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    Yes in the WGP 2013 not in 2011

    I know, but you said that her first senior tournament was WC 2015, which is definitely not true, and in addition, this still does not answer whether she played in Final Round of WGP 2011 (14th player was either her or Stefana).

    The first tournament that Bjelica played for senior NT was the World Cup. So she wasn't at the WGP

    You are wrong about that, because she certainly was among the 14 who played in the Final Round of WGP 2013 (even won some points here and there).

    I was recently doing a research into how many medals each of the players have won in the NT, and who is the most decorated one. I don't know if anyone will be interested, but the following can serve as a reference point for medal winners for Serbian NT. I included only OG, WCh, WC, ECh and WGP, and not European League or the ill-fated European Games. If we count only the aforementioned 5 biggest competitions, Serbia has won 12 medals (all but 2 in the last 8 years).

    Maja Ognjenović 10

    Milena Rašić 9

    Tijana Malešević 9

    Jelena Nikolić 8

    Silvija Popović 8

    Stefana Veljković 8

    Brankica Mihajlović 8

    Suzana Ćebić 7

    Bojana Živković 7

    Ana Bjelica 7

    Bianka Buša 7

    Tijana Bošković 7

    Jovana Brakočević 6

    Jovana Stevanović 6

    Nataša Krsmanović 5

    Brižitka Molnar 5

    Teodora Pušić 4

    Mina Popović 4

    Bojana Milenković 4

    Ana Antonijević 3

    Jelena Blagojević 3

    Sanja Malagurski 3

    Nađa Ninković 3

    Vesna Čitaković 2

    Maja Simanić 2

    Anja Spasojević 2

    Jasna Majstorović 2

    Ana Lazarević 2

    Slađana Mirković 2

    Maja Aleksić 2

    Aleksandra Ranković 1

    Ivana Đerisilo 1

    Ivana Isailović 1

    Jovana Vesović 1

    Katarina Lazović 1

    Edited the list after some debate, and thanks to Joana's tip.

    The individual awards in these League-style competitions can be sometimes slavishly devoted to statistics, to the exclusion of common sense. After all, DR had two members in the Dream Team in 2015, even though they were 7th, while Serbia, the silver medalist, only had 1. In those competitions where there are elimination rounds, they can sometimes go overboard in the opposite direction where every member of the ideal team except 1 or 2 come from the finalists, but to their credit, they will never award a position to someone who has been eliminated in the quarterfinal (and that is only logical).

    Well said, beri.:win:

    I see Turkish people (presumably Vitra fans) complaining on twitter and youtube how Tijana is so much better when she plays for NT than for her club, and I'm like um...what?! I get that it's at least a little bit coloured by bitterness due to defeats to Serbia in the last 2 EChs (not talking about you here, serdar:win:), but come on, a little perspective, people! She has carried Eczacibasi at least since 2017, even though she shouldn't have had to last year; that's why they laid out the money trunk to Kim, but she seriously dropped the ball in this past season (remember when we discussed prior to 2018-2019 season how it was tantamount to cheat code to have those 2 in the same time?).

    In addition to resting KYK against Holland, it's also annoying how Kim didn't show half the form during the club season that she has been showing throughout this summer with NT. She has probably the second highest contract in the sport, and yet she played like she wasn't even in the Top 20 players in the world (only to return to almost the old Kim in NT).:down:

    You have to understand the Dutch girls, and how they feel mentally. This is their greatest generation ever, and they know that. However, for all that, all they have to show for it is 2 ECh silvers and a 4th place in Olympics and WCh. They know some of their crucial players are exiting their primes (while others continue to have all their obvious limitations and flaws). In such a mental space, it's hard not to let that negatively impact your level of play and further degrade your chances.

    I think part of NED's success in the last years was due in no small part to Sloetjes, and this year, I think she officially reached her decline

    Exactly. Plus, Maret is getting older, and her lack of offensive power is starting to be ever more hurtful to the team (even as her defence and passing remain as important to them).

    The good thing when your favorite team is playing with their B, is that every match is interesting.

    If Serbia played their A roster against KOR and DR.....2 boring matches.

    But now with this B-C team, Serbia is basically the underdog in both matches....2 interesting matches.

    I won't go so far saying they are underdogs in those matches (having in mind results thus far), but I agree with you. It is so enjoyable to watch this team. Someone earlier in this thread characterised them as ''scrappy" and I think they nailed it. I honestly was much more pessimistic about Serbia's future immediately after winning World Championship last Octobar than I am now. We are (probably) not gonna drop off the map (read: not be Top 10 in the world), even after Maja, Stefana, Milena and Brankica retire. We are never going to be as strong as we are right now, but you can't expect something like that from such a small country. Even having this generation is nothing short of a miracle.

    All kidding and bravado aside, I honestly feel that we can't beat this Chinese team. Whether it is due to some psychological blockade, or some match-up issue (that I can't figure out), or it's just been decreed by some higher power that any and all teams of Boskovic will lose to any and all teams of Zhu, we would probably need for someone else to knock them out for us to get gold.

