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    They should be relegated already, just the dumb “core team” rule makes them here for absolutely no reason. I rather prefer to watch the recently discovered disorder named Herbot’s syndrome than this lol

    I propose to pre-emptively announce "Herbot's syndrome" as the Term of the Year. We might even sticky the announcement thread...:/:lol:

    And honestly, regardless of that, what reason would explain kubra inside? NONE. She was really bad all season.

    I can give you one, but I can't promise it will be logical.

    Her name has been one of the most prominent of those with whom Guidetti supposedly feuded. Since Neriman, another of that group is missing, maybe Santarelli feared to leave Kubra out as well, and that there would be cries: "Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss!"...:/:lol:

    it seems the comprehension isn't there on your part.. all i said is that any religious group would not be very open towards candidates that openly supports the lgbtq. that is a fact. no matter how unfortunate it is.

    go back to what i said and read it again.

    But the thing is, that's not ALL you said, is it? Nor is it all you are continuing to say. You have taken the talking points from conservative media/pundits straight up, without nuance and as if all they are saying in their cultural war were an objective fact. You lament that the radical voices on the left/progressive side (who conservative media help to highlight by constantly talking about them) bringing the whole LGBTQ+ movement into disrepute, yet you perpetuate that unfairness by repeating conservative talking points.

    You know what would be enough for you to do as an individual (at least online) to make the world not worse for LGBTQ+ community and the people in it, if that is your desired goal? Not to repeat their enemies's talking points. That's it. Those enemies will do that often enough even without your help.

    You're forgetting the factor of Santarelli being the new coach, one who has never worked with either Eda or Zehra. He might want all his best players for his first few games at the helm.

    My main question is:

    Does the fact that Kurtagić will get that chance in the 1st week and not Osmajić has any meaning as far their team hierarchy goes? I can honestly see any of 3 options potentially being accurate (that it doesn't matter and Osmajić will get the chance in 2nd week; that Kurtagić is getting the chance for the same reason as Taubner, as an outside options being given the chance to prove herself; that she was included simply because Gio thinks her better right now than Minja).

    On the OSSRB website, in the first paragraph after the picture, they mention Cvetkovic and Lozo's injury.

    Quote: "Sa ekipom će u Antaliju otputovati i Jovana Cvetković, primač, s obzirom na lakšu povredu Sare Lozo."

    Thanks. I didn't see that.:thumbup:

    Just a small clarification: on their official website, OSSRB has the roster I posted above. On their instagram page, they added Jovana Cvetković, with some in the comments claiming Lozo has some small injury, thus the replacement. Don't know how accurate that is.

    Serbian roster for week 1:

    S: Drča/Mirković

    Opp: Bjelica, Taubner (!)

    OH: Lozo/Buša/Milenković/Lazović/Uzelac

    MB: Aleksić/Popović/Kurtagić

    L: Pušić/Jegdić

    Full Press Conference…/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

    I will try to translate and point out interesting and important things later, and will be so happy if some of my compatriots and serbian friends forestall me. :drink:

    Besides the things you already mentioned about Stevanovic, Maja and Tijana, the only important things are that we will find out the roster for week one saturday afternoon, that the players will be travelling to Ankara monday, and that both Bjelica and Pusic underlined that the target is gold at this year's VNL (and not just with empty platitudes like: "we always have the highest goals bla bla").

    I have to say that the level of media interest and organisation by OSSRB, to put it mildly, leave a lot to be desired. Media is still behaving with the attitude of that so-often repeated accursed (and untranslatable) phrase "deveti ešalon ozbiljnog sporta". To have only one reporter asking questions (while others, all youngsters, are seemingly sent to fill out seats and is clearly a "bottom-of-the-ladder" journalistic assignment)'s embrassing, however you spin it.

    I know that on some level it will seem to Gui that the lack of scrutiny like a breath of fresh air, but I can't stop imagining him thinking on some level of his brain: "Really, this for a two-time world champions...".<X:rolleyes:

    the west should learn to take accountability and stop preaching what they don't practice.

    It basically comes to this, but it's not as simple as people being hypocrites. Washington and military-industrial complex have vested imperialistic and oil concerns, and they are using media as a propaganda machine to mask their self-interest as humanitarian efforts and fighting evil. Most people either have no interest in politics or to know anything beyond what is served to them on the platter by media, or don't know how to go above and beyond to educate themselves to be more discerning than that.

    The result being that simpletons and intelligent people equally swallow the propaganda hook line and sinker.