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    Good thing Lokomotiv wanted to avoid Moscow... I think Kosheleva is doing better in reception than expected. But her attack is disappointing. Krasnodar really enjoyed blocking her...

    Starting to doubt that Russia will finish the season...

    Is there a punishment for the clubs if they travel to Sakhalin (or any other far away place) with youth team? I checked the stats last week and if I am not wrong many teams sent their squads to Sakhalin this season.

    I was wondering the same. But it was "only" Kazan (youth team did really well) and Loko. I think the decision from Loko is worse because they basically chose to get Uralochka instead of Moscow in the playoffs. And Sakhalin ended up with the same number of victories as Moscow (more points) and Proton (better sets ratio).

    Playoffs start this Friday:

    Proton - Moscow

    Krasnodar - Loko

    Sakhalin - Uralochka

    Leningradka - Kazan

    Proton is imho the only team with a (very) small chance against the top four teams. Moscow is still far away from a good form (lost to Krasnodar two weeks ago) but Proton played much better at the start of the season than what they are showing now.

    Some random stats:

    Sakhalin: Maligina 29 % in attack, Samoilova 37 %

    Parubets with most points, Fabris most points per set (6.24)

    Kadochkina with 50 % in attack but did not play much because of injuries, Kleger 47 %, Fabris 46 %, Parubets 45 %, Goncharova 42 % (worst in years)

    Most blocks per set: Koroleva (1.14), Fetisova (1.09), Lazarenko (1.08)

    Last round of qualification this weekend. Four teams compete (theoretically) for the two last playoff places: Krasnodar (6 victories, 17 pts.), Leningrad (5, 16), Minsk (5, 12), Zarechie (4, 13). Krasnodar should win (at Dinamo Metar) and stay in 6th place. The other teams are expected to lose (all away against top five teams). That would give Leningrad the last spot.

    With a win against Zarechie Proton can secure 4th place (even though they have less points then their quarterfinal opponent Moscow). Just a reminder that they were in the last place last season!

    Loko will keep the first place if they take their first team to Sakhalin. Kazan's first team only lost against Uralochka (juniors lost in Sakhalin).

    I agree with Ksenia. Voronkova hasn't played in the last few weeks and did not play great before (still solid). Maybe she just needed some time out... We will see who will be playing for Loko in the playoffs.

    The setter position is still a problem. I think Startseva is doing better this season but I am not so sure about Romanova. So far her performances in the NT were dissapointing. There are no clear alternatives. Babeshina has a lot experience and had some good games taking over as starting setter in Moscow (struggled in the last few matches). I think Efimova has a good season and might be worth a try.

    Malova is still strong. I think Russia should only take her as a libero and six hitters. Olga Frolova could be one of the OH. She has the best reception stats (with Parubets and Maria Frolova) in league.

    I think Goncharova should rest most of VNL (is there anb info whether the corona virus will change any schedule -> see athletics).

    Bringing back Babeshina might not be a bad idea:super:

    I still think Kosheleva will make it to Tokyo, especially now she is back playing in Russia so the Federation will definitely put pressure on Buzato to consider her (if only due to her experience). No question she will be the best candidate in the double sub, compared to say Khaletskaia or God forbid, Malygina. Only question if she will allow to be backup to Goncha :whistle:

    IMHO Kosheleva's move to Lokomotiv was more about money than playing. Kosheleva has three possible NT OH to compete with (Voronkova, Iurinskaia and Kurilo). All of them are better in reception and good in attack (attacking and receiption percentages of Iurinskaia and Kurilo are almost the same this season and better than the ones of Voronkova, but she gets about as many balls as the other two OH's together). Lokomotiv has five games left in the qualification and only one good opponent (Uralochka) left. Let's see wether Kosheleva plays strong enough in these four games to get a starting position in the playoffs.

    Yesterday Krotkova made her comeback (only played some points as sub this season) in CL. She played more than two sets and did really well (best server in her team and really good reception and attack stats…hStatistics.aspx?ID=37530). Considering that neither Shcherban nor Rusakova play their best Krotkova might have a shot on a starting position. This would be great for the NT. She is a good option in reception and defense plus an intelligent attacker.

