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    They would be crazy not to renew with Larson.

    That said, if by some miracle, KYK really does come, than her return is indeed not necessary, and they can either chase after a attack-first OH, or try to finally, finally, make Hande a good OH.

    If it's true that both Maja and Adams are leaving Eczacibasi, then it is of absolute necessity that they retain Thaisa. And they need some reinforcements on top of that (hell, it's clear they would have needed them even if those 2 had stayed).

    They also need Hande, Meliha and Dilik to make great strides in their development.

    Or maybe her husband is moving back to CSKA Moscow. I heard his first NBA season wasn't so good because of an injury and he was relegated to the D-League team of the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Maja and Milos Teodosic used to date, years ago, but they have not been together since, I think, late 2012/early 2013. She is married to a former water polo player, Danilo Ikodinovic, since December 2016. He, however, has not been living in Turkey with her, but back in Serbia.

    It's funny, but many think Maja only leapt to a next level of greatness as a player when she broke up with Milos. People in the know claim he was holding her back, since she was more focused on him and his career than on her own.


    Ofc in theory it would be an unbeatable team, but it doesn't necessarily always work out that way. Also even if they would be completely unbeatable, which is very likely when you have 2 of the worlds very best spikers. I still think it would not be benificial for the players game long term. I don't think Tijana or Zhu would have to push their game as much as they do now because they would have each others back. And if they don't give 100% anymore it could potentially mean their level overall would drop.

    Personally I wouldn't like to see it happen as the team would be way overpowered and the Zhu vs. Tijana rivalry thing is what keeps us excited to watch. :D. That all would be gone with that. However just for the sake of seeing these 2 play together and what a monster duo that would be I would love to see them together in like an All Stars match or like in the Italian league locals vs foreigners type of match. That would be awesome! But thats as far as I would go.

    Excellent post. :thumbup:

    I completely share your thoughts, from the fear that in the long-run, their team-up might be detrimental to their own game (and for exactly the reasons you stated), to the notion that Zhu vs Tijana has become THE narrative as far as the rivalry between these 2 great teams go (whether someone likes that or not, and with absolutely no intention of slighting any of the other world-class players these 2 teams have), but also with the undeniable pull that this hypothetical monster duo playing on the same team has (which is, after all, ultimately the reason I was drawn to ask this question :D ).

    And I also agree with your proposed solution to this conundrum, a potential All-Star match! :thumbup:

    i dont think boskovic will play for vakifbank.i dont know where did you listen to it.but before zhu went to turkey first year,this thing was likely to happen. but now its difficult because both of zhu and boskovic have improved a lot and have more good results.maybe its 2016,ecza manager kept kosheleva to refuse zhu. now though zhu sigh her contract every single year,but wherever zhu will stay,its difficult to let ecza to let boskovic go to other club.and we (volleyball fans here or p around the world) love to see zhu VS boskovic no matter in NT or was difficult to see their performance in turkey cup last year.that is so enjoyable to see best two players show their determination

    I'm not claiming it as a rumour, I'm merely speculating what would it look like if such a thing were to happen. I'm curios to know the thoughts of other members what would such a team be like (and also whether they would want it to happen or not).

    What do you guys think, realistically, what would happen were Tijana Boskovic to play for VakifBank instead of Sloetjes? Would VakifBank lose a single match in a season? How many sets where both Boskovic and Zhu are playing would they lose in a season?

    I personally think something like that would be unfair, and were it to come up as a possibility, I think the League itself should step up and forbid it (something like when NBA forbid Chris Paul to move to Kobe Bryant's Lakers). It would be a closest thing that modern volleyball would have to a cheat code.

    Unfortunately it does. But I agree the schedule is ridiculous.

    Football World Cup has already mangled FIBA competitions and schedules beyond recognition and reason. If it were to do the same to FIVB...

    What the hell do the people in charge of these organisations think that they could compete with football in any way, shape or form? The viewership for World Cup should simply have no bearing whatsoever on the decisions of these 2 governing bodies...instead they act as if they are in some way competing for viewers's attentions with World if scheduling their competitions as to skirt the World Cup will have any bearing on viewership numbers.

    FIBA has carried this to the absolute extreme, where they have tailor-made their 4-year cycle around the central idea of avoiding any and all competitions in the entire year that the World Cup is held (not just in that month, but in that year!)!! Without exaggerating, that is probably the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

    Yeah, Boskovic and Zhu I think respect each other but they always love to beat the other one which is only natural when they are the key players vs each other in so many important matches.

