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    It's funny when you think about it: both Skorupa and Wolosz - two great players, Wolosz playing probably the season of her life (so far :) )... are, as we speak, running the game for two best clubs in the finals of italian league :D but of course none of them will play for NT, grrrr... this is just so typical for Polish women NT during this decade...

    I'm sure Asia has some good reason, but it's a biiiiig disappointment especially given her fantastic season :( Wolosz, Smarzek, Medrzyk, Kakolewska, Efimienko, Stenzel, + OH(?) sounded really competitive, all the players had a good/very good season

    What do you mean boring OH position?
    Lucia Bosetti, I think her technical skills are always very nice to watch, there's sth about her game that appeals me :D

    I have not watched much Brazilian League this season but Barueri seem to really struggle when out of system. IMO that is the difference between having Skowronska now and having her back in her prime, or even last year before her career-threatening injury. It pains me to see Kasia struggling to make any impact ;(

    As you said, she had a career-threatening injury. Let's give her some time! And to be fair, she was playing a very good season when the injury happened ;)

    Calling Kwiatkowska may not be that stupid, maybe she could be sth like Lena Dziekiewicz, who had her debut in NT around 35yo(?) and became the best blocker of wgp right away ;d no but seriously, Kwiatkowska playing slides with Wolosz hmmm... that could be a scoring machine, and another middle Kakolewska also can score A LOT...
    I don't know, we don't play WC this year, we can take it slow...
    As it comes to the NT's lineup, the way I see it, we need to take our most talented players (currently) on each position (S - Wolosz, Op - Smarzek, MB - Kakolewska, L - Stenzel, OH - Mędrzyk) and add some players :D
    second MB probably Efimienko, who finaly is playing a nice season, she deserves the spot like never before :DD but I like the idea of Kwaitkowska
    and OH the biggest mystery as always :D I think the other 4 should be Grajber Twardowska Murek Damaske, but no idea who would be the best to play next to Mędrzyk from these 4

    I know the "environment" of this website but I still give my choice - Zhou Su-hong.

    oh yes I totally agree!
    and also I would add Daimi Ramirez, but I mean from the time she was playing this weird "receving opposite / setter" position in Cuban NT :D, I mean a player who could play on olympic level on two TOTALLY different positions (OH+S)? that definitely deserves a cookie

    EDIT: funny fact, no one mentioned Zhu Ting yet:D

    Guys you may wanna check this one also: Else Vandesteene = Iza Belcik :DD For me they look like sisters

    Else hmm
    Anna Rybaczewski = Lisbet Vindevoghel
    Kasia Skorupa and Malgorzata Skorupa (MB, Lks Lodz) but they are twins so I'm not sure if it counts xD

    I totally agree on Bociek benching for now. Seriously, a starting lineup made of our most talented young players (my subjective choice): wolosz smarzek(OPP) medrzyk damaske/murek kakolweska stenzel and I'm not sure about the second mb... it would be a competitive and very young team. Probably efimienko will be the second starter but actually this season it would be a reasonable choice (which was not always the case previous years). I think Chojnacka should get a chance she's very good in defence and setting, she can play slides on even higher balls even though she's not that high.
    I have such a good feeling about Stenzel this girl is incredible I'm sure that once she plays WGP and "the world sees her" she will leave Orlen Liga soon for Italy or somewhere

    Oh and Also, I asked in the Turkish league topic how is Grejman doing and apparently she's doing well! That's definitely good news.