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    Chinese women's volleyball team changes formations, Cai Bin's team welcomes new players, and Li Yingying gets a strong helping hand

    Recently many fans of the Chinese women's volleyball team have seen the official roster announcement for the Olympic Qualification Tournament and the Hangzhou Asian Games. Cai Bin attaches great importance to these two competitions held in China, and for the Chinese women's volleyball team, they definitely want to win the first-chance tickets to the Paris Olympics and defend the championship of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Since winning the silver medal in the 2023 VNL, the Chinese women's volleyball team has not given the players a break. Cai Bin brought the team to Beilun training base, Zhejiang for preparation, just to achieve good results and live up to the expectations of fans.

    In order to play well in the OQT and the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese women's volleyball team underwent a transformation, with some players leaving. At the same time, Cai Bin's team welcomed new players. The biggest difference from the VNL lineup is the very first-time inclusion of Wu Mengjie into the main attacking position of the first team and the return of the experienced Ding Xia as the setter of the team (the second setter position). Wu Mengjie is dubbed as 'Little Zhu Ting', with excellent height and arm span. Her offensive ability is excellent, and she can play super offensive in the face of tall European and American players. Now that Cai Bin has called Wu Mengjie into the team, it can be said that in terms of attacking, it can improve the team's attacking effectiveness, as well as assisting blocking.

    For Li Yingying, she gets a good helper because Wang Yunlu and others have limited offensive skills, especially when facing the European and American players with excellent height and arm span. Wang Yunlu is prone to getting stuck in the round. Now, Cai Bin has called Wu Mengjie into the team. When the team attacks at the front row position, Wu Mengjie's capability is clearly better than Wang Yunlu. Many fans expect Wu Mengjie to play her part in the national team's main lineup and become a good partner for Li Yingying, because in the absence of Zhu Ting in these two upcoming major events, it is necessary for Li Yingying and others to come forward and solve the shortcoming.

    Everyone saw recently that Zhu Ting appeared in Beilun, reporting her injury situation to the coaching staff and also seeing her teammates. Later, Zhu Ting posted on social media that she would go to Spain for injury recovery therapy. After a brief adjustment in Spain, Zhu Ting went directly to play for the Italian Serie A team. Recently, Zhu Ting has flown to Italian team Scandicci, which can be said to have started the preparation work for the new season. On the other side, Scandicci's official platform has released a message stating that "the Queen is back".

    Seeing Zhu Ting returning to the team and not playing in the NT yet playing in the Serie A club, some fans posted many kinds of negative comments and rumors, including Zhu's self-interest chasing for money. In fact, it is not inappropriate for Zhu Ting not to compete with the NT, because in the upcoming OQT, as long as the Chinese team achieves the top two results in the group, the team will earn the direct ticket to the Paris Olympics. And even if the Chinese team miserably fails to seize the opportunity in the OQT, the team can still enter the Paris Olympics through its world rankings.

    At the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, in the absence of the huge upset, the probability of the Chinese women's volleyball team in defending the championship is also very high. Zhu Ting reported her physical condition to the national team before the previous Women's Volleyball World Championship, the upcoming OQT, and the Hangzhou Asian Games. The facts that Zhu Ting did not play with the NT, I believe the CVA must have carefully considered it. Now that Zhu Ting does not play with the NT, it may be a good thing, giving other players the opportunity to exercise, to fill up her position. After all, Zhu Ting is also growing older, one year older than Zhang Changning, the Chinese women's volleyball team can no longer just rely on Zhu Ting, a proper regeneration must be well prepared.

    In the upcoming Olympic Qualification Tournament and the Hangzhou Asian Games, I hope that Li Yingying and Wu Mengjie can both show their full shines and lead the team to achieve good results. When Zhu Ting returns to participate in the Olympics next year (the volleyball events in the Paris Olympics will take place between the 27 July and 11 August 2024), it must be said that the Chinese women's volleyball team is still quite competitive for the podium spots. Finally, many folks still say that Zhang Changning is still recuperating her injury and eventually will return to the NT. What do you think of this? (A volleyball observer and writer in Henan, via NetEase Sports, 2023-09-13)

    Looking back at post the Tokyo Olympics cycle, Li Yingying is almost the only dependable player in the Chinese women's volleyball team's main attack position, because Zhang Changning has practically retired (she has not been in volleyball training for about 18 months), while Zhu Ting is still healing her injury and playing for an Italian club (her prospect for returning to the NT is not clear at the moment). In the main attacking position, Li Yingying became the absolute core, and her attacking partner at present is Wang Yunlu, and Wang Yunlu's performance was not ideal, which aroused dissatisfaction among fans, and there were even calls for Wang Yunlu to be replaced.

