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    I seriously don't think Pasynkova should be in the national team. Her attack is weak and her reception is not good, even though she's supposed to be there as a receptive OH. In the recent World Cup, she was not reliable and I had to pray that Marichev didn't let her play. The only thing that is good about her is service, but I don't think that should be the only factor that guarantees her spot. I see great potential in Ilchenko. She did well in the European Championship and we all saw that Pasynkova was not as good as Ilchenko. As for the other outside hitters, I'd like to add Kutyukova or perhaps Sokolova if she can regain her form to help with the reception (similar to having Estes in 2012).

    I do not like the team atmopshere when Gamova is on the team, but for the Olympics, I think she should be a substitute opposite. I don't know if this is possible because of the ego issue, but I noticed that in the World Cup, when Obmoecheva was frequently blocked, Malykh could not do anything to improve the situation.

    As for MBs, Lyubushkina and Orlova were not good enough for a high level of competition. I think Lyubushkina was a bit better, but these two are too slow to block and too weak to attack. Zaryazhko and Fetisova should definitely be on the roster. I also hope that Shlyakhovaya or Podskayana can be back. I don't know if Morozova is as good as she was in 2013.

    For libero position, Malova is great, but team needs someone who is NOT Kryuchkova. Perhaps this year in the Russian league we will see a candidate.

    My roster
    S: Kosianenko, Startseva
    OP: Obmochaeva, Gamova
    OH: Kosheleva, Shcherban, Ilchenko, Kutyukova or Sokolova
    MB: Zaryazhko, Fetisova, Shlyakhovaya or Podskayana or Morozova
    L: Malova + ????