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    Dresden - Stuttgart 3:0 (21, 12, 16)
    MVP: Katie Slay (8 blocks :obey: ) / Kaja Grobelna

    Excellent performance by Dresden who simply dominated today. Bartsch had a rather quiet night but therefore Mancuso was on fire and both MBs were impressive, but especially Slay. A match to forget for Stuttgart, and they lost confidence so quickly when they realised how strong Dresden was today :S

    Next match next Saturday in Stuttgart.

    Even Dresdens coach Alexander Waibl (who is from Stuttgart ;) ) admitted after match, it was clearly visible, that Stuttgarts players were tired from the too much traveling at last, easily to see for example in Stuttgarts really bad reception (much below the values of the host), which is often the consequnce of tiredness (tire legs) and the related lack of concentration. In one week the match in Stuttgart will have much different preconditions, and I'm confident, that the MTV even has a fair chance to win it's home game, if both receivers work.

    That means Pomi is out of CL for 2017/18 season ? What's the status of playoffs, can someone explain this ?

    I'm sure, you meant 2016/17 season. For this I can give you rules and current standings. Because Italien championship is still in flow (play offs), I can't give you a final state yet of course.

    The ranking reserves one fix CL place for A1, one CL qualification place, two CEV Cup places and one for Challenge Cup.

    First assignment was to Foppapedretti Bergamo, which won Coppa Italia and therefore earned a direct place in CEV Cup.

    Now after the half of quarter finals finished, we already know, that Pomì Casalmaggiore is the best team out in quarterfinals, because they were second after league round and Imoco Conegliano as first of league round passed into the semis by defeating Sanitars Metalleghe Montichiari.

    Therefore Pomì is now 5th of the season, earning formally a place in the Challenge Cup (five berths in total: 1+1+2+1 CL/quali/CEV Cup/Challenge Cup).
    Foppa on the other hand also is in the semis, so confirmed the CEV Cup nomination (so far at least, it can get only better for them).

    How the remainder of places will be assigned, depends on the outcome of the semis and the final: the champion will get the fixed CL place, the vice champion the CL quali place and the remaining clubs, defeated in the semis, get the two CEV Cup places.

    On the other hand, quarter finals will deny the losers any European Cups place: either who loses, is behind Pomì than. So Novara vs. Modena and Piacenza vs. Scandicci will decide between at least CEV Cup or nothing each.

    Not complete for sure, but likely, the final (third) qualification round for CL will see a pairing between third best Polish (ranked 3. currently) team (Impel Wroclaw) and the Italian (ranked 6. currently) vice champion, so the last has good chances to proceed into the CL group phase IMHO, despite it is not too easy. The losers of CL qualification will proceed in CEV Cup too.

    I hope this is now clear.

    Italian's teams must to change his atitude about CEV europeans Cups, they must to take more points on ranking to increase the italian's spots on Champions League.

    So I think, but the CEV cup is considerably more important then the Challenge Cup regarding points for the CEV cups ranking. Therefore I fear, there is not enough motivation to participate in the Challenge Cup.

    So this means that Pomi will not be in next CL

    Exactly: they are now formally qualified just for Challenge Cup. And Italien clubs tend to ignore this much less prestigous competition, so it is unlikely, that they will play CEV European Cups at all next season.

    First generally about European Cup consequences: opposed to the last years due to changes the CEV made only the champion will go directly to the CL. The vice (i.e. loser of the final series) has to try qualification for CL and will go to CEV cup, if it fails. It seems likely to me, that setting clubs due to CEV leagues ranking will lead to final, third qualification round of third best Russian against second best German championship team. But as we have seen this season, neither Dresden nor Stuttgart stand a chance against teams like Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, or even Moscow or Kazan. So the message is clear: only the champion has a realistic chance to get into CL at all. And the qualification process for CL may result in many European Cup games in total, which increases load to the vice champion, because CEV cup can end even in semifinal for German top clubs as seen with Schweriner SC this season.

    For Dresden CL participation is a firm component of their season planning, they can easily afford it financially. One of the biggest, if not the biggest at all, motivations for the DSC will therefore ensure CL participation by winning the championship, they will fight fiercely for it, I'm sure.

    For Allianz MTV Stuttgart situation is different: we have still a hard time to get such expensive competitions like CL financed. And no way we feel forced to this, our players just love to win and hate to lose ;) .

    Mentally I think this will be balanced, both teams are not of the kind of being afraid of anything and have CL experience, which will help especially some Stuttgart players (for example Nicole Lindow, who wants to cease her career after this season regretfully) as new experience. Both have big support especially at home, Dresden has the first and maybe last home game advantage.

    Decisive is one major difference IMHO: while DSC has four strong outside hitters, Stuttgart has just two remaining, so can't really exchange. Therefore if one of both (Mlejnková or Renkema) has a not so good day, Dresden can easily exploit this to win the match. Even last season this advantage of DSC was visible in the finals, though we had at least one substitute than. But in a best-of-five-series this important position potential will easily decide the series. On the other positions I see no decisive differences. Remember, that we lost top scorer Renata Sandor early in the season (November) in CL match against Kazan and she will only return next season, and we lost due to another injury her replacement Mari Hole in the last moment, you could hire a player, so we failed to get more options for OH.

