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    Cuneo didn't play good today but ZAKSA too. Zagumy and Gacek the most experienced players in Polish team played so bad. Zaksa played terrible but won 2 sets. Middle-blockers didn't help today. I didn't remember when Zagumny set so predictable with lot of mistakes. In 3rd place match they should improve reception and will fight with Zenit which is definitely better team. In Cuneo Sokolov today made a diffrence. Ngapeth played good in reception but Zaksa serve on him when Wijsmans stats on reception was (possitive 15%, excellent 7% reception)...

    Zaksa is in big trouble. Tomorrow Zaksa will play with Resovia. Kedzierzyn-Kozle wanted to cancel match with Resovia but it didn't happened.
    Zaksa now have only 7 players: Gacek Pilarz Kapelus Witczak Ruciak Rouzier and 1 middle blocker Kazimierczak. Injued are Zagumny, Świderski, Czarnowski, Warda, Samica and Popelka is ill. X(

    Rouzier no comment...
    Trento won and have 3 points. Trento demlished in 3rd set. First and second set were thougt but finally stupid mistakes of Zaksa and Trento won. Zaksa one week ago should get 3 points but referee... Anyway Trento 1 st place in groub Zaksa propably 2nd but must win with other teams in group. This game what Zaksa showed today and 4 days ago it wouldn't be simple.

    Congrats to Russia they are better than Poland only in few points. They deserved to win because Polish guys played chaotic and every normal team can use it to win. If Poland in this match win 1st set the match will be very tough. On every kind of tournament Poland have mental problems. Poland have big potential but smoetimes lost in heads. I can't explain how Polish team can play like yesterday and today. Lead with Brasil 2:0 and lost 2:3 lead in tie break 14:9 and lost 15:17 it brings a shame...

    Nowakowksi - Zagumny is poetry :obey:

    Fantastic reach and tempo. Nowakowski isn't emotional player. He don't show his emotion but in my opinion the best Polish player in this tournament definitely the best Polish middle-blocker. He is only 23 and I see bright future for him.

    After match we had quarrel near net. I did't know who start but IMO Travica had many words to talk probably to Kubiak.

    no comment

    Michał Ruciak small player 190 cm has been plaing in Zaksa Kedzierzyn Koźle with Zagumny for 2 years. Very good substitution today. Zagumny changed our game. Nowakowski fantastic guy. He hit the ball above Italian Middle Blockers.

    I must go to eat something. Maybe spagetti or pizza :D

    Poland was on a trouble in 1st and 2nd set but finish was good. Żygadło is playing today so poor. Left side right side (without using middle-blockers). Bartman and Nowakowski are today the our best players. Poland generally had in 1st and 2nd sets problems with efficency.

    This is team which was promoted from Poland 1st Division to Plus Liga. In this team will play Mikko Oivanen Matti Hietanen Grzegorz Łomacz and maybe in club stay Louis Hernandez and Enrique De La Fuente

    Three seasons ago this team was in Plus Liga but was classified on the last position. It wasn't normal because this team consist of: Bruno Zanuto, Marco Samardzić, Bojan Janić, Łukasz Kadziewicz, Jarosław Stancelewski Jakub Bednaruk

    really good volleyballers