    Shevchuk joined Enisey.

    Proton-Uralochka next Sunday. Proton won the first match 3:2 in Ekaterinburg (Klimets got injured in that game). Proton had several chances against Lokomotiv to win the 3rd set. They should have a decent chance to win.

    I am not really happy with the roster...

    Novik? She is not doing much better than Sinitsyna in Sakhalin...

    Malygina really? The OPP situation is not great but still. I would to for Goncharova, Russu, Kosheleva, Kadochkina, Lazareva

    OH: Shcherban and Rusakova... Bringing experience back... Whats next Markova? Sperskaite has more or less the same stats this season as Shcherban (better than Voronkova) but is like 8 years younger...

    Fourth libero is Olga Frolova (there are a lot of Frolovas in the league...). She plays OH in Sakhalin.

    Top matches this weekend are Kazan-Moscow and Lokomotiv-Proton. I hope the players had enough time to recover...

    Home teams are favourites. Looks like Moscow-Proton will meet in the first round of playoffs. At the moment Proton would have the home advantage.

    So the cup ended as expected...

    Lokomotiv was a bit of a disapointment. They were more or less at full strenght (Orlova had some problems in the second game) unlike their opponents and were not able to seriously challenge Kazan. So far they were not able to step up when it counts (cup, play-off final last year).

    Some random (rather irrelevant) thoughts: Why did they play a 3rd place match? And why did both teams play with the best formation in that game? What happened to Stolyarova's face (skin)? Why did every team except Moscow play in their international shirts? Is it just me or are the umpires occasionally ignoring what they see on the replay (i.e. block touch Kazan)?

    Russian cup today and tomorrow in Kazan.

    Same match ups as in the last league round:

    Uralochka - Moscow and Kazan - Lokomotiv

    Dinamos won a few days ago and are favourites. All teams are missing players because of injuries. Smirnova joined Uralochka a week ago. No idea why Safonova is not playing. Was injured at the beginning of the season but has been listed as substitute for several weeks. Drča's injury did not look good but no information so far.

    I think Kazan is the favourite for the title but no team was convincing so far...

    Today starts the last round for this year (number 10 out of 16). The top clubs are facing each other on Sunday:

    - Uralochka vs Moskow: Both teams with poor performances in the CL. Both without their designated OPP. I think Uralochka is the favourite but would expect at least 4 sets. I think Moscow played better with Babeshina but do not expect her to start.

    - Kazan vs Lokomotiv: Kazan won in Kaliningrad but they are struggling with injuries. Kadochkina is out and I think that Kotikova is still having some health problems. Good thing they have good juniors. Loko is showing a good form but Galkina is struggling. Should be a tight game. And they will meet again next Wednesday in the Cup Semis.

    All good things come to an end. Well not quite yet... Proton is still going pretty strong even after they lost half of their reception (libero Lavnova got injured against Krasnodar). They used a two-player reception (with Simonenko getting more than 60 % of the balls and doing an great job). Without Lavnova they seemed a bit out of system but luckily the opponent was Minsk...

    Pipunirova was not used agains Kazan (probably a small injury). Kotikova was icing her knee in the stands.

    Matveeva joined Zarechie (I think 3 weeks ago). I would expect on loan but have no information.

    After all 3:0 games last week this weeks match ups look pretty one-sided too.

    Loko-Sakhalin: technically the top match but Loko shouldn't have too many troubles.

    Minsk-Moscow: both teams with only two wins so far but easy win for Dinamo expected.

    Krasnodar-Dinomo Metar: the two teams at the bottom of the table. Might be the closest match of the week-end.

    Tomorrow we have:

    Uralochka-Kazan and Moscow-Kaliningrad.

    Moscow with only 1 win so far. Lokomotiv lost against Kazan.

    Uralochka was struggling last match even before they lost Klimets. Then again Marichev's Proton is the positive surprise of the league so far. Kazan's first team is unbeaten so far...