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    Maybe I misunderstand you--which is likely--but how is seeding the third row through random draw less random than seeding it 1-11? Or are you saying the randomness of seeding it randomly makes it less interesting/important? When the pools were posted here as 1-11 people whined about that. Then the official pools are posted and people whine about that. Turkey could have ended up in Pool A.

    Where I come up short from jumping on the whine about everything attitude bandwagon here is, for example, lets say in the second round we come to a match where it doesn't matter if China wins or loses because they are advancing anyway. So Liu Xiaotong plays instead of Zhu Ting. I'm happy about that. To assert that it doesn't matter to Liu Xiaotung if she wins or loses the game is pathetic (not that you are saying that, brahmin). Or that it doesn't matter to the players playing for 5th/6th after they've been eliminated from a medal? Please.

    There are people in the world who enjoy watching volleyball. And there are volleyball players who enjoy, and care, about playing volleyball. The more the merrier. Bring it on! If your team is the best, they will win and we will congratulate you.

    If China goes 5-0 in the first round, then in the second round all they have to do is beat Korea/Thailand, the final games against Russia/USA they can just play with their bench.

    And there `s a problem that can occur in the 3rd round as well with the 3 teams. For example in 2014 the 2 groups were Italy/USA/Russia and on the other Brazil/China/Dominican Republic.
    Brazil defeated China in 3-0, Brazil 3 points and China 0.
    China defeated Dominican Republic in 3-2, which means China got 2 points and D.Rep 1.
    The final game Brazil defeated R.Republic in 3-0.

    Final standing Brazil 6 points, China 2 and D. Republic eliminated with 1 point.

    For Brazil the final game against D. Republic was worthless as they were already qualified, they could simply play with their bench and let D.Republic win, but they choose not to.
    If it was China or any other team especially European they would have never played their their main players, they would simply rest them for the semi-finals.

    This is not a conspiracy on the pools. The FIVB changed the seeding to only host +top 7 teams. Last two tournaments it was host + top 11. I think that the extra row gave the tournament a little more randomness.

    The tournament has always had the teams carry their results from the first round with the teams that advanced. With only 3 teams advancing from the second round, you have to win matches against the other pool from the first round. Japan in 2010 as hosts lost their first match of the second round to China. However the Japanese had won all five first round matches. So, a loss at the beginning did not hurt them as much. But if they had one lost entering the second round, every match for them would be win or go home.

    Pool B in my mind is the toughest pool, Bulgaria and Turkey will sneak up on you, plus Italy and China cannot fall asleep against them. Japan in Pool A, in my mind must sweep (5-0) their first round matches. Facing Serbia and Brazil in the second round means that if they lost to the Netherlands, they would have to beat one or both to make the third round.

    In 2010 second round Japan lost to China and lost Russia as well, and that is problem with carrying points, because if you finish 5-0 in the first round, all you need to do is win 2 games in the second round and you are in, In 2014 Brazil and USA went for 5-0, in the second round they won their first 2 games and that was it, they were already qualifed to the 3rd round...they even played with their bench the final 2 games. While Turkey/Bulgaria,Netherlands were already eliminated with 2 games left to play, only Russia/Serbia had chances to take the 3rd spot.

    and same thing will happen again... USA will finish 5-0, all they will have to do is win one game and likely against Bulgaria and they are in. While Turkey and Bulgaria will finish 3# and 4#, as soon as they loose one game and that will happen against USA they will be gone.

    If Japan can beat NED and go 5-0, they can still loose for Serbia and Brazil and take the 3rd spot.

    Basically whoever finishes 3rd must win every game in the second round to have a chance to make it and probably still depend on other results....while who finishes in 4th has no changes to qualify basically as long the 1# 2# from the first round win at least one game in the second round.

    Gluszak has no clue what he`s doing. Belcik is way past her prime, she makes a lot of setting errs, Mirkovic is not the best setter out there but she certainly can not do worse than Belcik and he should have been starting Mirkovic every game for her to develop a good connection with everyone.

    And Busa was playing better than Medrzyk, but he replaces Busa with Smarzek and she can`t receive. And on the top of that you have Zaroslinska not having a good day, he could simply have replaced her with Smarzek and kept Busa in to receive.

    Zaroslinska is already 30 and the NT needs a dominant OPP and that could very much be Smarzek, makes no sense to force her as OH...

    I don`t think Chemick can beat Kazan at CL at all.

    Is time for Pomi to look for a 3rd coach... Against Novara they were winning but he decided to take Martinez out for no reason and of course they lost with Starcevic in...he did the same thing today.....They should got ride of Starcevic and not Chunlei.

    That "attack" of Berti could actually turn into a new trick for players :lol:

    I`m not joking, but I think that totally could be turn into a "skill play" and could be used more often, especially for Asian MBs, this could be a great way for them trying to avoid the block.

