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    Kazan did not play well. Reception did not look good (besiedes the OH's the libero did not have a good day too). Any info on Pasynkova? Second game she missed.

    Fun fact: at the Uralochka-Michanska match were more Belorussian players starting than Russian (2 Belorussians with Uralochka and only a Russian and an Ukrainian for Minsk)...

    I like the spirit of the Proton players. The never give up even though the are usually the underdog. I think Marichev is doing a good job given the circumstances (had barely a team at the beginning of the season).

    Zivkovic was surprised by the great crowd in Kaliningrad…3-kak-na-chempionate-mira. I myself was happy to see such a great audience (…che-superliga-zhenshhiny/), hopefully they keep it up!

    3 top teams are missing a (possible) starting OH (injuries): Moscow (Krotkova), Kaliningrad (Kutyukova) and Minsk (Hryshkevich)

    Kaliningrad used a 17-year old in the last two sets. Moscow didn't change the OH at all (weird decision...). Minsk was unable to replace Hryshkevich.

    EuroVolleyTv offers a 30 day free trial, you can sign up and if u cancel before the 30 days they won`t charge you. They are not available in the USA,Canada,Poland and Italy. But I did sign up using a VPN using Germany as my location. I will see if it works.

    edit: It works :).... the stream is great. ( I`m watching the replays from today).

    I had some problems watching the matches live. Most annoying thing were the advertisments (up to 5 minutes long and the "skip Ad" did not work) which are shown while the game is on. Missing part of a game because of commercials is unacceptable for a paid service.

    I don't see how this can be correct. CEV still hasn't updated their rankings, but if we replace the WCh '14 points with WCh '18, SRB is 1st, NED 2nd and then ITA and RUS share the 3rd place with the same number of points.

    So NED should definitely participate at WC, while I don't know what the tie-breaker between Russia and Italy would be. Maybe Italy gets the 3rd place and ticket for WC as their most recent result is better than Russia's? I dunno. Anyway, Turkey should definitely be out of the picture.

    But I guess ultimately it won't matter as much as I don't think any of these teams will take this tournament seriously.

    I agree. It should be Serbia (294), Netherlands (288) and Italy/Russia (278), if VNL does not count...

    I agree with the predicted winners but I think there might be fewer sets. I think Moscow could even win 3:0 if the reception is a bit better than last week.

    Minsk should be winning if they play the same level they played last week. But maybe Kazan makes some changes (Pasynkova, Malygina?)...

    Some remarks to the first round:

    Uralochka 2 - 3 Krasnodar: unexpected result. Podkopaeva (former Malova) helped Uralochka in reception which was pretty bad last season but Parubets didn't have a good day and Uralochka doesn't have good substitutes. Then again Uralochka had set points in the third set, so it could have been 3:0...Unlike other teams Uralochka's team is not really stronger than last season. Good comebacks from Krasnodar in 3rd and 5th set. Krasnodar has the best team since the financial difficulties (Rusakova, Sperskayte are pretty good OH's, Matienko an experienced setter and Khaletskaya showed her former team that she deserves to be a starter).

    Moscow 3 - 2 Minsk: Goncharova is back (played whole match, looked good). Minsk was better then expected. They came back form several points down in sets 3, 4 and 5, but was not enough in the end. Moscow is obviously stronger but without the injured Khodunova lacking options on OH position (the only change they made was Talysheva for Raevskaya on libero position, after she missed like for receptions in a row). Minsk works well as a team and has a good block/defense. The 18 years old Hryshkevich looks promising (made like 6 points on serve in a row in 4th set, some problems in reception).
    Natalia Malykh was watching the game...

    Kazan 1 - 3 Kaliningrad: The new team from Kaliningrad works already really well. There is still some fine tuning to do but there were less misscommunications than expected. On the other hand Kazan needs time to find the best formation. Bavykina and Kotikova (first season as a starter for the 19 year old) have both some problems in reception. Malygina did surprisingly better than Mikiskova. Don't know why Pasynkova was not used (but at least now her season is already longer than last...).

    I have looked into U19 (!) ECh final Italy vs. Russia and observed Kadochkina. It is hard to believe, that this girl is just 15 and one of the youngest on the court, her attack balls have a speed comparable for example to Bustos Kaja Grobelna, who has years of foreign experience now and being a little older than 20.

    Kazan looks interesting this season. They lost Voronkova, Mammadova and Vasileva but have some young talents. Kadochkina played OPP and OH in the Russian Cup this weekend and looked strong in attack (also good serve). Then there is Kotikova who is also promising (a bit unstable in reception though). And Pasynkova is back after 2 years injured, hopefully she stays healthy. They should get second place (should be stronger than Uralochka unless Malova fixes the reception...).

    Kazan used almost every player they have this weekend (3 settters and 6 attackers). The 15-year old attacker looked good as OPP and also worked as OH (some problems in reception). And the third setter (probably a junior) looked really tall! Who is she? Good to see Pasynkova healthy, hope she stays that way.

    Moscow on the other hand doesn't have many options outside the starting six. Team played much better with Ognjenovic on Saturday than Sunday. Shcherban had a lot of troubles in reception and Havelkova was not convincing in attack. The question will be when Goncharova and Krotkova can play again.

    I agree that Russia has a problem when Goncharova retires, but I would expect that she will be playing Tokyo 2020 if healthy.

    As for the possible players:

    Malykh - best option at the moment (maybe also Stolyarova), but nothing special

    Malygina - disappointing so far, no improvements in the last years

    Voronkova - is needed as OH at the moment but could be an option with Parubets and Krotkova or Kotikova as OH

    Biryukova - pretty weak attack, don't like her

    Kotikova - I think she is better as an OH and should be improving as a probable starter in Kazan this season

    Lazareva - I do not have high hopes for her since she is hardly ever used... haven't seen her in quite some time. was not used in the last russian cup game I watched (Stolyarova played instead). She probably should've gone to a smaller club.

    Russ - might be an option. at least she is playing...

    Is it just me or was the level of the top teams a bit disappointing? I think hardly any of them was able to reach their potential. Obviously injuries weakend some teams (Milenkovic-Serbia, Goncharova/Krotkova-Russia, Natalia-Brasil etc.) but even without them I would've expected a higher level from most teams.

    Did they change the rules for the world ranking? My guess is that it would be WC 2018, VNL 2018, OG 2016 and World Cup 2015. If World Cup 2015 stays in there Russia will still be the 2nd best European team. Even without the 70 points from the World Cup 2015 Russia will obviously stay ahead of Turkey.

    Kazan sent the junior team to Sakhalin...

    Lokomitiv was a bit disappointing. They started good but had a lot of troubles in the reception the next two sets. Then again they had hardly any options in reception (Safonova and 17-year old Shevchuk were OH)... Podskalnaya had a very good game though. Lokomitiv is missing Zivkovic, Voronkova, Galkina (because of WC) and Kutyukova. Uralochka was without Romanova, Parubets (WC), Podkopaeva (Malova) and Klimets.