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    For those who are questioning why crovolley is supporting Turkey (not just in this match, but in previous ones as well), it's quite simple: European solidarity. I don't know why that concept seems to be eluding people, because it seems its precisely that propensity of his and several other users that have contributed to sour some of our members on European teams in general (or so they claim, at least...).

    If there's one good thing in this whole disaster (and mind you, even I am feeling said with how such a legendary team and generation looks about to end its era:(), it is that finally blinkers are off when it comes to JLP and how the entire volleyball community, including most of this site, viewed her as a cuddly old grandma, a teddy-bear of a person. She is still a legendary coach and one of the best of all time, but she is very obviously a calculating person, and it would not surprise me in the least that she would try to make herself look best, even if that means potentially throwing a player or two under the bus.

    Who said that American and Brazilian fans don't like or respect each other...the most commonly expressed sentiment these days on twitter in Portuguese is that only USA can beat them.;)

    Btw, joking aside, it's astonishing how popular volleyball is in Brazil; I get continually amazed every time I see evidence of it! However, one unfortunate side-effect of that is that quantitatively speaking, there seems to be more cocky Brazilian fans on social medias than perhaps of any other country, which can cause some people to misguidedly dislike their NT, as shown earlier in this thread.

    I don’t think Lang Ping is doing this on purpose. It’s just happens that China is really struggling now and Zhu’s injury is also a factor.

    I think she’s not that kind of coach to manipulate the ranking. She’s not Terzic. Lol. I mean, in other tournaments that they played she still using her starting six even if they played a much much weaker teams.

    No, she won't manipulate the rankings. She'll leave that to those of much lower cunning, like Terzic. She'll just manipulate everything else, like the Grandmaster of mind chess that she is.:P

    Okay, crazy theories time. Here is what I think happened:

    Chinese players were very lax in the leadup to the first match, and the magnificent play of Turkish girls in combination with their own poor play resulted in a straight set loss. Knowing that USA always plays at 100% every single match from the beginning of the tournament till the end (in decided contrast to China), Lang Ping whipped them up into shape, but told them to play with one foot on the brake (and told Zhu to play bad and to act injured), hoping that the expected 2nd straight loss will make everyone lower their guard and think China is in much worse shape than they are. Meanwhile, China is secretly getting better and better, and are ready to wreck everyone on their way to the defence of their title.

    In laying this out, I am half taking the piss, and half actually believing it to be true, seeing as Lang Ping is a fox wearing human skin and is playing 4d mind chess with the rest of the volleyball world.:P:lol:

    Every single fandom has annoying fans, every single large (and some small ones;)) nation is bound to have tons and tons of fair-weather "fans" on social media sites talking shit and being cocky and annoying. The trick is not to let that affect you in starting to hate the team itself. But that goes for ALL. Not just for obvious examples, but there are some people on this site that criticise when others engage in this behaviour (including in this thread), but then go about and start hating on teams for reasons that have nothing to do with sport. Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye and all that jazz.

    The first difference is that we're accustomed to Boskovic as one of very best players of her generation, while Thompson with OG so far is a new deal. Egonu scored 30 points against Turkey and no one really cares besides crovolley, because it was okay performance by her standards, while we would praise every other player a lot.

    True, but you are only stating what I myself stated, just in different words ("This frankly astonishing disparity is almost completely due to how Tijana is already viewed as an established superstar (and therefore old news) while JT is viewed as a "new blood" and budding superstar"). But more importantly, you are misinterpreting the point of my post. I don't seek more praise for Boskovic or Serbia (in fact, I pretty much agree that it's a negative that they depend so much on her and that OHs have trouble scoring any points); my aim is to show the unabashed double standard on display here which is still pretty astonishing even having in mind your later points.

    Just wanted to point out how important narratives are in how viewers and fans (even passionate ones) interact with sport, rather than objective facts. Boskovic and JT had almost the same amount of points (34-33), and almost the same amount of spikes (49-50). Both matches were only played 3 sets each.

    Yet almost all the reactions about Boskovic and Serbia here with negative: Bosko-ball, criticism of Maja and a whole lot of :sleeping: emoji. While reactions for JT and USA was almost universally positive and cheering. This frankly astonishing disparity is almost completely due to how Tijana is already viewed as an established superstar (and therefore old news) while JT is viewed as a "new blood" and budding superstar. In other words, narratives and subjectivity trumps facts and objectivity.

    Just something to think about.

    Lucky you guys, we have to live with "Nothing is true, even if it comes from the CVA"

    Especially if it comes from CVA.:P

    If they are smart, they really shouldn't rush her comeback, and I don't say that just because I have a vested interest. Even if it's a best case scenario, her leg is sore and vulnerable now, they should not test their luck again so soon after they got (assuming those news are true) a lucky break (pun not intended, I swear!:white:).

    I have respect for them, but this isn't about respect. It's about accessibility. It's highly unlikely that most of us are professional statisticians or advanced analytics experts or even interested in those. It's safe to assume most people just enjoy volleyball and would like to know basic stats. If someone specifically wants advanced ones, they can search them out (or someone can then provide them here by request). But the easier-to-read-and-understand should be preferred option for sites such as these.