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    So assuming they win their other matches in 3 sets Brazil can only get silver if they beat Russia in 3?

    RUS v KEN & RUS v BRA and BRA v KOR...

    After the match of RUS v KEN, assuming it a 3-0 ==> RUS will have 8-2 with 23 points and set ratio: 26 - 11

    BRA now has 6-3 with 18 points and set ratio: 20-12

    Thus I calc that BRA MUST get full 6 points from the remaining two matches to surpass RUS!

    Are you saying you don't think Japan's U20 could beat Zhu Ting's China?

    That's really a tall order to ask indeed!

    I think what Rains said was among the Top Teams, the gaps between their U20 vs senior NT teams are wide! Much wider than in the JPN's case.

    I believe the U20 int'l competition is not really the very focus among the Top Teams.

    Perhaps the U18 or even younger one, if any... perhaps...

    Or, perhaps some teams simply do not focus their resources for the age bracket int'l competitions, they simply pick and take out the highly potential young star(s) among the junior teams and put her into the senior team, and she never again play for the age bracket ones. :whistle:

    The two players not in the 14-player roster of World Cup 2019:

    Match 1: Zheng Yi-xin and Yang Han-yu

    Match 2: Zhu Ting and Yan Ni

    Match 3: Zheng Yi-xin and Liu Yan-han

    Match 4: Zheng Yi-xin and Zeng Chun-lei

    Match 5: Yang Han-yu and Liu Yan-han

    Match 6: Zheng Yi-xin and Liu Yan-han

    Match 7: Zheng Yi-xin and Yang Han-yu

    Match 8: Yan Ni and Liu Xiao-tong

    Match 9: Zheng Yi-xin and Liu Xiao-tong

    Match 10: Zheng Yi-xin and Yang Han-yu

    Match 11: Yang Han-yu and Zeng Chun-lei

    I think Japan's best performance under Nakada was at last year's WCH. That was with Tashiro. And Yuki Ishii off the bench. This show is a regression from that.

    Don't you think that the pool allocation in WCH played an important factor there?

    I like the World Cup for its single round robin format makes no escape for each team....every one must see the other one... there's no such luck of draw, just cannot evade, cannot hide behind the pool... only by winning against all a team can ensure it's top position!

    The South Korean team has reasonable chance to top the Japanese team in this World Cup with 4-point lead and one remaining match less.

    Next 2 matches: KOR v BRA and KOR v USA;

    Next 3 matches: JPN v SRB; JPN v ARG and JPN v NED ==> If JPN beat SRB, KOR very most likely remains lower

    Last time the KOR team ended up higher than JPN in the World Cup was precisely 20 years ago!

    It's obvious what Nakada wants in her setter. She wants an attacking type. Tominaga and Tashiro are very aggressive and considering Japan's lack of firepower, an attacking setter remedies every bit of their problems. Docile setters like Sato and Miyashita are fighting for their spots because defensive is not enough in modern volleyball

    Just like a battlefield, all talks about the ample of ammunition (offensive setter etc) but lacks of big guns (strong attackers), it just won't work well in battle of essence.

    I think Hye Seon has great connection with MBs well while Dayeong use pipe attack well and good at blocking. Interesting fact: both used to be in the same club till 16-17 season but with Hye Seon as main and Dayeong as backup

    But nowadays Lee Dae-yeong is clearly the main setter while Yeum Hye-seon is the second man.

    So does it mean that LDY is the better setter for the team today? Well, must be so :-)

    A good start for the Kenyan team, target is achieved in set 1... 15 points. And set 2 may even get better! Well, Just slightly better: 16 pts.

    The Kenyan team eventually broke into 20 limit in the last set against the South Korean team, 21 points!!

    KOR - KEN 3:0 (25-15, 25-16, 25-21) the KEN team got more into the game as the game evolved.

    This edition of World Cup is the 6th appearance of this African team, its previous participation was done in 1991, 1995 and 2007, 2011, 2015.


    Osaka, Japan, September 26, 2019 - China enter the final stretch of the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup undefeated and top of the tournament standings, but who will win gold, silver and bronze when all is said and done?

    Key matches on Friday:

    China (1st) and the Netherlands (4th) clash on Friday. You can watch all the action live on Volleyball TV at 15.00 local time (GMT+9) / 6.00 GMT.

    In another key match in Friday's match schedule, USA (2nd) play Russia (3rd) at 18.00 local time (GMT+9) / 9.00 GMT.

    China complete their World Cup campaign this weekend against reigning world and European champions Serbia (6th) on Saturday and Argentina (10th) on Sunday. USA play Cameroon (11th) on Saturday and Korea (7th) on Sunday while Russia are up against Kenya (12th) on Saturday and Brazil (5th) on Sunday. And keep any eye on the Netherlands (4th), Brazil (5th), Serbia (6th) and Korea (7th) as they attempt to work their way up the ranking over the last three days of the competition.