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    It's tempting to mock you and your tantrum, but you have made it such a low hanging fruit that there's no appeal in it. So, I'll just say: take a deep breath, step back and quit embarassing yourself. Zhu would not approve of this.

    The discussion here was pretty uninspired and involved a lot of talking past each other, yet even so was vastly more interesting (at least in so far as not knowing the outcome) than the match itself, so...good job, I guess...:lol:

    Joking aside, other teams do have a competitive chance against Fener...if Fener does not play great. If they are in element, nothing any other team can do will stop them, even if they themselves have a good game.

    so eczacibasi the undefeated leader of turkish league couldn't beat the 5th ranked of italian league

    So italian league>turkish league

    corny joke season is on

    Bogdan is rolling his eyes at you here, in case it's not clear.

    Anyway, congrats Novara.:thumbup: Ugly match with both sides sucking for most of it; the winner will be a huge underdog in the final.

    I want everyone to consider a following question: Every time there has been a Turkish-Serbian spat in the last few months, it was always the same poster who started the ball rolling. Can anyone guess who that was?

    Maybe we need to add the rule that once a fight extends long enough and becomes sufficiently heated, the one who started suffers all the consequences...:/

    In Serbian we have a saying (born out of oppression under Ottomans, btw;)) : "Kadija te tuži, kadija ti sudi" which basically means "When judge is the same person as the prosecutor, you're fucked".

    Russia states that is a democratic country, it means that population is choosing government and they lead the population with the best decisions. So now Russian government reflect Russian society goals, but we all know how the Russian democracy looks alike. If Russian society is against the war it's time to make some cleaning inside that country by their society but we all know it's not so easy. So there are some ways (sport ban) to try to work with the war issue. My point is that Russian athletes are also part of the society, so I'm sorry, they should speak up.

    First, this discussion belongs in Politics thread. If it continues for a few more posts, I'll move it there.

    Second, how much do you think anything that comes out of any athlete's mouth is going to affect things in any country, but especially one which (as you implied) is not really democratic and has never had anything like a functioning democracy (even a neoliberal, late-capitalist one).

    Third, are you prepared to logically follow through the implication of your argument, and actually allow full participation of those Russian athletes who explicitly speak out against Putin (even if that changes nothing politically, as it assuredly won't)? Forgive me if I'm being sceptical on that point...

    Fourth, even if YOU as an individual would be willing to do so, right now it would make no real difference if every single Russian volleyball player denounces Putin, the issue of whether they will participate is still going to be decided by IOC (and questions such as political statements by individual athletes will have no bearing on the outcome of that decision).

    If I were you, I would start asking for my salary as a translator.;):P