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    I know what happened. But still, I don't find it fair. German Bundesliga solution is the best for me.

    They were supposed to win the play-offs to be champions, that's why they shouldn't have be awarder champions, since there was no play-offs at all.

    But it will be rather difficult for VBL to attribute the European Cups berths now - Dresden may get CEV slot as cup winner, but the others? Was this non-season and the previous one counts (still)? Questions...

    So that means, that Kazan, Kaliningrad and Ekaterinburg will play CL, Moscow suffered the expected downgrade to CEV cup and Proton Saratov gets the Challenge Cup berth, right? Because first semis were not counted anymore...

    Guys the most important question is if clubs survive. The situation will be so hard for some or even all clubs that will be really hard for league. I hope so all come to normality. First all sponsor must come back to good condition. Then we can talk about volleyball. Come really hard time for all sport and for volleyball.

    At least the VBL has prolonged the licensing time, so these difficult talks with sponsors have now more time for example. And yes, some smaller clubs like Suhl might not survive this special, unprecendet crisis.

    But it is important, that the good result of Stuttgart counts for the league - to get more points for the future European cups ranking. Unluckily nothing is clear so far, neither which teams are eligible for which European cups and also if the results of the abolished season are counting at all. Questions overall...

    I know the biggest emergency station in Stuttgart (Klinikum Stuttgart), the INA, it is a very modern unit, but even that capacity is limited. I hope, they can cope with the rapidly rising surge of seriously infected people. The current measures in Germany can be only effective in 10 to 14 days, so the numbers will rise quickly - and most European countries will face the same fate.

    The VBL head declared the 2019/2020 as "no season" (just training matches series, so to speak), therefore no teams of 1. and 2. league can be called champion. ( https://www.volleyball-bundesl…page=0#a_180491_740560815 )

    And they postponed licensing dates and the according dates for financial licensing (to have sufficient firm finances for their tasks) also.

    No decision yet was made regarding European cups, despite the valid rankings were already leaked in two another threads here.

    By the way, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, has banned every training facility use, private fitness clubs and so on from opening now too. I don't know, if this is done all over the state or in whole Germany, but it finishes any sports activity done aside from at home or other strictly private kind.

    This is obviously not related to the Corona virus pandemics, but some clubs may have an huge issue with the economical drawbacks it poses. So we have to wait, how the whole league(s) will proceed. At least having 8 teams with at least 1 million Euro budget in the league incites the hope, that most (maybe not all) will survive. Suhl seems to be the economically weakest of them, and I can't believe, that there can be for more than a few years two teams from the small state Thuringina in the league, to be honest. On the other hand, it might be the right time to increase minimum budget for professional league to 500.000 Euro per year, which is fulfilled by nearly all of them already.

    Parubets... :white:

    I've been following her and been a fan for years but jesus, she only gets better and better.

    She is definitely one of the most complete/all-around OHs in 2020 and one of the only ones at that. Would love to see her abroad sometime :heart:

    She is the absolutely key player of Uralochka - without her, Ekaterinburg quickly collapses against every fairly good opponent.

    I think it's safe to say that this whole situation is unprecedented and right now nobody can make any plans for next season (or even be sure there will be a next season...)

    Usually such a virus crisis should be largely under control until October I think. But every virus pandemic is different, so I'm just guessing.