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    There's not defined yet for that is that italy is biding

    I read that germany wanted to redo in 2020 but idk if they still want this 2021

    Berlin Recycling Volley mens club had the right to host it also this year, but have given up due to the issues aroud Corona. Therefore a new host is required.

    Coach Bergmann: "The 34-year-old had slipped on a staircase last week and bruised her heel. She wouldn't have been able to fit into any shoes and wouldn't have been able to jump with this injury."…bkCJd-yvyzcGuoMUnpgwOhF5M

    Such a ridiculous appearing injury - but why volleyball professionals should fare better than other people? Being sportive doesn't mean, that you are safe against such accidents.

    This is just the now useless official ranking. When mathematically reacting to the big differences in played matches due to COVID-19 through dividing the match points by the number of matches played, the following more realistic result of order of the teams emerges:

    1. Stuttgart 2.78

    2. Dresden 2.33

    3. Schwerin 2.25

    4. Suhl 1.82

    5. Potsdam 1.8

    6. Vilsbiburg 1.67

    7. Aachen 1.2

    8. Wiesbaden 0.9 SR 0.6

    9. Straubing 0.9 SR 0.46

    10. Münster 0.8

    11. Erfurt 0.4

    i.e. Suhl is slightly overrated for the moment and closely followed by Potsdam. Vilsbiburg is far ahead of Aachen, which is also far ahead of the four last, who were performing really weakly overall so far.

    When I calculate mathematically reasonably point ratios instead of points in absolute (doesn't make any sense for me anymore with those high differences in played matches) Vilsbiburg is ahead of Potsdam and Suhl in the table, not behind, so this is no too big surprise.

    At least in the Thuringia derby between Suhl and Erfurt this time Suhl is clear-cut favourite due to the performances in this season.

    I'm satisfied with Stuttgarts performance so far: two tie-break, one lost, one won, and forgive them being not constant - half the team suffered from Corona too not too many weeks ago, impacting their stamina and rhythm for sure. This is no normal CL competition.

    Our team of Stuttgart knows, that it has no chance especially against Eczacibasi in Istanbul, but will try to use it anyway :) . Anything but last place in this pool of death D with two Russian teams too would be a great success for them.

    I read the totally weird press release by Potsdam regarding their surprising defeat against Straubing: nobody assigned a realistic chance to Straubing before (quotes were 1:12 in favour of Potsdam, nothing unusual), so this was kind of sensation I think. Potsdam admitted, that they had a bad day at least, and that every match must be approached seriously in this league is just a commonplace.

    Straubing found a new MB to replace Szaboova: Noemi Oiwoh from Austria. She's also very young (2001), but I watched her in Austrian NT some time ago and she looked very talented, I'm looking forward to watching her in Bundesliga!

    Straubing sticks to the young talents approach - partly for sure, because it is cheaper.

    Very bad match by Stuttgart: aside from the middles they couldn't kill the ball and had weak reception. Clearly Rivers was missing in this match. That Suhl is better as in the last seasons was visible the whole season so far on the other hand.

    WTF is going on this season??? We're not even at halftime and already 3 coaches were fired (well, Athanasapoulos quit on his incentive officially), all of them without obviously sufficient reasons :white::white::white: Aachen got decent results so far, so I guess Beijl must have been unprofessional in some way.

    Yes, a relatively well four set defeat in Stuttgart is no reason for this.

    And Wiesbaden wins :white::super: Deserved too! Apart from 4th set they played really well with great fighting spirit. Surely it wasn't a good match from Schwerin, but still Wiesbaden deserves praise for that performance :flower:

    The reception of Schwerin is still rather vulnerable, and the as we are used to strong serving team of Wiesbaden could make a lot out of it.