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    The link gives me 404 error or no access. I went to the main site and there's no CCTV sports channels avaiable, CCTV1, 5, and 5+ are not listed. Maybe it's just me because Firefox browser has a lot of problems nowadays.

    olevod is still good w/o vpn, just use ms edge

    Yes, I installed hola extension. Only goes up to 720p. Tried it on chromium browser.

    Mine is Hola Premium, with Ext. via Chrome, I guess I may have more than 720P judged from the clarity :-) though can't be 100% sure, anyhow I watch at laptop, not 65in TV, so it's just fine for me :D

    Do you install extension for the browser? I still get copyright message even with Chinese IP and it's the same for the desktop/laptop app. How is the quality? Does it have 1080p resolution? Thanks.

    CCTV5 quality via Hola is good (or even excellent), and as said earlier I just took Hola Premium for 1mo cuz its offer is cheap, CCTV5 labels it as High Definition and Clear... not sure the numeric scale, it's relatively smooth, for me it's satisfying

    Will definitely do all those things. Also wanna see Shanghai while I'm at the northern side of China actually so I might make it a long trip :P

    it's a vast land you'll need very long time if you have lots of aspiration. If you like less crowded go to western, SW, NW parts... if you don't mind crowd go to the eastern (coastal), south and SE parts. I like Sichuan in general, Jiuzhaigou in northern Sichuan is very beautiful. Too many good places to name here -- see here1 ; here2 , I have been in some parts of the four cardinal directions so get some general impression.

    Does anyone know how to watch all volleyball matches in the UK?

    I know BBC broadcast the Olympics but not sure if they will show everything?

    UK may possibly access Eurosport in addition to BBC

    read here:

    Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream: TV Schedule, Channel & Watch Online

    If you are waiting for the Tokyo Olympics 2021, You have come to the right page since we will show you how to watch the Summer Olympics 2021 live stream online from any location, TV Coverage from different countries, schedule, and step by step guide.

    Ways to Watch 2021 Olympics Live Stream Free Online from Anywhere

    There are several ways to watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 live stream online for free. Here we show you one by one.

    where do you guys live? In Beijing here, there is several ways to watch all the Olympic woman and man volleyball match by free. Besides cctv, I am used to app of tencent sports

    Me in Asia outside China :-)

    Any web of Tencent to access?

    Women's Volleyball Match Schedule - Chinese Team

    CHN v TUR 25.07.21 07:25 (GMT)

    CHN v USA 27.07.21 02:05 (GMT)

    CHN v RUS 29.07.21 07:25 (GMT)

    CHN v ITA 31.07.21 12:45 (GMT)

    CHN v ARG 02.08.21 07:25 (GMT)

    Women's Volleyball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    Pool A: Japan (Hosts), Serbia (3), Brazil (4), South Korea (9), Dominican Republic (10), Kenya (19)

    Pool B: China (1), United States (2), Russia (5), Italy (8), Argentina (11), Turkey (12)

    I am pretty sure links will get posted when they are available, but just in case nothing is there, watch cctv5 at the right times on (it's currently broadcasting aikido)

    and use a VPN into China. Hola is free and works, but insecure so don't use it on a browser that you have personal data on.

    What version of Hola? Basic or Pro?

    EDIT: I can connect cctv5via hola free but cuz it offer Pro with unlimited connection hours at app 7 bucks a month, I just took it :-) from googlechrome install ext. hola. i'm just glad can access cctv5, and with premium acc the access should be smoother.

    Zhu Anliang, Zhu Ting's father, said in an interview with Henan media on July 18: "My daughter has become the first female flag bearer of the (Summer) Olympic Games. This is the pride of my whole family. She is not afraid to bear hardships and is neat person! My girl, come on, papa wish you the best in the Tokyo Olympic Games!

    Zhu Ting's father was also busy in his hometown in Dancheng County, Zhoukou, Henan, renovating his house and preparing to invite the village neighborhood to watch the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics whereas his daughter is the flag bearer of the Chinese contingent.

    "Busy! In my hometown, the whole house still needs some fixes and the network cable is broken. This time, I have to be well equipped. Can't delay to watch the Olympic Games. When the villagers have come, we will watch the girl together."

    Zhu Ting's father reflected that the home network was not good, worried that he would not be able to watch the video broadcast of her daughter as the flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games on July 23. And the network problem of Zhu Ting's family, also caused netizen great attention. On July 19, a reporter visited Zhu Ting's home.

    After local media reported the Zhu Ting's home situation, the three major operators [mobile networks] took action immediately to solve the network problem at once. The home network issue was solved.

    With regard to this matter, netizens have said, "let's sit in front of TV and enjoy the flag bearer Ting with papa Zhu", "honest papa Zhu has brought up good daughter, Zhu Ting worked very hard, we support you, Zhu Ting!" Zhu Ting's parents are humble family, they are still living in the village.

    As the saying goes, "the mother is worried about children traveling thousands of miles." According to Jiangsu media, when the Chinese women's volleyball team was in Tokyo for the Olympics, they interviewed the mothers of two NT players.

    Jiang Qiuhan, Zhang Changning's mother, revealed: "the national team has been under closed training recently, so we didn't go to Beijing to see Zhang Changning off. To be honest, I do miss my daughter."

    Gong Xiangyu's mother, Wei Jiaping, said: "the last time I saw Gong Xiangyu, it was Chinese New Year (i.e. on 12 Feb 2021). Since then, she has been training with the national team or playing on behalf of the provincial team. She has never seen Gong Xiangyu again. It should have been nearly half a year. I miss her very much."

    The parents of Gong Xiangyu

    I just finished watching the Rio Olympic final and realized that ZCN and GXY were there. Why they weren't playing? Is their Opp that time THAT good?

    And was that Hui Ruoqi final match with the NT? Haven't seen her playing again. She was one of my most likable players on court. What a beautiful send off if that was her last match -- gold medal, being a captain, and did good that final night.

    Both Zhang and Gong were subs for Hui RQ and Yang FX respectively at the 2016 Rio, and they were considered young and new players (esp. Gong just entered into senior int'l competition in 2016, the Montreux then WGP), and were far from their present day forms. I don't remember whether they're on court or not at the gold medal match against SRB, but I guess both might have some playing time, esp. the more experienced Zhang.

    Yes, the Rio OG matches were Hui's last match with the NT, iirc she announced her retirement from volleyball due to health issue at the National Games in 2017.

    After a few hours of flying, the Chinese women’s volleyball team finally arrived in Tokyo on 19 July 2021. When they arrived at the Tokyo Narita International Airport Terminal 1, there were also many journalists, media and fans in China who had already picked up the plane. We can see that at the airport. In the lobby, fans have pulled up the banner and wrote: Warm welcome to the Chinese women's volleyball team!

    In the women's volleyball team, Zhu Ting is undoubtedly the most watched player. Before she came out, many fans were shouting that Zhu Ting came out. When the team really came out, there were too many fans at the scene. The reporter also said: Even the Japanese police were dispatched to maintain order, because the fans chased after them.

    As the head coach, Lang Ping also smiled and accepted an interview on the sidelines. She said that she came to Tokyo again and she was very excited to fight for the national glory. And also said that the women's volleyball team is ready after five years. There are even interviews by reporters. Will this be her "curtain call"? Lang Ping also said, I don’t know, do you want to solve this problem now? :P