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    This trio (Medzryk-Grajber-Smarzek) reminds me of Werblinska-Rosner-Skowronska trio back then in terms of their role, though Natalia's float serves look way too smooth whereas Werblinska screwing everyone with her jump serves back then.

    when did Polish NT play with Werblinska, Rosner, Skowronska trio? any paricular tournament you recall?

    it was so nice to see the explosion of happines after beating China yesterday, Polish girls don't get to do that so often these days - when we win, it was usually with a medicore team... such a shame they couldn't have another one today, but they just missed a bit of luck in this game... also Mihaljovic made the difference with her serves, that's the way I see it

    but I hope every Polish fan considers both results and the style our girls play very satysfying and definitely above the expectations

    we have seen some promising stuff so far in VNL :D i guess not a lot of people would expect victories over China or Italy, and a very good, strong game against USA

    Smarzek is on fire... of course it's almost impossible for her to keep like this until the end of VNL,but who knows maybe this will be her moment and she drives us to some more surprises? :D would be kind of cool for her and the NT

    Kąkolewska&Smarzek is like new Dziekiewicz&Skowronska :D but really, Aga is also a real monster right now... it's obvious that she's definitely a MB who scores a lot of points which is definitely good, but her defence etc are also really nice- for MB that tall

    I am surprised that we almost don't play pipe with Mędrzyk

    so Rzeszow is the bigest looser of the season after all... I don't cheer for them, but when they represent Poland in CL of course I want them to win... They were not even close to qualify to the play offs in Champions League despite of a nice draw... it was a huge disappointment, and saying it was supposed to be their first experience doesn't convince me. The group was the weakest combination of teams possible (probably)...No F4 in the Polish Cup (the draw was very unfair though) and no medal... that's very surprising because Rousseaux&Blagojevic OH duo sounded really competitive even for Champions League, or maybe I was just being optimistic... I can't even say what was the reason of the failure of this team this season, everyone played decent or even good season afterall (especially Rousseaux) but they didn't achive anything :white:
    Micelli will say that it was because of health problems but is it really true? LKS and Chemik had to deal with more serious s**t... If Micelli had been Polish he would have been fired for sure given the results and the team he had... I really don't know what went wrong for Developres... maybe setter and opposite positions but it's hard to tell for me

    Dream Team of the season?

    S: rly no idea who... Muhlsteinova?
    OH: Medrzyk, Bidias
    MB: Kakolewska, Velijkovic
    Opp: Smarzek
    L: Stenzel

    It's funny when you think about it: both Skorupa and Wolosz - two great players, Wolosz playing probably the season of her life (so far :) )... are, as we speak, running the game for two best clubs in the finals of italian league :D but of course none of them will play for NT, grrrr... this is just so typical for Polish women NT during this decade...

    I'm sure Asia has some good reason, but it's a biiiiig disappointment especially given her fantastic season :( Wolosz, Smarzek, Medrzyk, Kakolewska, Efimienko, Stenzel, + OH(?) sounded really competitive, all the players had a good/very good season

    What do you mean boring OH position?
    Lucia Bosetti, I think her technical skills are always very nice to watch, there's sth about her game that appeals me :D