    In fact, based on the current lineup of the Chinese women's volleyball team, just the return of Zhu Ting is enough to make it easy for the team to win in the Asian Continent, and even have the ability to compete for one among the top four positions globally. However, without Zhu Ting, the current level of the Chinese women's volleyball team can only be considered as one of the top eight teams in the world, making it difficult to compete for the championships in the World level. Therefore, Wang Yunlu has always been considered a weakness of the team, and opponents often use this weakness to attack, which has become a loophole in the overall strength of the team. If this issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner, it will become difficult for the team to achieve ideal results in the world level competitions.

    However, at the upcoming Olympic qualifiers and the Hangzhou Asian Games, the head coach Cai Bin brought in a new blood into the first team, Wu Mengjie. This young main attacking player born in 2002 has a height of 1.92 meters and the world-class comprehensive strength. She may most likely partner with Li Yingying to replace Wang Yunlu and form a golden combination of the main attacking lines of the team, which is expected to help the team achieve ideal results in the upcoming two big events. This adjustment brings new hope to the team after the Tokyo OG's fiasco and the subsequent retirements and semi-retirements of several key players.

    In short, the Chinese women's volleyball team has introduced new forces in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Olympic qualification matches, hoping to make up for the shortcomings in the offensive end. The addition of Wu Mengjie has made the team more solid in their main attacking position, adding confidence to future competitions. The Hangzhou Asian Games and Olympic qualifiers will become the beginning of a new journey for the team, and also the starting point for the team to return to its top competitive form! (A volleyball observer and writer in Zhejiang, via Baidu Sports, 2023-09-13)

    China had Zhu Ting and South Korea had KYK. These two players had a great impact on their respective teams. It is appropriate to call them legends. Saw the Fivb Instagram calling Kurakut as a legend. I don’t think she deserves to be called a legend - not yet too early. Besides, she hasn’t been the catalyst to Turkey NT decisive victories.

    It's the inclusion of the ex-Cuban Melissa Vargas that made the Turkish Team at its current position. Without Vargas, the Turkish team will simply be a strong, respectable team but not on the top like it's now! Think that Guidetti would have cursed that he didn't have Vargas during all his years with TUR NT for all the coveted championships! It's a futile attempt to deny such reality!

    After the Paris Olympics qualifying tournament, the women's volleyball event of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will be held from September 30 to October 7. A total of 13 teams will participate, divided into four groups A, B, C, and D. The Chinese women's volleyball team is in Group A with the Indian and North Korea teams.

    October 1st, 19:00 CHN vs. IND

    October 2nd, 19:00 CHN vs. PRK

    Only 12 players can register for the Asian Games. The Chinese women's volleyball team has added Yang Hanyu to the MB position and Ni Feifan to the libero position for the Paris OQT roster. The rest remains unchanged.

    In the Asian Continent, if the Chinese women's volleyball team competes, it will have the upper hand position, moreover if the team sends its main lineup. At present its main opponents are the teams from Thailand and Japan. The other teams pose no threat. The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team also sets target to defend its championship title in the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games! In the 2018 edition, the team won the gold medal defeating the Thai team in straight set in the final held in Jakarta. The South Korean team won the bronze defeating Japan.

    The long-awaited list of 14 players for the Chinese Women's Volleyball Olympic Qualifying Tournament has finally been released.

    Everyone is paying attention to the main offensive position. The focus of attention is mainly on two players, namely Wu Mengjie and Zhong Hui. Who among these two players will play a bigger role in the team.

    In the recent VNL tournament, Zhong Hui, the captain of the Shanghai team and who performed very well in the domestic league last season, entered the final roster of the national team coached by Cai Bin for the first time and followed the NT to participate in the VNL. Even during the preparations for the VNL, some media reporters saw that Zhong Hui was assigned to the main lineup with Li Yingying, so there was even a saying that Zhong Hui would be among the starter players in the VNL.

