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    Münster - Stuttgart 0:3 (20, 18, 18 )
    MVP: Leonie Schwertmann / Michaela Mlejnkova

    Very impressive game by Stuttgart despite playing pretty much without OPP, Aiyana Whitney didn't practise much during the week due to shoulder problems and Debbie Van Daelen had no impact either, but the OHs and MBs made up for it very well. Münster did a pretty poor job overall except for the beginning of 3rd set :S

    Due to Münsters coach Andi Vollmer Stuttgart was just to strong for them - Renata Sandor with 50% and Michaela Mlejnkovà with 56% attack efficiency were excellent and also our middles Pissinato and Grant did fine indeed. So we could even do without opposite ;) . By the way, Stuttgart was also superior in service.

    Indeed statistics reveal, that the middles of Schwerin were their main advantage against Potsdam, but also their reception was clearly better.

    A little surprise was Erfurt stunning Aachen, which are very valuable three points to stay in first league of course.

    I agree, those matches will be very interesting. Also Aachen-Erfurt will be interesting but in a different way, it will show if Erfurt is ready for 1st league. Their roster is not too impressive...

    I can't judge Erfurts roster really - I simply know no player of them, but at least they lack experience, I guess. But they might learn enough to beat rival Suhl in the decisive moments at end of season and to decide, which club of Thuringia will stay in first league (if one has to leave at all).

    I think especially 3 matches of those are interesting: Wiesbaden vs. Vilsbiburg is really hard to predict and Potsdam - Schwerin and Münster - Stuttgart are no easy first matches for the favorite guest teams.

    Looks like MTV Stuttgart has some financial problems. http://www.stuttgarter-nachric…bb-ac63-138d401508f9.html

    That is the usual issue in Bundesliga: it is hard to get enough sponsor money to make things financially work. Remember overall Bundesliga (including the men's one) Stuttgart has the fifth highest budget at now (order: VfB Friedrichshafen 2,5 Mio.€, Berlin Recycling Volleys 2,0 Mio.€, Dresdner SC 1,5 Mio.€, Schweriner SC 1,3 Mio.€, Stuttgart just below 1 Mio.€), but this is not very good when you are playing for championsship and European cups. Especially the participation in 2016 CEV Denizbank Champions League was rather expensive, considering also the very remote opponent teams (two times Baku, each one to travel seperately, and once Kazan and Krasnodar (CEV cup) each).

    At least the supercup win helps a little bit to convince additional sponors, I guess.

    I was actually surprised how competitive the play was, although I agree it was not at a high level. The passing, serving, and blocking was about equal, but Stuttgart had a huge advantage in front line attacking. DSC needs another pin hitter who can terminate consistently. As for Birks, as you say, she had her moments on the attack, but she has yet to show that she can pass effectively at this level. She reminds me of Gina Mancuso in this regard. DSC remains a work in progress.

    Yes, after the match I stated to Alex Waibl "Ihr habt noch viel zu tun" ("you have still a lot of work to do") and he simply nodded. Anyway, Stuttgart also played better in preparation, I think that Kim Renkema was missing due to an infectious disease (she was not even in Berlin) was no good for Stuttgart and especially Michaela Mlejnková compensated mainly especially by her individual quality as outside hitter, because Renata Sandor told, she has to get back to more consistency. So perspectives for Dresden remain bad against Stuttgart for the season.

    Aiyana Whitney was elected MVP of the Supercup match. I think it should have rather been Mlejnkova but Whitney is surely not a "wrong" choice either.

    Statistically and regarding total package I agree with you. I think spectators choice was influenced by two factors: Aiyana is attacking more spectacular than Michaela Mleinková and the non-sportive one: she is rather pretty.

    Dresdens head coach Alex Waibl told, due to several reasons especially bad circumstances for preparation they have no chance on Sunday in supercup against Stuttgart, if the last are playing similar like last season - and my impression is, they play even better now.

    Interview with Captain Kim Renkema of Allianz MTV Stuttgart:


    In short: Stuttgarts team 2016/17 is the physically strongest and tallest so far, whether it is the best too, is not sure, but chances are good. They want to win the supercup now and admittedly will try also to win the championship for the first time (would be 26 years after the 1994 dissolved CJD Feuerbach did the job in Western Germany only than for Stuttgart), but the league is strong and we have to wait how the outcome will be.

    Dresden reports, they have sold 200 tickets for supercup so far. Considering the much lower distance to Berlin against the DVV cup location Mannheim, where they sold much more, this hints also not to a very high number of spectators.

