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    Japan seems to get it 3-0 over Serbia, and don't think that Turkey can get such straight win from Brazil or even a win altogether... so good chance the SFs are USA v TUR and JPN v BRA.

    Question: Which team Ze prefers to play with in the SF???   :D His preference may likely affect the outcome :whistle:

    //EDIT: JPN had an easy win over SRB, 3-0, so most likely, 95%, the SF will be USA v TUR and JPN v BRA.

    Sensible explanation. And from the last OG cycle, the USA team did okay in Rio 2016; runner-up in the 2016 WGP; not good in the 2017 WGP; did not so good in 2018 WCH; won the 2018 VNL; did okay in the 2019 WC (the last edition) but in the absence of Serbia A and Italy; won the 2019 VNL (2nd title), this year may be again winning the VNL, so overall steady performance among the top teams.

    Btw, for European teams, they have the ECH Championship as big as the FIVB quadrennial events thus taking lots of focus, that other confederations lack of, there are similar events but just lack of the significance.

    Let's see again in the Tokyo OG... how the big teams -- USA, Brazil, China, Italy and Serbia -- do perform each, as well other teams. Supposed nothing to reserve there for all teams.

    I’m speechless....that was too easy...

    Lucky that the Karch just threw away this match thus Lang Ping could secure China's 5th position with not so much effort.

    This is the best outcome the Chinese team can achieve without playing in the final round.

    Let's see the A team vs A team again in the Tokyo OG.... I think topping up the pool is a good incentive for teams to pursue during the pool stage.

    Overall it's a good drilling opportunity for the Chinese team. Now time to go home. Awaiting the final roster of the 12 Olympians. Wonder when will be the deadline.

    Have a safe and pleasant flight back home!

    I think Poland plays good in this match . They only make 7errors intotal. China makes 9 errors.Stysiak and lukasik has about 50% success spike rate.

    China OH'spike success rate is insane in this match. Both Zhang and Li gets over 70% spike success rate!:teach:

    And the scoreline in the first two set was close, the Zhang & Li success rates were due to almost non-existent blocking from POL. It's relatively a slow game.

    This FIVB Volleyball World TV commentator, Jonathan John (correct me if the name is wrong), of the match CHN v POL is also good, strictly business, focusing on the match only, just talking of substances, no compulsive laughing or other weird expressions... being calm, focus, and meaningful! And of course, not exhausting and impartial!

    Does Feng Kun officially reside in Thailand now? I seen a video of her helping train the Thai youth awhile back.

    She lives a happy life in Thailand with her spouse and son, and lives in a big house in an established neighbourhood. I believe her life and work are in Thailand now.

    May be or may be not Yan Ni will stay until the 2022 WCH. Aside from injury, she has personal life to pursue beyond volleyball, having family and kids. Let's see after Tokyo OG.

    hopefully won't have to play the final four! anyways I think Japan and Turkey will win today which ends our "bid" for the finals

    I just wish to see the team has another clean sweep victory in this week then go home :drink:

    Keep in mind that both SRB and the host itself, ITA, are sharply focusing on OG on instead of this one. They even spare no distance to play here compared to teams from other continents yet they still skip it, telling us how serious they are on OG.

    Where is the rule?

    For Sports event, there is so-called IOC three-letter country codes; for other general usages incl. in the United Nations there is ISO-xxx three-letter country codes, plus also other specific usage of different set of country codes (aviation etc). Search a bit for more details under "three letter country code"; "two letter country code" -- for sure one does not use his own arbitrary code at will.

    Win Gold here, but not any shiny one in the subsequent quadrennial event incl. Oly -- a good jinx of wgp/vnl -- how many times it manifested itself :lol::cheesy: i say let USA or BRA have this VNL :whistle:

    still need to shake the rust off the late six, the same starters against DOM

    DOM also has no big Martinez and Delacruz and their main setter, they know thus save power, they're playing for learning!

    how popular is the women's volleyball team in China? most viewed sport at cctv5+ (note: 5+ is the secondary sports channel, cctv5 is broadcasting Euro 2020 or some random stuff)

    in the livestreams there can be upwards of 200k+ viewers.

    Also I think that CCTV-5 is an openly available sport channel in the households in China while the CCTV-5 Plus is a PREMIUM channel, by subscription. I read some curses for not having access to CCTV-5 Plus in some volleyball fan posts, criticizing CCTV for doing the coverage thru Plus service. is it right?

    Germany with only 13 players in the roster today, Ambrosius and Cekulaev both are out. Also Vanjak didn't enter during double sub but Stigrot instead. I hope by the end of VNL Germany will still have enough healthy players :gone:

    Good to see the youngsters rescuing the team though :super:

    To much of my surprise, the Thai team reaped its first win and got the full 3 pts beating Germany 3-1 after losing the first set. I watched the first set then left for other things, and didn't think Thai could win after seeing their dismay attacks at the end of the set. It seems the GER team is really exercising here. Now no team leaves with empty hand.

    What ! No translation ? We want our money back......:mad:

    :lol: jk

    hahaha show us the bucks first ☕ :whistle:

    can't wait Zhu et al on court, need some matches to shake the rust off... and the tough Dutch team is of great help for that! ^^

    Still cannot escape the 0-3, missing the twin Lee really hit a big blow to the KOR team as seen in this VNL, not many options avail to Lavarini to uplift the team now. Just see the difference between the current team with the one in late 2019.

    Too bad USA v Serbia already happened

    You better wait for the OG for more real match, here Serbia just dispatches youngsters :P hopefully the two teams seeing eyes there, will incur some extra fight spirit making the match even more lively :lol:

    many cannot move on from this one off photo ops, keep on flaming and flashing :D

    Start with a mixed lineup perhaps, then along the way, bit of fine tuning, some tinkering here and there, maybe, like getting Yao Di to set some nice, high balls to ZT.....

    I also read that the Chinese team ain't so worry about the 4rd positioned Dutch team with Sloetjes is no longer around, so the team may most likely have a mixed line-up in today's match... and the hardworking Zhang Bao may now take some good rest :D while her transitory captain status is removed... now fans are expecting a winning streak.