    How does Dajana Boskovic play so far?

    She`s good, not great, she must improve but I think she has a lot of potential, she`s also a good server and blocker. I think she took a year break after finishing college, so it taking her a little while to get back in shape. She`s putting big number against the "weaker" teams and struggling against the Top Teams.
    Would be better for the NT if she was a OH.

    Her numbers against:

    Gorniza - 20 points (58%)
    Lodz - 9 points (32%)
    Chemik - 14 points ( 36%)
    Torun - 22 points (36%)
    Krakow 19 points (45%)
    Musyna 20 points (39%)
    Lodz 5 points (18%)

    Maret is gone for good.…aret-balkestein-grothues/

    In connection with the leaving of the Club by Mr. Maret Balkestein-Grothues on December 6, 2017, the club, bearing in mind its statement of November 6, 2017, presents its position on this matter below:

    1) On 20 June 2017, the club concluded a preliminary agreement with Mr. Maret Balkestein-Grothues, the object of which was to oblige both parties to conclude two promised agreements (sports and image) by 30 June 2017. The contract was also signed by the agent, Mr Jakub Dolata.

    2) until June 30, 2017, the player did not show up at the club and did not enter the two promised agreements indicated above: and on his behalf he contacted the club, Mr. Jakub Dolata.

    3) The club paid all costs related to the international transfer (Dutch Federation, CEV and PZPS), the player personally confirmed the transfer.

    4) in August, September and October 2017, the club took all possible and legally prescribed actions aimed at concluding with the player Maret Balkestein-Grothues represented by Mr. Jakub Dolata two promised contracts, including the club gave the player the sole use of the flat and car and covered her with insurance, training, supplements, nutrients, sports equipment, full medical and physiotherapeutic care.

    5) as a result of issuing in the final contracts in August, September and October 2017 by the player's agent in relation to the club incomprehensible and not reflected in the preliminary contract demands, the club could not accept them, but he proposed amicably to settle the matter in the form of promised contracts and refer part of the dispute to court proceedings. Agent and competitor refused.

    6) on November 7, 2017, the Club directly asked the competitor to request the conclusion of promised agreements on pain of referral to court.

    7) on November 8, 2017, the competitor refused to conclude these contracts without giving any reason, nor any justification for such a refusal.

    8) on November 10, 2017, the club, betrayed by the athlete Maret Balkestein-Grothues and Mr. Jakub Dolata in an out of the ordinary situation, filed with the District Court in Szczecin a lawsuit to conclude two promised contracts.

    9) at the turn of November and December 2017, the competitor, through a lawyer's office in Brussels, called the club to pay the amounts resulting from the two promised contracts despite their failure to do so. In response, the club said that it can not pay any amounts under Polish law until two promised agreements have been concluded.

    10) on 6 December 2017, the contestant left the club and the city of Szczecin, without informing the club about this fact, nor providing any reason or reason for his actions. In addition, the competitor did not return the car and keys to the apartment to the club.

    Very shameful from her part to do this kind of thing, it is not like volleyball clubs has money like soccer and other sports.

    Would be so much more exciting if they played a Round of 16 and we could probably have these match ups. ( based on the logic)

    Japan vs Puerto Rico ( or Dominican Republic) - Japan would need to play their very best to beat DOM.
    Serbia vs Argentina ( or Germany) This could be interesting, as Argentina almost stole Serbia`s ticket for the OG and Serbia vs Germany would not be bad.
    Netherlands vs Dominican Republic ( or Germany) Either way would be a great game because both DOM and GER could upset NED
    Brazil vs Argentina ( or Puerto Rico) - BRA vs ARG is always a classic LOL
    China vs Thailand ( or Korea) - This could be a Asian Classic , and also Kim vs Zhu
    USA vs Bulgaria ( or Turkey) - Both Turkey and Bulgaria could upset USA
    Italy vs Korea ( or Thailand) - Both Asian teams would put up a good fight against Italy
    Russia vs Turkey ( or Bulgaria) - This would a European Classic

    and this is based on the logic assuming there will no upsets in the pool phase, but if some upsets happened the Round of 16 could be even more exciting such as if any of the top teams end it up loosing at least one or 2 games. Like imagine if Russia loose to Korea or Thailand and finish in 3rd and having to face either China/Italy, or if Italy loose to Turkey they could face Russia. If Japan looses to NED/GER would face SRB/BRA.

    but FIVB does not want any of that :thumbdown: ;(

    Pool A : Japan, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Cameroon, Mexico.
    Pool B: China, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba.
    Pool C: USA, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Trinidad and Tobago.
    Pool D: Serbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Kazakhstan, Kenia.