    Eczacibasi in general have shown a lot more fire and fight than they did last season against Vakifbank. Last season it was like they didn't know what to do on the court but under Motta they have more confidence and determination and play more like a team.

    Last year's Eczacibasi debacle happened due to a number of factors which (partly unlikely, and partly due to an inherently unbalanced roster make-up) happened at the same time:

    1)Coach does not recognises who his best player is, and plays her as a substitute

    2)The first year of a sky-dive of Kosheleva's form (who is signed as a star-player), where her attack can no longer compensate for her lack of a defence, whereupon she becomes a net-negative player

    3)A huge (and aging) domestic star is playing in the same position as the best player of the team, guaranteeing that the said best player will spend most of the season on the bench, due to a 3 foreigners rule

    4)Probably the worst professional season of Jordan Larson happened that year (she plays much better this season, even though she is a year older).

    You know, this final round has made me think again of something I've been mulling about for the past year.

    It seems to me that Zhu Ting and Tijana Boskovic have created a volleyball version of the Leo Messi - Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry. The 2 clearly best players in the world, playing for probably the 2 strongest clubs in the world, frequently competing between themselves and duking it out, both on the club and NT level.

    The way I see it, Serbia has a great starting 6, but they only really have any depth at MB. Bjelica isn’t reliable and Malagurski is not the player she used to be. At OH, Mihajlovic is great but Malesevic underperformed at Seramiksan and Terzic’s favourite Busa still can’t kill a ball. With no injuries Serbia should win medals this year but if one of their big hitters underperforms the whole team will be in trouble.

    Hit the proverbial nail right on the head.

    On one hand, I'm slightly apprehensive due to Rasic's season, but as someone already said, everyone on that team bar Ting has become a role player and a glorified observer. I have hope she'll be back to her dominant self in the NT. After all, due to Barbolini's stupidity, Boskovic became something of a role player for most of 2016-2017 club season, and yet we all saw her form since then (both on the national and club level).

    What is more worrisome is that 2015 was the last year a player progressed to the world-class level (Jovana Stevanovic). Since then, no youngter looks even close to achieving that leap.

    Just be glad your not from the UK - no one knows a thing about VB.

    Well done Tijana :heart: . I would think she would have a chance for Sportswoman of the year one of these days if she keeps playing like this

    Frankly, she deserved it this year, already. Milica Mandic, the one who won the Sportswoman of the Year for this year, got it for winning the gold at World Taekwondo Championships. While that is certainly impressive, Tijana's resume this year is even more impressive. The 2 reasons Milica won are:

    1)The fact that she is an individual athlete, and they always get a huge headstart in these type of awards vis-a-vis a team-sports athletes
    2)Because she is the only individual female athlete from Serbia to have won an Olympic Gold since the dissolution of Yugoslavia, she is a darling of Olympic Committee of Serbia

    Jovana Brakocevic remains the only team-sports athlete to have won this award, in 2011 (and arguably, Tijana's 2017 is even better than Jovana's 2011).

    I have seen numerous posters suggest that GS should use their OPP as a serve-receiver (whether Neslihan or Kılıç or a new signing) to cover for Koshe defensively. Sorry, but that is incredible short-sighted. It's nothing more than a band-aid applied to an open abdomen wound. While that may indeed improve their defence, it would place even more pressure for Koshe to carry her team offensively, along with an occasional inspired performance by Rabadzhieva and Jack (who, btw, is herself far from her best atm).

    Surely no one believes that 2017 version of Kosheleva, Rabadzhieva , out-of-shape Jack, Ruseva and a defensive OPP is a kind of offensive line-up that can win a title in a league that has VakifBank, Eczacıbaşı and Fenerbahçe?

    Kosheleva just needs to be covered like in her NT and she can be the player to bring GS a cup. A foreign libero or just say a libero who receives very well and has some defense would make GS different!

    Maybe back in 2015, but not now. Kosheleva is no longer the player who can bring her teams to titles on the back of her offensive performance (at least not without some MAJOR help from another offensive juggernaut, and we can all agree Neslihan is no longer that).

    I don't think that other teams become greater I just think that top 4 teams (Only Vakif stayed on the same level) went down with their games so that is why they are putting "better" matches against them. Fener, Galat. and Ezcasibasi are weaker teams than last seasons. (Eczacibasi at end of the season was bad).

    Please tell me you are joking...