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    scandicci is afraid to spike. they are tipping constantly even if the set is good. besides sylla is so annoying and unlikeable.

    I think she's hilarious to watch :D especially when she gets mad, her reactions are priceless... and she's having a great night so far

    Is it official that KS is joining Pomi? I think Skorupa is exactly that kind of setter who can make a huge difference for a medicore team... I'm glad Rahimova left, having her and Carcaces together on court means a lot of unforced mistakes and sloppy defence (I have no idea how the backup opposite of Pomi plays to be honest). But with a player like Kasia as a setter (obviously her shape is a big question mark) i would even put one of Marcon/Bosetti as a receiving opposite, let's not forget that Kakolewska can be a scoring machine and it would be nice for her to be able to show it playing next to a competent setter like Skorupa

    How is Kakolewska doing? I only saw her stats and they look very decent, but didn't see her playing. In OrlenLiga she was scoring regullary 15-20 points (or more sometimes) even in 3 sets games... same thing in NT, she was definitely Poland's "go-to" player next to Smarzek... I don't see it from stats here, but yeah I guess there's no need to rely so much on MB's attack when u have Carcaces and Rahimova on the court ;D

    thank you all for voting, the poll is closed now xD

    maybe I could now add a bit more of information just in case anyone was curious what was it for. I didn't want to say it earlier not to influence the results.

    The perfect scenario, to consider such an subjective judgement super sensible would be an answer, where the equation R / D * D / S = R / S would hold- that would mean that 3x3 matrix I obtained from this answer is transitive. What my research is about, I compare different methods of generating the closest transitive matrices to the ones I generated from your answers

    thank you guys you did great!! It's GOOD that your anwswers didn't obey this R / D * D / S = R / S equation (except @Let's go orange and @losta - but I couldn't use your answer because 4/5 was not on the scale ;P), it's almost always like this when companies use something similar and it's OK because they are supposed to be subjective and intuitive! in fact I would be screwed if you all gave me the transitive matrices right away on the plate :D

    thx again ppl, ciao!

    beri, you we made some excellent points! I agree that this choice should not be strictly about numbers. And it will not be in this case, the results I'm looking for concern the matrices generated from the results :D so it is not about finding some golden numbers-based algorythm picking best players basing on raw numbers ;p it's about something else completely but I will not bore you with details ;P

    thank you guys for your help, other votes more than welcome ;*

    Hey you guys, I'm writing my bachelor's thesis and since I'm explaining the problem it referrs to on a volleyball-related example, I thought that it would be cool to collect some real data from people who know a thing or two about volleyball. That's why I came up with an idea of posting here.

    OK so not to bore you with details what is it for etc:

    We are picking the best libero of the tournament. I want to put this choice into more "numbers-like" approach and for starters, we introduce 3 categories: R - reception, D - defense, S - setting. What I need to ask you is to decide, totally subjective opinion, how many times the factor R,D,S are more important from each other, when it comes to judging libero's performance. For example:

    Reception is 3 times more important than Defense will be written as R - D : 3

    Defense is 2 times more important than Setting: D - S : 2

    So i need you to write down 3 numbers from {1,2,3,4,5}, you decide how many times more important the components Recpetion, Defense, Setting

    R - D :

    R - S :

    D - S:

    if you would like to say that reception is 5 times LESS important than defense, write R - D : 1/5

    1 means equal importance, R - S : 1 would mean reception is as important as setting

    I would appreciate a few opinions, it would be cool to have a bit more data than my own judgement only. Just write what comes into your head :)

    Thanks in advance ;)

    I couldn't believe when I read about what happened to her, that someone can be soo unlucky. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this girl and I do feel very sorry for her, that's obvious... but I still think it was funny (what I wrote, not her injury), sorry if anyone got offended (welcome to 2018)

    good luck Megan #4 ! ;*

    after seeing Fener - Moscow today, I think Chemik could come up with some surprises. Maybe not win the pool, but I can picture them upsetting any of these two. Let's not forget that they have a very good coach this year.