    Therefore my conclusion is: especially in the (first?) home match Stuttgart has a chance to win a match, but winning the championship would be a sensation for everybody, I have to say. But anyway, I think we have good chances of several largely balanced matches.

    Not all clubs have revealed yet publicly, if they have filed a license for it, but what is so far known:

    from the current teams in first league only Hamburg seems to have not, Straubing has, despite being not able to stay in according to the formal rules (like Suhl)

    Erfurt has and also enough money (450.000 to 500.000) to have a realistic chance to keep in first league at the end of next season

    Leverkusen has not filed license order, because of different reasons, it seems, but I can not yet find official confirmation.

    This makes altogether 11 + 1 = 12 trials to get a license for the first league. So theoretically they could get one all of them, because this is the formal size of Bundesliga (VCO Berlin doesn't count, gets a special license, if at all). If they get all a license is questionable in a number of cases of course, for example there are major issues for Suhl, Straubing and Aachen (Ladies in Black); even Köpenick has to try hard every year to get everything done for it. So we have not only to wait for tomorrow for official confirmation, but at least to midth of April, when first judgement by VBL is made regarding the licenses and finances.

    For sure some aims are realized by this reform. But others are definitely not.

    First, the true order of strength of leagues I think is currently

    1. Turkey
    2. Russia (same as in most recent 2017 league order by CEV)
    3. Italy (of course, they are not innocent for their bad CEV ranking, because they simply didn't took part most often the last years in CEV cup at all and wasted a lot of points easily made otherwise and won by others therefore)
    4. Poland (aside from Italy behind okay)
    5. Germany

    because indeed the current season and recent events show rapid decay of the Baku clubs. Switzerland is pretty weak generally, with the sole exception of extremely strong Volero ZÜRICH. This is also a little twisting the orders: countries with not so strong leagues (France is another example), but one outstanding team (in France RC Cannes). This is more accidentally not too far away from 2017 ranking currently.

    And I think, already Germany had no voice at all in this change of CL rules. All "stakeholders" here in Germany were pretty much surprised, while Polish sources already knew something, leaking some details before. And it is fatal for the Bundesliga teams for certain reasons: although being 5th best league in the pool phase they stand no chance against most superiour league participants in just four groups, at most a tiny one. This compressed format render them default losers (as the still overrated Azeri clubs) and the vice champion is affected even worse: playing the qualifying will IMHO finally result in confrontation with Russian third place championship team, which is mission impossibe (assuming setting second against seventh league qualifying participants in last qualification round). So they fall down to CEV cup after playing likely two (at least) qualifying rounds before with chances to get pretty far in CEV cup as seen currently with Schweriner SC - but there are so many rounds to play than, not decreasing, but increasing load of dutiful (CEV) matches in the season. This is opposed to CEV chief Boricic rational plan to limit numbers of matches to play for each team, because these are too high - which is partly also due to FIVB and national leagues of course.

    Of course we can't be sure of all details of real 2017 season coming, but the sketched szenario seems likely to me.

    Good news it is to Volero ZÜRICH, which has now fixed place in CL pool phase (round 4), because new 8 instead of until now 7 countries get a fixed place there, and Volero clearly deserves it.

    The third set was easy prey for Uralochka obviously. But as Natalia Goncharova said after the match Moscow - Krasnodar: "Krasnodar with or without Kosheleva is not the same team". So it is an huge issue for Krasnodar, that their top attacker can't play due to ankle injury (pretty sure). And by the way: it was totally superfluous to take risks regarding her in the Challenge round of CEV cup, because Krasnodar needed to take only two sets in Stuttgart to proceed to the semis and they would have done so pretty sure also without Kosheleva playing in the first two sets. Our team simply couldn't stop them. I can't tell, when her ankle began to hurt again heavily, she vanished indeed after the first two sets in Stuttgart in the cabin and had a massive issue with her ankle after the match when leaving the hall (more carried than helped by two other Krasnodar players than).

    She's playing in Krasnodar's CEV Cup match right now so it was nothing serious eventually :)

    I fear, that ankle injury came back today, because I saw her leaving our SCHARRena helped by two other Krasnodar players, she could not walk on her own :( . That's a pity, it was a really great experience to see her playing live on court, although it was definietly no fun for our Stuttgart MTV team. She is simply one of the best outside hitters of the world. I hope she recovers quickly and can finally gain in the Russian Championship with Dynamo KRASNODAR one of the three top spots to play Champions League next year - they definitely deserve it, being stronger than the majority of the Champions League participants of the current season, which were pretty good overall.

