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    Quick analysis: Dresden is not safe on place four, it can lose one to two positions by losing against Stuttgart.

    And the four teams Münster, Vilsbiburg, Suhl and Aachen are still competing for the last three quarterfinal berths, no one is safe, but one of those four will be out. Sport1 should do a conference of the matches of these four fighting teams the Saturday in one week!

    Now after the 19. leg of 20 we know a lot: Stuttgart secured first spot by winning two sets against Vilsbiburg, and the latter lost in three in the end in Stuttgart - bad news for them, because Suhl won in three against Aachen and these two are virtually equal now (with minimum difference in set ratio, which means near to nothing). Münster winning against Dresden makes everything rather interesting at the last leg of the league round now... meanwhile Potsdam had no plan in Schwerin and lost clearly the race for second place in the league round. So we have now still four teams competing for the last three playoff spots...

    You are assuming that they will approve all license applications submitted. If you now assumes that the league should and will play with 14 teams, then it is possible that a team from the first league will be added. But it is also possible that a previous second division team gets 14th place. Because the BBSC Berlin has submitted an application for a free place in the 2nd Bundesliga Pro due to missed deadlines.

    PS: What do you mean by "nearly defunct DVV"? Did I miss something?

    Yes, there I made assumptions, because there is no complete list of VBL so far.

    The German volleyball federation DVV is in agony, it is a complete mess, where roughly once a week an important person is fired or resigns, they seem not to be capable to do any important things right, it seems.

    The Volleyball Bundesliga today announced the first decisions in the course of licensing for the 2nd Bundesliga Pro. The first confirmed team for the 2nd Bundesliga Pro is TSV Flacht. I'm assuming that very few people will know this name because it has never appeared on the national volleyball map of Germany. The team, which will compete under the name "Binder Blaubären TSV Flacht", comes from Weissach's Flacht district, which is about 21 kilometers from Stuttgart as the crow flies.

    On the other hand, it was also announced that VfL Oythe, which, like TSV Flacht, had submitted a wildcard application, would not receive a wildcard. It is pointed out that the decision of the management was unanimously approved by the supervisory board of the volleyball league. In addition, the SCU Emlichheim - from my point of view - unfortunately withdrew its license application for the premiere season of the 2nd Bundesliga Pro and instead wants to continue playing in the 2nd Bundesliga Women North, for which they will submit a license application.

    Link: TSV Flacht erhält Wildcard für 2. Bundesliga Frauen Pro

    To make it more transparent: it seems now likely, that the following teams will comprise the second league pro next season:

    Borken, Stralsund, Dingolfing, Straubing, Flacht, DSHS SnowTrex Köln, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, ESA Grimma, Freisen, ETV Hamburg and Allbau Essen(-Borbeck), additionally from the nearly defunct DVV there will be the education teams VCO Berlin and VCO Dresden. This would make up 13 (not finally confirmed of course).

    As expected, Romanian league leader Alba BLAJ won also the return=home match easily against league rival C.S.M. TARGOVISTE after winning the first two sets and finally in four. The final is rather unbalanced though, because Savino del Bene SCANDICCI is the clear cut favorite.

    Yes, Dyn Media has only acquired a sub-license for the women's first division, that is correct. I read through the announcement of the Dyn deal again and from my point of view it says that Dyn probably shows the games of the first Bundesliga exclusively. Means that these will probably not be shown on Sport1Extra. Now the question is how sensible it is for Sport1Extra to broadcast the 2nd Bundesliga Pro and the 2nd Bundesliga. Personally, I would have these two leagues broadcast on, like the 2nd Bundesliga for men.

    IMHO there is no point to show second leagues amateur matches anymore, the second pro will be the real thing.

    But honestly it was rather boring: when we knew all participants, we knew already that Chieri would get the title and they just did... too low quality of competition, worsened by a really bad drawn tournament tree...

    Stuttgart needs just two sets resp. one point in one of the last two matches against Vilsbiburg or in Dresden to secure the league round win.

    Schwerin vs. Potsdam will determine the second place, any win for any of both will suffice for it.

    Dresden is the fourth team safely in the playoffs despite losing in Vilsbiburg and has good chances to stay as fourth in table.

    In Stuttgart Porsche Arena is very expensive and difficult to book with short time ahead, which is mostly the case. And a new 4.000 seats hall, more suitable for such special matches, is only remotely planned, will take many years to build.

    Erfurt has IMHO no reason to go down to second league pro - they have an acceptable hall and enough money to compete for playoff berths, as we have seen this season. Regarding Neuwied it seems possible, that they go down to second league pro, considering how much they trail the other first league teams.

    Therefore without Straubing and maybe Neuwied we may have only 10 teams in first league net season, but the season after should see at least one, maybe more applicants for first league coming from second league pro.

    If these are so few, the VBL may be decide to carry on with best of five even in quarters to make the number of matches not too low.