    For OPP position, I guess Liz McMahon (last season in Korean league), Louisa Lippmann (improved very much in NT this summer), Aiyana Whitney and Marta Drpa will be the star players. For OH, Jocelynn Birks seems to have been a good NCAA player, Roslandy Acosta is very good and Nika Daalderop is supposed to be a very talented girl. For MB, Lauren Barfield is not a big star (possibly because so far she only played for weak clubs) but she's a very good MB, Kerley Becker also stayed in my mind from seeing her in Volero in the Top Volley tournament some years ago, Anna Kalinovskaya is a very experienced and good player too...

    I guess after the first few rounds of the league we'll have a better clue about potential stars :win:

    Don't forget Renata Sandor (Stuttgart, OH), who is getting back to former shape visibly.

    German league will have good setters (Hanke, Apitz, Smutna, Imoudu, Kemmsies) and decent liberos (Buakaew, Durr, Courtois, Schoot ,Knip) but there is almost no good MB or spiker in the rosters. Any secret talents among newcomers?

    Please consider that Bundesliga clubs just can't pay for world class attackers, this is what you meant, I guess?

    The volleyball magazine has classified the teams in detail and I can sum up, what the experts think is most likely the order at the end of the new season:

    1. Stuttgart

    2. Schwerin

    3. Dresden and Potsdam (!)

    5. Münster, Vilsbiburg, Wiesbaden

    Hard to judge is Aachen (Ladies in Black), maybe they can get to 5. to? Also Köpenick is considered to be comparable.

    The weakest teams are likely the two from Thuringia: Suhl and new Erfurt, they will fight primarily not to go down to second (again).

    Potsdam didn't live up to high expectations at last, but with new head coach and some new important players this may change, but I was somewhat surprised about that and IMHO they will have a hard time to go past the three teams considered 5....

    Today at the press conference some facts were presented:

    - currently just 3.000 tickets were already sold
    - the hall capacity will be reduced for the event to 11.000 spectators, so under no circumstances the record of Mannheim by last DVV cup can be topped
    - the competition shall be established as season launching event

    Estimates are similar now to Stuttgarts head coach: they estimate 6.000 to 7.000, which would be good, but not outstandig, when you consider that in Berlin in Max Schmeling hall the participating Berlin Recycling Volleys sometimes succeed to get more than 8.000. But this event on this scale is new, so there is space to develop in future. The location is not fixed yet, for example Cologne can be an alternative with similar big arena and there is no first league team located at all (currently, maybe we see DSHS SnowTrex Köln the next years going up from second league of women?).

    I can't tell you general numbers - from Stuttgart general offer was just launched and the three tickets I have buyed for myself and two other fans already a while ago are not representative ;) .

    Just continuing guessing: our head coach from Allianz MTV Stuttgart thinks, 8.000 spectators will be fine and the DVV cup record of 12.000 is rather hard to beat.

    Dresden's potential is unknown for sure. And you are likely correct about their chances in the Super Cup. But I would draw no conclusions about the long term quality of this team based on the Dippoldiswalde matches. They have not even had enough players in camp yet to practise 6 on 6. They have been without their head coach. And they only have one healthy regular middle blocker this weekend and had to call up two junior players to fill in on Friday and Saturday. Today they are playing with only one middle. They are treating this tournament as training, not a competition. I would take another look at Dresden in a month or so to see where this team is at.

    You are as right as me - today Dresden used the only default middle on both positions and won in three sets against Vilsbiburg. This was much better than before; but not only the supercup will be affected by this nevertheless difficult season start, also the league round will be affected in some matches in the first time, and in this competetive Bundesliga you can't get back lost matches, points and sets. So the initial disadvantage of Dresden will persist until the end of league round and result in a not too good playoff setting. Additionally speaking the roster of Stuttgart and Schwerin still seems stronger than that of Dresden, so their chances to get further than semi final in playoffs are no good IMHO. But I admit this is all theory and we will see, how the interesting coming season will unfold. By the way, for the overall picture of the league it is also better, when another team becomes champion than Dresden, which won the last three, to prevent one-sidedness...

    At that invitation tournament some interesting results were seen: USC Münster won in five sets against Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, where the first four sets were a very close race, only the tie-break was rather clear (15:7). Generally speaking I would expect Vilsbiburg to be clearly stronger than Münster. Dresden couldn't convince at all so far two weeks before supercup in Berlin, they won just against the inexperienced newcomers of Erfurt in three sets, lost against Köpenick (!) in five and against Münster in three (!). Considering they will have just one week to prepare with the three still missing Czech nationals, the risk for them in supercup final to get wiped off clearly by Stuttgart is high.

    Another strong performance of Allianz MTV Stuttgart against a Chinese team: this time they won two sets rather impressively against Zehjiang, and lost first and fourth by the miminal margin possible. Taking into account, that motivation is limited and Michaela Mlejnková is still with Czech national team because they have to make an extra round to qualify for European Championships, I can tell again, that Dresden will have a very hard time against Stuttgart in Berlin in the supercup final just two weeks in future.