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    Ezgi is a really good setter, no doubt. I don't think Motta should have a starting line-up and just stick to it though and I don't think he will, for example he played all the first match with Ognjenovic, Busra and Hande and they won easily and he played all the second match with Ezgi, Adams and mostly Meliha. Honestly I think he should give all these players a chance to show what they can do, he doesn't need to settle on a definite starting 6. It will be interesting to see what team he picks against Galatasaray because that is the first big test of the season, maybe Guldeniz will get a chance against her old club.

    On one hand it is good that Neslihan left, because she was, as a Turkish player (and a huge star), just too much of a temptation to play as a starter in many matches in the domestic league, and that would court the danger of repeating the desaster that was the last season.

    On the other, if Boskovic gets injured Eczacibasi is screwed. I mean seriously, what if she got injured? Who will play Opp? Forget the fact that no one could replace her production, is there even another opp in the team(whose primary position is as an opposite)?

    I thought Tokarska played a good match. Rykhliuk had a solid match, also, but if Besiktas wants to achieve some success this season, they need her to play even better.

    What can one say about Tijana...even with a setter that is obviously not using her properly, she dominates...a monster.

    I will be watching Natasa Cikiriz, she spent the whole season in Poland on the bench but I think she has potential, she`s not ready yet and has a lot to learn, but I think she will improve a lot and she could be useful for Serbia for the next Olympic Cycle when Mihajlovic would probably retire from the NT.

    She`s really close with Boskovic and Mirkovic.

    I tried to watch the replay but it is not working. ;(

    Tijana is dating Natasa Cikiriz's brother. :mirror:
    And it's not certain Brankica will retire after Tokyo, though it is a possibility. She will be only 31 for the 2022 WCh, so she might decide to stay for it, especially if Serbia does not medal in the next year's Championship.

    It's also very good to hear that the whole team is very supportive of Ana Antonijević and she is definitely counted on for the future competitions.

    That is very good, indeed. However, what if Maja decides for one last push for WCh the next year, do you still think Ana would accept the invitation to be a bench setter? I just worry that those rumours about why she was absent from the NT for more than 5 years (besides the injuries) are true. :gone:

    And yeah, some of those Bojana's sets to MB's in the semi and final were comical, bless her. :rolll: Remember that one where Stefana swinged with her right hand, but after missing managed just to push the ball over the net with her left? :lol:

    I just read on volleytalk that in the past the "doors" was always open for Antonjevic to join the NT, but she choose not to because she did not wanted to be Maja`s sub. Could this true?

    Hi, rbdfabio! I am the one who wrote that post on volleytalk (ace35). :wavy:

    Reading my own post, I realise I may have been slightly misleading by sounding as if I totally downplay/ignore her injuries. If that's what you got from it, then I apologise. She certainly had several major injuries, that indeed would have forced her to skip some competitions, regardless of any other issues.

    However, I still stand by my ascertain that injuries alone cannot explain her missing every single major competition for 5 straight years, nor can they explain the extreme convenience of her returning to the NT as soon as Maja retired.

    Yeah Italy needs better OHs, yesterday everytime when Maja was in blocm they afraid to spike and today they have even taller blockers in front of them. Good luck to Italy but without OHs it will be very hardfor them. MBs were amazing in blocking and attacking, they did amazing job :)

    Maja Poljak congrant to Italy, She said that they were better team and that Croatian when they have tied score, team didn't believe in victory and that is why we loss today.

    Poland got to the quarterfinals and Croatia didn't. I truly sympathize, knowing how it feels when your beloved teams does not reach its potential, but some might think it a karma, considering how persistent you were in arguing that Croatia is much better than Poland. This is why one needs to be careful not to get too cocky, especially prior to having any cause to get cocky in the first place. :gone:

    It seems Belgium will wrap this up in 4.

    Still, even though they will play against my team, I have to point out that they will be hugely handicapped by having to get out on the court against such a strong opponent as Serbia less than 24 hours after finishing this match... and to think people thought Serbia might have problems with exhaustion! :cheesy: :P