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    Russia's team is more or less the Dinamo Kazan youth team (some substitutes are from other teams). I haven't seen much but i did not look that convincing. The MB's are the top scorers so far (Kochurina more than 13 pts. per game) but the percentages do not look so good. IMHO the accuracy and coordination on court should be better considering that the players play in the same club.

    IMHO Russia has to play with the best team in Japan assuming you get points for the FIVB World Ranking. After disappointing results in the last two years the really need the points and it would also help psychologically (top 4 should be the goal). I would like to see a third setter (Startseva showed a bad form at the ECh and Romanova was not that good either). I would also like to see other substitute players. There should be an additional OH player besides Kurilo (Kotikova?) and I would like to see Vorobyeva in the team (OPP or OH). I did not understand why Lazareva and Khaletskaya were both in the ECh team. IMHO the NT team should primarily use players who play regularly in their clubs therefore Lazareva has no place in the team (would be different if she were still young like Kadochkina...).

    If not this year, Kadochkina needs to be in the Senior Team next year. She is already a starter In Kazan, I don't see the value of her participating in these age-tournaments to be honest. Russia NT needs another OH who can terminate, as Parubets-Voronkova is not stable in attack as what was shown in Olympic qualifiers.. This problem will become even more apparent in ECH. Kadochkina should take the role of Kosheleva in NT with hopefully better reception as she is young and can still improve

    I'm not sure if Kadochkina will be a starter next season in Kazan. They have De la Cruz and Kotikova on OH and Fabris on OPP. I think it is important that she get's enough time to rest and recover since she is still really young. The worst thing that could happen would be to lose the most important young Russian player to injuries.

    I was surprised (almost shocked) by the form of several players. They had two months to prepare for the most important game of the NT season and they were not (especially compared to Korea). I have no problem with them skipping the VNL but they should have been level. The problem seems to be the coaching staff. I like that Pankov tends to use young players who play in their clubs, but I am not sure if he is the right man to help improve players. Zarechie did not seem improved last season even though the played almost with the same team as the year before. Iurinskaya, Russu and Vorobyeva were in my opinion not able to make a step forward. I think it would be good if he would step down as NT coach, but the options in Russia are not great and I doubt that the Russian federation will hire a foreigner...

    Group A

    Serbia - Thailand 3-0

    Poland - Puerto Rico 3-0

    Serbia - Puerto Rico 3-0

    Thailand - Poland 1-3

    Puerto Rico - Thailand 0-3

    Serbia - Poland 3-1

    Group B

    China - Czech Republic 3-0

    Turkey - Germany 3-1

    Germany - Czech Republic 3-0

    China - Turkey 3-2

    Czech Republic - Turkey 0-3

    China - Germany 3-1

    Group C

    Argentina - Bulgaria 1-3

    USA - Kazakhstan 3-0

    USA - Bulgaria 3-1

    Kazakhstan - Argentina 1-3

    USA - Argentina 3-0

    Kazakhstan - Bulgaria 0-3

    Group D

    Brazil - Cameroon 3-0

    Dominican Republic - Azerbaijan 2-3

    Brazil - Azerbaijan 3-1

    Cameroon - Dominican Republic 0-3

    Brazil - Dominican Republic 3-1

    Azerbaijan - Cameroon 3-0

    Group E

    South Korea - Canada 3-0

    Russia - Mexico 3-0

    South Korea - Mexico 3-0

    Russia - Canada 3-0

    Mexico - Canada 2-3

    Russia - South Korea 3-1

    Group F

    Belgium - Netherlands 1-3

    Italy - Kenya 3-0

    Netherlands - Kenya 3-0

    Belgium - Italy 1-3

    Kenya - Belgium 0-3

    Netherlands - Italy 1-3

    I really don't want to spout it again but Pankov's statement was like that, Lokomotiv Kaliningrad should allow Brovkina and Shevchuk to play in another club as the main players.

