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    Stats from statisticians of respective teams are more reliable than stats via FIVB, and stats provided by Bogdan are from a Serbian NT, so conducted by a professional statistician, not to mention that they're much more complex.

    Complex is not necessarily a good thing, seeing as we ourselves are not statisticians. And I would dispute that the stats from each teams are inherently superior to FIVB ones. You could have a shitty statistics department that isn't motivated to do its job properly with low pay, and let's just say I wouldn't be shocked if that's the case with Serbian NT.

    That stats is very unreliable. Tijana actually had 28 points out of 43 attempts, not 27 out of 45. Plus, Milena had 6 blocks. Where are they in that chart? Not to mention that it's very much harder to read than the FIVB one.

    I would ask you to from now on provide the FIVB stats, if it's not a problem, Bogdan.:win:

    Not to sound rude or disrespectful, but whenever Lang Ping comes out with a statement about one of her players and/or the state of the team, I automatically assume it's a lie and that she is playing mindgames. Call me jaded and cynical, but that's how it is.:lol:

    Of course, if it turns out Zhu is really injured (god forbid!) I'll apologise.:flower:

    Okay, first of all, this doesn't mean anything in the big picture. Remember Rio? China was 4th in the group, and what happened then?;)Not to take anything from Turkish girls, who fully deserved the win, but let's not exaggerate the significance of this.

    As for Serbia, as expected, too great a reliance on Boskovic (and Maja). Mirkovic is literally unusable at this level, and judging by the state of Brankica's back, so is she (her constant stretching out while on the side-lines was painful to watch). Block worked beautifully (Milena more blocks than the entire Dominican team!), and reception was surprisingly decent (then again, with Brankica out, maybe not so surprising; Serbia will no longer play Serbian-ball!;(^^).

    Great matches by C. Bosetti and Jordan Thompson! And lastly, the stats at the page are very unreliable. FIVB stats are much, much better.

    Sounds like ... almost every athlete ever at every Olympic Games, haha.

    Paola Egonu may not play like one, but she's only human, if Italy plays the way I described throughout a whole tournament, they won't achieve anything legit here. If they need to play paolaball to get a W against Russia, it's not a good sign.

    Italy has good enough receivers, OHs and middles to play versatile game, even if with Egonu you are well aware that she'll almost always score 20-25 points the least. But the difference is when you have no alternative.

    Let him dream. It may not last long, so enjoy while it does.:)

    Btw, before the first game, I'll make a prediction about my team so that I can later claim with evidence that I called it.:P

    I'm fairly certain we can't beat China and USA, and we'll be underdogs against Italy as well. I'm only optimistic about chance against Turkey due to the problems they have had. So, I see 3 scenarios, from least to most optimistic:

    1)Not ending up the first in group, losing in quarters against one of CHI-USA-ITA

    2)First in group, ending up 4th

    3)First in group, beating Italy (3-2, of course:lol:) for the bronze

    Does anyone else want to make (realistic and honest) predictions about their own teams?

    That might very well happen (though I personally doubt it), but it won't be because of trends on such a small sample.;)

    We should wait and see what kind of form the favourites show, but as of right now it's hard to see how China won't defend their gold from Rio.

    Okay, there's no way around it: two people constantly "wrestling" each other over a single pole looked awkward and cringe as hell. It would have been much better if they each carried one.

    Other than that, it was good.

    Maybe we could stop the tradition :win::heart:, i mean everyone knows how Djokovic is big deal athlete, and all that recongition from other players are respectfull, great, amazing,.....But volleyball (in Serbian media) got so little attention, partly exactly because of that Novak fascination (which is deserved ofc), so this forum was safe house for the volleyball lover like me, so i really vote for #Novakfree thread in the future. :rose:

    Unfortunately, even if Djoko never even existed, people here in Serbia still wouldn't pay much attention to anything other than basketball and cursed football...but I agree about the rest.:win:

    It's not a queer-coded word, in general. Straight people seem to use it just as much, if not even more. It's just one of those things that grows from somewhere, and like a cancer, take over a whole of human culture. Like superhero movies or memes.