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    Russians really enjoying themselves. Probably for the last time while in Rio...

    Not so fast - Brazil was not seriously tested so far, this will happen in last group match against Russia, which is rather dangerous. I'm curious, if the spectators behave hostile against Russia like turkish spectators are used to, because the players of Brazil and Russia generally don't like each other. The mental posture on court of both teams is rather different too...

    Rai sport is no longer showing ITA women's volleyball matches on TV. This is the right punishment for their awful tournament. After all there's no famous player in this team who could attract the public. :wavy:

    This is indeed a harsh measure, because Rai sport is showing usually all relevant volleyball games of women's NT and strong clubs. So they consider these remaining matches of Italy no more as relevant... Bonita and the Italian federation will have a hard time after this desaster.

    I don't think, that Schwerin will be weaker than last season. How the relation will be in detail, will primarily depend by team building, but because a considerable number of good players stood there, this should be no real obstacle for them. Regarding Aachen it is hard to guess, I think, we will see, how this team will perform. The same is true for Erfurt and of course the still largely unknown roster of Suhl (just three players known yet).

    What a heartbreak ;( This is just so wrong!

    Cameroon was leading 8:3 and kept it up until 13:10, then they got stuck in the rotation with both Moma and Nana in backrow and of course Argentina was prepared for Moma's pipe. And then at Argentina's match point Fresco's serve just has to drop like a stone :hit:

    Cameroon really would have deserved to win this game!!! :tzz:

    I think Argentina has just more international experience at big tournaments than Cameroon. But this was by far the best performance of an African women's team for many years; Kenya and Algeria were always easy to waste for all other teams from the other continents. The many-months special Olympic preperation of Cameroon in Brazil has clearly paid off. If they keep or increase their level, they will win some day also a match at comparable competitions, considering how close they were already today. Or expressing it differently: they deserve to play at the Olympics, a truth, which could not be said about African compatriot teams for many years now.

    Julia Hero another season in Köpenick, so now they only miss the 2nd setter to complete their roster. Last season their giant MBs Rutarova and Barfield were the strong point of the team and I really doubt that their replacements can show the same power, so Köpenick looks weaker than last season to me :S

    I think Köpenicks primary mission is to stay in the first league, an objective, in which they were really good in for more a decade now, considering low budget, small hall, much competition with stronger (especially financially) sports clubs in Berlin, not too many spectators and so on.

    Cameroon worked really hard to get ready for the OG, they are in Brazil since May training with some Brazilian coaches and playing friendlies.

    That's very interesting: it confirms, that the lack of the right setup in Africa is the main issue, and this time Cameroon made the best out of it, because there are few tournaments and so plenty of time to prepare Olympics. Indeed, Kenya and Algeria were that feeble at last, they should have been omitted from last intercontinental competitions regarding performance.

    Eventually Cameroon will win at least one set in the last matches?

    Cameroon outblocked Russia 9-7 (8 of their 9 blocks came from Fotso) and also made less errors than Russia :white:

    I think Russia wanted to win this match wasting as little energy as possible, so they didn't do more than strictly necessary to win. The good news for them is that Voronkova is a very good replacement for Shcherban as OH, her reception looks solid enough.

    I think Voronkova took main responsibility in Zarechie Odinzovo last superleague season, so she is used to it, and obviously she did both in reception and attack. But because she is still young and also new to NT, this is nevertheless an impressive performance. Without her, Odinzovo would have been wasted last season in the superleague...

    Today Dresdner SC published a news on their site, in which Alex Waibl (ironically he came from Stuttgart and even coached the first few months the than first time first league group of Allianz Volley Stuttgart in 2008 ) told indirectly, that he thinks too, that Allianz MTV Stuttgart will likely be the strongest team in the league in the season coming ("for every team it will be very hard to beat Stuttgart"):


    By the way, Russia punished Argentina unforgivingly in three clear sets, nothing to worry about. As for Brazil it will not be easy for them to keep up their level when playing against weak opponents at start...

    Serbia is always playing under fire and with great intensity when going to big tournaments. They were not for the first time stronger than Italy in this regard too (for example quarterfinals European Championships in Zürich 2013).

    why is this an upset? maybe a minor one but NED is 2nd best team in europe. not so surprising.

    Because of the way, Asian top teams are playing most European teams (aside from Russia and Italy) are not comfortable with. And the world ranking is also clearly in favour of China, by the way (currently No.3 against No.11, even if you consider the Dutch team as currently rising, this is a considerable difference). European teams may be strong against many teams from other continental federations, but not in this special case.

