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    But honestly it was rather boring: when we knew all participants, we knew already that Chieri would get the title and they just did... too low quality of competition, worsened by a really bad drawn tournament tree...

    Stuttgart needs just two sets resp. one point in one of the last two matches against Vilsbiburg or in Dresden to secure the league round win.

    Schwerin vs. Potsdam will determine the second place, any win for any of both will suffice for it.

    Dresden is the fourth team safely in the playoffs despite losing in Vilsbiburg and has good chances to stay as fourth in table.

    In Stuttgart Porsche Arena is very expensive and difficult to book with short time ahead, which is mostly the case. And a new 4.000 seats hall, more suitable for such special matches, is only remotely planned, will take many years to build.

    Erfurt has IMHO no reason to go down to second league pro - they have an acceptable hall and enough money to compete for playoff berths, as we have seen this season. Regarding Neuwied it seems possible, that they go down to second league pro, considering how much they trail the other first league teams.

    Therefore without Straubing and maybe Neuwied we may have only 10 teams in first league net season, but the season after should see at least one, maybe more applicants for first league coming from second league pro.

    If these are so few, the VBL may be decide to carry on with best of five even in quarters to make the number of matches not too low. writes that Jolien Knollema and Camilla Weitzel will play for Stuttgart next season :what:

    I was convinced, that Camilla is too expensive even for Stuttgart to get her back from Italy - a real surprise. - This means, that at least one of the two top middles of Stuttgart will leave, most likely Eline Timmerman.

    I think Germany suffers from two drawbacks: some years ago neither Schwerin ("not cost-effective") nor Stuttgart (not affordable) took part in CL and in Corona times one year was likely cancelled overall, when Stuttgart qualified for the quarters, so that success didn't count officially. Therefore VBL (German league) is underrated now, partly due to own fault, partly due to bad luck. I hope, with this years result ranking will improve for the next CL season.

    In sports reality often beats expectations... this is indeed a major upset and I thinks also, that Potsdam didn't enough load balancing (sorry for the technical expression) between players at this high match number they were forced to play. Now Schwerin could manage to overtake them when they can get three points out of Dresden in the next match... and yes, this means Suhl is not out of chances to take away the last playoff spot from Vilsbiburg now. The bad luck for Suhl with a considerable losing streak around the first third of league round was robbing them nearly completely off their chances to make it.

    Considering the remaining matches the most likely outcome is: aside from Neuwied Suhl and Erfurt will also miss the playoffs, Vilsbiburg will be eighth, Stuttgart first, decision of Potsdam or Schwerin as second and third may be in the duel in Schwerin, despite Schwerin has overall the tougher remaining schedule (including match against Dresden), Dresden will probably stay before Aachen, because both have no easy remainder in the league round and Dresden being ahead now; Wiesbaden might have a small advantage against Münster due to the remaining matches regarding places 6 and 7. That would mean overall a quarter Stuttgart vs. Vilsbiburg and most likely semis of Potsdam and Schwerin, who of the latter two will have the home advantage than, is not so easy to tell... Stuttgart should get into the finals anyway (what they do for many years now in sucsession). Another quarter will be highly likely Dresden vs. Aachen. The number of matches to play is not balanced since Straubing was kicked off the league of course.

    Espescially because Potsdam should defeat Suhl today with straight points.

    If Fener’s passing wont hold up, they will be destroyed by Imoco. And that’s my bold statement :lol:. Is there a possibility of Ecz and Imoco meeting in the finals?

    That's possible and currently I consider it the most likely final (Conegliano vs. Eczacibasi).

    If Fener’s passing wont hold up, they will be destroyed by Imoco. And that’s my bold statement :lol:. Is there a possibility of Ecz and Imoco meeting in the finals?

    Semis are most likely Conegliano vs. VakifBank and Eczacibasi vs. Novara IMHO, but of course aside from Eczacibasi vs. Rzeszow in the quarters there are chances for the three other underdogs too.

    On Potsdam has the slightly better quotes and I agree with that. Overall Potsdam has shown in the season being better as Schwerin.

    Suhl was without any chance at home against top favorite Chieri as expected: three times 17- . It seems, it will be an easy title for Chieri, because the other two semi final participants are no way stronger...