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    Vietnam also quit (I think covid reasons) which is a shame, they had chances.

    I noticed about the absence of India and Nepal but overlooked Vietnam's participation.

    Still they have no chance to beat KOR and THA :-) No WCH for them... there's a big gap between Asian #4 and the remaining teams :P


    In the latest news, both Chinese team and the defending champion Japanese team did not participate in the Asian Championship. According to the draw results of the Asian Championship, a total of 8 teams participated. The host Philippines, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei, and Uzbekistan are in Group A; Thailand, South Korea, Iran, and Australia are in Group B. Due to the withdrawal of China and Japan, the South Korean team is the number one favorite to win the Asian Championship.

    The Asian Championship are linked to the qualifications of the World Championship, and the top two can qualify for the 2022 World Championships.

    A total of 24 teams participated in the World Championship, and it was also the most difficult competition in the women's volleyball competition. However, in addition to qualifying for the World Championship by the top two in the Intercontinental Championship, the host automatically gets the qualifications and the world rankings before the World Championship. So both the Chinese and Japanese teams can qualify by virtue of the world ranking.

    The 2021 Asian Championship will be held from August 29th to September 4th, and the Olympic Games will end on August 8th. China's quadrennial National Games will be held in September, and a total of 8 women's volleyball teams will advance to the finals. Too close the schedules, causing some conflict.

    More about the event itself:…l-championships-unveiled/

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    the tem has travelled to japan

    Let's see what happen

    I was ok the team not going to vnl but imo they should have had at least the same amount of matches with good teams or at least half

    Didn't the Italian team have three great friendly matches against the Serbian team?

    It's tough to have matches as many as or even just half of the bubble VNL under the pandemic situation.

    Hard to imagine any team that just played in the VNL would have been interested in further friendly matches, even though they aren't engaged in Tokyo OG. That's why the other two teams (POL !? and whom) dropped from the originally small four-leg tournament along with ITA and SRB.

    A Special Tribute to Yan Ni from People's Daily

    On Friday, 16 July 2021 the People's Daily issued a special poster on social media to pay tribute to Yan Ni, with her face on the poster and the words “Go all out and stand on the last post”, summed up in 11 Chinese characters: “全力以赴,站好最后一班岗” written at below.

    It's really tear jerking. This is the best portrayal of Yan Ni's mentality and journey of career. She has given almost everything she has to the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team.

    The fact that the People's Daily give this comment, is no doubt the supreme honor. As the first authoritative media, they give the highest praise to Yan Ni, which is a special treatment that neither Zhu Ting nor Zhang Changning has enjoyed.

    In addition to the roster of 12 players, there are also five coaches, one team leader, one doctor and one translator, a total of 20 people to go to Tokyo. The list is as follows:

    Team Leader: Li Quanqiang

    Coaches: Lang Ping, Lai Yawen, An Jiajie, Bao Zhuang, Yuan Lingxi

    Team doctor: Wei Yongji

    Translation: Jian Jie

    The team already ended their Beilun training on 13 July, and already returned to Beijing, and will depart from there to Tokyo along the big continent on 19 July. 💪👊

    A COVID-19 cluster was discovered at the Japanese hotel in the Hamamatsu city, southwest of Tokyo, housing dozens of Brazil's Olympic team members head of the highly-anticipated Tokyo Olympics. The cluster was flagged as Tokyo continues to record its highest number of COVID infections in six months. Just over a week before the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 is scheduled to take place on July 23, the surge in COVID cases in the host city has risked staging the world’s biggest sports event amid the pandemic without spectators. (7/15)…ympians-sparks-scare.html

    No group photo for the gold medal podium according to IOC. They also scrapped the video presentation with various key players from all the teams.

    All become The Lone Ranger Zorro now :D prior to Batman n Robin 8o

    But I think the team can do some quick own group photo beyond the podium later.... without masks, or well, they simply doing at home with simulated stage... just imagine one of the lifetime career pinnacle framed in picture with masks showing eyes only, decades later telling their grandchildren showing the pic, "it's me, your grandma, look into my eyes" :D during the worst pandemic hit era after the WWI... a chaotic time in the world :P

    A compilation footage (11:13)

    Very Smart Player - Gong Xiangyu | 龚翔宇 | The Best of VNL 2021 (HD)

    Gong Xiangyu (simplified Chinese: 龚翔宇; traditional Chinese: 龔翔宇; pinyin: gōng xiáng yǔ; born 21 April 1997) is a female Chinese volleyball player. On club level, she plays for Jiangsu.

    She was born in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province to a mother of Physical education teacher who was once a national épée champion, and a policeman father who used to play for the Jiangsu U23 basketball team. Her given name Xiangyu means "flying in the universe." She started attending Nanjing Normal University in 2016.

    She was promoted by Coach Cai Bin from the Jiangsu U23 team to Jiangsu Women's Volleyball Club in the 2015-2016 season. Following a successful debut season at the Chinese Volleyball League, she was selected by Coach Lang Ping for the national team in 2016. She represented China at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and won the gold medal. She participated at the 2016 Montreux Volley Masters, 2017 Montreux Volley Masters, 2018 Montreux Volley Masters, and 2019 Montreux Volley Masters.

    By Titans Volleyball Fan 21.07.13

    AVC is not a priority since China has not sent an A team after 2015 edition. It's just a training tournament for this cycle. Who ever gets selected will get a chance to make the A team with their performances. Liu Yanhan extended her national team career during the 2018 Asian Cup and got rewarded with an Olympic spot for Tokyo.

