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    i didn’t see that but that guy is ridiculous. last asian ch. he tried to fight the AUS players AFTER the match was over. also you notice whenever opponent is serving, there’s someone constantly whistling and shouting.

    QAT sort of committed suicide at the end, sort of like in the match against KOR, taking out geraldo at around 19-19, and then his sub OPP getting blocked immediately. weird decisions by that coach.

    What do you expect from someone playing as libero, the most anonymous position in volleyball, in a team of anonymous mercenaries nobody even bothers to find out where they were bought from. It was probably the highest point of his "career".

    vabo-chan, you must be a Leo, sir.

    Scorpio 😈

    My apologies to the other Dutch fans that were offended. I was the only Italian person in my entire city wearing orange during the Spain-Netherlands 2010 wch final and I will gladly celebrate for your first world cup title (after Italy wins the Olympic gold of course 😉)

    Italy...will they ever become Olympic champion ???? Their best team was in 1996...but then they faced a bunch of crazy Dutch guys...

    Let me be clear: Italy, as a nation of great volleyball-culture, both players and coaches, deserves an Olymic title...but I'm happy they didn't win today...simply because there was a Cuban !! on court (who's next??) and Zaytsev behaves like Cristiano Ronaldo.

    This is something out of my usual character and I apologise for the bad taste, but this is a post that has been bothering me for 4 years almost, especially considering it was written minutes after a painful defeat that I probably will never get over with, and that has most likely killed my interest for volleyball. Anyway 4 years ago I wished the Dutch team to get some Olympic karma back and it finally happened.

    Now it's my turn to rub the salt into the open wound immediately after the match. Good riddance Netherlands!


    A couple of things I'd like to point out before being misunderstood:

    - Russia is guilty of this and much worse things we will probably never know about. The amount of doped Russian athletes in other sports is astronomical and the tipping point was probably Sochi 2014 (doping and plain buying out medals from sensible sports such as figure skating)

    - individual athletes should never have been banned just for being Russian just like it happened before; the innocence (presumed and proved by doping tests) of the individual athletes should not be thrown away like this.

    - other countries haven't been banned for similar behavior (USA and Jamaica track and field, China swimming are state doping and it's undeniable); Russia is undeniably a weaker target for international political reasons, though it definitely deserved to receive a harsh lesson considering they were warned too many times. I doubt we will ever see anything like it happening to the above countries.

    Come on guys, do you really think Russian $$$ will not be taken in account? Russia is one of those teams that must compete in volleyball no matter what. With or without their national jersey, they will be there.

    I don't see what Lozano could have done more than this. China started to look somewhat respectable and this is how they reward the coach?

    I've read that there was a very serious fight between Boyer and Ngapeth and players now refuse to have anything to do with each other, including playing together. Is it true? Italian sources mentioned a Zidane-style headbutt and a punch to the teeth.:what:

    I would rather say that Dick Kooy is “headless chicken” than IF. Kooy closed his door to Dutch NT where he could play as starter. He should be/is aware that he is not the youngest and the only possibility to play in Italian NT is Juantorena’s injury. I doubt that Italian coach will build the next cycle roster with him in. And IF used decent player which they have right now. Better than others at the moment.

    Maybe playing as starter isn't enough for him? As far as I know all he cares are the Olympic games and the Dutch are not going there anytime soon. 1 percent chance is still better than zero.

    I doubt the Dutch federation would let Morrison go if they hadn't been in contact with someone already. They probably have a plan for the OQT and have already been negotiating with someone, otherwise it would be silly to sack a coach at this point.

    Don't overestimate the capabilities of Dutch volleyball federation. All those years wasted giving the job of NT coach to people who obviously had no idea what they were doing... Morrison should have never been given the job, and now looking for an emergency fix just a few months before the last chance to qualify, knowing that they'll be fired of they don't?

    I'm baffled that a very good Argentina still wasn't capable of beating the weakest Italy in decades. So this is how it feels like to be someone's Brazil.

    Netherlands looks at the end of its cycle, the home advantage can help only to a certain degree and we have no doubts the coach will not be able to fix this team in a few months out of nowhere. Turkey should make it, assuming it doesn't go to another tiebreak which they would probably lose up 10-1.

    If I were a big team and had the chance to lose my last pool match in order to eliminate another big team I'd take it... let's see how the tournament will be scheduled before jumping to conclusions. Last time Serbia didn't even make it to the semifinals. These tournaments always have some crazy surprises going on.