    No.1 and No.2 will be in the same group. However, russi, brazil, netherlands,italy.. etc may have different group!!

    Btw, after this tournament,We will hear the world NO.1 and reigning olympic champion China in all the volleyball broadcasting~~~ :lol:

    Let's make you a guys let us have Olympic Gold and you can keep world No.1 title for the next 10 years. How does that sound?;):rolll:

    And some may still have big smile(s) witnessing the brilliant strategy to dispatch the lesser team to the 'meaningless' World Cup :whistle:

    Talking about consequences.

    As far as consequences go, losing the #1 on FIVB is pretty milquetoast. You know, it really is not that important whether you are #1, 2, 3 or 4. As long as you are still in top 6, it's all good. In volleyball, it's much, much less important (and prestigious) to hold world #1 ranking spot than in football, basketball, or even tennis.

    Besides, what was the alternative? Let the A team play such exhausting tournaments as ECh and World Cup back-to-back, with less than a week of rest in-between?! Those 2 tournaments last a whole month between them. And then, to immediately begin a club season where every single member of Serbia's A team is playing an important role?!

    They would be dead come Tokyo. If you want someone to blame, blame FIVB and their idiotic schedule, not Serbian volleyball federation or Terzic.

    Don't mean to derail this too much, so will try to be brief...

    There is sport equality in Serbia only insomuch as:

    1)On family level, no one sane will prevent a girl to try to be an athlete (at least not anymore than her brother/male cousin), and that daughters, if at all talented in any sport, are equally as encouraged to practice for it as the sons are, since in Serbia's poor economy, getting athletes in the family is one of the most accessible ways to escape poverty.

    2)On social and fan level, if female teams/athletes are very successful, the general public will of course temporarily jump on the cheering/celebrating bandwagon for a few days (to promptly return to ignoring their existence until the next success), because to be successful in sports is one of the only ways that an average Serbian can feel any pride in his country or even feel good about himself.

    But there is no true love, or affection or even real respect for the female athletes and their achievements from vast majority of people.

    She absolutely was, but she was also prone to some very immature/reckless decision making which would then affect the entire team play.

    IMO it's obvious that she's grown a lot in that regard over the last few years and I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with getting out of that toxic relationship with Teodosić and finding peace and stability in her personal life.

    That it happened to coincide with the rise of Tijana and Brankica is very fortunate for us.

    You nailed it, all of it. The case of Maja Ognjenovic is an incredible tale of a late bloomer (but a "late bloomer" who was also very good early on...if that makes sense), in more than one sense. If you would have made a questionnaire in volleyball circles in 2012, asking for people's thoughts on Maja, at most they would have said that she was a major talent who never achieved anything close to her potential, and probably would not be even regarded as top 50 setters of all time. Also, she was not even the most popular or well-known player in Serbia. She was 28 at the time.

    Now, seven years later, she is widely regarded as one of the greatest setters of 21st century, a living legend of the game, and she is one of only handful of female athletes that is widely beloved and respected in her home country, a country which is very misogynistic in general, and for the most part only cares and "respects" female sports/athletes as far as they are able to drool over them. Plus, what Joana said about her private life, and how she has grown as a person in her late 20s/early 30s.

    Now, I'm not saying that 2012 in specific is a big demarcation point, or that she didn't have at least some of her biggest successes before that (as well as some duds after), but it really puts things into perspective, when you view it from that angle.

    If not for that weak performance against Italy, I'd have Brankica as the MVP.

    Sorry Jo, but I can't agree. It's not only that an MVP can't afford to be MIA against the strongest opponent in the tournament, but for all the reduced % of Tijana's kills in comparison to 2 years ago (as well as less points-per-set than in 2017), Tijana still had more points even though she played one less match than Brankica (and only 0.5 % of spike kills worse).

    Brankica is a big game-changer, in that arguably no other NT has as lethal and potent a secondary weapon/scorer, but she is not, and probably never will be, an MVP-level player on the highest level. In other words, she is a picture-perfect Scottie Pippen, but she would be a poor Michael Jordan.

    But with all that being said, I agree with those who wanted to give MVP award to Maja. She definitely deserved it, and it would have been a legendary achievement, to be an MVP of European Championship at 35!:obey::cheesy:

    Mixture of B and C squad today for Serbia, with a few D team players. Having that in mind, not too bad. I particularly liked our middles today, Mina Popovic and Maja Aleksic. They have proved themselves as options #4 and #5 in that position, behind the Big 3. Lots of points, with good percentages for both.

    My god, as much as I wish she didn't have to play this competition, to watch Boskovic simply effortlessly DOMINATE a match like's like watching Messi dismantle opponents circa 2011-2012.

    On the other hand, if Busa, who somehow manages to be 5 times worse than at last year's WCh (which is saying something), doesn't get much, much better, I don't see a future for her in NT (or if she does still play, than I see no more finals for Serbia from now on, even for this golden generation; that's how bad she is). How we miss last year's Milenkovic...