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    Poland was supposed to play with young team from now on and yet we start to build the team with 29yo Tomsia, who had a terrible season and didn't show nothing special (yet) in NT on Opp position... next one is Polańska, a player who is unable to perform a simple serve, or set a simple ball to wing spiker
    This is like a funeral for Polish NT!

    If I was the coach supposed to pick those 18 names, i would have gone with:

    Wołosz, Pleśnierowicz, Grabka
    Bociek, Kowalińska
    Kąkolewska, Ptak, Łukasik, Tokarska, Ganszczyk
    Smarzek, Mucha, Grejman, Twardowska, Damaske, Mędrzyk
    Drabek, Witkowska

    I would pick Sawicka over Witkowska, but she's injured ;c
    And Kowalińska - I know it's a weird choice, but she is having better season than Zaroślińska and Tomsia. i think she could be very reliable
    But I like WZP's team too ;p

    I think Pleśnierowicz playing a lot with Ptak may be Poland's huge weapon

    Are there any good free libero players available at the moment? Can Impel still hire someone? With Sawicka they where the main candidate for a silver medal in Orlen Liga, maybe they would even put up a good fight against Chemik. But without Sawicka this may not happen

    Conegliano's MBs attacked 54 times ;o

    It's the third (?) time Chemik plays CL and they always end up in the most competitive pool, has anyone noticed?
    I really liked Smarzek's spikes above Imocco's blockers to zone 1! I saw an interview with her once and she's also a very modest person, eager to work. She's gonna be a star ;o I think no one expected her to play so many games and to be Chemik's leader.
    And i wonder when was the last game Bednarek was better than Veljković xd

    omg Guidetti may be one of the greatest coaches but he's also a major douchebag... his behaviour today, leaving Dutch girls... just makes you wanna punch him lol... I like Vakifbank but I'd like to see them loose just because of the coach haha

    First of all, she is not better than Tomsia. Second, Fawcett has had many chances in her career to show 'what she can do' and she has.. she has shown that she is a good player, who can be a leading scorer for her team, but that she isn't the star player many expected her to be.. she can be pretty useful, but is not a top quality opposite like Goncharova, Hooker etc.. I really don't understand the hype over her, same thing was when she was announced in Novara.. She has been around for so many years, and has only shined in Korea, that's it.. She helped team USA from the bench many times, I can't deny that, but is she overestimated, for sure is

    It's not about hype, I think it's more about the fact that she has been skipped a lot before some important tournaments in USA NT due to other players. Obviosuly the coach sees them a lot during games and trainings, and we don't, but a few decisions about the opp vacancy used to be controversial. IMO that's why people cheer for her ;) i hope she will do great, but who does not when playing with Skorupa? ;p

    and about Tomsia/Fawcett I don't know who is better, but i think they share a similar style of playing

    Regan Scott-Hood left Tauron Dąbrowa.…opuscila-dabrowe-gornicza
    She will probably play in Puerto Rico

    A big no-no for Dabrowa, she used to be their most consistent player besides Horka. But let's see who they hire. I don't know why, but Nicole Fawcett came across my mind... I know she plays Opp, but having both Fawcett-Horka (who plays a very good season) on court? would be tempting for me to at least try this one if i was the coach ;o and they have Paszek who in considered a defensive player, so she would get more job in reception line instead of spiking. Castiglione sets high balls, Fawcett must be cool with it after playing in korea... just a thought :)

    EDIT: won't happen though.

    Isn't she supposed to be the polish version of Bošković? Considering what we all expected some years ago her development hasn't been so sufficient, is it due to her injury or lack of actual chances? I hope she will play in Italy for her improvement. Kinda frustrating that the Polish volleyball federation doesn't seemingly want to invest on their best generation. I remember a few years ago many users here predicted she would kick Skowronska's ass in NT that being said she will be THE star representing Polish team.

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but I think Legionowo's setters - Szubert/Gajewska - is the worst duo in Orlen Liga. I'm sure Malwina will do much better with better players beside.

    I don't watch Turkish league, so could anyone enlighten tell me: comparing to the matches of domestic league, was it a good game from Fener, or did they use to have even better games? They are a very confident team, with no random touches from any players. Whenever they have an opportunity to kill the ball - they do it. Bosetti may not be that effective in terms of spiking anymore (today she was good though - 39% is a decent efficiency), but her technique in deffence is sooo impressive...
    About Skorupa... it's such a shame she hans't been playing for Polish NT recently... I'm sure we would have attended both OG 2016 and WC 2014, if it wasn't for her absence.

    And Werblińska proves once again, that she's a world class OH. For me she's a more valuable player than both Glinka and Skowrońska combined. I'm in love with her :love:

    About Atom - Impel...

    Impel played like they usually did in OL... it's a miracle Wrocław won so many games with this not-convincing shape of theirs. What about Kaczor and Gryka? These two had a good connection last season, they could be a really nice sub! What is more, both of them are decent servers. I would try doing this double sub every set if I was Grabowski.

    And Atom... If they keep this level, I don't see them loosing twice against Piacenza. Micelli is doing an excellent job, Sopot is very dangerous - especially when playing home.

    Charlotte Leys has been choosen the best foreign OrlenLiga's player in 2015! She did great in Poland with her 'all-around' kind of game. I think she developed here big time. I will remember her as a very clever player. Belgian NT is lucky to have her.

    1. Charlotte Leys 27.51%
    2. Stefana Veljković 20.54%
    3. Sanja Popović 19.69%