    This article delivers a quite good summary about what went wrong, already in the early years of "Aurubis' " sponsorship. They really wasted a lot of money and chances here and improvements came too late. Like already mentioned, in Hamburg we have a general problem with private money for sports but location of hall and team do not help as well. The "south of the river" location made sense for Aurubis but for new sponsors that is possibly not very attractive.

    I have read this article, and of course location of the modern, European Cups compatible CU-Arena is due to location of the TV Fischbek. I know Hamburgs internal sports and sponsoring scene not well enough to judge the outcome, but location does matter regarding public recognition and private money without any doubt, especially in Germanys second largest city. I think, even in Stuttgart there may have been better locations for SCHARRena as the current one, because of public transport and event collisions with soccer (VfB), but it is still not bad. So Hamburg will attend a long line of Bundesliga clubs, which couldn't survive financially, like Unterhaching and others (Unterhaching with one sole big sponsor Generali was fairly similar to them with Aurubis as the only one, which is extremely risky).

    I hope that against VCO today the youngsters (Wenzel, Hoffman and Seeber) in Stuttgart get their chance to play.

    It seems, that Julika Hoffmann and Victoria Seeber were only for training and CL-roster issues elected to be formally there. But Julia Wenzel was today at court for the first time in the 1. Bundesliga (at least in SCHARRena), in every of the three short sets (62 minutes in total) she came in, when AMS was already clearly in control of the set. By the way, it is rather clear, that Julia Wenzel is one of the players, which would be supposed to play in the VCO Berlin team...

    Stuttgart - Dresden 3:0 (25:20 25:12 25:20) :white:
    MVP: Lisa Thomsen / Michelle Bartsch

    Tomorrow 14.30 CET Münster-Vilsbiburg, 16.00 CET Stuttgart - VCO.

    This is the fourth game for Stuttgart since last Saturday (Hamburg), Wednesday (Azerrail) and yesterday (Dresden) in 9 days... regarding Dresden: they returned only at Thursday from Istanbul (defeat in Burhan-Felek against Fenerbahce Grundig) and traveled with bus on Friday to Stuttgart already, game was earlier than planned originally (had to be shifted from evening to noon due to a VfB game postponed from afternoon to evening!). So Dresden had virtually no time to prepare or to relax before. Though Stuttgart played very strong like against Azerrail a few days before, being the less exhausted team this time.

    Remember the clear defeat of Schwerin against Dresden one week ago, when they returned from the Black Sea (Jushny, Oblast Odessa in Ukraine) late and suffered a similar fate.


    This is a big blow, and I think Stuttgart won't play Champions League ever again (if they qualify). They lost Sandor, they almost lost Renkema, all players are exhausted from so many matches and travels, so they also don't get good results in the league this season, and they get less spectators in CL matches than in league matches.

    Yes, there are far too many English weeks for our team now to compensate with the current players. But Dresden and Schwerin suffer from similar problems, though they can cope better with it due to more resources and experience (and also more luck in the DOL). It was always a dream of many of us in Stuttgart to take part in the CEV Champions League anyway and we had definitely fun with it, although we had bad luck and the players are exhausted.

    Remember the bad DOLs, which braught us maximum distance and exhaustion travels twice to Baku, once to Kazan and now once to Krasnodar (always requiring change of aircraft with long delays on airports: no direct flies possible) in the European Cups. And we have not the money like Dresden and Schwerin to get even more players of course.

    The two leaders of the Bundesliga have the clear advantage, that they have no relevant soccer team consuming up nearly all public recognition and sponor money like the VfB does in Stuttgart, also other good Bundesliga teams don't have this disadvantage, save for Hamburg, where the HSV seems also to be kind of doom for VT Aurubis. If the VfB descends into second league, it may be possible to get a more financially sound situation for Allianz MTV Stuttgart, otherwise not, to make it rather clear.

    Now not yet clear the rules of European Cups in the coming season nor the place, AMS can reach at end of season, it is to early, to state behaviour of the team. But the prospects regarding players for next season are good, so let us see. I'm still hoping, that our club can live up to the expectations and get into the semis of the playoffs either directly (3rd or 4th place after main round) or defeating others when becoming 5th or 6th when they are no more so much under pressure with many games for example compared to USC Münster, because at end of Feburary Dynamo KRASNODAR will finish our European adventure for sure.

    From the Second North Bayer 04 Leverkusen is eager to get back into First. And in South the SWE Volley Team from Erfurt, like Suhl from Thüringen, will also participate in the prelicensing procedures, so two could do it for next season. If Erfurt wants to replace Suhl needs to be clarified. The TV Fischbek is highly unlikely to find a substitution for Aurubis as sponsor indeed - simply the HSV empties the sponsoring opportunitites largely in Hamburg with top soccer and handball teams.

    Regarding stability of the present teams: only Dresden and Schwerin are definitely well financed. Long-term endurance can be expected also from Rote Raben Vilsbiburg and USC Münster, already less sure are Wiesbaden and Stuttgart. All others are hard to judge or even unstable IMHO.