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    So as I feared but expected, Germany finish only 3rd in the pool. OTOH I think 1/8 final vs NED is 50:50 and the chance to beat Bulgaria in QF is much bigger than to beat Turkey, so if we survive the NED match it might be not that bad in the long run.

    Sad to see Fahr injured, I just hope it's not ACL (but it looked like it ;(), would be so cruel to suffer such a serious injury at such young age for a great talent like her!

    At least Poland didn't donate to Bulgaria, but was overcome by them. Rather close race for the first three places in the pool at the end, all ended with 4:1 victories, seperated just by 1 point each...

    Do you think that Bulgaria is capable to do that after such bad performance.X( I hope so to be alive to see Bulgaria with match for medal in important championship. Germany will have a lot of chances you are big and powerfull country with so many players.

    It's even worse for Germany: in the last match Poland can afford to win just two sets and let Bulgaria win in tie-break, being first and second in the group than and no two three point wins will help Germany than to be better than third place in the group (assuming the top three will win against the last three like until now all the time with three points).

    Agata and Duda eliminated! Can’t believe it.. these Olympics are really crazy.. I’m sad for Duda since I think she’s the best beach volleyball player in the world right now, however I prefer the Germans playing The A team rather than Dudata

    This was certainly a surprise, but with a history: in Rio Laura Ludwig won also against Agatha...

    Well, so far the only certainty of these Olympics is that they are unpredictable :D

    Hence, it wouldnt surprise me if China manages to beat Italy later today. I still think that if the Asians could play in the same level than in the first two sets against USA, they could produce an "upset" against the only unbeatean team in the pool.

    Some teams play their beast only when they are between a rock and a hard place. I do think China is one these teams.

    The last time Italy vs. China Italy destroyed the Asian team nearly by strong serves alone, I think China is even more vulnerable now...

    Russian women has the best block probably tied with Italy

    Either if on club or NT team level, the most I fear for our German teams is always Russian blocking, lead by "monsters" like Koroleva and Fetisova, often three players at nearly equal height and distances, so even top-notch attackers have often much trouble to get points against those Russian walls...

    Final Eczacibasi (one win) vs. Busto Arsizio (three wins) is possible and to expect.

    For me there is a certain tragedy: because Italy has still a poor ranking in these lower European Cup competitions, because some teams didn't take part in the last years (aside from Busto and Monza, they did), this was a bad draw for formally better set Stuttgart. Gent Dames from Belgium will be easy prey for Busto, and thereafter they will already clash with Stuttgart. While Stuttgart will resist as well as possible, UYBA is clear-cut favourite (>90% to proceed) and finish Stuttgarts adventure far too early... And I will be not able due to being busy in the city at that time to travel with other fans to Busto Arsizio for one of the matches ;( . (that's only 350 km away from Stuttgart! only the Alpes make it a little more tedious)

    From a less personal viewpoint (the clash of my both favourite teams) there is another weird duel: Ekaterinburg vs. Saratov already at the beginning in the upper half, maybe the winner will be the only stronger contender for Eczacibasi?

    Playing against Japan must be soooo frustrating :white: German attackers can't kill any ball anymore because Japanese defense is always there, so out of desperation most of the rallies now end with attack errors :gone:

    It is indeed very difficult for German teams to dose the attacks exactly right - too low risk and the Japanese defend everything, too high they produce too many errors and Japan just count those to win...