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    It seems, that Kazan is out of contention in Russian Cup for this season, because they are only fifth in their pool, at least last season only the four best teams of each preliminary group proceeded to the main round: respective (English). Sending the juniors as often seen by Dynamo Kazan was not the greatest idea ever it seems... (the distance and time zone difference are huge, of course, but this is unlikely to be the desired result)

    I think it's impossible to know the world rankings at the moment as it's still not sure how the FIVB is going to award the points for VNL or if they're going to give out any points for it in the first place.

    Indeed, I was forced to make several assumptions as pointed out, but the FIVB takes often months to bring the ranking to the current state. So I tried to analyze it as well as possible...

    There are preliminary results for the FIVB world ranking after both the VNL 2018 and WCh 2018, with a few likely assumptions calculated by me (the official ranking doesn't include these this year results yet):

    First of all, new world champions Serbia grabbed the top of the ranking away from China (318 to 308 points now), and also USA dropped from second to third place (now 268 points) accordingly (Serbia was third so far).

    Brazil drops due to relatively poor results in both competitions from fourth to fifth place, so Russia inherits the fourth place as second best European team.

    While Japan seems to stay on 6. Netherlands could improve more in total than World Vice Champions Italy and is now third best European team on 7. directly before Italy on 8.

    After Italy there is a bigger gap in points...

    At the end the impression on many of us already after closing first round was confirmed: Serbia, Italy and China are the best three teams of this tournament and they are now finally determining in the last match, which one is on top. So the medals came not as surprise at all for observers paying attention to the WCh.

    It looks, that Chemik is much weaker than previously, Dresden had opposite Korhonen (FIN) not available due to injury, by the way, and Stigrot just arrived and hardly trained with them. Von Römer is the new aftername of Mareen (born Apitz), former German NT setter (I would prefer, that we use the prenames like in Brazil, the often seen name changes are really confusing and I don't understand, why they do them, especially if they are publicly known women like Mareen, while nobody knows her husband (s name)).

    i wish more countries would be investing in women's sports, and that they would consider hosting the WCh. the USA should do it for example, also TUR, NED, BEL, GER, POL, BUL (they just co-hosted the men's WCh), even CAN (even if their women's team is still developing -- same with ARG), RUS, BRA, THA. the audiences in THA would be amazing.

    we all complain that JPN does it all the time, but we should also be grateful someone wants to do it... it's tough, it's 2 sides of the same coin. there's good and bad there.

    Don't think, that women's volleyball would be in disadvantage compared to men's volleyball in Germany. You can easily see, that the budgets here depend on individual clubs, not by gender (best numbers available now):

    1. Berlin (m) 2.4 million €

    2. Friedrichshafen (m) 2.25 million €

    3. Dresden (w) 1.6 million €

    4. Schwerin (w) 1.5 million €

    5. Stuttgart (w) 1.4 + optional 0.1 million € (depends, if going to pool stage of CL)

    6. Vilsbiburg (w) 1.1 million €

    6. Innsbruck/Haching (m) 1.1 million €

    The issue in Germany is, that too many other (indeed solely male regarding money) teamsports are clearly ahead of volleyball, i.e. soccer, handball, basketball and icehockey. In fact, there are signs, that women's volleyball can get even stronger compared to mens due to better TV numbers on Sport1 in near future...

    Betting quotes for the Final: slight advantage for Serbia, i.e. about 1.7 compared to about 2.15 for Italy. I'm not sure, if they were all aware of the difference in energy consumption (both physically and in their heads) today between Serbia (lower) and Italy (high), when they were making their bets...

    It is so funny to read something like that When you know that Germany is very stabile and rich country.

    I remember in match between Russia and Croatian in pool stage venue was almost sold out. Atmosphera was really good. That was so nice to see.

    It's indeed a shame, that we don't manage to put more money in this sports; partly the competition of other team sports is just too strong (soccer, handball, basketball and icehockey are all superior and have more money here).