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    Is their any club in the World who won all cups in one season??

    Domestic cups and WCCH, CL??

    Edit: If I'm not wrong Vakif have won all cups in 2013, but if this are from the same season 2012/2013 or 2013/2014??

    Yes, they did, look here:

    I used to call them "the invincibles" at that time, winning an unbelievable 73 matches in series until the first defeat ending it by a Istanbul rival.

    While competition is resuming this week Stuttgarts new OH Simone Lee from US NT is now eligible to play in Novara on Thursday, signaling, that Stuttgart will also in Novara not easily surrender against defending champions, after sensationally winning at home against them in four sets.

    Münster - Aachen 3:2 (15:25 21:25 25:20 25:20 16:14)

    MVP: Sarah van Aalen / Maja Storck

    Crazy match, Münster was invisible for 1.5 sets and then started to play, in tie-break they came back from 9:12 down as well.

    That's the NRW derby since 12 years meanwhile, kind of classical derby now, and as it is often told they have their own rules (for example many fans from Aachen as always attended due to the low distance of both locations).

    I have some information. Probably Suhl take Lisane setter from Straubing. If she pass medical test and can play.

    Second they maybe have problem for next season. For my talking is that this season they are far from 500 000 euro budget ( in my opinion around 300 000 for all club) and next season maybe they have even less money.

    No team should play in this league with considerably less than 500.000 Euro budget. I think, the league should finally establish a more realistic minimum for this to prevent too weak teams from participating (so far I know it is still at 250.000 Euro, but 450.000 Euro would be much more adequate).

    Stuttgart made by far too many mistakes, not only in service, so Münster was lucky to have the chance to exploit this, also Stuttgart didn't win any tie-break so far in this season.

    Potsdam is favourited (not too strongly though) by the betters against Dresden, about what I agree this time.

    Do you know if live stream cev championship there? Also, when i browsed the website doesnt show replay of all previous games in cev championship league

    Only pool stage and subsequent elimination matches are obliged to be streamed/recorded. You will not find the qualification rounds (mostly).

    I do not understand it - men forum is much more concentrated on volleyball. Maybe I'm not fan of such NT or particular player but ... we're on forum where the king is ... volleyball nothing else. We need to support Your team/player but it doesn't mean to hate opposite team/rivals. Real fan means support own team and ... appreciate others.

    I can only guess, that women's volleyball seems to be more attractive to forum users here and is more emotional, but in the end it is right, there is no reason for such insults and so on here...

    Orthmann's serve was a little forceful. I think Koslowski should've told her to use less risky serves as Turkey would be under pressure either way.

    And again, Pogany girl, tightbun your hair when you're playing horribly. Forget the hair when you're playing sports because there's no place for vanity when you're down 2-0.

    Anyway, congratulations to Turkey for a job well done.

    Orthmann is serving all the time like a littel devil - she had nearly 100 km/h in serve today, nearly without spin, very dangerous service. But her two successive aces came too late to turn the tide...