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    It also made me angry, it is a forum about transfer discussion not comparing leagues. I'd like to read transfer rumors not personal stuffs or comparing different leagues and other nonsense. I can't believe that I have said the same words twice but nothing changes. The subject you guys are talking here boring really boring. Everything here except volleyball, except transfer rumors

    1)No one is forced at gun point to read every single post. If you see that a particular post address something you don't find interesting, skip over it. It's as simple as that.

    2)This particular topic started as a transfer rumour and expanded only insofar as it relates to why that player may have chosen that particular league over another. You can find that boring all you like, but tell me, since this thread discusses "transfer rumours & discussion", how would you define the parameters of that extremely ambiguous and wide-encompassing phrase? At what point, precisely, is the discussion off-topic (since you are quick to play the censor, then help define what you think should be censored and what not)?

    No, she's not. Moreover, since she's played abroad, she's spent three years in Novara/Villa Cortese, a year in Galatasaray and four years in Chemik, so it's hardly like she's changing teams every season to follow her BFs around. Besides, she's actually moving to a stronger team in a stronger and more competitive league now, so I don't understand why she's being ridiculed. :huh:

    In other news, Mammadova and Vasileva are leaving Dinamo Kazan.

    Exatly what Joana said. There are no prior instances where you can say she has followed any boyfriend around, which is what Meatballs post implies (at least, I took it that way).

    Definitely not because her new boyfriend already signed with an Italian team? Same old Stefana :wavy:

    Lets see where will the next boyfriend carry her :tzz:

    For the ones not aware of the subject:…-and-aim-grebennikov.html

    Why do you say that? Her previous boyfriend, basketball player Miroslav Raduljica, never played in Poland (a country in which Stefana has played in for the last 4 years). So, when was she supposed to have followed her boyfriend prior to this?

    i find " if players really want bla bla" comments as stupid too..all the time same story..
    im just a user and i just state my opinions here im not a representative of any clubs here..its up the clubs to establish a connection with the players and their current clubs and make the environment better for them etc

    The issue here is not so much language used, but the way you are thinking about how it is that players come to play for clubs.

    It's obvious from your posts that you fail to understand that it's not a one-way street. It's just not enough for a club to want some player, for that player to actually come and play for that club. The player in question has to be interested.

    And no, money-spending power or the prestige (or strength) of the league is not necessarily enough to convince a player. It's obvious that you think, because Turkish league is strongest in Europe that as long as some Turkish club is interested in some player, that it should be a done deal. That it's natural that the player SHOULD chose to come to that club.

    When that comes, you assume that it must be the fault of the club, that they didn't do enough. But what Matthias has been trying to tell you (impatiently, because it's clear he has lost patience trying to explain this many times), is that is not necessarily so. The club could have done everything right, everything in their power, and STILL not convince the player to come (THAT could be for any number of reasons).

    for example..making it to the playoffs.....i havent been watching her for ages...i guess her level should have been dropped during those times..she was a really good attacker once at her best..tbh,i cant be sure of that.maybe she can do what Jerkov did in Çanakkale etc can she ?

    Oh no, don't get me wrong, I wasn't denying that nowadays Nikolic cannot be called anything but a bad player. Certainly she would be a liability for ANY Turkish team, but how BIG a liability would depend on what are those team's ambitions.

    But definitely, if I were in charge of any of the Turkish teams, I would not be offering her a place on my team. IMO, she should have retired this year (or even in the previous year).

    KRob seems to be perfect for Vakif. She quickly melded into the team and clearly has a good connection with her team mates. She seems content with her limited playing time. Guidetti appears to like her. She has a versatile skill set.

    But best of all she is the current social media queen of Club volleyball and she also is a big evangelist for Istanbul and touristy Turkey. She has the personality to be a marketing figure in Istanbul and the exposure playing for Vakif and the USNT is serving her well.

    I agree. Robinson really does seem ideal for Vakif. Much better fit than Hill, even though it could be argued Hill is a better player (or at least capable of higher peak).

    Now that I think about it Halkbank could be a really good team if they let Ramirez go (sorry) I love her as well but with a good local Opp like Ebrar and Meryem. Add maybe even one of Tugba/Hande. And they can transfer Janset too. This would be a killer team imo :super: they have the best Turkish libero Derya Çayirgan already as well. Halkbank wanted to increase their budget this season if I remember right.

    In light of your complaining about Polen, what do you think, what type of player Hande is? Is she the type of player who will be content with lesser role/bench for the chance at bigger pay and/or playing for the title versus one who will cherish the playing experience, even if for less money and for a team with no shot at title (or even for a spot in Champions League)?

    It is a guess esp. since Guidetti likes her a lot. In FB she would actually be a good fit next to very young Melissa Vargas. Def Sloetjes is very good but it will depend on how Guidetti/Terzic build their team. She can be very good scoring Opp, like for example remember match vs Russia in Euro QF. I think she could do well in FB but she is not a player that accepts benching so Idk. Vb also will need a good free local player spot so they can play with other foreigners. Meryem would be the best local Opp option and they could get otther foreigners to build a strong team with her.