    But later it turned out that this was not the case. Even in the first few matches of the VNL, Zhong Hui was not fielded. It was not until the last match of the first leg that she got the chance to play for the first time, but the effect was not very good. Throughout the entire VNL, her playing time was only more than that of the young libero Ni Feifan and the MB Gao Yi, and she did not play an important part. And after she came on court, this lack of height main attacking style did not seem to be particularly mature in the team, and the effect was not very good.

    Wu Mengjie, who previously won the championship at the Chengdu Universiade and the runner-up of the Asian Championship with the second team and was successfully elected as the scoring champion of the tournament, successfully entered the NT first team roster, and will follow the NT in this Olympic qualifying tournament.

    This is also the very first time in Wu Mengjie's career that she has represented the Chinese First Team in such a top competition. Although she has represented the Chinese team in senior events such as the Asian Cup and Asian Championship many times before, those were only the Chinese team's substitute lineup and were not considered the strongest lineup of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team.

    Being able to rank among the top 14 players can be seen from the fact that Wu Mengjie's recent series of wonderful performances have successfully impressed Cai Bin, and he finally recruited this young player into the first team. In fact, since Cai Bin coached the Chinese women's volleyball team, he has been criticized for the issue of lineup rotation, including the promotion of young players. This time Wu Mengjie is selected, we'll see how effective is such decision. (A Zhejiang sport writer, 2023-09-12, via Baidu Sports)

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 12 -- On this day the Chinese Volleyball Association (CVA) announced the list of 14 players to participate in the women's volleyball qualifying rounds of the Paris Olympics, including Olympic champion Ding Xia and main attacking rookie Wu Mengjie.

    The women's volleyball qualifying event in Group A of the Paris Olympics will be held from September 16 to 24, 2023 at the Beilun Sports Center in Ningbo, Zhejiang. The eight participating teams are China, Serbia, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Canada, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Ukraine. The competition adopts a single round-robin system, and the top two teams will directly qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

    The 14 players of the Chinese team are Li Yingying, Wang Yunlu, Zhong Hui, Wu Mengjie, Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan, Gao Yi, Yang Hanyu, Gong Xiangyu, Zheng Yixin, Diao Linyu, Ding Xia, Wang Mengjie, and Ni Feifan. Among them, Rio Olympic champion Ding Xia and rookie Wu Mengjie did not participate in this year's VNL with the team, but they returned to the team this time.

    The CVA also announced the list of 12 Chinese women's volleyball players participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games on the same day. This list is basically the same as the list participating in the Olympic qualifying events, except for Yang Hanyu and Ni Feifan. The women's volleyball competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 30th to October 7th, with the Chinese team in the group stage alongside the Indian and North Korean teams.


    If one subs Volleyballworld TV then (s)he can watch all the OQT matches there. CCTV-5 (Sports) already announced that they will cover live all matches of the Chinese team (but not sure about other Group A's matches of other teams).

    The official Chinese team roster (12 players only) for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games 2023 (the original schedule of this Asian largest quadrennial multisport event is 2022 after the last edition in 2018 held in Indonesia) -- ported from tomen's post in the China NT 2023 thread

    S - Diao Lin-yu, Ding Xia

    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zheng Yi-xin

    OH - Li Ying-ying, Wang Yun-lu, Zhong Hui, Wu Meng-jie

    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Wang Yuan-yuan, Gao Yi

    L - Wang Meng-jie

    Only Yang Han-yu and Ni Fei-fan will not join the Asian Games roster, but they will participate in the 14-player strong team for the OQT.

    As the OQT for the women's volleyball approaches, the final rosters of 14 players for each team are attracting more and more attention. Some media has revealed the 14-person list of the Chinese women's volleyball team to participate in the Olympic qualifying tournament. As everyone had guessed, Ding Xia and Wu Mengjie replaced Xu Xiaoting and Du Qingqing. (12 September 2023, Liaoning Sports plus Shandong Sports creators via Tencent (QQ) News)

    Prospective players of the post-2000s era, with five strong players worth focusing on the NT training

    You know the reason why the Chinese women's volleyball team is facing a limited choice of players available at present is because a large number of players retired after the Tokyo OG, leaving limited resources available for the time being.

    Countless experiences and lessons have taught us that in order for a team to thrive for a long time, talent cultivation is the extremely important thing!

