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    Omichka Omsk will play in the Superleague next season. They lost their first relegation match against Kursk, but didn't lose a single set in their other three matches.

    Let's hope they can find some players and money to make a competitive team next season. Something Kursk could not do... They had a really small squad and lacked quality. On the other hand, it is very difficult to start planning a Superleague team after the season...

    Parubets' curse ;)

    Some positive changes at Dinamo Moscow. Koshkin will be the new coach. He is one of the most exciting Russian coaches and did well at smaller clubs (Sakhalin and Dinamo Metar. Will be interesting to see what he can do with good players.

    Team next season:

    • setters: Smelenko (sucks for Proton who lost Gatina and Smelenko), Popova-Sinitsyna
    • OPP: Goncharova, Yurieva (used to be OH)
    • OH: Kapustina, Kupryashkina (probably happy to leave Uralochka...), Shevchuk (not sure about this transfer...), unknown foreigner
    • MB: Pushina, Lazarenko, Polyakova, Volodina (17 and probably won't play much)
    • libero: Podkopaeva, Khabibrakhmanova

    IMHO the last player should be a strong receiver.

    Erdogan hasnt invaded a country and isnt waging a war, its a pivotal difference. Hence the situations are not really comparable.

    While there are violations of human rights in Turkey, it isnt really close to Russian level. Putin and his barbaric regime in Kremlin has killed hundreds of journalists and hundreds of businessmen during his time in power and Erdogan isnt remotely close to achieving such numbers.…rnalists_killed_in_Russia

    Türkiye invaded Syria and is still occupying part of it...…upation_of_northern_Syria

    Start of semis today.

    Moscow plays against Loko. Both were struggling in the previous round. Loko won the last match in January (with Galkina). Considering that Loko always makes the final and they have the third game at home I would say they are slight favourites.

    Kazan plays Leningradka. They only won one set against them in the qulification...

    Playoffs start on Sunday

    Moscow shouldn't have any problems with Uralochka. The other matches should be quite interesting:

    Leningradka - Metar

    Ak Bars - Tulitsa (with Kazan loanee Kovaleva)

    Loko - Proton

    Only three rounds of qualification left. Moscow is going to win the quali. Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Loko and Proton will take places two to five. Probably in that order unless Tulitsa or Krasnodar win against Kazan and/or Saint Petersburg.

    Krasnodar (10 victories), Enisey (9 v.) and Uralochka (9 v.) fight for the last place. Uralochka has two matches left agains weaker opponents while the other two are underdogs in the last three matches. Krasnodar needs a win agains Metar to be safe otherwise Uralochka should take the last spot.

    Ksenia Evstegneeva (MB, Sparta) hasn't played much this season but made quite the impact in the game against Moscow. She came at the end of the second set and stayed for the rest of the match (0:3). She managed to get one ace, 5 blocks and 5 attacking points (63 %).

    Can Anyone write transfers in Uralochka?

    In other Teams also 🧐

    Main changes:

    • Starting setter Kondrashova (Loko) and OH/OPP Vorobyeva (Krasnodar) left
    • new players: Khlebnikova (promising setter), OPP Shupianiova and Pavlova (the latter only 17 but might be stronger), OH Zvereva (better in defense than offense)
    • they have 4 liberos! Dzhioeva is new

    They can't do worse than last year...

    Final and third place games start tomorrow.

    Moscow won all three games (including 3:0 in cup final) against Loko this season. But Loko proved in the previous seasons that they are ready when it counts. Proton won both league matches agains Dinamo Metar (last one from 0:2 down when both liberos were injured) but lost 2:3 in the cup (but this was six months ago).

    I think Koshkin should be named coach of the year for destroying Kazan (they won the last six sets and they weren't even that close...) unless team Marichev makes the final.

    Semis: Moscow - Chelyabinsk on Sunday, Loko - Proton on Monday

    Agree with the last two posts. Suvarovas move to Kazan was not the best career choice so far...

    Last round of qualification this weekend. Krasnodar is in eighth place but Enisey has the same number of wins (one point less). Enisey can only win points if Kazan plays with substitutes. Krasnodar has better chances in Saratov. As ususal the first three places go to Moscow, Loko and Kazan.

    The russian league is almost similar to the Turkish league. Only 3 or 4 teams dominating.

    Happy to see Parubets rocking again after that nasty injury.

    Some recent results:

    Proton 3 - 2 Moscow

    Krasnodar 3 - 2 Lokomotiv

    Kazan 0 - 3 Proton

    Kazan 3 - 0 Moscow

    Uralochka (one set away from winning the league last year) won't make the playoffs this season.

    Russian players in their first Superleague season who play frequently:

    • Olga Vaganova (Uralochka): Hardly anybody can replace Parubets… Vaganova is doing a good job in attack (about the same points as teammate Kupryashkina but not as effective) but is not as reliable in reception
    • Polina Kovaleva (Ak Bars): Only 16 years old but played in 9 of 12 matches. Will play less with Ezhak joining soon.
    • Nina Kasatkina (Tulitsa): Plays at the same level as her older teammates Bavykina and Timoshkova!
    • Polina Belikova (Proton): Starting MB. She is doing really well.
    • Alexandra Mamedova (Enisey): Played in every game so far and is doing very well.
    • Elizaveta Pavlova (Ak Bars/Lipetsk): Starting OPP in Lipetsk at 16.
    • Angelina Dementyeva (Lipetsk): Usually starting OH. Reception needs some improvement.
    • Elizaveta Nesterova (Sparta): Replaced Gatina. Similar player and only 16 years old.
    • Natalya Seliverstova (Sparta): Starting OPP (26) with pretty solid performances.
    • Alina Rubtsova (setter Minchanka): Did not play much so far but looked good when she did.


    Next week Tulitsa plays in Chelyabinsk. I like that Chelyabinsk's liberos have different shirts. The name of the player with nummer 1 in both teams is: Olga Efimova.