    The 24 teams have been divided into four pools of six teams playing in a Round Robin system with the top four teams in each pool advancing to the second round. The 16 teams will be split into two pools of eight (Pool A and D four best teams in one group, and Pool C and B four best teams in the other one).

    The top three teams in each of the two second round pools will advance to the third round. The four winners will be placed in the two pools with the second and third-placed teams drawn. The round will consist of a Round Robin system with the top two teams in each pool advancing to the semifinals. A 5th rank match will take place on the same day as semifinals. The 103rd and last match of the tournament will be the final.

    And Ngapeth not ? :lol: :lol: Is it hard to hate Ngapeth ?

    What Ngapeth did is unacceptable, he put other people`s lives in risk, he could have killed someone if not a couple of people.

    What Zaytsev is doing is what every athlete is doing out there, they are all trying to make some extra $$$, and there`s nothing wrong with that.

    And another thing, nobody really chooses to play for the NT for pride, they will all say that, but they do also because they make extra $$$ and all the exposure they get and with that exposure means more $$$. For example Volleyball players wants to be at the OG and other tournaments because they can get the exposure, if they play well they can find a better club $$$ and all that. Soccer players wants to play at the WC because they can make millions afterwards....and so on and son.

    Just look at the list of the highest paid athletes in the world, mostly of the money they make comes from sponsors/endorsements rather than their salary...just ask Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and so on...

    [quote='Kk15','index.php?page=Thread&postID=353691#post353691']But allow me a thought: how is possible that several people that harshly criticize Zaytsev for doing something that didn't even break the Superlega rule (neither the sleeve nor the tattoo did, even if the second can be considerate 'morally' borderline) or for asking for an exception to the rule to the rule-makers and leaving the NT when that wasn't granted (shoes gate), do not criticize Ngapeth for breaking not the Superlega rules, but the Italian LAW, doing something that could have severely hurt other people or himself?

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: U r absolutely right.... Zaytsev just have a lot of haters.

    First half of the season is done, now we can jump to some conclusions.

    Despite been only 1.83cm Carol got the most blocks with 40 and she`s ranked 2nd best MB overall, while Eda is #1, Rasic #3.

    OH - Jerkov ranks #1, Salas #2, Zhu#3. Kosheleva is at #11.

    OPP - 1# Rahimova, #2 Boskovic, 3# Olesia.
    Meyrem took the most swings with 462, Olesia 428.

    Setter - Interesting that Dilik is #1, but not surprising at all as she`s been playing well and next season she deserves to be a starting setter if not for Vitra she should move to a different club. It is nice to see the young Turkish improving in this position.
    2# Akin, 3# Nilay, 4# Maja 5# Naz 6#Gamze

    They don`t show overall stats like best scores, but I think at the top are probably, Olesia-Boskovic-Bujis-Meyrem,Rahimova,Salas.

    58 - Paulina Rahimova - AZE - 2015/16 JPN - Toyota Auto Body Queenseis - Hitachi Rivale

    52 kills, 3 blocks, 3 aces
    52 kills, 6 errors on 94 attempts
    (22 kills, 6 errors on 41 attempts from backrow (included in the 94), 30 kills on 53 attempts in front row then

    :dance4: :cup: :super:

    Yes it is on the list..and she had another game with 55 :!: points.

    Last season Modena was very inconsistent in the regular season and had some really bad games. But with that said, they played their best when it mattered the most, Super Cup, CL and Playoffs. While some teams like Scandicci played really well in the regular season but failed when it really mattered.

    I feel like they are doing the same thing this season, very irregular but they could end up playing their best when they need to. They don`t have Brokocevic but they have Barun. Instead of firing the coach they should look for a more consistent OH than Montano.

    Kk15 - I have not been watching the men`s league at all, I actually only watched 1 game and it was Trentino`s 2 weeks ago, but why is Hoag starting over Kovacevic? Is he not fully healthy, Hoag has been playing better or the plan before the season started was to have Hoag starting over Uros?

    Kovacevic and Lanza where supposed to be titular (as in the Supercup). But Kovacevic suffered two different muscular problems that kept him on the bench for a long while (even if he wasn't that bad all the time, for example he played the Italian Cup quarterfinal vs Monza).
    Now – as far I understood – Kovacevic is ok, but I guess that since Hoag is playing well and in the last matches Trentino is doing better, Lorenzetti avoided to change AGAIN the team now that it has somehow founded a certain balance.
    He did played a bit both today (mostly second line for Hoag after he served) and vs Latina, anyway (vs Latina also for Lanza).[/quote]

    Oh ok got it.. It is kind of a waste to have either Uros or Hoag on the bench, but I guess for Trento to have a chance in winning Serie A and CL they must have some options on the bench.