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    I don't think the NT needs Orlova... Ryseva seems really short, but then again the setter options are not good...

    Two players for the libero postion are unexpected. Don't know anything about the junior. I really like to watch Pilipenko (Dinamo Metar) because she is happy like all the time and did well this season but she was born 1990.

    Sparta Nizhniy Novgorod (with Regina Moroz) won the second highest league. Don't know wheter they can or want to play in the Superleague.

    The city is located between Moscow and Kazan which would make travel easier than other cities...

    2 decisive games today in Moscow. Dinamo has to do better in reception and stop losing several points in a row like they did in 3rd and 4th sets in previous games. Hopefully Shcherban has a better day and Goncharova does not have to do everything by herself...

    Zarechie had only 10 players in Leningrad on Wednesday. Might be a problem today.

    Any theory on what happened in Krasnoyarsk? It almost looked like Dinamo unlearned volleyball...

    I think they should make two teams this year. An "A team" which will compete at the EC and the IOQT and maybe the last two weeks of VNL and a "young team" which will compete in VNL, WCup and Universiade. If some players (hopefully OH) from the "young team" show good performances they should have a chance in the EC team.

    A Team:

    Setter: Startseva, Romanova

    OP: Goncharova, Kadochkina

    OH: Parubets, Voronkova, (Frolova, Kutyukova)

    MB: Fetisova, Koroleva, Lyubushkina, Efimova

    Libero: Raevskaia, Galkina

    "young" Team:

    Setter: Novik, Anufrienko, Efimova

    OP: Vorobieva, Lazareva, Russu

    OH: Kotikova, Yurinskaya, Pipurinova, Shevchuk, Sperskayte

    MB: Zubareva, Zaytseva, Kotova, Brovkina

    Libero: Kurnosova, Talysehva

    Kosheleva: haven't seen her play in two years but doubt that her reception got better

    Podkopaeva: is she even interested in playing in the NT? she might take time for her child and come back next year for the OG

    Shcherban: she was not invited last year when she was playing better...

    The main problem is that we only have two good OH...

    Moscow did not play well but still won two sets. They were 16-10 in the third and messed it up. Sherban with too many mistakes in reception, but the only player with decent serves. Great defending and serving from Uralochka. Still think Moscow should be able to come through though...

    Kazan was disappointing. Especially the youngsters were struggling in the beginning (Kotikova more or less recovered, Kadochkina played her worst game this year). Hopefully Kadochkina is doing better today so that we will see a third game.

    Krasnodar was disappointing. They had 3 match points in the fourth set and lost the match. After leading 24-21 they didn't score a point in the fourth...

    Kryuchkova's hair color matched her dress :flower:

    Semis start on Saturday. Second game Wednesday.

    Moscow shouldn't have any trouble with Uralochka. A third match would be a big surprise even though Uralochka won this season 3:0 at home (it was in November...).

    Lokomotiv-Kazan will be very interesting. Lokomotiv won both encounters but the last one was January 11th. First and possible third game is in Kaliningrad, but this might not be an advantage since Lokomotiv lost two sets at home against Enisey. Lokomotiv has to play better than in the QF if the want to make it to the final.

    Eurovolley Tv is cheap as dirt. Is it not available in your country?

    I usually don't like paying for this kind of stuff but it's more convenient than looking for hours with nothing.

    You could use Vavoo to watch Sport Klub, Canal+ Sport, DAZN Ita etc.

    It's possible that there would be a new team from St.Petersburg in the league next season, an ambitious project like Lokomotiv Kaliningrad. I guess it could also be a new destination for Havelkova, as she's leaving Moscow.

    Also, from next season on, players from Belarus will not be counted as foreigners.

    If true they have to allow more foreign players. There are just not enough good russian players imho.

    Lokomotiv had a lot more problems in the first match than anticipated (won 3:2). Eniseys MB's made 30 points (Malkova with 73 % in attack). Lokomotiv was struggling against the block in the first three sets.

    Uralochka - Zarechye is today, the other playoff games tomorrow. The favorites shouldn't have any problems in the QF's (no third games unless Uralochka messes up).

    The placement games start April 10th. Any information wether Minchanka is going to stay in the Superliga? Is there a team in the second division that is interested (and financially capable) to play in the Superliga? Vladivostok could win the second league...

