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    This TV match is really difficult to predict in outcome - despite the bookmakers rate Dresden considerably higher in chances, I'm not fully convinced of it. I don't think, that Dresden wins in three sets.

    Why was the commentator keep calling Natalia as Natasha Pereirra? 😂😂😂

    Quick question: where is Natalia Malykh? I thought she was supposed to be the next Goncharova? Have Russia find Goncha’a successor?

    I found on Instagram Natalia Malykh posting pictures of her with her baby, it seems she has temporary or completely retired.

    This chaos of changes of matches is just the new normal at this time of pandemics.

    Kim Renkema confirmed to press that the match is scheduled for 6 November. Apparently already before Stuttgart's cases were detected Dinamo asked CEV to change the date of the match without giving reasons...

    This might backfire against Moscow, if Stuttgart recovers and Moscow gets infected until than...

    Realistically speaking: with this infection rate here in Stuttgart total isolation of players against all other humans outside the team (!), kind of Chinese approach, would be the only chance to avoid infections (nearly) for sure - but you can't do that, of course.

    Warning: this is half off-topic. But anyway...

    Consider the most important federations/leagues in CEV, they are IMHO

    Italy, Russia, Turkey, Poland and Serbia.

    Now look into the internationally well-known and respected Corruption Perceiption Index (CPI) of Transparency International; a value below 50 means it is an overwhelming corrupt country (this is no volleyball specific issue, you will find similar results in other sports too):

    Poland 58

    Italy 53

    Serbia 39

    Turkey 39

    Russia 28

    For your comparison, the less important countries Germany and France have values of 80 and 69 respectively.

    Therefore Boricic is from a country, where the people are used to widespread corruption.

    There is also a story I learned a number of years ago: the CEV decided than, that in CL all libero players have to wear a green shirt. When Stuttgart startet in the competition, they had still no such one, but used the formerly and used in other competitions. I learned, that the CEV chosen company was not capable to deliver in time, it was some weeks late. And that this company belongs to CEV president Boricic. Now you can build your own opinion.

    I expect Moscow to win this "dispute", because the club and federation of Russia has influence in CEV, but VBL and Stuttgart from Germany have not - and remember, the Serbian president of CEV is Russia friendly.

    Scandicci lost also in second match at home (!) no set against Khimik Yuzhny and proceeded as first team into pool stage of CL among all qualification participants, they join Busto Arsizio (!) and Schwerin in pool A now.

    Poland would be the most rational solution IMHO for several reasons - but in the end it is mainly to Moscows will, where this one-match decider is carried out.