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    I know this topic is by its very nature entwined with politics, but any post which clearly invites passionate political fights or debates will not be tolerated.

    Now that Tokyo is moved a year back, it's 100 % certain that it will be the last year of her NT career. As for club career, it's still an open question (I doubt she herself knows). Many of us have been sending her into retirement for a number of years (partly because of her own statements of wanting to start a family with Ikodinovic), but it still hasn't come. I stopped anticipating anything, and am just enjoying the ride, as long as it may last.

    In addition to what my colleague has said, I have noticed you can be very passionate about some things, ossubtus. Too passionate. Try to rein it, at least as far as not lashing out and verbally abusing fellow members when they might disagree with you on those topics.

    4)Serbia: Reception might hurt them. Popovic covers half of the court, her performance in 2019 was not as good as before. One more year will only have negative affect on her.

    While I agree it might hurt us, what with being one of the oldest teams (where it counts, at least), your particular example is not quite correct, because Silvija played better in 2018 and 2019 than in most of her NT career previously.

    That doesn't necessarily mean that she won't experience a sharp drop, of course.

    Don't say we never do nothing for you, folks.:P

    Ruomors about Zivkovic break for one year due to maternity wishes becoming stronger.

    She will have enough time to come

    back in shape for OG.

    She already took a break in 2019. If she takes another one now, that removes the last rationale for ever returning, since it's pointless to return for one summer, when it's going to be mostly sitting on the bench. Let Mirkovic, who will take over the reins in 2022, sit there.:lol:

    New thread for this topic will be opened probably in near future (we haven't decided yet when exactly) by one of admins. If crovolley or anyone else opens it, it will be deleted. This won't be a permanent measure, but since this topic is the hottest on this forum, and to cool tensions, it's a temporary measure. Until then, bear with it.

    Drop the subject, both of you and you crovolley stop asking people for sources. Like beri said, this is rumours thread, and while it's a bonus if someone provides a source, it's not a requirement. I'll leave your posts for now, but if you persist in this, all the posts pertaining to this subject will be deleted and you'll be officially warned.

    Of course it is a club but benching your NT starting player in Olympic season is weird, I am sure Sylla would not like that either. Same issues were questioned with Hande-Meliha and Ebrar being benched in Turkey this season.

    crovolley I don't agree about Lucia. I like her a lot but she had so many injuries and coming back from a long break again. We don't know how she will turn out this time, whether she will be able to reach to her usual jumps etc.

    A club should not be forced to pay for it's player's short-sightedness and cowardice. If Sylla refuses to see that leaving Conegliano is in her own best interest, any reduction in her form is on her head.

    I have to agree with you on this one!:white:

    But seriously, that would be an ideal situation, which means, as umu would say, it won't happen.:lol:Though Robinson might be accused of club-hopping, having played for every one of the Big 3 in so short a time.

    As for Rasic, I have a strong suspicion she has cocooned herself in Vakif/Istanbul, and unless forcibly evicted from the club (which I pray will happen, putting my faith in Gio's cold pragmatism), will remain there.

    I have always said (to anyone who wants to hear me out!:lol:) that I don't know of any other example of another athlete who is undoubtedly among the very best in their sport who has so little vanity and so little arrogance. In fact, she's going a little bit too much in self-effacement, but okay.

    I also like that she was honest when she said that Eda and Milena are the toughest 2 blockers to pass.:rose:

    Also, I liked the interviewer, and his questions. I especially liked that he pointed out the fact about her and Kosheleva and consecutive European MVPs, as well as the fact that in 12 months between autumn 2013 and autumn 2014 she played for all categories (to me it always seemed mind-boogling that she was MVP in Junior European Championship in July 2014 and 3 months later she was 6th best scorer at senior World Championship, which was her debut!:white::cheesy:).

    Well this ruins all the hopes for herd immunity. If you can't get immune and get re-infected, the plans to loosen lockdowns would fail

    To be fair, it is a very, very small percentage of all the people infected. Something like this is not unusual for viral infections.