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    Btw, only belatedly did I realise that tweet above is inaccurate, because it clearly implies that the results shown are for the regular season, and in the regular season, Boskovic had a higher kill rate than Haak in 2020/2021. It probably includes playoff stats, but in that case it's clearly inappropriate to say that this year's regular season of one player is highest in the history of the league when the other results include playoffs.

    Just check out the post above, you will see that Bosko got similar attacking ratio 3 years ago while she has Melis Durul as backup Opp. Also last year she was best scorer per set and best attacking spiker with 52%. So I guess she could have shown such a performance without paying up for such a quality backup Opp:roll:, so it was indeed a waste of money 🤑😉

    You want to go into the weeds? Okay, we can do that.;)

    In regards to last year, she wasn't actually the player with most points per set in the league in the regular season (you forgot that the final table includes the playoff stats;)); admittedly, the 1st player, Gaila González, had a miniscule lead over her of less than 0.01, but the point stands. Also, she had to score much more overall points than this year (396 vs 303; 7th top scorer vs 16th) meaning she had to expand a lot more energy and the team was much more reliant on her. And while you chose to ignore the elephant in the room, I won't: there's an enormous difference between 59.5 % and 52 %. And I saved the best argument for last: 26-0 vs 22-4.

    In terms of averages, your best argument would have been the one year of the last 4 you forgot to mention, 2020/2021. She had more points per set than this year (6.5 vs 6.45) and the lead over the 2nd best even bigger (0.44 vs 0.39). But again, she had to score even more points, even accounting for more matches due to more teams being in the league (4th top scorer vs 16th). Lesser kill percentage (54 %). And 24-6 vs 26-0.

    And finally 2019/2020. In terms of overall numbers, this might be your best bet. Not only most points per set (with an even bigger lead over the 2nd best than this year, 0.54 vs 0.39), but also the top scorer of the league, at 402 points. But for this argument, more points is actually bad, because it means she had to spend a lot more energy. Also 54 % kill rate and 20-2.

    In conclusion, while 2019/2020 comes close, there is no doubt that this is her most efficient year, where she had to expand the least amount of energy AND it translated to the best record for the team in the regular season. Now, you can claim that it is entirely a coincidence that all 3 of those facts happened in the year she had the best backup Opp, but at that point we would have left the world of facts and entered the Cloud cuckoo land, wouldn't we?

    Note: There's a couple of more matches to be played this year, including potentially one more for Egonu, but I don't expect the overall results to radically change.

    Tijana Boskovic finished the regular season with the best offensive stats in league history (since 2013)

    59,5% in attack :super:

    She absolutely deserves to be highest paid volleyball player in the world :cup:

    Most points per set in the league, best kill percentage among spikers (both of these with a significant lead over the 2nd best), highest efficiency and all that in a quiet year, where she rarely had to shift into a higher gear, and where she was only the 16th scorer. Still, 26-0 score.

    I guess paying up for such a quality backup Opp was not a waste of money, despite some concerned citizens...:P

    There's been some 100 replies in this thread since the second semifinal ended, but I don't think anyone pointed out explicitly that it would be another Boskovic-Egonu final (anyone correct me, but I believe this will be their second matchup in any club final). Amidst talks of Fener dominating club volleyball this spring and talks of how Egonu has not been her dominating self for some time now, it's still nice to get this. Another chapter for the history books.:heart::drink:

    I'll be honest: I used to consider Santarelli a better tactician than Gio, but seeing how brilliantly the latter designed a countermeasure to something the former had no answer to...well, it makes me feel a bit better. :win:

    And it really is a good, legitimate way to compare their prowess: both going against the hottest show on earth this spring, and seeing what they will come up's best thing short of going against each other.

    Are we aware of how many more games these two teams have to play (at least 2, and 3 are very realistic) until the end of the season.

    What do you think, is Fenerbahce completely finished after this heavy defeat, or can they return to their old?

    I have to think this will leave a mental scar on the teenage squad


    I cant decide if I want ecza to play FB or VB lol. I know the obvious answers seems like VB but it’s just one match and I think FBs floor is lower and that their youth could cause them problems in a match that big. There’s also obviously a chance they just revert to their insane form and crush you though but it’s almost a chance worth taking

    Take the long view: if Fener's kindergarden waste this after dominating the first match, they may just stay rattled the rest of the season, and that's the only way for Ecza to win the domestic league.

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