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    Last time they did send the A team to the Wch qualifiers. Asian championships is important because it's a wch qualifier not because it is Asian championships.

    For that WCH qualifier reason, and due to China is the host at this edition, they will send their main lineup to this tournament to not disappoint the fans and secure the WCH spot. I read this several weeks before the VNL started.

    IMO, if the team retain their gold medal in Tokyo, Lang won't be able to walk away :-) I believe some special sweet arrangement can be done to retain her in the team. There's always some white knight can help to accomplish that due to nation's love for the team! So first thing first, retain the title, all other things will be solved later. I agree that raised such direct question to Lang at the interview was a silly even foolish act.

    Here's the segment of interview with Yuan Xinyue:

    to be fair, doesn't really matter which subs you pick and it will still be a good line up.

    I hope Liu Yanhan (actually, both Lius now that I think of it) can find her (their) 2019 VNL finals form.

    Some volleyball observers in mainland also said the same thing that player like Liu XT has up and down play so the down trend is not the absolute conclusive state, the coaching team may help these subs (with Liu YH) to up their states in the OG. This will most likely be their last OG (2nd for Liu XT, the first one for Liu YH), both have been serving many years to earn these spots. May Liu XT also bring her lucky charm to the team :) All the best.

    Yesterday I read many hints that Liu XT will be picked up. Now it's Liu YH instead of Li Yao or Yang HY. But this roster does not surprise me.

    The coaching team may think one MB is replaced by libero, so three are enough. And Yang HY is still young, she can set for the Paris cycle, just like Ni FF. And Liu XT is the "lucky soldier" in the eyes of Lang Ping, she has Lang's confidence over years, and contributed the crucial points in defeating BRA in Rio 2016 and other major events under Lang Ping.

    At the end this is a good line-up, won't complain... fans may say a lot, but they cannot be knowing more than the coaching team and every decision has its pros and cons.... but the coaching team knows the best!

    Good luck for the team and strive for the best!

    During a recent interview with Zhang Changning, a reporter asked her if she would like to play abroad, because it has been said that foreign teams have contacted her before.

    Zhang Changning said that it is not up to her to decide. The implication is that the will of the national team should be taken into account, she will not make decisions without authorization.

    Moreover, Zhang Changning also mentioned that she does not like to be the focus of attention, and preferred to see the overall focus of attention upon the national team when playing.

    It can be seen from these two points that Zhang Changning attaches great importance to the honor of the national team. She is not impetuous or chasing fame and wealth. She just wants to play well and help the national team compete for higher honors. (Netease, 20210703)

    Note: The original term is the "Chinese Women's Volleyball team", I cut short to the national team (previously just "team" which caused misinterpretation to the club/provincial team).

    Hi pappi -- long time not seeing you posting around, I recall several years ago, possibly in 2015, you were still posting often, in the 2015 WC, 2016 Rio and so forth... and I won't forget the look of Castro in your PP :wavy: just wanna say 'Hello" to a long time tenant here :whistle:

    What do you guys think of the new olympic uniforms?

    I have to say I preferred the red and yellow... no clue what the white is doing there tbh.

    Not cool for the team! Same as you, I prefer the classic colors: red and yellow.... white color like this even gives an ugly look :P bad choice of color, uncool design :down: well, but perhaps Covid-19 pandemic year thus less bright colors, and more white one... who knows

    Another team from the Americas snatching a spot in the QF from the Europeans :lol:

    If the runner-ups of both CSV and NORCECA has one more match to pick the 3rd candidate from the American Continent to the Olympics, one more spot can be spared for the Europeans.

    Now CSV + NORCECA have four, frankly it's one too many! :lol:

    Congrats to Turkey for the medal and Japan for going that far being here!

    Just wonder, two matches between these two teams within two week interval...

    WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between this Bronze medal match of TUR vs. JPN (3-0) and the prelim match of TUR vs. JPN (1-3) -- same lineup, just about two weeks ago, WHY the match be so different with the opposite outcome?

    What made such difference as the scores are not tight, so no "luck factor" here.

    This VNL is a great training to ZCN, she looked a lot more confident and efficient in attacking imo. It is a treasure for China to have 3 world-class OH in a squad...

    Yes! But in the beginning many observers ridiculed Zhang for being the only one (aside from libero) among the main lineup to be assigned to play in the VNL from the outset. Some even went on as far as that Zhang needed to secure her spot again after long break and unconvincing performance in the OG Test match. In short, many said that Zhang was somehow being "punished" for her lousy appearance. Glad that she could utilize the event to rebuild her form as in the 2019 WC, and in that process shut down her critics as well.

    The travelling system (location change every week) is very bad for the climate, by the way, far too much flying.

    That's why the elites will limit flights to the few thru lockdowns and vax passport, they wanna save the Earth from human :lol:

    read Mark Carney's latest book: Value(s): Building a Better World for All -- he's the former governor both of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, as well as the UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance, also an adviser both to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the next big climate conference in Glasgow, and to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    Someone made a video about Zhang Changning's plays in the 2021 VNL, and compiled a table of the scores she made throughout the tournament (10 matches where she's fielded). Against the NED team she played as a substitute and made 7 points. In the last row against the US team, Zhang accounted for 13 points.

    Among the team's main line-up, Zhang Changning had the most difficult time in the VNL. She was the only main player who played from the beginning till the end. Although there were some rotations, the players' body could not be completely relaxed under the tense schedule, so someone catched Zhang Changning's scene.

    It's really heartbreaking. In the match against Poland, when Zhang Changning started playing, we could clearly see that all the pink hairpins on her head have lost their color. It could be seen that it's difficult to buy a hairpin in such a closed environment. At the first moment before the team returning to home, Zhang Changning also posted the news through her social media, so some people teased her that "she could finally buy some new hairpins."

    Duo bundling strategy... therefore if you take Zhu you must also bring Yao along :lol:

    Your roster seem good, with possibility of change in LXT... also have no idea, as well as the 12th spot.

    What's the deadline for team to determine their roster?

    I think ZCN can be moved to opposite if GXY doesn’t play well, like in Rio. LYY at opposite hasn’t worked super well in the past but we shall see. She has certainly improved a lot.

    For libero, true that WMJ is unstable, but would it be feasible to take Lin Li along as well?

    Anyway, the team is at the Ningbo Beilun base for quaratined training. Who can you spot? (pictures from 我爱女排 weibo account)

    From the 3 pics, spotted Yao, Zhu, Yuan, Yan, Liu XT, Lin, Ding, Li Yao, Yang, Li YY, Zhang...

    Good girls, back in drilling mode again! There is simply no easy path to success! Fight! 加油!

    Now with the NEW WR system, these mid-tier teams may have chance to better their WR position to improve their odds to attend Olympics. Of course a top-tier team can always grab a spot for itself, despite its actual WR position is understated.

    Now look at the current participants:

    Women's Volleyball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

    Pool A: Japan (Hosts), Serbia (3), Brazil (4), South Korea (9), Dominican Republic (10), Kenya (19)

    Pool B: China (1), United States (2), Russia (5), Italy (8), Argentina (11), Turkey (12)

    Now, supposed the allocation of the CEV to be expanded, team from WHICH Confederation can be sacrificed to make up the room? (Which one(s) actually does NOT deserve to be here?) And of course if IOC will expand the teams to 14 or even 16, the problem is immediately solved :-)

    Current OG teams:

    CEV - European Confederation: Four teams

    AVC - Asian Confederation: Three teams

    CSV - South American Confederation: Two teams

    NORCECA - North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation: Two teams

    CAVB - African Confederation: One team