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    I can't believe people are hyping Akimova to be the next big thing (and not to take credit from her, she looks promising) but she only performed good at a U18 tournament. I think we need to see her more in NT (if ever she gets the call by Busato).

    I think Akimova did an ok job in Sparta. It was not easy joining the club during the season and playing sub. The thing is that there are not many promising youngish OPP in Russia. Lazareva, Russu, Stalnaya, Byarda, Pisarevskaya are not convincing so far... Dinamo-Ak Bars used the lefthanded 15-year old Pavlova last weekend. I think she looked promising (at least compared to the opposites from Krasnodar...) but it was only preseason.

    I wish she would play in a bigger or more competitive club. Just unfortunate that no club is interested on her despite her good showing at the U19.

    Agree. Krasnodar has two young OPP and both seem to be weaker than Akimova. No idea who is going to be OPP in Saratov.

    Unfortunately I don't think we will see much of Pipunyrova this season. Foreigners (Vasileva, Begic) should be the starting OH and even if one of them is not playing she has to compete with Simonenko and Krotkova (both better in reception). I just don't understand why a young player would ever consider moving to Dinamo Moscow...

    I understand that players who were not invited by Busato earlier this year resused to play. And the teams obviously want their players preparing for the club season instead of having them back tired and maybe even injured just before the season. If Russia had a team with a chance to win the situation might have been different...

    It seems to me that Busato is better at destroying players confindence than building it. Kapustina had a good club season (her reception was never above average though) and now looks to be afraid to come on court. Even in attack she seems to afraid to make a mistake (only Goncharova made more points then her last club season)!

    I don't mind taking young players (oddly no young liberos...) but I wish they had taken at least one player who can receive... Kapustina, Smirnova, Lazareva, Fedorovtseva and Kadochkina are all about equally bad in reception and the liberos are not the best receiver either. I guess Kapustina will be a starter since she is the only player who is used to receive a lot of balls (she received last season more balls then the all other NT players together...). I think they need a really good start in the first game to build conficence otherwise the tournament could get ugly... And I am pretty sure that Lazareva won't be the only player on OPP. Smirnova looked better at the VNL.

    Why is Kurnosova not a libero option? She is the receiving libero in Uralochka (Pilipenko mainly when team on serve). I think she is better in reception than Bibina.

    I really hope that was it for Buzato. The weird decisions during the match are not even the problem but the nominated substitutes are a disaster. If Russia had more than two real OH and an experienced second setter (admittedly the options were not great), they could not have done as badly against Turkey and China as they did.

    Who is gonna be the Russian coach at the EC?

    Voronkova's reception improved considerably in the last few years. She received almost 44 % of the serves and made hardly any mistakes (she and Malova covered most of the court).

    This list is basically as expected except Matveeva, but like others pointed out that was probably due to Romanova's injury. Bringing two libros was also as expected since Russia does need a better reception and one of them (probably Pilipenko) will be a defensive OH to ease the pressure in back court. MBs are pretty good now. Only concern I have for Matveera is that she did pretty good to send balls high to #2 and #4 but I have not seen her doing any fast sets to MBs or OHs that could spell a trouble, but still we will find out how heavily she will be used as a setter. It's all set now let's cheer for Russian team and wish them good luck!!!

    I think Matveeva did a decent job in the NT so far. Vetrova or Popova might have been the better option for the OG but I think the reception will be the bigger problem than the setters. Matveeva likes to use the MB in her club. I think she might have used them less in the NT so far because she did not train enough with them.

    I hope Fedorovtseva will do a lot of reception training until the OG...

    The number of good OH is limited in Russia. But there are several decent OH who play in this position which is something Pilipenko and Smirnova did not do last season. Possible players with pretty good reception skills: M. Frolova, Chaplina, Zvereva, Shvchuk (attack is weaker than the others), Shcherban, Kotikova.

    My prefered line up, considering who is/was with the team

    OPP: Goncharova

    OH: Fedorovsteva, Kosheleva, Voronkova, Smirnova

    S: Startseva, Matveeva

    Libero: Malova, Pilipenko

    MB: Koroleva, Lazarenko, Enina

    That was a controversial decision for Buzato :down:. I mean, he brought Gorbunova to Rimini who's the same age as Kadochkina (indeed, they were born the same year, month, and day :rolll:) and not her.

    Kadochkina had a poor club season and afaik she wants to play OH. But with her current reception skills she is not a candidate for a NT OH spot. She had health issues the season before but hardly missed a game last season.

    Any information on the u20 WC team?

    Busato mentioned Gorbunova.

    Super League players who might be part of the team:

    S: Popova, Selyutina

    MB: Menshchikova, Slautina, Kochurina

    OH/OPP: Kadochkina, Akimova, Chernova, Yakushina, Kruk, Pisarevskaya, Gorbunova, Gatina

    Libero: Doronicheva, Perova