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    Serbia can still beat turkey but it doesn't mean every single Serbian player is better than corresponding Turkish players. Pusic won't be the reason for the win, it would be probably Boskovic's contribution that would make the difference. I'm sure You know as much as I do

    Surely not, because as you so wisely said it yourself many times, a two-time WCH MVP cannot lead a team of overrated players to a title. Besides, you have Vargas, n'est pas?:win:

    No, my dear fellow, a false modesty at this point will not do.:teach: A team that has as good or better players than a current world champ MUST win every single game this summer, and I should be so very cross with everyone involved if it doesn't come to pass if I were you.:box:

    Several local liberos better than Pušić, many local OHs better than Buša and Lozo, several local MBs better than Stevanović/Aleksić, some of local setters better than Drča and now Vargas as good as if not better than Bošković...

    Frankly, I wouldn't look forward to this summer if I were a Turkish fan, because the only way my NT doesn't let me down is if they win every single match across all 3 competition (that is, if I'm honestly believing these things...).

    Since we are speaking of the dearth of talent among today's setters, it is worth repeating that old opinion that setters tend to reach their best potential relatively late in their career (not all, of course). The example of Drca is obvious, but Maja is arguably also an indication of that, because (and this is something most of the people who started watching volleyball in the last 7-8 years don't know), in her late 20s she was widely thought of as underachiever who didn't reach anywhere near her potential. It was only in her 4th decade that an image of her as one of the greatest setters of this century solidified.

    So, don't despair quite yet. There might be some diamonds in the wild, yet to reveal themselves with experience.

    It's hard for people to shake off old established narratives in sport. Drca spent 10+ years being considered an average setter, and she will stay that in the mind of most who don't watch her regularly years after she becomes one of the best setters in the world.

    Again, Egonu and her teammates shouldn't be faulted for not admitting mistake, very few do that in female volleyball. They SHOULD be faulted for energetically denying the mistake (and in the case of Egonu specifically, there are 2 factors to make her actions look even worse:

    1)The fact that you could see from her gesticulation/expression she knew she made a mistake SECONDS before denying any fault

    2)The fact she has been doing similar exaggerated antics(the Bulging Eyes of Surprise when replay shows her obvious error, indignant outrage etc.) her whole career

    I would argue it's not her performance during play tonight that Egonu should really feel ashamed about. It's some of the moments in-between play, like clearly knowing she made a mistake (you could see it in her gestures) and then a few seconds later when she saw ref was not budging acted all "What are you talking about, it was all fair". I understand not wanting to admit a mistake (almost no one in female volleyball does that), but the least you can do when you know you are in the wrong is be quiet and not act outraged to be called on your obvious mistake.

    And Egonu has done this throughout her career...

    I don't want to jinx it...but Minja Osmajic honestly sometimes reminds me of a slightly less athletic young Eda. It would be so great if this were her breakout tournament the way last year's VNL was Lozo.

    it's funny reading Fener fans go apoplectic with every loss. "i'm done with this team. all of you. leave this team." then watches the next match anyway. then have another fit. :lol:

    Every club that has a quasi-religious, hooligan-like following is like that. Fener, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, CSKA, Partizan, Crvena Zvezda...the only difference between Fener and the others here are that fans of those other clubs largely don't give a shit about volleyball.

    I regret even trying in the first place, its waste of time if someone willingly tries not to understand in order for it to fit their agenda

    Not just that, but he markets himself as a himbo, so it would be off brand to understand a full paragraph of text.

    but at least you got record breaking numbers of likes but not because of your post. It is because of me :mirror:

    Thank u, NEXT.

    This too is part of that brand, because a good himbo ought to be not just dumb, but vain in a particularly annoying way. Job well done.8)

    Then you are in a small minority in volleyball fandom holding that opinion. Think about the greatest and most famous players of all time: Mireya Luis, Lang Ping, Regla Torres, Sheilla Castro, Lyuba Sokolova, Ekaterina Gamova, Francesca Piccinini etc. Nobody really gives a fuck what they did on the club level, especially with the passage of time. Ten or more years after the retirement, the only think most will talk about are their NT achievements, and what they did internationally. It will be close to only thing defining their legacy and their standing on the all-time great lists and rankings.

    And that is why (since you have brought a very interesting case study of Haak), the Big Swede, if a miracle doesn't occur and her NT doesn't become relevant internationally, for the most part won't be mentioned in lists such as the one I just gave, long after she retires, no matter how high her peak nor how much she achieved on the club level.

    I didn't know she retired officially. You never know who comes back with a new coach

    Besides the fact she's 35, she has said she would miss her son too much, and sees no point in working her ass off, missing him growing up only to ride the bench. The only reason she returned in 2016 was to finally get that Olympic medal. Otherwise, as soon as she saw how good Boskovic was back in 2014, she was mentally done with NT (she literally said in one interview years ago that Tijana has more athletic talent than she could ever hope to have, no matter how hard she works , and on top of it all Tijana herself is a workaholic, so it's literally impossible to compete with her)