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    Nanching will be hosting the World Grand Prix Finals on August 2-6 according to the Italian federation website

    Cool for me in Asia that the Final Six will be hosted by Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province and the second largest city in the east China region, can watch at my normal hours :-) being the host and has no other distraction, perhaps this time China will be fielding its best team in the final round, and I hope Zhu Ting will play in the entire tournament.

    After all, the WGP provides great entertainment for all fans with excellent HQ live streaming directly from FIVB [true for all FIVB-administered tournaments], unlike the heavy-handedly restricted IOC event (only serving those blessed ones [elitists] having the TV coverage)... FIVB ones are people's sport while IOC is for the wealthy society aside from all its beautiful slogans!

    Women's volleyball team win big at sports personality awards

    By Sun Xiaochen | | Updated: 2017-01-16

    Lang Ping, head coach of China's national women's volleyball team, delivers her acceptance speech after being awarded the Coach of the Year at the 2016 CCTV Sports Personality Award in Beijing on Sunday.[Provided by China Sports Photo]

    China's national women's volleyball team cemented its highflying status on Sunday by collecting four titles at the annual CCTV Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

    Boasting a gold-medal finish at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the women's volleyball team edged out strong competition from the likes of China's all-conquering diving team and table tennis squad to win Team of the Year for 2016 at the ceremony, held at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing.

    Dubbed the "Sports Oscars" in China, the awards, which were launched in 2001 by China Central Television, have developed into an annual festival for the country's sporting elite.

    A 400-member jury including journalists, scholars, sports officials and executives select five nominees for each of the 10 disciplines in December before a final round of voting takes place ahead of the awards ceremony.

    For her role in leading the volleyball team to regain Olympic gold for the first time in 12 years, head coach Lang Ping won the Coach of the Year award, while the team's main attacking player Zhu Ting was awarded the Sportswoman of the Year award for her performance during the team's Rio campaign.

    The team also won the Jury Prize, an additional category that honors the greatest contributions to Chinese sports throughout the year.

    Lang, who has coached the team since 2013 following an earlier stint from 1995-98, said the journey to the podium in Rio was one of the toughest she had ever experienced.

    "I can barely recall the Rio campaign as all the games we played were so hard. I have experienced a lot of ups and downs in my coaching career, but Rio was the most challenging," she said.

    "I hope there will be more young talent emerge to keep fighting for the glory of Chinese volleyball."

    Lang, who left for the United States straight after the ceremony to undergo surgery on her hip, won her first Olympic gold as China's main spiker (attacking hitter) at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

    Citing medical reasons, she said she hadn't yet decided whether to extend her coaching role with the team.

    China's women's volleyball squad has been held up as model of tenacity and fighting spirit ever since the 1980s, when Lang and her teammates became the first Chinese sports team to be successful on a global scale.

    Hui Ruoqi, captain of the current squad, attributed the team's success to the inner strength of each player.

    "In an era where changes constantly happen in our every day lives and many things fade away with time, we are proud to be able to rekindle the fighting spirit and faith in hard work embodied by the team," she said.

    Captain of China's women's volleyball team Hui Ruoqi, ahead of her teammates, gives a speech after the squad was voted the Best Team of the Year at the 2016 CCTV Sports Personality Award in Beijing on Sunday.[Provided by China Sports Photo]


    The four titles are:
    - The Team won both the Best Team of the Year and the Jury Prize
    - Lang Ping as the Coach of the Year
    - Zhu Ting as the Sportswoman of the Year

    I Will Either Coach the Chinese Team or Retire, Says Lang Ping

    Editor: Jane Wang, November 29, 2016

    Jenny Lang Ping, head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, said in an interview that she plans to keep coaching the Chinese team as long as she continues her coaching career. She also acknowledged that she has declined several offers to coach for foreign teams.

    Lang, who guided her team to victory during the 2016 Rio Olympics, gave her commentsin a CCTV documentary on Nov. 28.

    "I am aging, and my daughter has a job. We do not have any major pressures, so I will either continue coaching the Chinese women's volleyball team or end my career," said Lang.

    Some speculate that the beloved figure's vague answer indicates that she will continue coaching the Chinese women's volleyball team once her injured knee recuperates.