    So, besides Li Yingying, what 'Fresh Blood' are there in the Chinese women's volleyball lineup that are worth focusing on cultivating?

    The most eye-catching player is Wu Mengjie from the Jiangsu women's volleyball team. She has been well-known for a long time and has also spent many years in the NT second team. She has not received prime opportunities but she has been persisting in training, and her skills have become more comprehensive.

    Zhou Yetong also received the best OP at the Asian Championship. She came into attention in the 2022 Asian Cup with great explosive and powerful attacking capability. In the context of the national team's shortage of strong player in the OP position, she is worth looking forward to. Moreover, her diverse spiking techniques and left-handed attack make her very distinctive, and she is expected to enter the national team in the future and become a good support for the main attacking line.

    In the U21 World Championship, there were also three outstanding players, namely Zhuang Yushan who won the best OH, Wan Ziyue who won the best MB, and Zhu Xingchen who won the best libero. Zhuang Yushan has great cultivation value in the OH position. Although she is not very tall, she plays with a unique style and is very stable on the court. She is very capable of mobilizing the atmosphere, and is very daring to play. She has a flexible mind and is a typical player who uses her brain to play! In the future, there is also an opportunity to enter the national team for key training!

    Wan Ziyue's attacking capability as an MB has become more comprehensive, and her outstanding contribution in blocking has made many people seeing in herself the former figure of the "Great Wall" of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Moreover, her height is outstanding, her jumping ability is also very good, and her shots are powerful enough. There are many possibilities in her future development!

    In addition, the libero Zhu Xingchen is also attracting attention. Although her skills are not yet very mature, she has a good foundation and a good competitive temperament. In the current situation where there are limited talents in the libero position, if she continues to improve her skills, she may have the opportunity to partner with Ni Feifan! (Sohu Sports, 2023-09-12)

    Talking about options, why isn’t Zhuang Yushan selected for the ‘A’ team or the ‘B’ team? She’s MPV/best OH in the u21 World C’ships and eventhough it’s an age group event, their standard is close to the senior players. In fact I heard a few of the 3rd place Brazilian u21 team are joining their team for the OQs. To understand how good she is, have a look at the final match between China and Italy. Jump to set 5, around 2.12.00 minute mark, when Wang Yifan was serving at 8-5. The Italian attack was picked up by Wang herself and our Libero Zhu send it to the front by a high pass. Zhuang was able to control this ball with good positioning and timing to deliver a ‘super spike’.... and she is consistently hitting shots like this.

    Perhaps Zhuang Yushan (born in 2003) will make up the NT Training List in the next cycle. Let's see her being given chance in senior team then. I will choose Zhuang i/o Zhong Hui (born in 1997) for the NT team (A/B). Who knows Zhuang can be the Chinese version of Gabriela Guimaraes. I think there's a limit on how many players can be called into the NT training list (those who being called in receive salary from the NT coffer), and also the schedule is tight to the games... it'll also affect who's in, who's out... in short there are many considerations that outsiders can't really fathom. But why not start first Zhuang with the second team? On the hindsight I think coach Zhao also made a mistake by not including Zhuang into his squad instead of the lesser options of Duan Fang or Wang Yizhu. But perhaps the thinking was U21 WCH was too close with the Asian Championship, it'd be too exhaustive for Zhuang, also no time for training together (yet the squad mostly comprised of the Universiade one).

    I don't really like Wang Yunlu (born 1996) being in the NT first team (another Wang Yimei at the transition time to Lang Ping !??), but she has been working very hard for so many years, so perhaps this is her last opportunity with the NT. And the coaching team will know better why one stays and the other not. No one wanna have a weak team if you have a better option on hand. For sure I am happy to see Wu Mengjie (born 2002) being included into the NT training. There are some speculations at what the actual role Wu may play in the OQT or Asian Games squad! That Du Qingqing (born in 1996) being dropped out was also a positive decision. Let see the actual line-up in play when the games kick off.

    In the blink of an eye, the Asian Senior Women's Volleyball Championship came to a successful conclusion in Thailand, and all the Chinese women's volleyball players have returned to China to continue preparing for subsequent games. Most of the players will return to the provincial teams and participate in club training to prepare for this year's Volleyball Super League. However, some players rushed to support the NT and flew to the Ningbo Beilun training base in Zhejiang to prepare for the upcoming OQT (competition time: September 16-24, 2023).

