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    There is no contradiction, it's just the lack of your knowledge showing itself by being surprised at these "new" facts (which are not new at all). Anyone who has taken trouble to get behind the pure total numbers, would have seen that mortality rates are very low (official worldwide mortality currently stands at around 7%, while in all but dozen or so countries that rate is no more than 6%). Authorities have repeatedly said that if you are young and healthy, the chances of there even being complications are exceedingly small. Hell, it has been stated 20 or so time in my country that mortality rate even for those older than 70 is around 15-20%.

    Those countries that have mortality worse than 7% are either those where medical system collapsed, leading to unnecessary deaths (those who could have survived if there had been enough medicine and respiratory machines for them), like Spain and Italy, or those wealthy OLD countries (western Europe), where there are abnormally large number of elderly population.

    What you said about Maja not favouring middles and Stefana being so fearless and given chances, even at 17, at such a big stage are connected, IMO. At that time, Serbia was very poor in middles. That's why, as our Joana once said, both Stefana and Milena were given chances straight out of diapers.:lol:

    See what I meant, sisko? It's exactly people like this I was referring to when I said that Eczacibasi's sheer incompetence is actively ruining Tijana's reputation. True, people who are this blind to reality are in the minority, but there are still many of them out there.

    she did not have a single great match in the first two seasons with vitra, not one.

    and in the third season in the last match of the season(playoff final game-5) she choked, she was inarguably the worst player on the court. both OH of vitra spiked over 40% and middles over 50%, only boskovic spiked 30% and cost her team the elusive league title.

    in the fourth season, she somehow someway(still can't fathom how that happened) got injured or sick i dont even remember and raised imoco players hopes of winning the match, again disappointing vitra fans.

    she has been with vitra for 5 seasons and could not even win a match on her own against vakıfbank. during that time she played against them many times. even egonu all by herself won against vakıfbank twice in very important tournaments.

    vitra may not have been managed properly during these years but boskovic should do a self critisicm as to why she heavily underachieved in her club career.

    Why are you not objective as admin ? Why do you only warm me ??

    Because while his post was technically "off-topic" it was also irrelevant, non-combative and wasn't directed at any other member. Including you. You needlessly used it to start a fight out of nothing, and are therefore primary offender. Now, with that being explained, any further argument on your part will be considered as rule violation, and posts will be deleted.

    She's simply amazing. One of the best liberos in the world.

    Unpopular opinion: Brankica is a burden for every team she plays for.

    On the one hand, that's simply truism. Of course she is. She forces her teams to orient their lineups around her strengths and weaknesses, just because both are enormous. But what a boon she is when she isn't forced to be a primary scorer!:obey:

    Btw, I'm glad all of us appreciate the unsung heroes Busa and Popovic.:drink:

    IMHO Brakica is the worst passer I have ever seen at elite level. Thompson played outside hitter her whole college career, with very decent passing skills, and Karch wants her and Plummer to be both outside hitters. I think she has more potential than Plummer to be an outside hitter. Having to pass the ball, didn't stop her from killing 50 points last year. It won't be that easy among the professionals, but still a good start.

    Yeah, but it's not really relevant to my point, is it? She is better than any of Vitra's OH in attack, which means the Turkish club will have to have that much better reception and pass than Serbian NT to compensate for it.

    They will probable try to work some type of Serbian system, but it will have 2 crucial disadvantages:

    1)Less firepower on the left wing, because neither Hande nor Thompson are Brankica, meaning that the (barely-existent) reception will have to be much better than in Serbian NT to compensate for it

    2)A much, much poorer setter, meaning, in combination with poor reception, a non-factor MBs (as always), which negates Ogbogu's potential arrival

    As far as I can see, it will be the same deal as this season, with Maja and Cansu alternating as starters. One, all those 3 played this past season as well (so I don't see where's the difference), and two, it's extremely doubtful whether Gui will trust Cansu year-round as a starter.

    If you are really serious to what you are saying, why did you only remove my reply to #542 but keep #542 ? Isn't #542 enough political ?

    It's not just about being political. Your post was inflammatory, which Mapuan's is not. I have no political agenda here, couldn't care less about the whole thing, but the really damaging part in all the erased posts in this thread are its inflammatory parts, and not the political discussion per se. You could try to answer his point in reasonable, calm tone, without abusive and inflammatory language, if you feel you must.

    Alternatively, if members cannot stop themselves from getting dragged into hot-headed debates, we may be forced to expand the ban to any and all political topics (which would leave this thread to only statistical numbers, which we can all read from original sources, anyway), but right now, this is the line, and you'll have to respect it, like everyone else.

    It happens all the time, in all the sports. In some cases, it's at least partly a reflection of how inadequate some political structures and decisions were/are, but that's beyond the topic of this thread.

    Please be careful what are you writing.

    Republic of Serbia is independent and sovereign country, you talking about Republika Srpska and that is the only name use on all language.

    I want to believe that this was just carelessness. Please correct yourself.

    In this case, I don't think he meant anything bad. It has to be admitted that when translated into English, the names for both Serbia (the country) and Republika Srpska are the same (which is why it's very rarely translated in the latter case, as you said).

    In addition to what crovolley said, in cases such as these, there's always an added aspect (that plays a non-quantifiable but important part in player's decisions) of deciding to play for countries they not only identify with, but ones that also have strong teams and developed traditions in said sport. For another, very similar case in the same sport, just look at Ukraine.