    Typical game plan by Guidetti against opponents considered generally stronger as his team (he did that often with German team in the past too): serving with full risk and don't mind many serve errors to break reception and sideout of the opponent. This is one of the key reasons, why the Dutch could upset favorite China today I think.

    what did guidetti just say that doesn't exist in volleyball?

    it's funny he speaks to them in english. didn't he speak in german to the GER team?

    Yes, he did. But his knowledge about the Dutch language is likely limited and on the other hand the Dutch are very good in speaking English, so this seems to be a rather logical choice.

    Japanese todays display reveals their current weakness: not unexpected, but they are really far from playing their best volleyball. KYK is a major threat as always on the other side...

    If I am not mistaken there is a thread explaining why women's volleyball is more popular on this forum.. Personally I follow women's volleyball and watch some big important men's matches and competitions.. First of all what Sivozhelez said it's offensive towards ALL women volleyball players.. comparing Formula 1 and 3? What does that mean? That women play lower level volleyball? Women train as hard as men, they make the same sacrifices as men, they devote to the sport as men.. they even get paid less in some sports only because they are women, like the price for FIVB World league winner - 1M $ and FIVB World Grand Prix winner - 200.000 $. Tennis player Djokovic had a thing to say about this saying men's tennis players should be paid more because they attract more viewers.. Then Serena Williams responded in a really interesting way: "Novak is entitled to his opinion but if he has a daughter – I think he has a son right now – he should talk to her and tell her how his son deserves more money because he is a boy," I personally like women's volleyball more, and let me explain why.. Women are generally not so strong physically as men, so they have to find ways to put the ball down other than hitting over the block (some like Kosheleva, Calderon, Hooker can do that too) That gives us more variety in the play, such as combination plays, slides, tips, roll shots and etc.. Also rallies are much longer which brings excitement to the crowd.. Men's volleyball is all about power, and not so rare we see 4-5 service mistakes in a row, or aces one after another.. Usually the top level male players are technically great, but because of the fact that in men's volleyball power is the most important thing it's not so strange to see a player who is only a great hitter but can never pass a free ball, or set the ball, or even serve.. Maybe we don't see that in world's elite teams such as USA, Brazil, Russia, but I have seen in for example in Ukraine's NT.. The MB couldn't serve and was jumping and kind of 'tipping' the ball so it came to the other side.. that's a shame.. And coaches do that to the players, when they are at a very young age, the see some tall player, and only teach then attack and block.. that's it.. In women's volleyball that is seen rarely.. although there are players known for their height and power, such as Diuoif, the most of them can do any volleyball element..

    However everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect his, but one can never disrespect women's volleyball in such a way

    I fully agree you - and I can remember vividly discussions at the FIVB level, to make volleyball more interesting regarding play. And that was aiming largely on high-end men's volleyball, because this is too short, to much determined by brute force and often tends to be boring, sadly the more, the stronger the teams are.

    So one could even revert it: top professional women's volleyball is much more running the way this sports was meant to be as at comparable men's level is nowaday "played" (more non-played and just hit hardly, to make it rather clear).

    It's even worse: if you have enough money, you can buy those expensive high end doping substances, which nobody can detect currently at all. The only measure is what was already taken: store the extractions for a long time and retest later, when advances were made in detection. But this won't capture those new to the Olympics. There is no safe way to get sorted out the bad from the clean... and yes, WADA is too much influenced by primarily NATO countries in general and especially USA. This doesn't make for a neutral stance. For example Jamaica may be protected by them for some reason too? That the athletics world federation was total corrupt, was revealed, when Russia got whistleblowed, but it remains unknown so far, how many national federations did essentially the same.

    WOW! -- thanks for the update. I don't think I've ever seen Perry play... Is anyone more familiar with her? It looks like she hasn't played beach volleyball for too long, and thus doesn't really have much of a competitive record. Is that right?

    This seems kind of big-- I thought the duo would make it to the quarter finals. Now the door is much more open for the Canadians.

    Indeed Rebecca "Becky" Perry played the last years for several volleyball teams like Dresdner SC in the Bundesliga (VBL) and Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio (Italian A1), and went only this very season to the beach (regularly). She played even with Giombini - but in vain - for another Italian pair for the Olympics in the Continental Cup.