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    Grande Italia..!

    Thanks both teams for this spectacular show, it was a pleasure to watch a game at this level, as a WCH semifinal should be.

    Honestly i didn't believe Italy would make it to the final even after winning 10 games in row playing some amazing volleyball in this tournament. After every game i was asking myself: how long can they keep playing like this? The SF and the F is a totally different story, do they have the confidence to beat teams like China and Serbia?

    Italy in this semifinal showed a strong character, not every team can recover from the 4th set scenario.

    I admire how Italy read and study the opponent very well. Don't know but it looked for me like De Gennaro and Bosetti knew exactly where Zhu Ting will put the ball in every situation and position. That's actually huge and takes a lot of hard work from everyone involved but especially coach Mazzanti and the staff behind him who should all get a lot of credit no matter if it's gold or silver tomorrow.

    For me i couldn't get a better final, i like both teams and i would be happy for either of them... Maybe 🇮🇹 a little bit more.

    For me China is a good value at 3.00, it's a little bit overpriced.

    The Japanese team didn't played a bad game today but Boskovic and Mihajlovic are just too much power to handle for any team, not only Japan.

    I don't know if Rasic is still one of top three MBs in the world but one thing is sure for me, her level dropped this season with Vakif and now with Serbia, she is not the same player as she was two years ago.

    I really like S.Popovic, she must be the most underrated player in this team. Unfortunately no one will notice your efforts as a libero when you are playing on the same side of the court with Boskovic, Mihajlovic, Maja, Rasic and Veljkovic.

    I have two big question marks on Serbia though. They didn't face any challenge and a team that put them under pressure in this whole tournament, are they ready for China, Italy and the US? The 2nd OH is clearly the weakest position, is Busa good enough to beat the top three teams mentioned earlier and eventually win the trophy?

    I think we will know the answers after Serbia - Italy match.

    well the Dutch lost that tournament they hosted this summer for Russia as they were leading 14-12 in the tie break... This is mental weakness for me.

    The same team made three remarkable comebacks in this tournament.

    Winning the third set against Brazil from 2-9 and 20-23 to 27-25.

    Winning the fourth set against Germany from 21-24 to 32-30.

    Winning the first set against Japan from 16-21 to 27-25.

    So, i don't see why would anyone call the Netherlands a mentally weak team.

    Oh fly, I just noticed that in the semifinal day there is also the final for the 5-6 place: first of all, how useless!! Second, I can't believe it's scheduled to be the THIRD match of the day, and not the first! That's insane, it would be unacceptable even if the host will play that match.

    Unfortunately i watched only few games in this tournament as i'm not the type of person who wake up at 4 am. However i thought at least i could watch the F6, both semis and the final match expecting it will be all scheduled at 8.10 am or 11.20 am.

    But now to my surprise i see that the 5-6 is the last game of the day :what:.

    If it really happens i guess it will be a first.!? Even in a friendly Montreux tournament i have never seen something like this.

    I'm definitely against how women are forced by the law to wear hijab in public in Iran. However, we should understand and respect the fact that each country has it's own laws, religion, traditions and values.

    I don't see the difference between forcing women to wear hijab in public (Iran law) and forcing women to take off hijab in public (the previous Turkish law you mentioned). Don't you think there was so many religious women who struggled with this law as they were asked to take off their head scarf in order to attend university or get a job??? They are also women, aren't they???

    I'm not Iranian to tell or judge how females are treated out there but not everything we see on internet and western media about this country is true.

    By the way, Turkey is not the perfect place either.

    That's absolutely off topic, my apologies.

    So if a country don't have a competitive volleyball team both for men's and women's, it's because they are arab/ muslim.?! You should understand volleyball is not popular in the countries you have mentioned above.

    For the gulf countries, only Qatar have a good men's team and it's composed mostly of foreign players.

    Don't know if it's as easy as you say "send the team". There's 48 country in Asia, can they all play in the Asian championship if they want to?

    Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait all have a women's team but their level is not enough to particpate in Asian champs, they only play in the gulf and arab championships.

    And yes, Pakistan also have a women's team (Check here).

    I saw what the Iranian team is wearing but i don't see what's wrong with it. Now that there's an Iranian women's team competing in Asia, we should focus on what they are wearing and how they dress.!!!

    some of these scores are really scary. it just shows you the disparity in men’s and women’s games, and how women’s sports are neglected around the world. arab & muslim countries for example don’t even have women’s teams. and so many countries don’t even support girls’ sports.

    I'm confused here. Arab and muslim countries don't have women's teams?

    In this world championship there's 3 participating muslim "majority" countries... Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

    In Africa, the arab women's teams like Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt are Always some of the best in the continent and qualified on many occasions to the international competitions, including olympics. For the clubs, arab teams are dominating the African champions league.

    In Asia, just recently i saw the Iranian women's national team participating in the AVC Cup by the way.

    So, actually there's some arab & muslim women's teams.

    I don't agree with you about the support... For example the Turkish federation gives the biggest support and priority to it's women's national team, not the men's team. To the women's league, not the men's league.

    It's my very first time to watch the Canadian women's volleyball team playing. The team was surprisingly playing good, interesting volleyball, an improved performance over its two earlier matches (which I have not yet watched), judging from both the scorelines and the match performance itself against CHN team (esp. the first two sets), as well as per the comment by the FIVB match commentator, the soft-spoken nice guy, Louis / Lewis (!?) whom? Lennox !? :roll: The team has a depressing schedule that its first three matches were all against the big teams, thus lost in 0-9 sets. Yet it may likely register the better outcome as of its 4th match, at least to earn some set.

    Here's the full match replay (720P) of CHN v CAN with the Chinese commentary, and the female commentator is Wei Qiu-ye, the former famous NT setter.

    I was expecting a little bit more from Canada but it's not fair to judge them based on the first three games. This team got a bad draw and the worst schedule in this pool facing the stongest three teams in row.

    Canada's passing suffered a lot against Turkey and Italy, the two teams were great from the service line and targeted Alexa Gray.

    Against China, Abbondanza made the decision to sacrifice his best attacker Gray for a better passer Beamish, and i can say this lineup worked well even though China is not the best team on service.

    I still see Canada beating Cuba to fight for a 2nd round ticket against Bulgaria.

    Thank you very much!

    Could you please download also the match Germany - Netherlands from and upload it? I do have IDM, but I can't watch or download from because I have a Dutch IP . Thank you very much in advance!

    The links are just the source of the sportdeutschland's videos, i didn't need to upload it.

    This Thread might be helpful for you as it was for me

    Germany - Netherlands: LINK

    Thank you very much, could you share where you downloaded these videos? I mean, personally I can watch all these matches(replays), but I'd love to download some of them on my computer!:*:*

    You should be able to download all the videos provided above if you have (Internet Download Manager) installed on your computer.

    I got the replays from sportdeutschland.

    Preliminary round

    Day 1

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Hungary - Azerbaijan 0:3
    Poland - Germany 3:2

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Italy - Georgia 3:0
    Croatia - Belarus 1:3

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Ukraine - Russia 1:3

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Serbia - Czech Republic 3:0
    The Netherlands - Belgium 3:1

    Day 2

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Poland - Hungary 3:0

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Georgia - Croatia 0:3
    Italy - Belarus 3:0

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Bulgaria - Ukraine 3:1
    Turkey - Russia 0:3

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Czech Republic - Belgium 0:3
    The Netherlands - Serbia 2:3

    Day 3

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Azerbaijan - Poland 3:1
    Germany - Hungary 3:0

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Georgia - Belarus 0:3
    Croatia - Italy 0:3

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Bulgaria - Turkey 1:3

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)

    Belgium - Serbia 0:3
    Czech Republic - The Netherlands 0:3

    Day 4

    POOL A - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Germany - Azerbaijan 0:3

    POOL B - Tbilisi (Georgia)

    POOL C - Baku (Azerbaijan)

    Russia - Bulgaria 3:0
    Turkey - Ukraine 3:0

    POOL D - Ganja (Azerbaijan)