    Yes, I recall that Liu Yanhan carried the team to win the 2018 Asian Cup (AVC Cup) hosted in Thailand and was the MVP, she was highly praised among the volleyball fans after the tournament. Frankly I feel happy for her to be selected for the Tokyo OG roster instead let say the flash appearance of Li Yao. I wish both Liu may help the team in Tokyo when their services are needed!

    And what after 2024? New Zhu Ting is showing up and Lang Ping is responsible to train her up too?

    In that case she might never be able to retire until the day she dies.

    I want her to be selfish for once for her own good and leave after Tokyo.

    One step at a time... after Tokyo OG, it's the Paris cycle. Further than that, it's purely a speculation.


    An Jiajie's special assignment

    NetEase - 12 July 2021

    In addition to the reduction of the participating coaching staff by the Tokyo Olympic Committee, An Jiajie this time got a special assignment to lead the second team to compete in the the Asian Championships. Lai Yawen may not be suitable for that task. In the last Asian Championships, the team was led by assistant coach Bao Zhuang. But this time around, Bao Zhuang and Daniel have special task with the NT's safety and health, so it's difficult for Bao Zhuang to take upon other assignment. While Yuan Lingxi is also the assistant coach of Tianjin Women's volleyball team, and the task of the National Games is inseparable from him.

    Because Jiangmen, Guangdong chose not to hold the 2021 Women's Volleyball Asian Championships, the tournament had to be postponed to 29 August ~ 05 September 2021 in the Philippines as a last resort.

    After seeing the specific schedule, fans and the media may say why not let the head coach Lang Ping lead the main lineup to the competition? It is important to know that there will be a National Games after the Asian Championships. If the main lineup of the NT goes to the Philippines to participate in the Asian Championships, after the return, there will be a 21-day quarantine, and they will directly miss the women's volleyball National Games. In the finals, the local teams cannot afford such losses and will not agree to release. The participation in the Asian Championships won't exceed the significance of the National Games.

    The CVA can only send members of the second team to play. In addition, the younger players (from the youth team) also have the National Games Youth Division, so the association can only send players that are not needed by the local teams.

    In this way, when head coach Lang Ping leads the team to the Tokyo Olympic Games, An Jiajie can set up a second team at home to prepare for the competition in the Asian Championship. For example, Zheng Yixin and Lin Li, both players are not selected for the Olympic roster, and have no tasks either in the National Games finals, yet have rich experiences as the team members participating in the FIVB world-class events. Although the Asian Championship has been adjusted, only the top two can get the direct qualification for the 2022 World Championship, although this matter has no effect on the Chinese team for it can qualify through WR position. However, it will still be the An Jiajie's task to lead the second team to a good start and regain the lost championship of the previous edition.


    Few questions: awaiting the second team recruitment -- who will make up the team aside from Zheng Yixin and Lin Li ??? Which training base will be used? Ningbo Beilun or other? When to start training? :whistle: 

    After the Tokyo Olympics, whether Lang Ping can serve as the head coach of the national team has always been an issue of concern to the majority of fans. Following considerations may make her leave not that easy to happen:

    First, under the leadership of Lang Ping, the Chinese NT slowly moved from the low period to the current peak period, which once proved Lang Ping's world-class coaching level.

    Second, the national team is now aging. After the Tokyo Olympics, many of the NT players will miss the next Olympic cycle. The failure to pick up will be reflected once. If Lang Ping is no longer the head coach of the NT post-Tokyo OG, the NT may go downhill again.

    Third, the Volleyball Association will not let Lang Ping go easily. The CVA knows better than any other one. No one is more unique in the selection of newcomers than Lang Ping, lest Lang Ping wouldn't lead the NT to the point where it is today. The association surely will ask Lang Ping to stay until bringing out a group of new players.

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    Why is Lang Ping retiring? Health issue? It will be a great loss to China & the whole volleyball community if she ever leaves the game completely. Feels like she still has so much to give.

    The status of such reference is still "rumor", we can only know for sure some time after the OG is over. But if it happens then the reasons will be health and age matters. Anyhow it should be her own decision. Her stay is still favored.

    Latest from FIVB twitter. Really, a lot of effort was put into this with the cultural symbols represented.

    Zhu/Yuan/Li/Ding/Wang (Mengjie)

    FIVB through its tweet is forerunning Lang's official decision post-Tokyo cycle as if put her in a fait accompli -- really not proper for a federation, it should not touch this issue prematurely in its public message :!::?:

    "5 years after winning Olympic🥇, all eyes will be on Zhu Ting & team. This is also Lang Ping's last major event as head coach."

    Lang Ping explains why Wang Mengjie is selected and regards Li Yingying as one of the team's "secret weapons" for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

    Lang Ping, head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, visited the broadcast room to explain the hot issues of the team roster for the Olympics.

    A terse clip of 3:33, Lang accompanied by her four charming vanguards

    These two main liberos (Wang Mengjie and Lin Li) are actually part of our 2015 squad. So in the 2016 OG selection, there were also a lot of comparison in our libero selection. When the team needs more consideration, at that time Wang was also fully prepared. Then we chose Lin Li. Wang Mengjie also supported the team's preparation as always, until the last day before we got on the plane. At that time Wang Mengjie, Zeng Chunlei and Shen Jingsi, the three players together send the team to the bus (to airport) and gave the team their best wishes in the Rio OG, gave a thought as one team. Now based on the current stats data, we think Wang fits the role better. Lin Li is also doing very well. She has been very supportive. We think it as one team.

    Li Yingying has made rapid progress in recent years, we're happy too, because we have another good scorer on the offensive line. She should be one of our secret weapons. I hope she'll be strong under the leadership of these big players (i.e. her seniors, the usual starters in the team). In the OG we hope she can bring all her firepower into play.