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    USA team is better today. The Chinese team will have to start all over again their campaign here after the devastating 0-3 defeat, it is not over yet! It's quite pitiful that they even couldn't take one game. Btw Kim Hill is lovely.

    Within the next few hours we'll witness the great match between the USA vs China, the world's strongest teams in addition to Brazil.

    This match will be fascinating in particular for I believe both teams will field their strongest line-up available here, in this World Cup. The sweet trophy of two berths in 2016 Rio OG will encourage both to do the best here, more incentive than the recent WGP.

    In their last two matches during the WGP series (Hong Kong) & final round (Omaha) both teams did not come in full force. It's true that both sides still have one or two key players being absent from this World Cup, but the current line-ups much better represent the real power of both than in the preceding encounters.

    We all should enjoy the awesome treat in matter of hours :drink: :dance6:

    Of course I hope the Chinese team will bag this match :-)

    Thank you for explaining on Cuba team. I had guessed earlier their setback might have been caused by the socioeconomic matters. Among many other things it surely takes substantial financial resources to build and maintain a competitive team, the underlying support system and the entire domestic competition.

    Not just her, nobody on Russian side blocks well individually but worst of all they don't block well as a team, they're badly positioned with big holes between the blockers and bad timing.

    Serbia's "decision" to skip WGP final round turns out to be a good one. Russia who played fairly well in WGP finals now lacks the energy they had back then, and it's just the 2nd of 11 matches :S

    So seems to be the Chinese decision to not sending their A team to the WGP Final Round.

    Will SRB repeat yesterday's match? They should have taken the 2nd game but they let it slipped away.

    They have all the needed resources to beat the USA team supposed they minimize their errors!

    The cutest team in this tournament, #19, 10, and 03 are great :-)

    Thanks pappi for the info on the weird yet interesting various scoring records. They simply show some teams are really out of competition!

    I am stunned by the reality on how far the Cuba team has been down to the bottom, from a nation on top of volleyball (with the most gold medals on the Women's World Cup) down to the insignificant level today. Wonder what happens with their volleyball team within the last decade.

    Well, I enjoy reading your many postings. Quite informative, balanced and well-thought! Much appreciated!! :thumbsup:

    * Can Japan win their first medal at the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup in 34 years in 2015?

    YES: 33%

    NO: 67%

    * We are a few days away from the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup Japan 2015. Who do you think is favourite to take the title?

    CHN 39% | CUB 1% | DOM 1% | JPN 7% | KOR 7% | PER 6% | RUS 12% | SRB 1% | USA 25%

    I'm rather surprised that CHN is voted with higher winning odds than USA :P

    Top-4 : CHN USA RUS SRB

    Lesser teams: JPN DOM KOR ARG PER CUB

    Great losers: KEN ALG

    Interestingly, this will be China's first World Cup after Lang Ping's return as head coach of China's women's team in 2013.
    Their record of Three Gold, One Silver and Two Bronze means they have won more World Cup medals than any other country. <Wow!>
    More at FIVB World Cup - China team profile

    Hi everyone! I am samsara not from China yet an ardent supporter of the Chinese women's volleyball team :-)

    Can't remember the precise year I started to fall in love with this team, but possibly when I watched casually their plays during the 2014 Women's Volleyball World Championship... the new generation of the lovely Hui Ruoqi et al.

    I love watching women's volleyball and talk about it, and I find this forum is great for all the volleyball talks and carries lots of info, many kinds, incl. the tournament specifics and the technical aspects as well. I am just a beginner, a spectator of volleyball match and still learning enthusiastically to better understand and enjoy the game :-)

    Cheers all!