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    China Media Group (CMG; the parent company of all the state-owned CCTV channels as well as the Radio services) has fully geared up for a comprehensive and intriguing coverage of the 19th HANGZHOU ASIAN GAMES with cutting-edge live broadcasting techs (incl. the 4K standards as well as 8K technology) and complete personnel arrangements.

    CMG has sent some 4500 professionals to broadcast and report the event and carry out supporting services.

    The CMG will also fully apply various self-developed technologies in the four broadcast systems built at the front-end of the Asian Games, providing audience with immersive viewing experience with the multi-dimensional support from helicopters, lifting towers, jib cameras, and cableway shooting system (FlyingKitty).

    CMG will report the Asian Games to the world with 68 languages and omni-media communication technologies.

    DOM 2 - 0 UKR, yet still a good volleyball to watch

    The host fill up the stadium with elementary school pupils, who enjoy much the game 😁 😂 good idea, better than having an empty one, noon/afternoon in weekday, not many adults can make it to watch!

    I am all in for the team of the Russian Federation to compete in the 2024 Paris OG (even under some "neutral flag"), the sport includes the Olympics movement should have never been politicized but those organizations/federations have failed to keep that oath under various political pressure in the past several years (cases with IAAF, FIFA, WADA, etc). That's a dangerous trend, close to open the Pandora box, that may severely harm the sport or sport bodies ultimately! There have been many examples in other non-sport sectors. And I'll be glad if I am quite wrong to ever think that IOC or FIVB will succumb into political pressure.

    If you ban Russian team from the international competitions that giving WR points, of course the team will have no chance to appear in the Olympics because its WR points won't be high enough. It simply kills the opportunity of a team with the very long and high esteem achievements in volleyball realm from the USSR era to Russian Federation.

    The next four matches will be the real test how good really the current team is. If the team plays well and achieves good results then it will be an affirmation that the team is still very competitive among the world's top eight. Then the final match against the titan, SRB, if the team fights well and achieves good result too, either win or lose in a tight 5-set match, then it will show the team is still quite competitive at the higher level.

    The first two match is just a warming-up, setting on the diesel engine after being camped, and esp. MEX is too weak to interpret anything from match against this NORCECA team. A commendation to the UKR team, never watch the team prior to this match. They play a good volleyball and have the potential for the better outcome. Again, the next four matches for the team will have the gradual crescendo of significance, and showing how good, how consistent the team when facing the more potent teams with full line-up here (esp. DOM & NED), teams that have capability to fight back! If the journey is smooth, and I wish it's a successful venture, then next year, hopefully Zhu is well recuperated so she can rejoin the team to form the formidable axis of Zhu+Li supported by the newcomer Wu as sub (WYL may still stay as the 2nd sub with ZH out in a 12-member roster arrangement).

    Looking forward to the Chinese women's volleyball team to make a strong comeback and play with its strongest lineup

    Finally, amid much anticipation, the Chinese women's volleyball team is ready and is about to enter the Olympic Qualification Tournament! This tournament is of great significance to the Chinese women's volleyball team. It is not only related to the allocated spot for the next year's Paris Olympics, but also has the impact of an unprecedented failure in the Tokyo Olympics. Therefore, even if it is just an early campaign for the Paris Olympics, Chinese volleyball fans are holding their breath. Hopefully Cai Bin can lead the team to perform well and "avoid shame".

    So, what did the Chinese women's volleyball team experience at the Tokyo Olympics? It should be noted that the hosting of the Tokyo Olympics was very complicated. A couple of years ago, because the world was greatly affected by the epidemic, various major competitions were adjusted and postponed. Even the quadrennial Olympics had to be postponed by one year. In this way, many preparation plans were also greatly affected. With most of the players performing unsatisfactory, the team had three losses in five matches, only achieved the 9th place, and missed the Olympic quarterfinals.

    Many players shed tears at the scene. Whether it was the coach Lang Ping or the athletes, this was their last Olympic Games. The goal was to defend the championship title, but the result was a catastrophic failure, the team didn't even make it to the knocked-out stage, the quarterfinals. This sense of disparity also put the Chinese women's volleyball team on the pillar of shame for a period of time. Even the team went home early, and ZCN was scolded profusely for accepting some commercial deal. Chinese volleyball fans blamed the failure on the women's volleyball team's acceptance of various commercial activities, and coach Lang Ping also quietly left the team. After that, a large number of veteran players retired, and some players recuperated and left the team... The team entered a trough situation, and it was not until this year that the team started to recover.

    So this time at the Paris Olympics, whether it's the Chinese Volleyball Association or the women's volleyball players who have held their breath, they are all aiming for higher goals. Even if winning the championship is too far away for the team at present, the bold courage to fight and to have such thought is already a part of the well-known spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team. This Olympic qualifying round is the prelude, this is an opportunity for the team to rebound further to shed its shame and establish a new height! (A sport observer and writer from Hebei, via Baidu Sports, 2023-09-15)

    I miss the days when we can limit Turkey to 48 points in 3 sets

    Forget it! Now the Turkiye's team is suddenly becoming quite formidable, even more powerful than the familiar giants such as SRB, ITA, BRA, USA... with the inclusion of Melissa Vargas! Her joining to the TUR team brings even more impact than Egonu joined the ITA team. Vargas to the TUR team is likened Boskovic to the SRB squad! For the Paris OG, I predict TUR and SRB are the strongest contenders for the top spot!