    According to the latest news, Wu Mengjie, the star player of the second team, has quietly arrived in Beilun to participate in training in recent days (along with Yang Hanyu & Zhong Hui). Her appearance is undoubtedly a surprise. Since being selected for the national team training list, Wu Mengjie has not reported to Beilun yet. Now that she has finally been called up, it means that Wu Mengjie, who's dubbed as 'Xiao Zhu Ting' (the Little ZT), has an excellent opportunity to rise to the top, patching the current weakness in the main attacking line, as the current shorter Wang Yunlu, Du Qingqing, Zhong Hui are not quite effective in dealing with those tall MBs from the strong teams of the European and American continents. And judging from the current situation, Cai Bin also intends to promote Wu Mengjie, it depends on whether Wu can seize the opportunity.

    According to the latest news from the front, DQQ, the backup player of 1996, is suspected to be dropped from the NT training list. DQQ suddenly appeared in Beijing recently. Now with Wu Mengjie joining, DQQ suddenly left. One must grasp that after two years of hard work, Wu Mengjie is moving step by step to be a comprehensive main attacker. Her first pass defense has been significantly improved. Coupled with a wealth of offensive methods, it is not unreasonable for Wu Mengjie to take over DQQ's position. While DQQ indeed has no competitive advantage.

    We hope that in this new round of adjustments, Wu Mengjie can successfully gain a foothold, perform more exciting performances, and help the NT achieve greater glory. (Via Baidu Sports, 2023-09-09)

    This condition also testifies that UNLESS the Chinese team send their strongest line-up to compete with both TH & JP teams, a win and a loss is just fifty-fifty, or tend to be smaller the winning chance when facing these opponents' main line-ups... [and this situation has been happening for many years in my observation -- "if you wanna win, then send your strongest one" to compete].

    It happens that this kind of thinking is not mine alone, a recent article posted at the Sohu Sports also adopted the similar position. The article basically talked about the reactions to the defeat of the Chinese team at the Asian Championship to the host team. And aside from being carried away by missing the championship by a razor-thin margin, actually the Chinese team already achieved some gains by the second team. The team did not return with empty hand. Judging from the current situation, we can definitely see hope from young players like Wu Mengjie in the first team. You may read the whole article (CN) here (Sohu Sports, 2023-09-08).

    I'm not against 3 pools but they have to change the rule to seed host as first in the rankings. Group A with the host and worst ranking team will create a massive imbalance with 3 pool system.

    Group A: China CN, Serbia RS, Dominican Republic DO, Netherlands NL, Canada CA, Czechia CZ, Mexico MX, Ukraine UA

    Group B: Japan JP, Brazil BR, Turkiye TR, Belgium BE, Bulgaria BG, Puerto Rico PR, Argentina AR, Peru PE

    Group C: Poland PL, Italy IT, United States US, Germany DE, Thailand TH, Colombia CO, South Korea KR, Slovenia SI

    What's wrong with the Group A?

    The final Two-Point changed the very fate... if the team did the reversal and earned the last two points as they did in the earlier match vs. JP, they would have earned the honor, glory and many praises and other positive comments 😁😂 and might even have positive effects on their subsequent careers and lives (thing that we may never really grasp).

    But as the reality dictated, first, the opponent, the main line-up of the host Thai team played very well in that match!

    Secondly, the maturity of this young, second Chinese team still needs more time and experiences in playing under pressure facing tough opponents!

    IMO, this young team ain't as strong as it's perceived even if they had won the final two points from Thai team in that 5-set match to reap the championship! The reason is this team also won in very thin margin against JP's not the strongest line-up, even almost won by luck, far from a convincing victory. Judging from the plays from those two matches against JP & TH, it's obvious this team is just on the equal level as JP and TH's ones, not any stronger, both victory and defeat can be anyone among these three teams competing in the 2023 Asian Championship! This condition also testifies that UNLESS the Chinese team send their strongest line-up to compete with both TH & JP teams, a win and a loss is just fifty-fifty, or tend to be smaller the winning chance when facing these opponents' main line-ups... [and this situation has been happening for many years in my observation -- "if you wanna win, then send your strongest one" to compete].