    I agree with this statement. At least Brovkina should have a decent shot at the second MB spot since I don't think that Zaitseva and Podskalnaya are much better than her. The situation for Shevchuk is much worse competing with Kurilo and Iurinskaya for one OH spot...

    The situation for Pipunyrova is very promising in Krasnodar. Neither Bessonaya nor Sperskaite (hope she will be better than last season) are consistent in reception.

    Unlike Italy Russia did really well in reception. For me Sperskaite was the player of the match. She was the second best scorer, best server (4 aces) and solid in reception. She might have played her best match this year. Novik made some unusual mistakes in the first set but I still think she has a chance to be back up in the NT next year (will get much more playtime this club season). I am still not conviced that Lazareva will become a starter in the NT but maybe she will get more time to shine in France.

    Zaytseva was the weakest line of the team IMO. Evdokimova and Vorobyeva played well, especially Vorobyeva was unstoppable in critical situations. Although Lazareva was best scorer of the game with 26 pts, honestly I expected much more than that from her. She had many errors today even if she was best scorer of the game.

    I did not understand why Zaytseva stayed on. She made one block, four points out of ten attacks and served terribly... I was happy to see a good perfomance from Novik. Hope she will be a starter in Sakhalin. Sperskaite continues her mediocre performance she showed during the club season. I hope she will improve soon... Lazarave was below 27 %.

    Yes, discussion was why Russia has so easy group. This is effect of their success from the past; they will have to work much harder in the future to have such easy way to get qualification to Paris.

    I don't think that this is the case. Russia should end up around 5th place at the OG and World Cup. That might give them enough points to keep the 5th place in the world ranking.

    Yes Russia had a very poor VNL but that is because they played mostly without A team players and changed the team almost every week. The main problem is that they are lacking back up-players which makes the team vulnerable if a top player is injured or has a bad form.

    Russia has 6 weeks to train and we will see a very different team by then.

    I would expect:

    Startseva - Romanova

    Goncharova - Kadochkina

    Fetisova - Koroleva - (Lazarenko - Efimova)

    Parubets - Voronkova - Kotikova


    This team should make the OG qualification without too much problems and should do better at the EC than last time. The main problems are the setters and the OH substitutes. Kutyukova might be an option to help the reception. If Kadochkina is healthy she will be a good option as a sub OPP and could be used as an OH against weaker teams. Kotikova is also looking promising.

    Samoylenko was injured most of the time for the last two years. I am actually a bit surprised that Kazan extended the contract with her but maybe she recovered.

    Stolyarova made hardly any game in the regular season but did surprisingly well in the play offs (played OH). I think she is better than Khaletskaya but also a few years older.

    I would expect Malova probably back for the EC and should be in the olympic team 2020. And I really like Pilipenko.

    Except Startseva, I don't like our setters. Romanova is kind of joke, I don't remember her playing well in NT. Even when Startseva out, Romanova in (WCH) and most of our attacks got blocked by opponents because of her passes. Next year she may be sub for Startseva in Kazan, I wonder that will Pankov invite her again. Big and mysterious question to me.

    Vera Salikova may be main setter of Uralochka next year and Filishtinskaia may come back after break, I really want to hope their playing better and take the spot from Romanova. Romanova is gonna be second Pankova. I don't understand what Karpol and Pankov saw in her. I simply can't stand her.

    Another question to me is all about our MBs. Except Fetisova and Koroleva, the rest of them seems useless. Efimova never stays in the right place to block the attack of opponent and that's why we have rare block pts nowadays. I sometimes can't understand the head coaches and their choices.

    I agree on Romanova. Never really liked her. She had some good play off games this season (and a terrible one against Moscow) but not convincing during regular season and in NT. Ryseva is not terrible but really short. I think Anufrienko did well this season and Matveeva looks promising for the future.

    I hope Zubareva will get a chance to play instead of Orlova this week...