    Lang also disclosed that on her second day back in Beijing after the Rio Games, several foreign teams, including the Italian team, offered her large sums of money to coach for them, but she refused these offers without hesitation.

    After this year's Olympics, Lang decided to take a long vacation before signing a possible contract extension. She plans to spend time with her family and receive treatment for her injury.

    (Source: People's Daily Online)…ws/sports/1611/6382-1.htm

    Thanks tomen for explaining, only the one who follows long enough CHN WVB knows such background stories :-) I wonder since when you follow the news on the team.

    I don't even know that name, Yang Zhou 杨舟 let alone her look. So I try to dig out how she looks like, failed by google so I tried baidu, here she's.

    Yang Zhou, shirt no. 12 and No. 8 is Li Jing, the MVP of the recent 2016 AVC Cup for Women.

    /EDIT: My bad, for totally forgot that Yang Zhou was on court in the entire tournament of the 2016 AVC Cup for Women in Vietnam recently, she played a very good MB there.

    The “SMM” 5th AVC Cup for Women 2016
    Host: Vietnam -- Tournament dates: 14-20 September 2016

    Results and Final Standings

    Final: China beat Kazakhstan 3-0 (25-19 25-19 25-13)

    3rd place: Thailand beat Japan 3-0 (25-22 25-16 25-17 )

    5th place: Chinese Taipei beat Iran 3-1 (25-21 25-21 23-25 25-22)

    7th place: Vietnam beat South Korea 3-2 (25-17 25-27 23-25 25-18 15-8 )

    AVC Cup at AVC

    2016 Asian Women's Cup Volleyball Championship (Wiki)

    It came out that the Chinese coach, Chen You-quan, had his acumen indeed. Unlike in the semifinals against Thailand, in the final against Kazakhstan he fielded the best line-up he had from the outset: Zhang Changning (OPP also OH), Gong Xiangyu (OPP also OH), Yao Di (S), Wang Mengjie (L), Li Jing (OH), Yang Zhou (MB), and Zheng Yixin (MB). Practically the team only played these seven players in the entire match, couldn't recall seeing any other faces, the rest were just benched, and Kazakhstan team just couldn't match the Chinese pulsating dynamics. It's quite an easy final for the champ. KAZ was rather fortunate to play in the final; THA indeed deserved more to be there.

    - AVC to conclude the last day matches

    Bao Zhuang won Chen You-quan.
    Bao Zhuang is a good (assistant) coach.

    I think I can agree with you that CHN's designated coach for the 2016 AVC, Chen You-quan, is not so good, fortunately there's still the usual face assisting in the second liner, Bao Zhuang.

    In the SF the THA's regular/core NT was able to match the CHN's mixed team very well, at some point in G4 I even thought they would earn that match.

    AND without the inclusion of both Zhang Chang-ning and Gong Xiang-yu, the team would have not survived the SF, thus Chen was quite right that he needed both of them in the 2016 AVC.

    Just few days ago Lang Ping and her couple were invited to the stage of the second most-watched TV show amongst the Chinese households, CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala (Moon Festival) on the Thursday's evening of September 15, 2016, departed from the normally all entertaining, singing and dancing shows.

    There Lang was asked for her busy engagements in volleyball competitions during the last two to three years and there she and her couple both spoke further few good words and good wishes to the audience, this segment lasted for over good four minutes (here's the video clip with spoken Chinese, timed at 1:15:20).

    (Pic: Lang Ping appeared in the 2016 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala)

    Receiving such highly and widely regarded appreciation, though intangible it's still quite important in the Chinese culture, I believe Lang Ping will be staying and carrying on her tasks there, at least until Tokyo 2020 cycle. I am also pretty sure that Lang will later again be named as the Best Coach in the annual CCTV Sports Personality Awards of 2017 edition (and the team as well).

    Why Gong is nt playing?
    With Zhang C.N are the best players in this squad...

    At first I thought so, complained why the coach did not field Gong Xiangyu...

    but later on I just realized that ALL the EIGHT participating teams would proceed into the knockout QFs, regardless the outcomes of the pool matches, for instance the young KOR team holds the current tournament record for losing 0-3 three times in pool matches, yet they still played in the QF, also with 0-3 lost to THA, eventually becoming the only team not winning even a single set.