    Btw, the coach Zhao might have made a slight mistake by not calling time-out earlier when Thanacha made a series of aggressive successful pressing serves in set 3, took away the many-point-lead by CN team. But for CN to win the set 2 from trailing 18-24 was itself almost a miracle, prior to this I have never seen this kind of thing in volleyball between the equal teams! 🙄🤔

    Defeat from not-an-underdog position (if not anything more optimistic on the paper) is very bitter to taste... but perhaps it's the very fate of the host team to win again after 10 years. After all they poured in a lot of efforts, time and money, to host the event as well as played their main line-up.

    Thanks God this situation will change as of the Next Edition in 2026 due to the NEW stipulation by FIVB affecting all Confederations. The newly assigned significance to the Continental Championships will ensure that Asian NOC (and Oceania too) send their strongest line-ups to the Asian CHAMPIONSHIP instead of the second strings. I posted it in another thread, read it here.

    Finally, players like Duan Fang, Zhong Hui, Yang Hanyu, they experienced the like of déjà vu, these players played in the team beaten by the Thai team at the last four the last time, four years ago in Seoul in the 2019 edition (the 2021 edition was cancelled due to the C-19 calamity).

    Wu Mengjie, the "Xiao Zhu Ting", is outstanding among her teammates in this team. She deserves to play along with better teammates! I wish her to be really admitted into the main line-up of the Chinese NT, possibly to immediately take over the position of WYL, becoming the second OH supporting LYY. If not in this cycle, then in the next immediate one! If Zhu is really unable to comeback, then it'll be great to witness the duet of Li and Wu... and even if Zhu does return, it's still great to have Wu as the 3rd OH! 💕💓

    Well, the Silver here is just a small setback and disappointment. And seeing all the host nation's happiness for topping this event for the 3rd time after 10 years, it tells us it's truly their moment this time. I wish the Thai team may attend the Paris OG too! All the best for the Chinese team in the upcoming OQT (SRB is the toughest opponent) and the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games! 中国女排加油 👊🏼✊🏽👏 CHEERS from the largest continent!


    The AVC 23rd Asian Senior Women's Volleyball Championship will be held in 2026 (even year from this one onwards). The reason for the change is the method of qualifying for the volleyball event at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics has been changed. The 12 Olympic qualifications will no longer be generated through any Olympic qualifying events -- no more OQT!

    Except for the host team, which holds one spot, the remaining five spots will be determined THROUGH THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIPS held on Five Continents in 2026. Out of the remaining 6 spots, 3 will be selected from the Top Three at the 2027 World Championship, and the last Three will be allocated based on the World Rankings.

    2023 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship (30 August - 6 September, 2023)

    The host nation for the 2026 Asian Championship event is not yet determined.

    And from the AVC Q&A:

    By hosting the World Championship BIENNIALLY, we ensure that athletes do not have to wait four years between each tournament, which has already been warmly welcomed by many in the volleyball community. The expansion of the World Championship format to 32 TEAMS also adds value to the event, providing the opportunity for even MORE TEAMS to play on the biggest stage in world volleyball.

    Moreover, the calendar has been streamlined with the REMOVAL OF OTHER EVENTS at the world and continental levels, including the WORLD CUP, OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION TOURNAMENTS and CONTINENTAL QUALIFICATION TOURNAMENTS. By reducing the number of major events, we aim to strike a balance between maintaining the excitement and competitive nature of the sport while ensuring that athletes have sufficient time for rest, recovery and training.

    Additionally, it creates an easy-to-follow storyline in elite volleyball, in which the CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIPS is a qualifying pathway for the World Championships, which in turn, in the THIRD YEAR of an OLYMPIC CYCLE, qualifies teams for the Olympic Games.

    Finally, it allows the FIVB to EXPAND THE REACH of the World Championships by hosting the event IN MARKETS that previously have not been able to host the event. In turn, this allows the FIVB to deliver high quality volleyball to our passionate fans around the world.


    Therefore, starting from the 2026 edition, we gonna see the revival of the importance of the CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, includes the ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, as the nameplate it bears is supposed to be. Each member of the confederation will dispatch its strongest lineup to compete, no more top teams send their second string to the tournament due to the lower priority given!

    The volleyball fans of all continents will do appreciate watching the best line-ups playing in the Continental Championships! 👏🏽👍🏻