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    After I read your comment, I was a bit worried whether I wrote something wrong, so I went through all the games of Vakifbank in Turkish league this season. They play with their usual 6 against stronger teams like Eczacibasi, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and even Bursa with: Naz-Slöetjes, Gözde-Buijs, Rasic-Akman and Örge. But they played 10 games in total and Robin & Melis duo played at least in 4 games so far, where Robin played actually quite more games. Besides, Kimberly Hill has been playing in 2-3 games as well as Seda who played in 3-4 games. Sheilla played only 2 or 3 games. So that comes to what I meant, Vakifbank plays with different players each week, the only two players that are usually playing are Slöetjes and Naz; while rest change quite often. What I meant in overall is, Vakifbank's game looks same although they play with different middles, different spikers etc.

    About having alternatives, Fenerbahce has quite many options as OH as well including: Bosetti, KYK, Mihajlovic, Seyma, Meliha. Besides, Harmotto can play more games as well. The main problem in Fenerbahce is lack of good quality local players which limits Abbondanza making rotations. Meliha is a big dissapointment and Seyma did not get many chances yet. Same with the setter Ezgi.

    For the earlier comment about Vakifbank dominating the league so far, half of the season is played and they obviously played the best quality volleyball compared to other teams. They remind me their golden times 3-4 years ago. I see them as a strong candidate personally.

    If Robin played 4 games, Harmotto played 2 games.
    If Melis played 4 games, Avci played 4 games + 1 set Vs Salihli.
    If Seda played 3-4 games, Seyma and Meliha played 4 games each.
    If Sheilla played only 2 or 3 games, Mihajlovic played 6 games.
    If Cagla played 2 games , Ezgi played 2 games.
    We can say that Fener is also playing with different players every match..?

    I don't agree with you about Seyma because Abbondanza is using her as much as possible and i think he recently prefer her on Meliha.

    VakifBank 2012-2013 (73-0) is something that happens only one time :D , this team was literally UNBEATABLE, you cannot see a weak point in their game.
    This season i don't see anything special in Vakif, only a huge middle blockers + a strong Opp.
    They even lost the Supercup against Fener and had some troubles Vs Galatasaray without talking about the Vakif 3-2 Fener match.
    The last season Vakif dominated the regular season and everybody was expecting them to dominate the Turkish cup and the Champions league
    but at the end what happened..? They lost all the 3 cups in one month.
    Now they have some players that are hungry to win but no one can guarantee that we are not going to watch the same scenario as last year.

    At last, Vakifbank plays with different players each week and their game and level is still the same. Seems like they will dominate the Turkish league this season as well while their biggest opponent this season, Fenerbahce fails whenever they change two of their players from the starting six :aww:

    That is not true at all, Vakif is not playing with different players each week as you say.. Can you tell me please how many matches has Lonneke played already...?

    Let's see.. Lonneke played 7 matches this season as starting player.. On the other side, the main player of Fenerbahce Kim played only 5 matches.
    Maybe you will say that many times when Kim's don't play Fener have some troubles.. but at least Abbondanza is trying even though he is
    forced to replace Kim with Meliha or Seyma.
    Yes, maybe Vakif is playing with different OHs each match but that is only because Guidetti has so many choices there after Hill's comeback.

    It's too soon to talk about that Vakif is going to dominate the league this season.. it's just the first part.
    They could win 90% the regular season matches as they did last season but in the end it's all about the final four.
    When i saw here Vakif will dominate the league i thought they are ahead of the second team (Fenerbahce) with 10 or 15 points 8| .

    I don't think Lucia can cover KYK when you have two liberos that are worse serve receivers than your OHs. I saw several times Lucia & KYK covering Gizem or Merve :lol: I honestly never saw KYK being covered in receiving. That's a mental thing in overall, when Kim falls, receives bad and can't score, Fenerbahce gets very vulnerable. I was just wondering what Guidetti's tactic was against Fenerbahce in the 3-2 games and here are the stats: http://tvf-web.azurewebsites.n…ID=44&PID=37&type=LegList
    They simply targeted KYK in their serves :lol:

    Unfortunately i need to agree about the part of our two liberos.. especially Gizem, she is disappointing me every time she gets a chance to play, not only her
    passing but also her defence, this season i still can not see anything of Gizem's special digs or her talents and skills.
    Even though receiving 55 services, Kim still could finish the match as best scorer and with only 1 fault in receive :white: .
    I'm convinced that Guidetti could stop any player on this earth except Kim when she is in the right mood.. Yes, he could stop Fener as a team, not Kim as a single
    player.. but in the end that is volleyball, not tennis.

    While percentage can help us talk about how a player is doing, it doesn't indicate anything if she gets blocked sends the ball long 3 points in a row when the score is 23-22 for example. And I don't think Polen is doing anything special, just a solid local OPP which helps Fener in the league, as well as Baladin for example.. only Hande is younger and is converted from MB

    Actually, having a "solid" local Opp as Polen is a big advantage for Fener.. without her, they are forced to play with a local setter, her "solid" performance
    is giving Fener one more spot to a foreign player in the starting six.
    I like Hande but she is inexperienced and making so many mistakes in the most crucial parts of the match.
    Considering Neslihan's shape.. i will say that Polen is absolutely the best Turkish Opp right now.

    I completely agree with Meatballs, Polen is far from doing great as Greay says. You mention her playing great last year, yes, but we talk about now and I haven't seen anything great from her. Fener has many attacking options, other than Kim of course, only that we are talking about TL and not CL. So Harmotto is out of the picture and Diclenur is very weak at attacking. Bosetti is also not good at attacking so we have Kim and Eda as the reliable attackers.

    The main thing why Fener is doing better than Ecz in the TL is because Skorupa connects with her attackers better than Kreklow. Although Ecz has Poljak they can't use her properly, same for other attackers. Also Fener has a much better reception than Ecz at the moment... so that would be the main reasons: reception and setter

    Last year in the finals she was great, in this season she is good.. that's how i see her.
    For example: during the last match Vakif 3-2 Fener.. Lonneke had 17 points Eff: 40%, while Polen had also 17 points Eff: 43%.. the best scorer of the match was
    Kim with 20 points Eff 38%.
    Here we can see that Polen is helping so much in attack and playing her role on the court.
    By the way when i say Polen is doing great, i'm talking here only about the big matches not about the entire season.

    You guys are missing what I mean. Of course Fenerbahce has other attackers than only Kim but what I meant is, when teams target KYK in serve and when they serve well, then Fenerbahce stops. What I'm simply saying is, Kim is not an important player in attacking only, but Fenerbahce fails without her receiving as well. I wish I remembered those two games and specific sets where two teams did this. I think one of them was Telekom Baku in champions league. Even this weekend against Canakkale, the first move Abbondanza did after the set loss was putting Kim back and Fenerbahce won easily after that. I agree about Harmotto but in the Turkish league, they can't use her.

    And that's why Lucia is there, to cover Kim when this one is having a bad day.
    Anyway, the team is proving that they are able to manages the game even if the opponent is targeting Kim in the service.
    Not sure but i think the 2nd match that you want to mention is Nilufer-Fenerbahce.. Right?
    I did not have the chance to watch the match against Cannakale but starting with Ezgi-Seyma-Meliha-Ergul is a big risk, even if you are playing against a mediocre team as Cannakale.. So, why to take some risks when you have Kim on bench..? :D

    I agree but I would say the same for Fenerbahce unfortunately. Mihajlovic is used in the wrong position and she is quite ineffective attacking from zone 2. So far she is never tried in zone 4. Besides, Fenerbahce is lacking a real opposite, Polen did so-so, Bosetti not contributing at all in attacking. The only person keeping Fenerbahce up is KYK unfortunately. Subs such as Seyma and Meliha are not in the same level. So I would say that Eczacibais and Fenerbahce are suffering from similar problems but Fenerbahce overcomes these because of KYK. In Eczacibasi, there is noone taking such a big responsibility yet.

    I think it's not fair to say that the two teams are living the same situation.. and for sure it's not fair to say that Fenerbahce is a one player team.
    When you have a prodigious player as Kim in your team, then you should just benefits from that as much as possible.. despite that, i don't see Fener is a one player
    team, Eda contributes so much, both in block and attack, Polen is doing a great job and when the team needs her, she is always there (The finals of the cup and the league last season). Christa is coming back to her shape game after game and she will also helps a lot.
    Actually, i also prefer watching Mihajlovic playing in position 4 but Lucia is now a very important piece in the team's system with her passing/defence skills.
    For me, Fenerbahce's managers were successful in their transfers this season, they got what they need from the market.

    Many people had expected that Eczaci is going to dominate the domestic league this season but for the moment that's not the case.
    I don't think the problem is one player or two but the whole team.. when i watch their matches i don't see a team who is playing together, what i see is just a big chaos.
    i feel that some players even don't know what is their role on the court.
    If i need to blame someone for what is happening now with Eczaci, i will blame their managers, big budget does not always = titles and cups.. it's all about how you will use your budget.
    I'm sure they will solve their problems at the 2nd part of the season but i still don't see any chance for them against Fener and Vakif.

    Ilbank is the weakest team in the league at the moment and NTV Spor is going once again to broadcast a needless match :hit:
    there are more competitive matches today like : Bursa - Halkbank and Sarıyer - Idmanocağı

    Voleybolun arkasindaki guc VakifBank :sleeping: .
    They broadcasted 80% of Vakif matches this season regardless of whether it's a good match of not.