    The POOL Standings (sorted by pool match results):

    Pool A: THA, VIE, TPE, IRI

    Pool B: JPN, CHN, KAZ, KOR

    The QF played with following pairings: 1A vs 4B; 1B vs 4A; 2A vs 3B, and 3A vs 2B

    ... then I noted that the pool matches were not that important.. team could still use some matches for various testing purposes or simply kept the true strength under veil... only the KO stages do really matter!

    The semifinals will play: CHN vs THA and JPN vs KAZ on 19/SEP

    SMM 5TH AVC CUP FOR WOMEN, VINH PHUC VIETNAM – Asian Volleyball - Schedule & Results…ietnam/#WomensAVC-results

    2017 World Grand Prix draw completed...


    The World Grand Prix Council also confirmed that next year’s competition will feature record prize money of $600,000 and a record number of teams - increasing from 28 in 2016 to 32 in 2017 - with Group 2 expanding to 12 teams. Trinidad & Tobago, Azerbaijan, Hungary and Cameroon have joined Group 3 allowing Kenya to remain in Group 2 while Korea returns and Group 3 silver and bronze medalists Kazakhstan and Peru join Group 3 winners Croatia in Group 2.

    The Group 1 Preliminary Round will take place from July 7-9, July 14-16 and July 21-23, and be followed by the Finals, featuring six teams, from August 2-6. The Group 2 Preliminary Round dates are the same as for Group 1 - the Finals, featuring four teams, will take place from July 28-30. Finally, the Group 3 Preliminary Round will take place on July 7-9 and July 14-16, with Finals on July 21-23.

    Participating teams will have to feature eight players out of 14 from the last World Grand Prix and six players out of 12 from the last Olympic Games. Teams will register 21 players six weeks before the beginning of the competition, bringing that list down to 18 players four weeks before the beginning of the competition and down to 14 players at two days before the start of play.….asp?No=64873&Language=en

    News - Olympic champions China reach top spot in women’s world ranking - FIVB (2016-08-29)


    FIVB Senior World Ranking - Women (as of 2016-08-22)

    ! August 22th, 2016 ... !? lol

    The Big-Five teams that will reign the women's volleyball scenes for many years to come:

    (1) China .... 328
    (2) USA ...... 305
    (3) Serbia ... 262
    (4) Brazil ... 230
    (5) Russia ... 218

    Plus the Netherlands at (7; 148 points) can be the serious dark horse.

    You are too harsh, I think. Actually the majority of the forum is too harsh in general: whenever one team wins it is said to be because the other team choked or underperformed or is just not really a good team. China played a really good match, Serbia did not play their best, but it is not fair to just say they choked, especially as they showed a great winning mentality in the semis to turn around the momentum and beat USA when it looked very unlikely at one stage.

    I don't think Popovic is a great libero at all, but she played well in this tournament until the final. I agree that Busa and Nikolic should not have been at the tournament at all and Terzic made a mistake picking them. Ana is a very good setter, no doubt but she has not been picked since when, 2011? There is certainly no guarantee that she will be picked if Ognjenovic retires and even if she is you would probably quickly decide she is a choker too.

    At least we can agree that Serbia did very well at these Olympics and imo they should be proud of themselves.

    @ Shiznut81, why do not you at least watch the whole final match in full first before commenting? :-) lol

    @ Sisko95, what you said is so true... seems some folks have too many interests over the blame game!

    It's funny that after the preliminaries, Chinese fans made out Lang Ping as the reason of China's "failure", and now she's the hero.

    Lesson for future tournaments: it ain't over till the fat lady sings :!:

    Ha ha ha, you're so frank, I like it... it's true that some (or many) comments in the forums are hilarious, and there are always "Mr. Knowing-Everything", they may even know better than the designated head coaches... :-)

    Btw, in case of Lang Ping, those that somehow blamed her during the pool prelim were not necessarily just the Chinese fans, many simply thought the CHN team was helpless and posed no chance, the QF would be its farthest trajectory, to say otherwise would be surreal.

    Yesssss China! I was right with my prediction for the finals.

    YESSS, my prediction is right too! But the match went too close for my heartbeats :D

    SIGH, how SPORT TV 5 stop broadcasting women's volleyball after BRA was gone :-(

    Anyhow, bravo the CHN team, may each fiercely battled match harden the young team even more!! :super: