-NING has been regaining her good performance! At least since the IOQT she has been again showing her sharpness on court. And the first two matches she played at the World Cup against KOR and RUS just reaffirms her effectiveness and great contribution to the team, helping much Captain Zhu in carrying the team passing the challenges. The same case can be said on Yuan Xin-yue post-WCH 2018. Both Zhang and Yuan have been showing the most obvious developments this year. And Gong Xiang-yu also stabilizes her performance again. Indeed the whole core team is showing very good sign: Yan Ni, Li Ying-ying, Ding Xia, Yao Di. The only one who's showing a rather obvious setback is Lin Li. But in general the team (incl. the bench players Liu XT, Liu YH, Zheng YX, Wang YY, Ni FF, Yang HY) is showing up very good prospect for many good outcomes in years to come!

    The official site still shows DOM and CMR as played twice only :-) lol

    Are they still sleeping?…esults-and-ranking/round1

    The first screenshot taken on 2019.9.16 at 23:25 UTC +9

    EDIT: The FIVB folks read this board, but some lazy staff amazingly just fixed the number of matches of the DOM and CMR but left out other details! DOM should have gotten 5 points and CMR has one.

    The 2nd screenshot taken on 2019.9.17 at 01:25 UTC +9

    A fantastic match between the South Koreans and the host team, tension built was incredible!

    Once more time the KOR NT A again shows they are stronger than the host team after beating JPN NT A as well in the bronze medal match of the 2018 ASIAN GAMES (biggest multi-sport event in Asia) and in the 2019 VNL.

    The South Korean team is indeed the Asian #2, stronger than the Japanese team nowadays. The KOR NT A has beaten the JPN NT A in the last three occasions: in the bronze medal match in the 2018 ASIAN GAMES in Jakarta (which is the most important QUADRENNIAL Multi-Sport Event in the Asia Continent); in the 2019 VNL; and now here, at the 2019 World Cup. Ignoring the FIVB's World Ranking, strictly based on the REAL strength, the South Korean team has been showing that the team is stronger than the Japanese squad. The best of KOR is exceeding the best of JPN at present!

    The South Korean squad showed they were even more determined than the host team to win the match! The current team simply cannot lose to this Japanese team for many reasons, but the national pride is the #1, in particular under the current atmosphere between the two nations. KOR may lose to CHN, DOM, RUS and so forth, but this team just cannot accept defeat from JPN!!

    Just watch their fighting spirit and tension built in the match vs JPN!!

    This show further sends bad, threatening signals to the Thai team. The Thais will be facing the uphill battle to win the last ticket to the 2020 OG in Tokyo!


    For the individual player's performance of this KOR team in this match: the captain, Kim Yeon Koung was clearly the anchor; but Lee Jae Yeong and

    Kim Su Ji were the other members who shone more than their teammates, but the setter Lee Da Yeong also delivered as well as Yang Hyo Jin and

    Kim Hee Jin.... the South Korea's strongest line-up after so many years!

    see above

    And Cameroon just multiplied its World Cup account by incredibly winning the 4th set 30-28 denying DOM's four match points, the match goes to tie break!

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, they earn their very first point!

    DOM v CAM 3:2 (25 - 17, 25 - 15, 23 - 25, 28 - 30, 15 - 10)

    Who might have thought av 5-set match between the two ???