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    I think Stuttgarts players were just too tired, physically and mentally, to fight back as before, while Dresdens players could better overcome their tiredness pushed by the spectators - and remember, they had lots of chances to exchange outside hitters, which helped a lot too.

    But next season Stuttgart has chances to win the championship when having not so much bad luck as in this season (lost three of five total OHs and very bad draw in CL and CEV cup challenge round with maximum load on the team).

    Regretfully I couldn't manage to travel to Dresden today to watch this last match of season 2015/6 live - but I guess, either Dresden wins in three or four sets or Stuttgart in the tie-break. Pressure is high, it is impossible to predict mental reactions of both teams completely. Dresden has more to lose, they will not get into CL again when failing in this match...

    Good to see, our sports gets the attendances it deserves :super:

    21 blocks for stuttgart? :white:

    Yes, especially Dresdens best spikers were regularly blocked: Mikhailenko 5 times, Bartsch 7 times and Izquierdo 6 times (18 in total against these three alone). It seems, Allianz MTV Stuttgart learned something from the mighty Russian blocks when losing clearly against the Dynamos of Kazan and Krasnodar, but at least analyzed and prepared for the Dresnder main spikers very well.

    Our Stuttgarter "drama queens" did it again - they have truely nerves of steel. And they want really badly to win the championship.

    By the way, I didn't mention, that 1987 the CJD Feuerbach lost in Sindelfingen in front of 4811 spectators (sold tickets, to be more precise) against dominant force than, Bayern Lohhof. So Allianz MTV Stuttgart was also better to win now.

    Regarding final match in Dresden: anything can happen, because now pressure builds up for DSC, while Stuttgart still has nothing to lose. Mental and physical aspects may become dominant in this match, eventually deciding the whole championship in a tie-break?

    And remember, that MTV has now (so far I know) arrived on another (insane) record: 46 matches of duty they will have played (DSC one less) on Monday late evening since October 2015. Somebody has to be blamed for creating such dense playing schedules... (8 matches in European cups (6 round play CL, two challenge round CEV cup), four in DVV cup, 24 league round, two quaterfinals, three semi finals and now the full five final matches... physically most players are on the brink now, but DSC fares not much better of course.

    Hope is still alive in Aachen: if they can manage to raise 90,000 € within the next weeks, they could survive and play next season. Their president is not too optimistic, he says the chances are 20% at the moment...

    Hall situation is unchanged, isn't it? I thought, playing in current hall is no longer allowed and usage of the Arena Kreis Düren of men's club powervolleys Düren is no feasible option? So I can't imagine, that this will work out in any way.

    Nice to see so much interest for Volleyball in Stuttgart. I just don't understand why so few people wanted to see their CL matches :S

    I hope the crowd will push them tomorrow, will be hard to beat Dresden in a hall where Stuttgart doesn't have an advantage in terms of being familiar with the conditions, but I hope they'll do everything possible...

    Our manager thinks, we had just the wrong teams here in Stuttgart during CL and Challenge round CEV cup: if we got teams from Istanbul and/or Italy, we would have had the chance to get many spectators from their own countries living here in the region. And those European cup matches are always on Wednesday, never at the weekend (at least in the rounds we played), which is a disadvantage too. Finally we played European cups for the first time after three years pausing, so the people here are not used to it.

    And regarding the match today: we fans will push our team hard ;) .

    This article summarizes the current state:


    It means: on Friday, the 29.4.2016 at 17:44 exactly 4502 tickets for Porsche Arena were already sold, beating the high from USC Münster vs. Rote Raben Vilsbiburg from 2005. If the number exceeds 5000, it will even break the Bundesliga all time record from Stuttgarts former (no more existing) club CJD Feuerbach (a three times western German champion) against Bayern Lohhof from 1987, when the final was played in Sindelfingen (a city near Stuttgart).

    Currently 3.500 tickets are sold for forth finals match on Saturday coming in Porsche-Arena (generic name Neue Arena ;) ). So we have more spectators than fit into Margon Arena, but need some more to break Bundesliga high in women's volleyball.

    4th match and the first chance for Dresden to finish the series on Saturday in Stuttgart. Stuttgart moves into a bigger hall for this match, so they won't really have a home advantage...

    There is the usual home advantage, that most spectators will be Stuttgart fans of course, but the hall is not very familiar to both teams. So far I know just some German nationals know the Porsche Arena regarding playing there from World Grand Prix 2015 like Stuttgarts Lisa Thomsen or Dresdens Lisa Izquierdo and Louisa Lippmann.

