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    Overall very bad match by Stuttgart, despite statistics were better as the hosts one (?!). They are already out of contention IMHO for the quarters, because with Novara in the pool they can't give away even one point to the other two teams, because only the three best second teams of the pool stage will advance. The setter issue might be too big in this still relatively early stage of the season.

    Reportedly Rivers (illness) and Samadan (back problems) had health issues, so the idea was to let them rest.

    I thought too, that now the CL pool stage weeks with many matches coming, he wanted to rest some players, also to get a good start in Lodz for it. Nothing heard before about that (but I have very little time for now to be honest).

    Yes, out head coach is clearly to blame for this unnecessary defeat - while mathematically Aachen would be ranked just fourth and not second (nonsensical sports table rules), it is one of the four top teams and by far too strong to gamble that way in the first set of course. He did a similar thing in the closing phase of last season against Potsdam with the same result (loss in tie-break), but than the risk regarding table was easier to deal with as now.

    Therefore Wiesbaden is now already under high pressure and must win against the both Thuringia teams - but will they?

    Münster is too weak this season overall, Vilsbiburg shows better overall performance, despite that match was rather close.

    Top match is Potsdam vs. Schwerin and the latter is no way the favourite there IMHO.

    Easy match for Stuttgart at home against Erfurt.

    Vilsbiburg should win in Suhl, but Dresden vs. Aachen is also wide open, currently Aachen is better than Dresden, but Dresden has home advantage - remember, that Dresden lost in the league already against Aachen despite having had home advantage there as well.

    German DVV cup:

    Erfurt prevailed only in tie-break in Grimma at second league site, not far away from Erfurt by the way.

    Todays most interesting match will be Schwerin against Wiesbaden, with those many errors the cup defenders are producing currently their risk to lose is much higher as most would expect, I guess.

    Stuttgart should win straightforward against Straubing.

    The most balanced match should be tomorrow in Münster vs. Potsdam, this outcome is really hard to predict, despite Potsdam looks stronger so far it will be no way easy for them in Münster.

    As expected Vasas Budapest joint with a clear three set victory the pool with Conegliano, Alba Blaj and Nantes, where they are the underdogs of course. Therefore all 20 teams of the five pools are now known.

    Another not convincing win by Schwerin, which made streams of errors (30 in total, 7 more than hosts Vilsbiburg). The "Red Raves" could put up a good fight after a feeble first set, what was contributed too by both sides IMHO.

    I think, that this seasons team of LKS Lodz is too weak and only in the middle of the table in Poland to pose a serious threat to Stuttgart, to be honest. Scandicci is also not necessarily second best team in VakifBank pool, because Kaliningrad is far from being bad. The main battle will be the Istanbul derby of course, which is hard to predict, because Fenerbahce is this time pretty dangerous.

    Khimik Yuhzny (Pividenne) from Ukraina won again just in Golden Set: after the first two sets won on home soil they were forced into tie-break and as in the previous qualification round won the Golden Set by 15:13. So the Novara pool has also Stuttgart, LKS Commercecon Lodz and now Khimik Yuzhny (most likely supposed order of final pool table also).

    The draw was made, and I have to tell being lucky with it for Stuttgart, even Novara without Egonu is not necessarily totally superiour...

    Pool of death is A with Eczacibasi vs. Fenerbahce, horrible nonsense, they should under all circumstances avoid two teams of the same country in the same pool IMHO.

    Aachen stunned DSC in Dresden in tie-break: no big surprise indeed, but Dresden was without Mareen Apitz-von-Römer not with the best starting six of course.

    Stuttgart won as required in three sets in Straubing to take the lead of the league, because Wiesbaden resisted a lot against Potsdam and enforced tie-break, so Potsdam could only win two points. Schwerin with another lost set against Erfurt, playing just one good match in supercup so far, not fully convincing in the league...

    First/away match of third and final qualification round was now carried out: while today Vasas Budapest won at home expectedly in three sets against newcomers Partizan Tirana, Khimik Yuzhny managed an exploit in Czec Olomouc in tie-break and has now in home return match the better chances to proceed to pool stage. Vasas on the other hand needs just two more sets to take in Tirana to achieve the same feat.