    Correct. ZT is represented by a foreign sport agent who oversees her contracts i.e. employment, endorsements and fee appearances, etc. NT successes were riding heavily in ZT’s coattails. Companies that sponsored the NT knew that JLP and ZT were the major forces of the NT victories. There is a fee to use ZT name/ images and most probably, NT wanted to keep the whole payment and did not want to pay certain percentage to ZT. Not properly and fairly acknowledging ZT contribution was insulting. NT could negotiate with the companies that ZT name / images should be included and additional cost for the endorsements. If the NT endorsed products without the players then that is ok, but using other players images / name without ZT is not ok. ZT’s agent is open for negotiations for sure in this issue.

    You make repeated bold accusations on all these heavy negative things... do you have any valid source / news link to prop your words? 🤔🤔

    I just looked again at this chronological list to grasp why the Chinese team failed to advance to the knock-out stage beside their some earlier upset defeats in the 2020 Tokyo OG... it's because the eventual champion the US team threw out their match against the Russian team by losing in straight 0-3 on 31 July 2021 after their three earlier consecutive wins secured their position (the US only defeat in the entire tournament) thus even the Chinese team succeeded to win over the Italian team 3-0 at the same day on later schedule, the team could not save their position because the Russian team had one more win than the Chinese team. A match throw-away that sank the Chinese team's chance to the QF (in addition to their own upset losses to TUR, 0-3 and esp. the RUS, 2-3).

    Therefore, the new FIVB arrangement that prevents any team from throwing away their match to sabotage other team's chance is welcomed! Each match should be significant so that no team can throw it away or play foul there!

    Browse the details here:…0%93_Women%27s_tournament

    As for the host team gets the favorable seeding position, well, that's a natural benefit for any nation that's willing to spend a lot of money to host the event. I am perplexed when the financial burden in hosting a big sport event moreover as big as the Summer Olympics is being ignored in any serious discussion... and that the host country should not entitle for any extra benefit such as the seeding position. It's just unreal to the life reality.

    Wondered why ZT has not joined the 🇨🇳🏐NT. She must have some disagreement with the way the practices and physical trainings maybe the length of time, compensation, etc.

    She had given up a chunk of earnings (losing money) when she joined and went back to play in CVL.. The sacrifices she endured did not pay off (Tokyo Olympics result was disappointing). Time is not on her side, she needs to recoup her loss - play in club that offer the most money to her. Maybe it is more relax and fun to play in European leagues. She wasn’t as popular as ZCN in 🇨🇳 market endorsements knowing that the 🇨🇳🏐 WNT impressive results were the greater part was her contribution. ZCN was riding high on the NT success instead of her. Saw some 🇨🇳 advertisements using the NT and ZT face was not in them. In these cases, NT got paid and perhaps the player photos who were in the ad got extra dough. She was not treated fairly.

    All these talks are just pure fandom's wild speculations. When Zhu Ting's return to the NT next year for the Paris OG, it will put off all the wild thoughts even the sinister lines.

    The core part is I believe that Zhu got CVA full support for what she's doing. There are/were some delicate situations involving the timing of her injury and recuperation, the playing duration and burden, the utmost priority for the CVA whereas the Zhu's role is truly needed (which is not really at this very moment as outlined by the immediate article above), as well as Zhu's own legitimate interest.

    Back to the short answer, just wait patiently until next year, if Zhu backs to the NT, it's obvious that all negativities are purely speculative. But if Zhu remains playing in the club but not the NT, then all those lines may have some truth.

    Chinese women's volleyball team changes formations, Cai Bin's team welcomes new players, and Li Yingying gets a strong helping hand

    Recently many fans of the Chinese women's volleyball team have seen the official roster announcement for the Olympic Qualification Tournament and the Hangzhou Asian Games. Cai Bin attaches great importance to these two competitions held in China, and for the Chinese women's volleyball team, they definitely want to win the first-chance tickets to the Paris Olympics and defend the championship of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Since winning the silver medal in the 2023 VNL, the Chinese women's volleyball team has not given the players a break. Cai Bin brought the team to Beilun training base, Zhejiang for preparation, just to achieve good results and live up to the expectations of fans.

    In order to play well in the OQT and the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese women's volleyball team underwent a transformation, with some players leaving. At the same time, Cai Bin's team welcomed new players. The biggest difference from the VNL lineup is the very first-time inclusion of Wu Mengjie into the main attacking position of the first team and the return of the experienced Ding Xia as the setter of the team (the second setter position). Wu Mengjie is dubbed as 'Little Zhu Ting', with excellent height and arm span. Her offensive ability is excellent, and she can play super offensive in the face of tall European and American players. Now that Cai Bin has called Wu Mengjie into the team, it can be said that in terms of attacking, it can improve the team's attacking effectiveness, as well as assisting blocking.