    Proton or Dinamo Metar will end up last place.


    Best Scorer: Parubets played 13 sets more than Goncharova/Kleger. Goncharova made 6.21 Points per set, Kleger 5.44, Parubets 5.22

    Best Server: Melnikova and Havelkova were the best servers unless I read the statistic wrong…ic&act=main_stat&gender=f

    Best Spiker: Kleger 51 %, Goncharova 49 % (with more attacks and less total errors); Kadochkina (had her 16th birthday last week) who played on OPP and OH position 48 %

    Best receiver: Kutyukova, Frolova and Rusakova also at the top; Pilipenko (Chelyabinsk) and Kurnosova (Zarechye) best receiving stats for liberos

    Two more rounds before the playoffs. Moscow and Kanliningrad have both 18 wins and will play each other in the last round in Moscow. Kazan has one less victory but should win the last two matches (Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar). So it should be Moscow 20, Kaliningrad & Kazan 19. Uralochka fourth with 16 and will probably play Krasnodar. Sixth place is between Enisey and Zarechye. Place 8 is still open with Sakhalin (7), Leningradka (6) and Minchanka (6) as contenders. Minchanka should end up with 7 wins (have to play in Kaliningrad this weekend and welcome Proton in the last round). Sakhalin has to play both games away against Enisey and Zarechye. Leningradka has two home games against Uralochka and Enisey. It really depends on wether some opponets are using substitutes are trying some things or going for the win. Could well be that we have 3 teams with 7 wins.

    I've read that the Montreux Volley Masters is scheduled in mid-May this year. It was an article on the swiss federation site which mentioned that the Swiss NT will play two tournaments before the ECH: Montreux and the Universiade.

    The Montreux Volley Masters 2019 is from May 13. until 19.

    Participating teams are: China, Germany, Japan, Poland; Italy, Thailand, Switzerland, Turkey

    Evdokimova is the only A team player. I guess they have only three MBs...

    Kazan almost with the best starting team (without Koroleva). I hope Novik will get to play later in the game...

    I agree that the league is not top but interesting. Except Moscow no team is playing well the last few weeks.

    - Uralochka lost to Enisey and had a poor game against Sakhalin. Garelik lost her form from the beginning of the season and they don't have a useful sub.

    - Krasnodar is also struggling a bit after a good start of the season. They won their last matches mainly because the opponents made a lot mistakes. Sperskayte was not receiving well and the substitutes are mostly juniors and not reliable yet.

    - Kazan is a disappointing. I was hoping that they would get better with more games but the opposite seems to be the case. No OH's is really reliable. Kadochkina is probably the best attacker and Bavykina the best receiver but none of the OH's seems to be able to play consistently at a good level.

    - Minsk had a promising start, but the biggest disappointment so far. They need a second setter since they seem too predictable. Grishkevich is hardly playing since her injury and promising before.

    - Lokomotiv is doing as good as expected. The reception highly depends on Kryuchkova. Zivkovic is doing well and they have good attacking options. Second libero Gorbacheva had problems when she had to take over for Galkina.

    Hardly any club has good substitutes even Moscow has hardly any options. I think this is worse than in the previous years. I think the financial situation got worse or stayed bad for most of the teams (excluding Lokomotiv). The good thing is that we see a lot of young players.

    Most interesting match of the day is Minchanka - Lokomotiv. Let's hope Minsk can up their game (and Grishkevich is playing). They might win a set or two depending on who is playing for Lokomotiv.

    I don't think so. I think this is a transitional season with some young players and (almost) without foreigners.

    The main problem is consistency. Also Startseva's decisions are not great (I think Novik is doing better but has other weaknesses). I see Kotikova more as a defensive OH (obviously has to improve her reception) since her attacking skills are not that good.

    The MB's are good, no point in moving Malygina there. Also I think she does better this season than before but she will never be a good option for the NT...

    I think the team is good enough to make the final 4 in Russia and get the second place in their CL group. We will probably see further fluctuations in the performance because of the OH's which are lacking experience (Kotikova, Kadochkina), missing game practice (Pasynkova) or just not that good a receiver (Bavykina).