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    The Chinese team had a stunning win today against the Turkish one beyond the guess of every one, fans or not, and moreover with Zhu Ting just did a cameo appearance at the end of the set one, and Yuan Xin-yue was completely at bench. Even the match commentator Simon Golding lost his words to depict the outcome. Simply inconceivable! And in that process it quiets lots of things.

    Unfortunate for the POL team to lose the set 2 by two-point margin, it changed the entire course of the match, and after that the USA team was on rise and the POL team was sinking. The 11 pts at set 4 equalizes the KOR record achieved in this VNL.

    That's a price the POL team have to bear in training Stysiak to fill in the left wing to break through into the OG qualification. Must swallow the bitter pill at present.

    If POL can beat both JPN and DOM they still have chance to play in Nanjing!

    The WGP now VNL is the "commercialization" of the volleyball tournament by the FIVB. If only nations like DOM or other European nations or the American continent are more willing to bid in fulfilling the commercial aspects sought after by the FIVB then definitely they may host more, just like the soccer World Cup. Right now it happens that the Asian Continent incl China, Japan, Thailand are more willing to bid for and can afford the hosting of VNL and other int'l women's volleyball events. And FIVB loves such great support. That's all. Money talks. Without the money lube the sport won't flourish either! You should complain why the members of CEV won't throw in more money to host the VNL!

    The commentator on Volleyball World TV didn't even know who is doing what and what is going on on court.

    Simon Golding is the better commentator, he knows volleyball. He even gave some foresights that eventually came true. Listen to him from Hong Kong to Jiangmen stations now (perhaps in Macau too). Believe Simon along with "Catherine Mary / Marie" (not sure about her name spelling) will do the commenting in Ningbo as well.

    Some other FIVB commentators don't show the necessary knowledge in volleyball, just talking talking :whistle: in general sense :lol: say the obvious things, Mr. Hilarious, Mr. Hyperbole…

    i only caught a little bit of the seemed that the problem for POL was playing with new setter.nobody could kill the ball, there was no connection. kako was tipping and getting blocked. smarzek too tipped every ball. it was boring so i turned it off.

    Simon Golding commented the POL team had no first passes, the new setter, Julia Nowicka, did not get the decent passes to do her task, consequently no offense. Just no transmission in the set 1. Smarzek was relatively quiet in the 1st set. The subsequent sets got better. Zhu just registered 13 points, not so active today.

    Too bad for Japan. Losing at home to a team they can easily beat which basically locks them out of the Final 6 for good

    Really??? I never know that... that BRA is an easy team for JPN! :D :roll:

    Now I believe the race to the Final Six for the 6th spot will be a three-horse race: POL, JPN, DOM.,.,. and they yet play each other. But if POL can grab any point in Jiangmen Station then the last ticket may likely be theirs! But the matches against the contenders themselves are the most decisive.

    Well, not sure if already posted here or not...

    Larson will join the Shanghai VC next season (2019/2020)

    On the teams' press conference, when asked regarding whether or not to join the Shanghai women's volleyball team next season, the USA captain Jordan Larson said: "This rumor is correct, I will join the Shanghai team next season." (Sina Sports, 2019.06.10)