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    This was a rather impressive show by Allianz MTV Stuttgart in it's SCHARRena home hall: though the Chinese were all but easy opponents, the team acted very well as union even with many changes, the blockers were all three rather strong and the level astonishing over all. Only the fourth extra set could be won by Jiangsu, after the tension of the side of Stuttgart dropped noticeably... this team is clearly to fear for all Bundesliga opponents, especially including Dresden and Schwerin... Renata Sandor made her comeback today, not only Nichol played as setter, also Carmen Kocar was doing well.

    News about the financial problems of USC Münster…SC-Muenster-unerlaesslich

    In short in English: the last season alone they made 200.000 Euro additional debt, summing up to 700.000 (!) Euro now in total. This is roughly the budget of an entire season... the VBL demanded to take more care of finances of course and only because sponsors (LVM?) are guaranteeing for the debt, the USC is not immediately eliminated from Bundesliga.

    Russian League had never been so weak like this season.

    Maybe this time there is no strong team aside from Moscow and Kazan? Let us wait, how it works out, super league is launched already on 10. October, earlier than any other European league of importance this season.

    Only yesterday the Ladies in Black with sports club PTSV in background were finally saved until the end of the season coming. They could getting cancelled debt of 200.000 Euro and enough fresh money to complete the season safely.

    USC Münster got an used Gerflor carpet to fulfill VBL requirements relatively cheap (18.000 instead of 35.000 Euro new). Remember, that they have still debt of roundabout 200.000 Euro and are obliqued, to operate more carefully financilly and to save money...

    VfB Suhl managed only to have the required at least 6 player contracts now at end of August, there is still a lot of work to get an usable roster, even if they maybe limit it to a rather low count of 8 to 9 team members?

    All of this displays again a rather serious situation of many clubs in the first league.

    Now the finanicial aspects of Dresden in the season coming are more clear (several articles on VBL website):

    1. one of the big sponsors (Telekom) reduced considerably their contribution
    2. the smaller sponsors increased partly their contributions, but couldn't compensate for 1.
    3. the insurance for the players became considerably more expensive
    4. the CEV demands newly video challenge system from every club playing group phase or later in the Champions League, which is also expensive (like the special CL carpet and so on...)

    Therefore the remaining money for player salaries dropped considerably. This explains their weaker roster compared to last season very good indeed, it is not about 5% lower salaries, but much less.

    With the quarterfinals outcome, often unexpected, some major shifts will result: Serbia becomes now number 3 in the world and number 1 in Europe (regardless of the four remaining Olympic matches), Brazil drops to rank 4 and Russia to 5 accordingly. The last matches will decide, if USA keep on the top or China will grab it from them. Currently they are nearly level with the points they have already secured.

    I expected a rather close match between Brazil and Russia. But the root cause behind the always winning Brazilians against Russia in many years now seems to me, that Brazil is generally better in serve and reception and not worse in blocking. When setting is not very good - indeed Zaryachko and Samoilenko (Shlyakovhaya) should be much more used in attacking - this is the final disadvantage... either way, pressure for Brazil is now rising from match to match, so we have to wait, how they react. Main opponent seems indeed to be the USA like in London.

    Italys expected win against Puerto Rico makes them one of the both 9th place teams, which translates into 30 points in world ranking, replacing the 50 from London for quarter final, so they lose 20 points, which will definitely not help them there. We have to wait for more results, to see, how they rank after the Olympics.

    Serbia is third and China fourth in group B regardless how USA vs. China ends. Because even winning 3:0 against USA, China will not be better in any major category than Serbia, but has the lower set ratio, so they stay behind anyway. China could theoretically help Netherlands to become group winner, but that seems unlikely, I don't think USA will allow that to happen; they need just to win two sets to prevent it.

    I'm referring to an interview of Goncharova a while ago, where she told, that when meeting in a hotel the players of both teams don't even greet each other, despite knowing all very well who they are.