    And yes, because we have no chance of getting this much bigger hall sold out, we will have not that dense atmosphere like in SCHARRena.

    Before anyone is disappointed regarding Stuttgarts performance today: they played today their match of duty since October 2015 and the last weeks without any chance of real substitution of the OHs... for Dresden it was the 43. match for comparison (one less, because no loss in the semis of Playoffs).

    Congrats to Uralochka, what a game by the middles but also Babeshina. I wonder what Ira has in her mind, having signed with Kazan already and her team advancing to CL. Sinead Jackson is such a monster, hopefully she will be taken by some big club next season, she's so good and has heen in Ekaterinburg for a long time.

    Finally we are going to see a "Non Kazan-Moscow" final :cheesy:

    That was truely a big surprise, because Uralochka is playing a little one sided IMHO without fully convincing outside hitters. And therefore Moscow is still clear-cut favorite for me in final, featuring OHs like Fernanda Garay...

    >But yes, it's a problem. There are only few German players on a high level, and they request a much higher salary than many foreign players. For example Maren Brinker probably earns much more than Michelle Bartsch, even though in direct comparison I think Bartsch is a much better player. That's why the teams that are fighting for championship simply have to rely on foreign players.

    I think, that in the current season Maren Brinker is not performing on her usual level, she can at least play as well as Bartsch and is an experienced national player. And I think too, that the expectations of German players are justified and it is a pity, that our clubs can't grant higher salaries, so the weak finances of German clubs are to blame, not the players IMHO.

    >The real problem IMO is that many good German players are sitting on the benches of the good teams (Izquierdo, Schwabe, Lippmann, Hindriksen in Dresden mainly, Schölzel in Schwerin) instead of being key players for another team. But then, I doubt that Lippmann could perform on the same level as for example Grobelna if she was starter in Stuttgart (where she is rumored to play next season).

    Yesterday our Kaja Grobelna even outperformed Dresdens number one opposite Kristina Mikhailenko. And yes, it would be not that easy for Louisa Lippmann to get playing time in Stuttgart, until she plays better again - but I don't know, if this will be real, effectively I don't know about Kajas, Deborahs nor Louisas state regarding negotiations...

    I checked the Stuttgart website and one the roster page I found out that they don`t have a single German player on the team.... But on the front page here it says they have 1 or 2. But anyways, how is that possible? A team with no local players?? And seams like there`s more foreigners than Germans in the League?!?!

    Is volleyball just not popular among girls in Germany?

    You are right - it is a desaster regarding volleyball in Germany, we have too few locations, where intense work is done with young girls to lead them later into high profile careers. There are just four Bundesstützpunkte (federal education bases might be correctly translated) of more than regional importance in Dresden, Schwerin, Münster and Stuttgart, where young players are systematically lead to maybe professional career.

    The trainer network is weak too compared for example to Italy. We are mostly forced to engage foreign trainers therefore, it is hard to find good trainers for those more important locations, even the central one in Berlin/Kienbaum. But getting more and more professional in the last years especially the women's Bundesliga/VBL increased its demand for good players, which can't be fulfilled with own players.

    Even worse, because some leagues are paying MUCH higher salaries then here in Germany (not only Turkey, Russia and Italy, but also Poland and until now Azerbeidschan) the best German players often change into those foreign leagues... currently Liza Iqzuierdo is on the way out here for example.

    Volleyball is only fifth in team sports popularity in Germany generally speaking, not only behind soccer, but also behind handball, basketball and icehockey. It doesn't help much so far, that in women's teamsports volleyball has more viewers then even soccer (the only both kinds of sports, where sportswomen can earn truely professional salaries in Germany in teamsports at all) and most of all.

    Also bad is the slightly to hard qualification process for the Olympics, which is mostly failed by a small margin, so volleyball can't be presented with German national team there.

    And finally, beach volleyball is very popular in Germany, and good "teams" (just two players at all) can earn much more money there than in Bundesliga. Currently four female teams are fighting with real chances to get to Rio there (more then any other country, including Brazil and USA), it drains even more the supply for volleyball in its classic way.

    These are the main reasons, why we have such a hard time with Germany players.