    For Li Yingying, she gets a good helper because Wang Yunlu and others have limited offensive skills, especially when facing the European and American players with excellent height and arm span. Wang Yunlu is prone to getting stuck in the round. Now, Cai Bin has called Wu Mengjie into the team. When the team attacks at the front row position, Wu Mengjie's capability is clearly better than Wang Yunlu. Many fans expect Wu Mengjie to play her part in the national team's main lineup and become a good partner for Li Yingying, because in the absence of Zhu Ting in these two upcoming major events, it is necessary for Li Yingying and others to come forward and solve the shortcoming.

    Everyone saw recently that Zhu Ting appeared in Beilun, reporting her injury situation to the coaching staff and also seeing her teammates. Later, Zhu Ting posted on social media that she would go to Spain for injury recovery therapy. After a brief adjustment in Spain, Zhu Ting went directly to play for the Italian Serie A team. Recently, Zhu Ting has flown to Italian team Scandicci, which can be said to have started the preparation work for the new season. On the other side, Scandicci's official platform has released a message stating that "the Queen is back".

    Seeing Zhu Ting returning to the team and not playing in the NT yet playing in the Serie A club, some fans posted many kinds of negative comments and rumors, including Zhu's self-interest chasing for money. In fact, it is not inappropriate for Zhu Ting not to compete with the NT, because in the upcoming OQT, as long as the Chinese team achieves the top two results in the group, the team will earn the direct ticket to the Paris Olympics. And even if the Chinese team miserably fails to seize the opportunity in the OQT, the team can still enter the Paris Olympics through its world rankings.

    At the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, in the absence of the huge upset, the probability of the Chinese women's volleyball team in defending the championship is also very high. Zhu Ting reported her physical condition to the national team before the previous Women's Volleyball World Championship, the upcoming OQT, and the Hangzhou Asian Games. The facts that Zhu Ting did not play with the NT, I believe the CVA must have carefully considered it. Now that Zhu Ting does not play with the NT, it may be a good thing, giving other players the opportunity to exercise, to fill up her position. After all, Zhu Ting is also growing older, one year older than Zhang Changning, the Chinese women's volleyball team can no longer just rely on Zhu Ting, a proper regeneration must be well prepared.

    In the upcoming Olympic Qualification Tournament and the Hangzhou Asian Games, I hope that Li Yingying and Wu Mengjie can both show their full shines and lead the team to achieve good results. When Zhu Ting returns to participate in the Olympics next year (the volleyball events in the Paris Olympics will take place between the 27 July and 11 August 2024), it must be said that the Chinese women's volleyball team is still quite competitive for the podium spots. Finally, many folks still say that Zhang Changning is still recuperating her injury and eventually will return to the NT. What do you think of this? (A volleyball observer and writer in Henan, via NetEase Sports, 2023-09-13)

    Looking back at post the Tokyo Olympics cycle, Li Yingying is almost the only dependable player in the Chinese women's volleyball team's main attack position, because Zhang Changning has practically retired (she has not been in volleyball training for about 18 months), while Zhu Ting is still healing her injury and playing for an Italian club (her prospect for returning to the NT is not clear at the moment). In the main attacking position, Li Yingying became the absolute core, and her attacking partner at present is Wang Yunlu, and Wang Yunlu's performance was not ideal, which aroused dissatisfaction among fans, and there were even calls for Wang Yunlu to be replaced.

    In fact, based on the current lineup of the Chinese women's volleyball team, just the return of Zhu Ting is enough to make it easy for the team to win in the Asian Continent, and even have the ability to compete for one among the top four positions globally. However, without Zhu Ting, the current level of the Chinese women's volleyball team can only be considered as one of the top eight teams in the world, making it difficult to compete for the championships in the World level. Therefore, Wang Yunlu has always been considered a weakness of the team, and opponents often use this weakness to attack, which has become a loophole in the overall strength of the team. If this issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner, it will become difficult for the team to achieve ideal results in the world level competitions.

    However, at the upcoming Olympic qualifiers and the Hangzhou Asian Games, the head coach Cai Bin brought in a new blood into the first team, Wu Mengjie. This young main attacking player born in 2002 has a height of 1.92 meters and the world-class comprehensive strength. She may most likely partner with Li Yingying to replace Wang Yunlu and form a golden combination of the main attacking lines of the team, which is expected to help the team achieve ideal results in the upcoming two big events. This adjustment brings new hope to the team after the Tokyo OG's fiasco and the subsequent retirements and semi-retirements of several key players.

    In short, the Chinese women's volleyball team has introduced new forces in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Olympic qualification matches, hoping to make up for the shortcomings in the offensive end. The addition of Wu Mengjie has made the team more solid in their main attacking position, adding confidence to future competitions. The Hangzhou Asian Games and Olympic qualifiers will become the beginning of a new journey for the team, and also the starting point for the team to return to its top competitive form! (A volleyball observer and writer in Zhejiang, via Baidu Sports, 2023-09-13)