    Okay, this might be the personal impression by her, because she is honest, but generally not very nice to others (to say the least). As Kosheleva is a very nice person, she might have no issue with the Brazilian players nor the Turkisch spectators... she told different things, you are right.

    So this rumors may be more about special players than all of them? Not often they talk about such things, so this is not very conclusive for all of them.

    I propose to cease this discussion now and observe todays match, so we will see also reaction of spectators of course.

    i think that Suhl will be as weak as Thüringen last season

    If that happens, I would strongly recommend the VBL to throw them out of first league, even if there remains one or two berths unused. Because the last season they were so bad both regarding financial affairs as not being competetive at all, so they clearly not deserved to stay in first Bundesliga.

    In group of death B the main factor for the order of the teams qualified for the quarters will be Serbia vs. Netherlands, I guess the first are favorites, considering their increased strength and that Grothuis-Balkesteins participation for the Oranjes seems unlikely. And the duel Brazil-Russia in group A is far from being clear regarding outcome in my view... of course, if USA should not win against China, this could change things a lot too, but it seems also unlikely. So we have to wait fully for last day to get the quarterfinal setup.

    Russians really enjoying themselves. Probably for the last time while in Rio...

    Not so fast - Brazil was not seriously tested so far, this will happen in last group match against Russia, which is rather dangerous. I'm curious, if the spectators behave hostile against Russia like turkish spectators are used to, because the players of Brazil and Russia generally don't like each other. The mental posture on court of both teams is rather different too...

    Rai sport is no longer showing ITA women's volleyball matches on TV. This is the right punishment for their awful tournament. After all there's no famous player in this team who could attract the public. :wavy:

    This is indeed a harsh measure, because Rai sport is showing usually all relevant volleyball games of women's NT and strong clubs. So they consider these remaining matches of Italy no more as relevant... Bonita and the Italian federation will have a hard time after this desaster.

    I don't think, that Schwerin will be weaker than last season. How the relation will be in detail, will primarily depend by team building, but because a considerable number of good players stood there, this should be no real obstacle for them. Regarding Aachen it is hard to guess, I think, we will see, how this team will perform. The same is true for Erfurt and of course the still largely unknown roster of Suhl (just three players known yet).

    What a heartbreak ;( This is just so wrong!

    Cameroon was leading 8:3 and kept it up until 13:10, then they got stuck in the rotation with both Moma and Nana in backrow and of course Argentina was prepared for Moma's pipe. And then at Argentina's match point Fresco's serve just has to drop like a stone :hit:

    Cameroon really would have deserved to win this game!!! :tzz:

    I think Argentina has just more international experience at big tournaments than Cameroon. But this was by far the best performance of an African women's team for many years; Kenya and Algeria were always easy to waste for all other teams from the other continents. The many-months special Olympic preperation of Cameroon in Brazil has clearly paid off. If they keep or increase their level, they will win some day also a match at comparable competitions, considering how close they were already today. Or expressing it differently: they deserve to play at the Olympics, a truth, which could not be said about African compatriot teams for many years now.

    Julia Hero another season in Köpenick, so now they only miss the 2nd setter to complete their roster. Last season their giant MBs Rutarova and Barfield were the strong point of the team and I really doubt that their replacements can show the same power, so Köpenick looks weaker than last season to me :S

    I think Köpenicks primary mission is to stay in the first league, an objective, in which they were really good in for more a decade now, considering low budget, small hall, much competition with stronger (especially financially) sports clubs in Berlin, not too many spectators and so on.

    Cameroon worked really hard to get ready for the OG, they are in Brazil since May training with some Brazilian coaches and playing friendlies.

    That's very interesting: it confirms, that the lack of the right setup in Africa is the main issue, and this time Cameroon made the best out of it, because there are few tournaments and so plenty of time to prepare Olympics. Indeed, Kenya and Algeria were that feeble at last, they should have been omitted from last intercontinental competitions regarding performance.

    Eventually Cameroon will win at least one set in the last matches?