    Currently Stuttgart has just one professional player (national libera Lisa Thomsen) in its roster, after Jelena Wlk, who was educated in the Bundesstützpunkt Stuttgart and was born in near vicinity) was forced to exit her career due to injuries. Another player here educated, Julia Wenzel (17), can't be considered yet to be mature enough to be used against high profile rivals like Dresden. Even Dresden and Schwerin, featuring considerable more Germans in their rosters as Stuttgart, have lots of foreigners...

    Hm how it works?

    If Uralochka get 3rd place will play in CL and if 4th in qualification to CL or in CEV Cup?

    There has not much changed for Russia since last season. The only difference is, that third place in championship will not result in fix CL berth, but only go into CL qualification rounds - but due to the quality like the clubs from Istanbul it can be considered safe, that the third place will suffice to qualify for the CL.

    I.e. after the semis the finalists will get the two fix CL berths (most likely/due league round Moscow and Kazan) and the winner of the losers in third place match will get the CL qualification berth, the fourth gets a direct CEV Cup qualification (Krasnodar got one by winning the national cup already) and 5th team behind (don't know, if this is played too for places 5 to 8 now), currently Zarechie Odinzovo will get Challenge Cup qualification.


    That sounds strange, because that means, that qualification is handled different in different leagues, despite virtually all feature nowadays one to two league rounds and a playoff either starting with quarter-, semifinals or directly final. I can understand, that in Italy it is handled differently because of the huge risks to bail out in playoff against league round standings, as seen at last (and not for the first time). But the CEV forbid some years ago qualification for CL by winning the national cup (which was done only in biggest leagues with three spots for CL, I think). So the rules should be more uniform, I think.

    The CEV has announced, that free places in CL qualification will lead to byes for high seeded clubs/leagues, bye the way. So if many of them don't accept the berth they earned, there will be no games but skipped rounds...

    Dresden - Stuttgart 3:0 (21, 12, 16)
    MVP: Katie Slay (8 blocks :obey: ) / Kaja Grobelna

    Excellent performance by Dresden who simply dominated today. Bartsch had a rather quiet night but therefore Mancuso was on fire and both MBs were impressive, but especially Slay. A match to forget for Stuttgart, and they lost confidence so quickly when they realised how strong Dresden was today :S

    Next match next Saturday in Stuttgart.

    Even Dresdens coach Alexander Waibl (who is from Stuttgart ;) ) admitted after match, it was clearly visible, that Stuttgarts players were tired from the too much traveling at last, easily to see for example in Stuttgarts really bad reception (much below the values of the host), which is often the consequnce of tiredness (tire legs) and the related lack of concentration. In one week the match in Stuttgart will have much different preconditions, and I'm confident, that the MTV even has a fair chance to win it's home game, if both receivers work.

    That means Pomi is out of CL for 2017/18 season ? What's the status of playoffs, can someone explain this ?

    I'm sure, you meant 2016/17 season. For this I can give you rules and current standings. Because Italien championship is still in flow (play offs), I can't give you a final state yet of course.

    The ranking reserves one fix CL place for A1, one CL qualification place, two CEV Cup places and one for Challenge Cup.

    First assignment was to Foppapedretti Bergamo, which won Coppa Italia and therefore earned a direct place in CEV Cup.

    Now after the half of quarter finals finished, we already know, that Pomì Casalmaggiore is the best team out in quarterfinals, because they were second after league round and Imoco Conegliano as first of league round passed into the semis by defeating Sanitars Metalleghe Montichiari.

    Therefore Pomì is now 5th of the season, earning formally a place in the Challenge Cup (five berths in total: 1+1+2+1 CL/quali/CEV Cup/Challenge Cup).
    Foppa on the other hand also is in the semis, so confirmed the CEV Cup nomination (so far at least, it can get only better for them).

    How the remainder of places will be assigned, depends on the outcome of the semis and the final: the champion will get the fixed CL place, the vice champion the CL quali place and the remaining clubs, defeated in the semis, get the two CEV Cup places.

    On the other hand, quarter finals will deny the losers any European Cups place: either who loses, is behind Pomì than. So Novara vs. Modena and Piacenza vs. Scandicci will decide between at least CEV Cup or nothing each.

    Not complete for sure, but likely, the final (third) qualification round for CL will see a pairing between third best Polish (ranked 3. currently) team (Impel Wroclaw) and the Italian (ranked 6. currently) vice champion, so the last has good chances to proceed into the CL group phase IMHO, despite it is not too easy. The losers of CL qualification will proceed in CEV Cup too.

    I hope this is now clear.