    Well, it is certainly true that with Gozde and Naz gone, Vakif will need a quality local player, and it's also true that Boz is probably the best local opp on the market (and if any team can afford to have a non-dominant opp, its the team which has Zhu). So, it just might make sense for Vakif.

    But for Fener? Unless they have automatically forfeited the title-chase, and are content to fight for 3rd spot, I don't see them coming after her, especially if KYK chooses Eczacibasi over them. No Rahimova, no Natalia, no KYK and non-dominant opp...I know that with a foreign setter, they too are badly in need of a quality local player, but they would have to bring some serious reinforcement if they are to even have a shot at 3rd spot.

    Janko, I agree that Rahimova will score a lot and I like watching her. But she is very error prone and not reliable. She can kill an impossible ball and the next time, she hits a very good set inside the net. I really don't know what to expect from her. Besides these, what worries me most is her injuries, her shoulder was taped whole season, looking worse and worse and in the final match against GS, she had to be benched because she had a knee injury I think.

    I also like the old GS with Guldeniz-Leys-Centoni trio where they used to play a fast game and shared score load. I don't want to watch GS setting most balls to Rahimova and relying mostly on her :gone:

    All valid points.

    Which is why it's important for Gala to bring a scoring OH to take away some of the balls from her, but more importantly, a good setter who will have a good connection with her middles. Which is much easier said than done, of course. :P

    I think Cansu Cetin also has a contract with GS and Ilkin Aydin. I'm sure Mislina will remain in the team this year with Seda quitting volleyball.

    Rumours about Rahimova in GS getting stronger, I'm not happy with this transfer at all :wavy:

    Unfortunately mid-level teams are not making any good moves in Turkey this year either. THY will be a big dissapointment, I really don't know why they signed with such a terrible trainer as Suphi, he ruined Seramiksan last season. I don't think they will be able to challenge top 4 teams with their signings so far.

    Besiktas signed local opposite Ceren Kestirengöz. With her, they have 3 opposites in their squad: Rhykliuk, Ceren and Dilara Bilge. That might mean Dilara will play MB, Ceren will play OH and Rhykliuk will be their main opposite.

    Why? I'm legitimately curious. Sure, she lacks defence (most opposites do), and she might not be quite as dominant as some of her fans claim, but she IS dominant. She will score a ton of points.

    Many fans of LeBron James thought he would still be able to defeat Golden State even after Kevin Durant's arrival... :P

    That rule 2+1 would destroyed Turkish league level. It would be so bad move. How Italy managed developed many good players with 4 foreign players on court and Turkey can't with 3 ? And you think that 2 players on court would help ??

    crovolley is right. 2+1 would spell the inevitable end of the Turkish league as the strongest league in Europe (world?).

    I'm certain that many Turkish posters would not mind that gamble, for the chance of making their NT stronger (which would be by no means a sure thing), but I sincerely doubt that either the clubs or their sponsors would be as enthusiastic about the prospect.

    You have to learn that clubs do NOT owe the NT anything.

    do you remember Eczacıbaşı's roster in 2016/2017 :

    On paper, and without context, this team really loooks (looked) strong as earth. But it was clear even before the season started that Neslihan is well past her prime (and that due to her presence, Boskovic will rarely see court). If you add to it that Kosheleva started her free-fall that year, and the unexpectedly bad season from Larson (her worst professional season, much worse than 2017-2018), well...

    While just in the Boskovic-KYK duo, even without taking into account other players and their forms, you have a potentially title-winning combination.

    Oh my God! If KYK were indeed to come and Larson to stay, and Thaisa... :white:

    That could very well be the strongest club team (not just in Turkey, but the whole world) on paper, in...well, at least some years, and possibly even longer. :drink: :cheesy: :obey:

    Adams was good 1st season, not 2nd season. The thing with Adams is she is not an all around game changer MB and never was really. She is quite a bad blocker and sure she is a good attacker, but only when reception is perfect and she gets perfect sets. While some teams can benefit still a lot with a player like her in a top team like EczV she makes much less of an impact. Not to mention her missing serve every time on like set points. Her serve seems to have improved a lot now though these last 2 years and now she can even cause trouble, I think Molten balls were her problem there. Also she seemed tk have very bad chemistry with Maja, her and Ezgi were a great duo but neither one got a lot of playing time this year.
    I like her a lot as a person and wish her a lot of luck in Italy.
    And Queen Thaisa should join EczV :box: :heart:

    I agree with some points from both beri and Sisko. Adams had a noticeable better connection with Ezgi than with Maja, and the stengths and weakness of this year's Eczacibasi team really did not suited her game and skillset.

    However, she can still be a main scorer on a team. Just not Eczacibasi.